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A babysitter is Queens asian virgin escort

A babysitter is Queens asian virgin escort

I was 18 years old, and physical development as a big girl. Chest to straighten the piles of soft declared meat is really like two big buns, my ass, walking felt a little fall, I really want to wear large clothes pants can live in rural areas, economic difficulties, the mother in order to save the fabric, and always gave me a close-fitting clothing and pants.

It makes me feel uncomfortable chest and buttocks, always hoop tightly but still quite high, but fortunately my waist is very thin, because I was not tall, if the stomach is quite up, and that I really became short and thick fat.

My body is less than 160, but grew into a slender, breasts, big ass girl. I feel like my body is difficult to see.

Fortunately, my face is still a good kind of thick eyebrows and girls in rural areas belong to, my eyebrows are very dark and heavy, long eyelashes, eyes nose very straight, his mouth was very nice, but a little yellow teeth.
Eyebrows and eyelashes are very heavy, which makes my mouth to give birth and men short beard, of course, less than the front carefully Guanqiao can not see out. I do not say, other people will be able to know, like my type of girl, pubic hair is also particularly heavy between his legs like a nest.

Often work out, my face is black and red, a lot of men have called me a black girl. Every time I play in the village of the same age children are laughing at me, said I was the big ass, big breasts, wasp waist.
Boys the same age generally do not love to play with me, they always looking for those fine white girl to play. I am very pessimistic, very lost, but I found those adult men who are very like me, always take the initiative to talk to me, I found that when they talk to me, his eyes are always staring at my breasts and my ass, I often heard them talk behind my back: horse two Korea really sexy, a walk that big breasts and big buttocks quivering micro.
My name is Mary, the two Korea is my nickname at home the second on top of an older sister, the bottom has a younger brother, home chores sister dry, the home of the good things are to eat his brother, and I in the middle seems to be dispensable.

My mother always said, a girl studying useless, and grew up to find a good husband, that is, people have children, cooking, washing clothes on the line. So my sister and I had long ago not to study. In fact, my learning is very good, also a lot of things I know, I am very fond of reading, like learning, my mother said do not let my sister and I read.

Very mischievous younger brother, academic performance is not a good mother non-let him in it can not, even in the absence of what to expect, or for him, which makes me and my sister was not fair, my sister is very sensible, and never complain, I to die, often quarrel with my mother, said she was biased.

Brother one year younger than I am, in addition to learning bad, the other knows everything. Sister strong and healthy like a man, my brother did not dare to bully her, so she would often bully me.

Time my brother and me to Harada go pick cucumbers, brother picked two very special cucumber, a straight, one is rolled into a circle-like, he took two of cucumber at me giggle, I asked him: What are you laughing? He said: sister, you look at this straight cucumber like Zanba cock, this circle of cucumber is like our mother's large forced.

Listened to his words, my body suddenly all of a sudden heat up, feeling his face made up, do not know what to say, I panic: Bite your tongue, you see is a loud noise? Brother, grinning, said: ye did not see it, I grew up sleeping next to her mother, often in the middle of the night to see Mom and Dad operation forced the parade: He said that cucumber straight into the the circle cucumber back and forth between the Choucha, I watched that barbed straight cucumber Soon let him Jinong those thorns are worn away.

In fact, I have repeatedly seen the operation to force the mom and dad, and his older sister secretly often talk about it, when it comes to the time of heightened interest, Sister pretend father, I pretend my mother, she was lying to my body, we sat operation to force the action, and afterwards we all smell of urine unable to raise its head. We have never and my brother said these things, today's younger brother suddenly filed in this matter, I really do not know how to deal with.

I still panic in the reverie when suddenly his brother threw away the hands of two cucumber, threw himself from behind and hugged my waist, and panic would like to separate his hands, but his hand is very strength, tightly hugged my waist, how is also inseparable.

Really at that moment, my body a bit weak, numb, and tried to open him want to appreciate the man and a woman's first contact with the sacred feeling, I soon had no strength, the body is also the Soviet Union soft. I really do not understand why a girl a boy clinging to the body suddenly felt weak and could not control.

Brother began to touch my breasts, Yong Shounie my nipples, my body began to shake, and looked a trance, like a blown air, I am restless, swaying back and forth with the body, such as dodge, like is in line with him. I exactly how to do, even I can not tell.

He suddenly slipped a hand into his pants, and out into the middle of my legs, grabbed my pubic hair, I feel some pain, but feeling some stimulate, I feebly said: my boy, do not trouble, do not let other people see the bad, I'm your own sister!

