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My cousin Xie Xian sex life

My cousin Xie Xian sex life

I have two weeks to go home, I really was afraid to face Xie Xian, I'm afraid to see that night when brooklyn big boob escort left that full of resentment hate eyes. During this time I ran six days have a hotel. Vent depression, those who have no acquaintance Yingyingyanyan boss obviously felt I was wrong, leaving one to ask: "I do not know what has happened to you, perhaps you are tired, go to a vacation. come back to say "I very tame, half false. That night, I still binge in a hotel, suddenly CALL machine rang, I saw them, home phone, the father a few days ago to the mainland, only Xie Xian call me, must be something! Hurriedly drove back home to go Xie Xian a lonely sitting in the living room daze. To see the panic I pushed open the door, she stood up and said: "Mom and Dad to the mainland to the factories, these two days I was the only home I know I hate me, but I am really afraid ..."

Looked at her poor appearance, I could not help but stepped forward to hug her, Xie Xian, I'm sorry, all my fault! "
Xie Xian in my arms, raised his face, "" brother, kiss me. "

I looked at the glowing layer of tears in her bright eyes, the nose also came a kind of unique fragrance burst of spilled gas on the Bay, my intellect shattered ...

I stand by Xie Xian of tears, brooklyn big boob escort slowly close your eyes, my gentle labeled her warm wet soft lips. I am more passionate kiss and brooklyn big boob escort returns, I catch the one hand and gently under her breasts, slowly rubbing the other hand, ring with her boneless waist tipped her gently on the sofa. I mix using my tongue to open her parted lips, searching for the two tongue entangled in the mouth tight post. My hands restless wavering in her can feel her heartbeat frenzy spread across the bra and shirt my hands warm, and I slowly tear her shirt, which is a white bra, night stroking her breasts across the bra.

"Well ..." Xie Xian of nasal exhales hot, she has closed eyes, which deepened my desire. I left the lips of Xie Xian, slowly unbuttoning her bra in front of me is a young girl's breast, two small pink areola nipple seemed to calling me, Xie Xian skin is so clean, white matter and blood vessels can be seen that the thin clouds in the breast. I almost see blindsided. Xie Xian to see me half a day nothing happened, that is slowly opened his eyes, gently call the sound "brother"

Xie Xian, Hello America "I daydream in front of me looking at such a beautiful girl, has long been forgotten her with my blood cousin.

"Brother, I love you! From a long time ago."

Xie Xian "I re-snout her lips, palms and rubbing her breast, her breast is not sufficient surplus grip, but it is full of flexibility. My lips along her jaw, neck, chest licked her cleavage after me down the mountain attack Xie Xian raised nipple, she was disturbed by twisting the body, nostrils the breath coming faster and faster, my tongue smart Slide up and down her breasts , and then in her areola by large and small painted circle, when I latch onto her teeth gently swell hardened nipple excitement, she could not bring up the sound:
Ah. "

My tongue continue the search down across her abdominal cavity, her navel, both hands homeopathy her skirt to step down, Xie Xian tightly clamped legs.

"Brother," I fear. Xie Xian suddenly say, but I already could not tell the meaning of her words, lust has already overwhelmed me.

Xie Xian-mei, do not be afraid to take it easy. "I gently pull the Xie Xian legs, I see that I often looming in front of me triangle has gradually rendered with a thin halo of water, Xie Xian shy to flip the body in the past, my eyes and matte finish hip is Na Liangpian underwear covered her, I suddenly grabbed two groups of meat, crazy kiss and bite them, Xie Xian acute and short-tailed bird said: brother, light point, you bite my painful ah! "

So I forced her panties off, she was upside down, facing me, I was crazy when I looked at the Xie Xian that with sparse pubic triangle. I quickly stripped the clothes of my body, only a pair of underwear, internal organs in the body of Xie Xian crazy kissing every inch of her skin, my penis Xie Xian rounded soft thighs in the back and forth friction, the original has long been starched it up makes me uncomfortable, I tried hard to suck Xie Xian's nipple, she seems to go wild, and only kept the call out: "Brother, brother ......

I caught Xie Xian hand on my penis, Xie Xian call out loudly.

"Brother, hello ......"

Followed, her face slightly flush to add a layer of modesty.

Xie Xian-mei, are you afraid of "

"No, I'm not afraid, I love Elder Brother."

I simply took off his underwear, two people have been naked relative and then guide Xie Xian's hand to guide my penis, and teach her back and forth Cuonong Xie Xian palm soft and warm, I just was blood in the penis fast broken body out, Xie Xian seems to me that the strong changes of her hands, opened his eyes sneak a glance, tightly closed.

"Brother, hello hard it, so hot."

There because you are too attractive! "

"I felt itchy and strange to tell, my body weird."

I leaned over to gently kiss her all the way from the breasts, navel, lower abdomen, came to her thigh, the mysterious intersection Xie Xian tightly clamped legs open, gurgling pink Youjing water, and deep closed the palace gates exudes the charm of the heat wave demon, I can not help but mouth Coushang Xie Xian disturbed by twisting the body.
"Ah ... brother, a strange feeling ......

My fingers to open the doors to show in front of me is the world's most beautiful picture, that girl is the most delicate, the most mysterious, never been touched where I put out his tongue and gently slowly licked the back and forth.


Suddenly uncontrollably, Xie Xian called out, buttocks lift up strong twist, two smooth thighs clamped tightly around my neck, I looked up and look forward to go, Xie Xian parted lips, nostrils, a Zhang co-violent panting, soft white breasts along with the downs chest jitter, the formation of waves of wave.
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