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Abuse aunt is Long island asian virgin escort

Abuse aunt is Long island asian virgin escort

Kazuhiko brother, I come in? "
"No, I'm getting dressed." Kazuhiko feel tired, to visit the customer side of loosened his tie side with a very impatient tone of voice to answer.
(Father as servant tried to use ┅ ┅) Kazuhiko opportunity to return home by spring break, when the morning sleepy lazy call wake up all day, accompanied his father to customers around the receivables.
Kazuhiko's father in the home of the famous "white wells house" wine, because there are two hundred years of history, especially the manufacture of rice wine is particularly well-known and sold it to Tokyo and Osaka. Kazuhiko must the fate of the family business after graduating next year, must return to the work of the "white house" of the well.
The door open when you are changing the T-shirt and jeans, "Hey hey hey, I saw her brother's ass." Yukari opened the door came in and listen to the tone of his talk seemed very excited. Wear high-necked dress, 17-year-old, long eyelashes and big eyes, will make people think of the most famous pop star, usually the expression of a sacred and inviolable, but in front of Kazuhiko becomes cheerful cute girl .
To really get you there is no way, what is it fast speak! "
"But first promise me that what you are not angry."
Promise this is not simple?
Yuka had a habit of saying something private, but appears to be particularly serious look. (Long island asian virgin escort hands behind his back, as if to hide something.)
The Kazuhiko found her dress fabric is very thin, her body has been fully mature woman, are not aware of the breast in the past has become so plump. (Just seen a short period of time, have become so sexy ┅ ┅) people feel surprised that the freshness of his things is naturally fall on the thigh.
Yukari seems to see the the Kazuhiko mind, deliberately sitting on a chair feet before and after shaking: "Do you promise absolutely not angry?" Hidden behind Yukari suddenly sent to the front of Kazuhiko: "This is the brother bed to find. "
"You ┅ ┅ that ┅ ┅"
"So brother secretly to see such a bad book."
"It is not quick to give it to me?"
"Do not." Yuka pornographic magazines in his hand, open look.
"Damn!" To Kazuhiko Yuka hands snatched pornographic magazines, roll into a cylinder knock Yuka head.
"It hurts Oh, that you do not get angry. Brother is a sadist, I behold, can not tell you." "Or fast to be honest."
"Well ┅ ┅" Yukari seems to please Kazuhiko, looked up to say amazing words: "Two nights ago, I saw my mother masturbation."
In fact, my father had passed away eight years, not to be surprised, right? "Yukari smiled gently:" My mother body tied up rope, self-inflicted caterpillars look like, as well as eggplant or cucumber ┅ ┅ Kazuhiko as was knock on the head like a hammer, and feel his face pale, that is full of elegance, his wife, even sexual addiction. Kazuhiko in my mind to do all sorts of delusions, exposed like a madman's eyes. "Oh ┅ ┅ is this?" The Kazuhiko suddenly wake up, revealing smile to cover up embarrassing.
"My brother, you are not the mother over-beautified?" Yuka, then like an awl to pierce the heart of Kazuhiko.
"And then say how your own mother ┅ ┅ you seem to have problems." Kazuhiko conceal his thoughts waver, as if agitated puff.
Yuka's mother is the the Kazuhiko aunt Atsuko, after the death of her husband eight years ago by her management Shirai family property, now put it all to a cousin, and cousins, and daughter Yuka live in the rooms of lonely life. Kazuhiko, on the other hand, has been admired young widowed aunt, Kazuhiko aunt like the Virgin Mary's portrait is a long time the presence of absolute non-obscene contempt for the noble attitude of sexual troubles Yuka said aunt, with a strong impact damage the image of his heart.
"Brother!" Kazuhiko suddenly Congchensizhong wake up cigarette butts almost burn your fingers, "It must be like her mother?" Yuka left the desk leaning Kazuhiko back, with the fanciful tone, said: "My brother ┅ ┅ go to Mom did it! "
"Yuka ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ Kazuhiko instant Yuka close behind expression of tension. "You do not say that I also know that his brother to see the mother's eyes is not normal." The Yuka mouth laughter: "is actually very happy? Know that skilled survivors, uncover a layer of skin is just the ordinary people, masochist or the best, most suitable for the object of her brother's? "
Yuka in speechless Kazuhiko side walk around, like the lover himself into the arms of Kazuhiko. (It really was like Mom, but I ┅ ┅ like my brother.) Yuka gently close your eyes, lips stretched to Kazuhiko.
Abuse aunt (1)
About one o'clock, have a spring, or cold to put on his coat, but quietly walk under the cherry trees, Kazuhiko, tension does not feel cold, but cold wind in heating the body to feel very comfortable. Occasionally looking up at the night sky, the air has a curved shadow of the moon, I have guilt Kazuhiko think this moon will be bright, you can see the tree in the courtyard.
Kazuhiko to arrive soon after separated from the main house and wing fence, after a little hesitation, quietly pushed open the wooden doors, the matter must not retreat to the present, Kazuhiko hand bag firmly under his arm.