Surprisingly, he suddenly unlock my waistband belt, my pants with pants gave off down, and retreated to the thigh bend below, this sudden action made me panic I do not know what to do, and he quickly pants off to the ankle from behind again to get hold of. His hard cock on top in my ass into the ditch, my first time to wait until a boy's dick, I have a soft body, soft legs, like a pool of mud wildly down in the ground.

I struggling with Xiangpaqilai of, but he overturned the wrestled. He is like a mad boar, pressure on me Framing the child to use the wooden sticks cock between my legs, his mouth is also my mouth kissed, so he kissed me suddenly excited, excited, but also impulsive.

I subconsciously separated his legs and genitals exposed, his cock suddenly with a strength, whipped into the the Xiaoxue, I ah soon feel a burst of intense pain, I suddenly all his strength to push down.

Ah soon, rolled to the side, suddenly turned pale, and whole body convulsion, hands and feet kept poking pedaling like to say he could not seem to want to exhaust Flanagan cock still hard, and that glans rose purple, above, covered with blood. A little white mucus pouring from the horse's eyes.

I suddenly remembered Sister told me a story, saying that a man first operation and his wife forced cock just insert her wife because Virgin has just broken body, pain, put his to push down, the result that men die because of the "back fine.

Thought of this, I panicked, I know if the brother die back fine, Mom and Dad will kill me, because he is our family line as the ROC, the daughter was raped parents will not feel bad if this baby son died, I would have died.

I do not know where the force suddenly rushed past clinging to the body of the brother hard a roll, he rolled on me, my legs apart and put his cock to me to force the plug, I know that this time he could not get to come will be very uncomfortable if he vent out there will be life-threatening.

I spent a great effort only then his dick plugged into my little forced, while carrying his hip bone up and down constantly moving, I forgot the pain, forget the shame, forget everything, the feeling is in for a dying patient to do artificial respiration.

Brother suddenly opened his eyes, hold my body, forced that stiff cock into my little meal hurled itself upon the always plugged into the roots, he shuddered, a twitch, cock and hard to jitter a moment and says loudly: sister, I have to pee, I said quickly. Do not move, go out into the sister's belly, urinary. Just listen to his "ouch" sound, a surge of boiling heat reach all parts of my stomach, this time I had completely forgotten the pain, it touches a pleasure.

After a tingling sensation of my body below, several days returned to normal.

One day, her mother said to me: the two Korea Yeah, you all went inside the warehouse tidy, there is too messy, and have no access to people. I said: OK, immediately went to. Brother suddenly said: go and sister. The mother said: where the dirty side, let your sister a go. Brother said: No, I'm going to! Not yet the mother agree, he followed I came to position child, I know what he meant, I am worried because my mother at home.

Came to the barn, the brother turned around and closed the warehouse of the break, suddenly took me clinging desperately to kiss my mouth, his hand quickly out into my clothes to touch my breast, my half-hearted leaning against a pile of sacks, he began to tear solution of the waistband of my belt.

I would like to refuse, but there is no effort, because coming back from that, we never find an opportunity, although not a very good opportunity, but we have some hunger and thirst had. The two of us soon regarded pants off to the ankle at half lying on a sack on his legs apart, my boy's cock is already broken up.
He picked up that thing broke in front of my Xiaoxue, I ah bang his ass up one, and hugged his neck, he kept kissing my mouth, his cock began to The Choucha back and forth in my Xiaoxue, that taste is really very comfortable, and really feel better than what game to play to stimulate.

His side of the stem, while also kept saying: sister kind of you, and your breasts are so large, your little realistic soft call, I want to fuck you. Really, my cock to you this small forced a plug, I am immortal. I do not regard. Ah, ah, a good sister, I was like fuck you!

This babbling, my desire is rising, I held her arms around his ass, his cock inserted deeper, he suddenly mischievous cock pulled out, then I am the body where in particular the emptiness, itchy, and I quickly said: fast, my boy, I can not stand, you quickly inserted to.

Brother laugh, holds all that wet sticky cock Xiaoxue at me severely plugged in. At this moment I really die happy. I kept moaning, covered like insects crawling, a burst of water, a burst of cramps, I feel that he is several times like burning the dead.

I whispered moan: brother. Boy, you see that, again, again. Huhu leisurely on.

