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[Mother and son sexual intercourse extremely lustful students sex families

[Mother and son sexual intercourse extremely lustful students sex families

My name is Cai Chunan, to live with Mom and Dad. 47-year-old's mother like a big ocean horse, a buns, waspish Liu limb, very kyphosis before the devil carcass. Mother a pair of full strong, heavy, hard and huge breasts, above erect two strawberry thick hard nipples, two stout slender tendon developed hair brown thigh support a millstone round sturdy, solid mast big ass.
Two decades, the maturity of the flesh of the plump and tall mother is like a high-powered machines, and father enjoy the frequent use of tools when Xie Yu. Developed a married mother of sexual function vagina to the father's penis numerous times into the ejaculation. The strong desire of the mother during pregnancy is still a day to sex, frequency of sexual intercourse-intensive, so prenatal care, making her give birth to a like cruel and shameless lechers rapist son, and that is me - Cai Chunan
47-year-old mother of three months of pregnancy, abortion surgery, the mother flow of people a week to survive the sexual impulse, and his father sharing a husband and wife intercourse, father stout penis fiercely crunching mother flow has not yet recovery of congestive vagina, high sex drive mother to his father doing the spring tide flooding, sexual secretion, cross-flow, the mother round plump ass hard quite moving, and the father's penis caught in her production style vagina sucking, her cervix friction between the penis of the father, husband and wife to achieve orgasm.

My sexuality with parents, intense sexual intercourse exciting scenes doubly strong blood Fen up, I rushed to go mad to stem the fierce parade hip fat in this milk tart. Mad I cried: "Mom, I just peep at you and dad sex kinky war, Mom, you the bed Jiaochuang really lustful, see I have a hard up! Mother was actually a true Yin Jian tart, this tart is the tool in the bed as the man born slut. "I go to bed pressure on the natural mother with plump fine red carcass, stripped off her the Jinzhai piece of light green transparent briefs, separate her two plump thighs, crotch thick congestion erection of the penis, the top of the hypertrophy of the labia majora, the mother's wet, eversion of the foreskin, Yin Ye wet crystal light shine; I ruined the human relations thick glans squeeze open the mother's married labia, development grew up in the root of a large penis plug it back in the biological mother twenty years ago fertility own had given birth to the vagina which sexual intercourse.

Beautiful 47-year-old mother blushed, tears, groaning with pain, fight back with extreme shame, said: "sexual intercourse, indecent embryos, mother and your father is to lead a normal married life, or how I will get pregnant give birth to you? you out from the mother of Yin Daosheng, you are actually again I was born to your penis inserted to God! for what sin ah! I actually give birth to this evil mother animals son! really let me lose face ah! "
"Mom! You are a woman, I am your man Yin Daosheng out, men and women of course sex! I play with the big ass plump woman!" Mother goddess-like, plump holy nude inspired young Jingzhuang man strong desire, I want crazy raped ravaged his biological mother brought up the development of female genital vent animal desire.

"God, you look at my Yin Daosheng out what kind of beast son! Quick to pull out, pull out your dirty penis from my vagina go, God, small animals, you heartless! like you raped by her own mother, to have been playing five thunder! "

The crotch 47-year-old mother had given birth to female genitalia after sexual intercourse, pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage exercise the vaginal muscles are highly developed. Incest, sexual stimulation she involuntarily forced to tighten vaginal muscles, congestion and swelling of the mature vagina tightly wrapped in a huge penis. Two-year-old, I inherited their parents developed reproductive system, abnormal sex organs mature, solid testicular the Guzhang like hard baseball. Erectile veins exposed, thick as hard as steel iron rods, size of more than ordinary doubled. Buns mother is sexually active years of tigers, is precisely the kind of give a man the most intense stimulus, the body to withstand the strong married mature woman, the mother is fighting back gave birth to the son adulterers insult pain and no choice but to open the thick thighs, two plump fine red cross coiled on my back, my hands leaning on the mother full of hip bone, bulging thick long strong hard penis, frantically hitting the mother's wet naked perineum, penis violently crunching the sacred vagina of the personal mother. Mother and son high-power developed genital close incestuous mating, the the intercourse gap continuous outflow of deep sexual secretion.

