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Happiness is not London

Happiness is not London

That night the whole family back to her family vacation, a person at one o'clock in the living room watching TV to see, feel a bit hungry, think of the urban area to see what to eat. To near the vehicle is to open the door behind me: "are you going? I want to go!"

The speaker was the old wife's sister (referred to as "Xiang"). new jersey hot virgin escort only Tate's wife-year-old, is the most beautiful one of four sisters, but the worst of the situation. Of similar age, the time lag, even when the leave of their two sisters will always return to her family get together, and live in her parents next door to the township's sister, will always be an excuse to go home a short stay to accompany us.

Before marriage, Er Yi child, "Love me, love my dog ??very nice to me, so then later her husband economy there are problems, of course I give a lot of gratuitous aid. Perhaps for this reason that before we meet the opportunity to increase the Er Yi child run into any problems, will naturally look for me to help.

Come under development, please patience to read on.

On the train! "Shut the door.

In this silence of the night, my heart along with the speed of Mercedes-Benz with, they did not talk to.

Xiang spoke up: "What do you want?"

I actually blurted out: "want to eat you!" Outburst was shocked to find that the slip of the tongue.

I look directly at the front did not look at Hunan, I did not expect Xiang went on to say: "How long you want to?"

I hastened to reply: "just kidding!"

(Hunan the next sentence, such as Trick flare up, open our human relations.)

Xiang said with a smile: "Are you not afraid of your home that will be angry?"

Then just passing through the embankment, I stopped the car, turned and said: "casual only, do not take it seriously, even if there is you, she will not be angry."

A result, the immediate shut does not answer. The moon outside the window, according to the body in Hunan, faint scent of a woman coming from her. Her ups and downs of chest discomfort, quivering lips, tempting to kiss her, she did not refuse, body trembling, her lips feeling good and tender!

My left hand gently touching her chest ... I reached into her clothes, her nipples already standing on her body along with the response of my actions, her chest more than the old wife, but has a smaller nipple and detailed.
My hand and gradually move down to her Mixue forward ...

When my hand into her pants, and feel with your fingers gently across the underwear. Her Mixue thick pubic hair to Xuekou a probe, it turns out that Honey has long been flooded difficult to match, and the old wife! (Old wife is a micro-type, while her sister, such as springs, and an endless supply) and her clitoris swelling sudden shock, I hang around to tease ...

From time to time to swing her hips should be combined, I will hand down the underwear side, the Holy Land to the coveted forward, I carefully explore the stacks of folds Mixue years as the baby sucking, I brisk pace in Xuekou with your fingers twitching tease her body involuntarily tight and deep, rapid breathing, I felt the desire of her body.

Fingers the whole she's Yinxue engulfed Choucha stirred in a honey, and her efforts to reach hard as stone, then press and hold my hand: "find a place ... not here ..."

I hand out covered with honey, Dash start the car to the motel. My eyes to see she did not leave the in the Mixue hand, and accompanied by the rhythm rub Mixue. I thought the two sisters reaction the difference is really a like an iceberg, one as the volcano!

Quickly came to the motel, enter the battlefield ...

Door, that is, embracing the two, lips tightly joints, tongue like warm each other to respond, my hands never stop touching her body. Tacit agreement, the two at the same time remove the barriers to the body, two of the body tightly interlaced, I lead her to lie down, have not come into contact with strange flesh mouth down to explore ...

I greedily inhaling the nipple, with hand superficially like to across Mixue, each time after, will lead the warm response of the limb, then with a disappointed sigh. She already can not stand this wave tease her from time to time to adjust the body, looking forward to my coming with Mixue cater to, when my tongue across the lower abdomen forward to Honey Springs, she caught my hand, I pull up.

new jersey hot virgin escort told me: "ugly do not ......" and begging me: "I want to ...

I jokingly asked: "Do you want?"

new jersey hot virgin escort without hesitation: "I want you to vigorously dried me!" And paste the lips on my lips, forced to suck and hold the inflation of the penis, and withstood her Xuekou. An moist feeling immediately into the invasion of my senses, I strongly restraint desires of excitement ...

