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Long-distance car "good thing"

Long-distance car

Looked at a lot of experience of sexual harassment on the bus, had the honor, I also experimented with time, huh, huh! You guess the result?

That day in April 2007, long car ride back to Qingdao, home school from Yantai. This route, I'm really too familiar with, 20 have almost sat. Nearly four hours away is also very long, I was very anxious. Yantai train station, I finally got that broken broken according to the wiki. As it is not Sunday, so. I seized the last row seat to sit down. I always whisper: how to spend such a tough four hours.

The driver to open slowly, one after another up a lot of people did not expect less than half an hour before, not out of Yantai City, the car is actually filled with people. Fortunately, because the last row, next to me sitting empty, I am glad I can not believe. And then just to the urban areas, up suddenly one of the MM, about 20 years old, and I almost. May be due to a seat next to me, she did not consider what is to sit next to me, Oh! Looks pretty good, especially that thigh ... I do not say.

A black shirt, white skin, chest very developed, it is estimated that at least 80D chest, very good body lines. Thigh, thigh, thigh ... now I'm still six saliva ... saw her, my penis is a natural erection, really difficult for me to hide my change, but fortunately MM did not see my impulse was admitted.

She quite friendly driver ticket handed me, I came, a friendly smile gave me the ticket, huh, huh! To see her to be my girlfriend I am willing, I was thinking.

The long journey began, and I am more and more anxious, indeed, I'm so tired of the car, nothing capable, very uncomfortable. At this time, my mind began to appear a number of articles in the color community forum, ha ha!
The splenetic natural my attention to my next MM.

But I was still very shy, coupled with the seat next to her sat a couple, I am too embarrassed to speak and MM to speak, but according to my judgment, she should be a college student and I almost.
But I can stop so many attacks began ...

With the mood of nervous excitement, my hand slowly, slowly stretch the thigh of the MM ... my hand attached to the MM's thighs ... good temperature, soft, comfortable died . MM's jeans, good feel, so that was almost never had any contact with a woman's excitement and nervous anomalies. MM the beginning there is no expression, but then I touched her legs, she began to be very strange, and later she found my behavior.
At first, brooklyn hot virgin escort seemed to know what to do, I could feel her tension. Then later, may be the next to someone, MM did not move!

The couple next to us seems to have not noticed we change the other passengers is less than the driver would not have said. MM's nervous that I could feel, I think she did not move boldly touched her thigh, and reached under her ass and began a new round of stroke. It feels really comfortable! Soft ass, MM tension writhing ass, my hand chasing, I feel great.

MM stared at me, I do not have the expression, very calm, hands in her lap fumble. She is getting nervous. I take advantage of the handle from below reached into her coat, the shirt she was not looking! Stroked her skin, close to her ass, gently ... cool cool ...

MM or not called, simply tension. I was finally understood why people often sexual harassment on board, the original woman is taken into account, they do not want others to see, so they prefer to be touched, do not want to cry out. My hand to wreak havoc in her bold, traveled to her belly! I can! She is also very nervous! The couple next as if to see what magazine is very preoccupied with (today's perspective, they may be found pretending to not see it). Unfortunately, her jeans were tight, I am not into it, I stroked her belly, to be true, as, it is estimated that I would not be here writing a.

MM, could not, brooklyn hot virgin escort began to take the package, the moment she got up to get the package, I put my hand under her ass, the MM and sat down. She was first opened, but sat down. Is really the first time, my hand on the MM below the buttocks, feeling the heat of the MM body, and still hand experience stroke look at the inside of her ass, I do not know not to get her small B, but I could feel her "or where" the exception of JB Needless to say, has long been up to die.

Took the package, the MM first took out an apple, and then to my surprise, brooklyn hot virgin escort took out a fruit knife, first next to me gesture, and then start Xiaoping Guo. Really scary too! It seems today is not yellow but which is very violent! I am scared to handle shrink back.

I began to confrontation and MM, but my thighs tightly attached to the lap of the MM, because there is no other seat, the MM will have to let me tightly attached to the thigh.

Shenyang City, the couple next to get off, the MM immediately sat down on the earlier seat of the couple to potential lightning while stealing a bell.

Vehicles to enter the urban area of ??Qingdao, the MM received a phone call, then use a very standard Mandarin, like a man. Days! In fact, I am very nervous. Qingdao are very vindictive, I am afraid to MM to get off boyfriend blocked me. Later, I was nervous to come up their phones, writes: I'm sorry sister, you are too beautiful, I was too impulsive, I am very sorry.

Soon, MM her cell phone to show me, I saw: you are very clever, but are too much to know?
I hope this is the first and last time! ! ! My heart finally calmed, then get off and did not pay attention to the MM, so the end of the car a "good thing".

Now know what I regret? I regret not having a massage from MM cell phone sent to my phone! ! !
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