"Mom, you lewd woman! How I went so far as is the you Saolang vaginal born! I the product of an intense intercourse orgasm, is not it? Mother! You are so well-developed female genital born I am so thick large penis! tools developed genital has now become my incest sex I born to do what you, is not it? "I think in bed, despite their own wanton madness adultery play The essence of naked tender and beautiful woman, past birth mother grew up in my upbringing. I think of your own body is out now own penis into the female genital birth, pregnancy gave birth to the fullness of a beautiful woman is naked fine red pants and intercourse. Genitals crazy abuse of a 47-year-old's biological mother. Mother with her nine months of pregnancy the sex organs of the reproductive son son tasted the taste of men and women lust intercourse. I have both her son, but also to vent her plump flesh with the vices of the man! The idea abnormal stimulation. The guilt of the mother and son incest my penis to redouble their stiff, thick and hard penis severely inserted in the channel of the mother, pregnancy and delivery of the fetus reproductive and sexual intercourse of her friction.
This fine red plump middle-aged woman with a vigorous and effective action of sexual intercourse in bed tortured very tough battle.
Mother'd rather die screams: "Yes! Of God! Beast son, Cai Chunan, you are so f # # k me, I really do not have a face, do your mother you really sin ah God! Fast pull out son you raped their own pro-mother animals! you are not human! "

Now, the big double bed in the parents' marriage sex couples, the son of beast than to possession of the beautiful wife of his father's tender and plump, staged a farce of the mother and son incest, glamorous mother eyes Weibi the naked naked, powder face flushed red, and she goes on marital sex life sex-crazed old haggard beautiful face, because the mother and son incest sex and exposing extreme expression of painful humiliation. I was jealous Rufen, forced the mother about when she and her father had marital sex life dirty intercourse details. One hand I starched Flanagan grew up penis penetrates the vagina of the mother that congestive hypertrophy stirring, to imitate the action and the mother of father of sexual intercourse intense violent Choucha mating, the mother is still residual father semen production style vagina.

Commit adultery, they gave birth to the son to make the mother feel very ashamed old haggard blooming mother desires Rufen Long island 34d chinese escort sobbed to me to describe the detailed process she and her husband, the husband and wife sex life: "dirty embryo marital intercourse so what say? not allowed to inquire about the things that mom and dad in bed you're just a byproduct of the mom and dad husband and wife sex life! God! God our mother and now actually doing between husband and wife can do intercourse. dirty embryo! mother how can over the couple's sex life? God the Yin Daosheng the son actually gave son's penis inserted incest sex I really do not have the face to do your mother! "

Mother, with her son about what I have heard you and Dad in bed dirty details intercourse was very exciting, the penis will be harder, Mom, you naked in bed to get me, when I your husband, Mom, you have sexual intercourse to achieve orgasm and dad you? father is not just made you feel so cool? "
The mother was the mother and son incest lust impact body spasm. No longer be able to curb the strong mother's sexuality, Long island 34d chinese escort was filled with desires that broke out in an instant, she gave up shame, exposing the lewd nature, she and father had a husband and wife sex life is tightly wrapped around my naked body, experienced high lift both feet firmly hooked my waist, provocative plump and full of light red lower body twist of the Buttocks hard up and down quite to meet the son penis grinding, moaning waves Relax have shouted: "Yes! every time that I got an orgasm after another! you is indeed the father of two, even the dry habit of body position and action of sexual intercourse is the same. mother tell you more than f # # k f # # k, multi-clip to your penis, so that multi- cool cool! mother bed cunt function of you? folder you comfortable? "

Show full of fresh mother took out the one Long island 34d chinese escort trained in the 17 years of marital sex life in bed, and experienced quite moving disc-like rotund Buttocks, mother pussy plump narrow vaginal cracked grain cascading, full of juice . Tight hoop of her vaginal muscles in my penis, like the hoop had a meat ring circle around peristalsis, look, look strong.

"My God, Shuangsi dead son, my mother made you Shuangsi die! Son, you are not going to ejaculate? Have you done for nearly an hour, how not to shoot?"

The violent swing bed, mother and son incest sex Saolang mother has been completely different from marital sex life and his father had the pleasure. Mother Yuxianyusi pain Jiaochuang, moaning waves cry resounded through the night sky: "My son, when you ejaculate pull out to shoot, with coitus interruptus, contraception, are not allowed to shoot inside my vagina, hear me? Little beast! You do can not shoot inside my vagina, today is your father and I had a day of married life, your father but also the middle of the night and I am OK intercourse know you? "the womb of the mother a week ago, abortion on contraceptive ring. She do not have to worry about pregnancy, you can rest assured that the sexual intercourse.