My hand had not ceased to tease the clitoris, Cock from time to time as hard as stone spying with Yinxue of, sexual secretion poured out as the spate of breaches, sexual secretion soaked sheets; of her hip has been up top, I playing hard to deliberately dodge. So that one go, and have a do not know how many want to give up when she was tired, I thought to attack the time is right, that is, adjust the position.

While it is not prepared, I will twitch Xuekou Cock in one fell swoop the entire root insertion, only to hear she has given the macrophage response, such as the ward's deep admiration!

My deep solid Choucha with her teeth, hold me tight thigh tie Choucha open, hand firmly pinched my hips. Suddenly, she clenched my shoulder, she no jitter, the first wave of orgasm she comes!
Hoarding of energy, until I am almost overwhelmed at the height of the body movements! I restrained the sake of the shot feeling, suddenly deep suddenly shallow pumping, feeling carefully the Mixue where stacks of twists and turns moist, impact with the philandering of her depths of the feelings that accompany the music the moist Yinye issued ...

Her to the top, four times in just 30 minutes! I could not refrain from hoarding to suppress the seminal fluid along with the fast sprint, all fired at the Mahogany ...

When I meet want to stop, her hand holding my Cock glans fast friction with the clitoris, the rapid surge never had the pleasure of a direct attack by the glans forehead, Mixue delicate and thick pubic hair friction to the touch, so that my semen again involuntary injection in her.

After the Passion, when ready, Xiang laughed asked me: "I feel her What is the difference?"

I smiled and replied: "No comparison, do not feel it."

She smiled and said: "You Xiang Demei Oh!"

Also planted in this paved the way for future, more provocative.

Comfortable motel sluts first contact, the kind of passion and enjoyment of the senses, has been in the hearts of impact, it will inadvertently immersed in the prevailing circumstances.

After a quick two weeks, the Star five suddenly received a call from Hunan, a natural chat, and asked what again to go back! I was a working relationship

Replied: "Look! . "

End of the line heard: "Oh."

I feel her disappointment! But did not dare to ask.

Who knows a home, the old wife asked me elated! The two days have nothing, and wanted to go back to her parents! I thought that there is a coincidence? Can not help but ask you how suddenly want to go back! Unsurprisingly Xiang masterpiece, I will let it promised.

Into Yuemu Jia, we can see Xiang, and smiling to greet us. I smiled, knowing did not like usual cackle killing, and my eyes to see the eyes of Hunan, as the lake-like flashing, a house of children, mother and their sisters, Dong Chexi pull nonsense all night.

Xiang and sometimes unintentional staggered eyes, found a mixture of unease and anxiety in her eyes, cheeks glowing Hongxia. To eleven o'clock, when the old wife reminded me: "you are not yet a bath! Not go to wash! Wait no hot water. " Because of his wife's family in the country, hot water, wood, firewood. I got up and going to see that there are no hot water, Hunan has got up and said she went to see told me to prepare the clothes.

Loyalty to the bathroom addition built outside the house, hot water boiler next to the bathroom, simple and implicit honey, little dim lighting, even the door locks are saving compared to simple country folk, while around them are relatives, so no too many to prepare for. I took the clothes into the bathroom, you can also ask Xiang? She answered there, she has coupled with the timber. I will open the water into the bathtub.

Just as when I use water to flush the body of the bubble, a figure flash into the bathroom, do not ask of course is the Xiang River, I turned around, her hot lips, close my lips and tongue like snake-like invasion of this When Xiang as hungry as hungry. I directly put his hand into her pants, the direct attack towards returning to the Mixue head touch is already wet underwear, skip directly underwear, covered with moist Mixue, knead with the palm of your hand, such as the collapse Yinye mention like runs through the palm of my hand.

I would like her pants off, she stopped me, and fear of being found to me later. She struggled from the hand in her Mixue raging. Immediately squatted down! His mouth that I braved the drops of Cock! Rapid swing tongue like a snake-like letter of provocative eye of the horse, hungry sucking, I can not withstand such a sensory stimulation, an will be beyond the control of hot semen, full of fired into her mouth, she was one to all of them up inside, which is the old wife can not do.

I raised her and gave her a soulful kiss.
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