Brother, and refuel, once the mother is sleeping it is difficult to wake up, making a sound it does not matter. "Out of the Pro, Yuka clinging Kazuhiko back from behind the ear say. She is soon to be sneaking into his mother's bedroom, Kazuhiko give the most effective recommendations in the third party appears to be the mother-daughter love each other, so can not understand Yuka's psychology.
This week, since almost no way and aunt talk, every day spent in boredom, that situation, however, tonight, tomorrow, after the world should be completely changed.
Kazuhiko gently opened the door quietly into the dark hall, since moved to the wing, Yuka's study remained in the second floor of the main building, so even if the door is not locked at night. Kazuhiko rely only slight moonlight coming in from the entrance leakage, cushioned toe to walk a few steps away there are glass doors, gently pull inside the living room when came again inside the paper door, probably is excessive tension actually produce urinate.
(Kat is fierce and has refused to ┅ ┅) Kazuhiko so determined, opened the door of the block in front of the paper immediately sneaks into the bedroom, powder incense to take one leg kneeling posture, and immediately hear the the aunt regular snoring Kazuhiko exhales reassured in the dark.
This position, waiting for their eyes accustomed to the darkness, Kazuhiko remove the cotton rope from the bag to hold in the underarm, the purse pushed aside so as not to get in the way, then climb gently on the tatami. The bedroom was not very large, so it is easy to touch the edge of the quilt to determine the direction of the snoring, and then crawled in the opposite direction.
(Aunt Sorry, I want to watch ┅ ┅ Yuzu) Kazuhiko quietly opened a quilt, can be seen in the white toes in the dark, immediately ready cotton rope sets in the ankle, "Well ┅ ┅ "snoring had a rule a sudden stop, seems to feel abnormal to want to stand up, but by entanglement in feet Miansheng interference, aunt breathing becomes rapid voice.
"Aunt, wake up?" The moment has finally come to, Kazuhiko calmly say such a thing, they are surprised, and then stand up and reach out to find the fluorescent switch.
Is Yuka? "Aunt's voice seems to have not yet fully awake, but also not aware of their soon to face virginity crisis.
Me, Kazuhiko Kazuhiko answered with a calm tone, gently open the fluorescent switch. "Oh!" Atsuko because dazzling frowned, With trembling, long eyelashes, and soon got used to the light, find daughter, Yuka, nervously raised his head from the pillow: "So is Kazuhiko, why are you here ? Yuka what happened? "Atsuko seems to be the first to consider the safety of the Hong
"Do not worry about the Yuka, Long island asian virgin escort is good in my study." Kazuhiko walk from the quilt edge to standing on a pillow, bow aunt look remover, hair bundles in the head after the oval face, even in peacetime still brilliant light . "Aunt ┅ ┅ Why not shouting? Also owe it to yourself to think about it." Kazuhiko calm and slowly said the Italian.
Kazuhiko ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ "Atsuko discovered the unusual atmosphere, beautiful face, a nervous expression, ready to stand up, surprised eyes wide open: Kazuhiko ┅ ┅ my feet ┅ ┅
"Hee hee, finally know? Aunt, I fell in love with you." Kazuhiko suddenly to cover off, scared of no sound aunt pulled down and then rushed.
Kazuhiko! Not so! "Tall Kazuhiko pressure up, Atsuko panic state, but still tried to resist, but was immediately Kazuhiko get hold of one could not move.
Kazuhiko, I beg you calm down, this looks like Yuka to see, it's terrible. "
"I do not care, and Yukari will not know how ┅ ┅ Kazuhiko Yuka to see things his mother masturbation, and slowly said to the aunt to listen to:" the world's most loving aunt, actually there will be self- a bundle of habits, who is taught? "
Kazuhiko, do not say! "Atsuko side struggling side want to show that its own innocence:" Yuka said, it must be false, how do I self-bundled?
"No matter who said it correctly, I mean is that will never change!" Kazuhiko hold fast to the aunt slim body kissing frantically, trying to evade the aunt's head from side to side, but finally captured the lips of shortness of breath, start kiss, almost put the soul sucked out from the mouth.
"Well ┅ ┅ do not ┅ ┅
Kazuhiko force on the tongue, front teeth pushed aunt, With the issue Yinmi sucking sound, tasted the nectar-like saliva and tongue into the aunt's mouth up and down to activities.
"Ah ┅ ┅ too much a ┅ ┅ me what you have done anything wrong?"
Aunt too beautiful, beautiful and make me crazy. "Kazuhiko see aunt cried like a lovely, again can not help but kiss, this time aunt just a little resistance, and issued a sad whimper to let each other sucking. "I want to see the aunt naked, let me see the beautiful body to give birth to Yuka, right?" About a long kiss effective, the aunt's attitude softened signs, but also to stop the tears. The Kazuhiko Of course not miss this good opportunity, whispered words of praise of older women in the aunt's ear, then slowly pull the collar of the pajamas right hand touch the breast....
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