Brother Q: What do you come? I said, is a special kind of had the feeling of happiness, it has come several times, I really can not stand it. That feeling of an up, happy and sad.

Brother more excited and doing more violent, my body look at what he did in a sack up channeling. Suddenly, he stopped the action said to me: sister Yeah, once I saw my mother lying on the kang edge on, and my father from his ass behind the inside dry, we can try all of a sudden.

I am obedient to the body turned over, lying in a sack on his ass sprang up, my man suddenly put his arm around my butt fierce pro up lying on my ass. I asked the brother said: the village people say my butt is too big, it must be difficult to see?

Brother said: usually see your ass bulging pants up is not very good-looking, Tuoliaokuzi all exposed come out very nice, really big, really beautiful, a woman's ass is the greater, men lying paste up the more comfortable I have never seen such a nice ass, I really like two teenagers ball.

Mother and sister in the ass, I steal seen, that is not as good-looking, really, since the day peek after you pee to find out your big ass, I have a few days at night did not sleep well, he said: several days night dreaming said operation to force you, I am hard fuck you in the ass, how can not get into, I woke up, and sperm are struck by my own quilt.

His face firmly affixed to my ass with his tongue in my ass ditch lick a few times back and forth, the waves of water kept flowing, the sacks wet. Brother: your ass is too vivid, too highlighted, I can not stand. I want to begin to plug.

I said, then you plug it! I went, had fat ass warped Alice, brother to of his Rougun sub-whiz sound broke in my whole body like electricity numb. I feel own ass too loose, the brother's cock out of the reach of the end, I desperately go from the dedication, he was straining inside plug tight while carrying two of my hip bone, stop pumping .

His great strength to the muscles of his cock around the impact of my ass, and issued a "Bajibaji sound, I heard the sound increasingly excited, and kept the Alice moving his ass to arms to sit, he quickly forced hitting, faster and faster, more and more fierce, more and more mad, he is almost crazy. The feeling is that my fat ass crushed.

He suddenly cried out loud, tightly clinging to my ass does not move. That a one cock in my Zhiyin hot semen kept streaming into my stomach, it is a feeling, Shuangsi, good death, the happy dead. The best of life is this moment.

He was lying on my back no more. I hastily looked back, he was secretly laughing.

Suddenly he whipped about cock from my small force the inside pulled out of panic pants. I look toward the door, the door opened, and mother in anger standing there, I do not know what to do, panic up and raise pants brother grimaces from under the mother's side and out, and fled.

The mother rushed over, grabbed my hair, pops a few mouth child, to play my face burning. The mother cried out: Queens asian virgin escort was a child, how do you and he do such a thing would hurt his body hurt his body, affecting the normal reproductive our horses home broken incense, I'll kill you .
I squatted sacks next to cover the face, cry, but did not cry out loud, angry emotions control me, I whispered; I did not want to dry your son raped me, if you are such a bully I on the Public Security Bureau to sue him, let him go to jail.

Listen to me such a mother is stunned. Queens asian virgin escort also knew that my temper is very stubborn. My courage, I said out on work it out.

For several days, my mother did not speak to me, my boy always avoiding me. Sister several times asked me how. I said nothing. To the honor of the family, I do not want anyone to know.

My heart began to hate my mother, I know that my father treated me well, can this family is the mother have the final say.
In fact, the father is very handsome, my nose, eyes, eyebrows, face, much like my father. Mom's ugly, tall is not high, it is a short and thick fat. I figure a little like my mother. Fortunately, I was a slender waist, no big belly like my mother, many of the men of the village tube mother called "pig cakes.

I really do not understand that dad is so handsome, how phase mother do.

On this day, my mother suddenly said to me, you'd better tidy up tomorrow I will send you to the city you Hongli home. You Hongli children. You go to serve the children, her children and let you Hongli in the city to find your husband's family, do not return to rural areas.

I listened to my mother, I mention how happy I am over and over again the night did not sleep well.

Hongli long is not good-looking, like a skinny monkey, hair, some yellow, and a look Hengrou triangular eyes, teeth gray, slightly bandy legs, but not very serious, her legs are very thin, the entire lower body like a compass . Queens asian virgin escort has no breasts, no ass, taller than me is not the words of the men of the village: no one threw Avenue parade.

Her eyebrows are sparse, her pubic hair is sparse, the skeleton of her genitals is very sharp, very high, I feel endure up will tie people, I think if the man climbed up on her, will feel is a hug with a bunch of sunflower pole, thin and hard scratchy.
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