The mother issued the macabre Langjiao groaning, even listening to my son could not help but blush, the heart rate. "Yes, my mother, my penis to your vagina folder was sour expansion, cool to death mother, anyway you a week ago on the ring, they will not be pregnant and I like the dad in your vagina where ejaculation. "
"No, son. Fast to pull out, how can the son of their own mother's vagina ejaculation! Your father when you insert your semen in my vagina how do? Son, quick to pull out, wearing your plug it into the large number of condoms used by the father. hard ... my God! I'm sorry your father and your mother f # # k in such a way, I have a face and your father had married life? "two decades of sexual experience to make the mother's sex skillful sophisticated, know how to stimulate a man to achieve orgasm. An experienced mother desires high, the show is full of fresh, sex moves more rapidly, the mother elephant and her father had marital sex life, like twist round display bed of the master hip power of her to stand up to the rotund buttocks elevation swing twist skillfully doing extremely degrading lustful substantial sexual intercourse action, struggling bearing facing the inside of my penis in her 36 years ago, fertility of the sacred vagina vigorously stirred.

"Why not? I do not care, my father without a condom I do not, Mom, you must use the same action and dad intercourse? Father every time you reach orgasm? Think of these real people can not stand! so exciting! "I imagine with a strong sexual desire of the mother in the father body very hip hip arrived lewd ugly, expect to insert Muddy father launched into the semen on the glans penis in the mother's vagina, the kind of mental stimulation I shot into the middle of the night makes me feel a sense of excitement with the physical pleasure, I think the next morning, the father went to bed pressure on the fine red flesh of the mother water Sheban plump blooming couple's sex life, mother stricken ravaged vagina still remained thick semen, the father did not wear a condom thick long penis by the son of protein-like lubricating slurry is very easy to smoothly insert mother dripping wet by the middle of the vagina. Flanagan penis of the father's fiercely Choucha big ass lustful mother had given birth to type vaginal Choucha faster and faster, more and more fierce, DIP was her sexual secretion scattered, comfortable osteoclasts lustful moan Jiaochuang . The sexy 47-year-old Yan mother opened it two slender rounded thigh lift bent, sophisticated cross-folder father muscles stretched real ass, his hands in the father majestic wide thick back Mosa Zhao, pull scratching. The blooming of the old haggard mothers show full of fresh provocative plump and full of light red lower body doing extremely degrading lustful sex action went to meet his father. Like the bed of the woman in the pornographic video as unsightly. Orgasm, plump and tall, charming mother's vaginal muscles involuntarily violent contraction, thick penis of the oppression of his father, the father semen mixed with my semen, full of a mother's womb. 47-year-old mother was forced to have sexual relationships and their husband, son, our father and two stout strong penis, take turns sticking fiercely sexual intercourse in the mother developed a married vagina, to the mother's body depths emission of semen, to share the 47-year-old plump Yanfu sexual pleasure for us. The middle-aged mother, our father and son and adulterous woman.

"Mom, our father and son with two semen flowing into your uterus, must be very exciting! Mom, I want you to use to fill son incest semen, vaginal and father had marital sex life!" 20-year-old, I am very thick hard penis in the vagina of the mother has congestive hypertrophy violent pounding stab stir in the bed to stimulate her even more wild. "Oh, mother, son to die, to be shot, I shot in the vagina which you were born I have been producing style, filial piety you with my semen!"

Look of lustful 47-year-old mother said: "Well, small animals, Xiaochun child, you want to shoot to shoot it, let you look cool, so you shoot in my cunt in my heart, let you enjoy the Yan Fu! your good fortune to enjoy your father nice f # # k mother this Saolang developed female genitalia the next time you have to wear a condom, you know? "With a burst of intense pleasure, the fullness of tall mother issued the crazy Langjiao Yuxianyusi really deserves to have the bed experienced players in two decades, she knew that I would reach orgasm, she and father had the husband and wife sex life shameless with her plump plump light red lower body severely up quite towering, dark Shi Yin Jin vagina, cervix grinding my huge penis, I felt his penis was tender and beautiful mother warm vaginal latch onto a one sucking own penis. An enriched hot kinky fine, excited spray out from the mouth of the uterus. Top the excitement extreme big penis in the mother's cervix, the glans a hemp, waves of sticky hot rolling of semen suddenly fired, and hit a ball in her vagina extreme convulsions, slimy semen shot into the natural mother nine months of pregnancy gave birth to the depths of the uterus.

"Ah, ah! Mother, married type vaginal really powerful folder, my penis can not stand it! I want to shoot! Mom, I shot I shot inside your vagina!"

! Beast son! Oh ...... hard ah ... right, my vagina is your father and son take turns sharing Xie Yu, you little beast! Your penis and your father touched as thick and hard! God ! God!
Husband, son turns and I have sexual intercourse. I what? 47-year-old mother and their own two-year-old son live animals as shamelessly indecent indulgence of mother and son sex life, and at the same time with my son to the mother and son incest rape orgasm. Son unprecedented sexual satisfaction. " Poof! "Bang, I pulled out the wet penis, an milky semen with the mother's lower body convulsions stream, flowing slowly down the black pubic hair.
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