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[Sister angered me]

[Sister angered me]

Day Saturday, and my sister with her classmates to Blockbuster rented a few pieces of film to come home and watch, I just happened to a friend's house to play mahjong back, lost more than 6000 have been extremely unhappy mood, go home and see a group of girls chattering I put up a stink face back to the room I'm running into the room, I heard my sister steal the sound of his students said: "Never mind him." geek an instant my brain angry shouted: "You said ! give me more careful. "put the force of the door to drop on, open the computer to look at pornographic images.

After about twenty minutes, I did not expect to see hard up, took out his brother to give him to the enjoyment, I suddenly dashed came to see me holding a big Cock, she was still blushing at the very start nymphomania curse: "Dead metamorphosis, how can you get rid of my classmates, I must tell Mom." without looking and then took me to the door thrown departed mother, he will want the mom, what ... ... I was thinking to say that I get rid of her classmates, or that my thugs ... Damn, this next change I'm anxious.

Apart from anything else, immediately rushed up to her room opened the door, I saw she was holding a cell phone you are dialing, suddenly I'm sure he was to call my mom, I all of a sudden rush to put the phone to grab over: How dare you complain. "my phone, you die metamorphosis." "You the kind of scold me dead look at the metamorphosis." I have been very angry: "dead metamorphosis, death abnormal, dead sick, dead metamorphosis. I played a bar in her face: "Mom, you scold you scold me rape you."

In fact, I just want to Hezu she just did not expect to say such words even then looked at the girl's body ... the same good figure, fair skin, handsome face, only one has been a beauty The ... I took her underwear Masturbation n times, but the rape of this move ... uh ... I had to swallow the saliva.
My sister, although I use that words scared surprised a moment, but her arrogant personality How would throw in the towel: "you super dead perversion, nymphomania, the phone also coming, I'll be just like mom." This is me really hurry, coupled with her skirt always cover the thighs. "Damn! I fight!"

Apart from anything else I immediately rushed over and tackled her to the bed, right hand touch to all of a sudden to her chest, legs directly put her legs stretched. "Wow ... What are you doing, you die metamorphosis, nymphomania ......" She has been Mengche my clothes and hair, screaming from the curse changed ... I am anxious quickly mouth also toot ...

From me to touch her numerous tender, soft and elastic breasts, My Cock has been hard, plus I Youshen to go that purple briefs, to touch her sparse pubic hair, I swear, when even if it was a gun to my head, still unable to stop despite how she struggled, still quickly take off our underwear.
She suddenly head to the left-sided breath peeing said: "Brother, you want to do, you do not friends." brooklyn ruby escort apparently realized that I was ready to risk everything, want to find reconciliation trouble, but in my fingers to probe touched her lips to slide into the vaginal opening, and that slippery to Nenxue has ordered me to, even if it is immediately killed, can not terminate the action I quickly propped hard to not do Cock, so that my penis in her contaminated by the sexual secretion Xuekou, original guess my sister is probably still a virgin, not force to insert, I did not expect the glans just to explore into the vagina, then inserted half a ...

You this tart, the original before someone else did, I thought to myself, I was excited and coupled with jealous, all of a sudden the entire inserted inside to give her. "Wow ... it really hurts A!" brooklyn ruby escort exclaimed Dayton only, but I hugged her tight, to prevent her to get rid of, "Woo ... you should really raped me, woo ......" "I ... I ...... Why did you threaten me ...... "" Woo ... people just want to make to the students and asked them home did not you, woo ......

I stay motionless in her Xue Li, but I think her sexual secretion seems to be more ... the kind of creamy feel ... "you how said that before ... now how to do ......" "You fast pull out comes, this is incest. "dry into early occurred Moreover, you are not a virgin, what?" I said, very slowly twitched: "people are not any done with the boys ... ... "

Sister's tone seems to slow Choucha As I did not so excited: "I never done How could no hymen? Is ...... oh ... you also dare Masi metamorphosis ..." at her flush cute face, I have to speed up dry up, that buzzing sound of the water along with loud.

"Oh sister, I am thrilled! ... Your hole tight ......" She was now closed his eyes, breathing is rapid: "Brother ... you do not ...... say ......! ...... Do not ...... "No, but I always think brooklyn ruby escort always risen up the ass in order to meet my insert," ... what do not ... but ... I think you are following good wet ... "I whole support penis, then slide and tighten the vagina contains live, really cool to die: "... you do not ... say ...... Ah, ah ...... ah ......"

As she goes on attractive small hum cried, I could not help but kiss it, and originally thought brooklyn ruby escort would exclude closed lips, did not expect her to suddenly put out his tongue wrapped around my tongue, A! Under the wound of the tongue of my sister, I have to restrain the sperm gate, sister ... I can not do ... I want to shoot ... I am thrilled ... I want to shoot ......

She seems to be struggling under my Choucha cool to not work, original nasal heavier, but also to call out: "...... brother ... brother ... Oh ......" I know feel her vagina in peristaltic connection, I semen to her Xue Li constantly spray ...... and she this time also joined us ... gymnastics, she calls music! ...
If this world there can change women's arrogant character, In addition to the possession and conquer her, I really can not imagine there are other ways since that Saturday, I almost become a different person, the original Missy temper, she can be gentle as a kitten, let alone instigate her to do anything, and even ordinary conversation, but also never gave me a good face to see, and now may be different Hello ...

Today, her long like a sorry figure Unfortunately, friends, and again I thought of the film I always feel, girl mixed in among them, almost fairy is a group of dinosaurs held hostage.

Of course, I hide in the room to see my erotic pictures, just to see thirst, want to get a drink, and suddenly found himself Cock so hard that his feet are difficult, not to mention after from the front of the group of dinosaurs, it seems I no other way, slipping his voice: "Chi sunny, help me get a bottle of drink up ..."

Less than a minute, knock at the door: "Brother, open the door it!" Cock bulging valiant, come in renowned open the door girl, blushing white, at me: "You are very sick yeah, one day to the to see that night. "I took the drink to drink one, I thought, since the following are thirsty, why not ...

I pulled a sister to me my arms sit, restless stroked his hands start up my sister softly exclaimed together: "Hey ... What are you doing it, my classmates on the outside." I was in charge of his classmates where , even if the emperor I stop my hardness almost equal to diamond Cock I am anxious that the color of the hands to pull down her pants zippers Wang Libian explore yo ...
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