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Tutor to a high school senior PPMM

Tutor to a high school senior PPMM

Senior next semester, I have been looking forward to a happy day finally arrived. On the finished course work to get the MM broke up, do the complete set of instructors do not bird me, rely on, since since I was in elementary school, there is no day so wonderful! A day to think about things during the day on which to play, go drinking at night, A film is to look at the Whitehead Ozawa, is a short one on the mop to see the the YY text or write YY Wen, This too is like an immortal!

But the gods less than a month, I feel a bit underwhelmed. It seems that people left the pursuit, or might feel a little empty. Another serious problem is that I do every day to go out to eat, drink, tickets in hand but also a little nervous, Dial-a-home money, mother's reply was simple: the girlfriend did not want so much money dried bird ? I rely on! I am your own son. Your money is not used to take care of me, used to support those who do not fly prospective daughter-in-law? Even if you want to have grandchildren, that is a force of it, I eat good, JZ quality will be okay ...

But at home a month give me 3K, and how I should not be many complaints. XX students in our bedroom, a term used only 3K!

See that money is not, I wear a mother to my 5 month supply once arrive, mom to say NO. Two days I talked with my mom said I would like to take the point of the capital stock, my mom also said NO. Two days I talked with my mom said the ex-girlfriend was pregnant, go to the hospital destroyed, the mother or to say NO, this time under the instructions say: marry her, and then BB was born.

Well ...... it seems the family did not expect it. I have to do something.

But do what? Like us engineering students, the money path of nothing more than two: First, go out to do part-time, part-time as before so well done, I have a few students Netease Sohu, although Part-time, but the basic requirements throughout the day to work eight hours a disguised form of illegal employment, too much work. Own contacts live to do, such as doing the web page to help others, write a small interface. This kind of work is generally invest in small, high return, well, then one week to earn two or three K, but only if done well, those cow people do like me Little P, only looked drool copies of the.

After much deliberation, they do not want to hard, want to make money fast, only one way: a tutor. The cause of education money is always the best make, because the parents are worrying about, they can not share the learning task for children to struggle throwing money at them. Review the information to the XX refreshing Syrup, hired a tutor from the schools to the short who can throwing money at the place, they have spared no effort to drop.

In fact, this kind of thing as a tutor, we have a unique advantage, the school, those parents have a look, wow, XX, apart from anything else would surely to drop money to us. However, we have always been a very high, this kind of thing bothered to do tutoring. But now nowhere to go under, I can only for the Five Pecks of Rice bow once again.

The next two days, I basically get to know the general steps of a tutor. There are two general ways: one is on the tutor network and the tutoring center to register and become registered teachers, and then use their resources and platforms, each negotiated a give them a certain amount of agency fee. This approach has the advantage of the worry and effort, the drawback is that compensation is generally not particularly high, an average of 30 dollars per hour like. Another way is to hang ads on various BBS to pay attention to the tutor information, and direct negotiation with each other, just the opposite advantages and disadvantages of the former.
I am a lazy, did not hesitate to choose the first. Then go to the registration of the tutor network, the other one look at my university, and even the interviews are free, and pay directly to collar a teaching certificate. Then come back and fill in the resume, I have to write their own special Niubi finished he saw several times, ever more proud, and wait for them to want to own their own counseling. And then on the student resource library to browse, which tens of thousands of entries, I rely on the broad market ah! The resource library has a variety of classification functions, I see the gender bar, heart action, select the "look female students, and then come out all the girls, looking at the row of" gender "all on" female " I seem to see the full screen is choppy to hit me ...

At that moment my heart to produce a nasty idea: Hey, maybe let me hit a Need for new jersey oreintal escort, the two night relative Erbinsimo the then soon fell in love, hygiene conditions and then a day to give her tutorial When finished, maybe our next generation is shaped by a bird ......

Registered a good first night, before going to bed, up looked at the personal mailbox, actually has N letters. Letter are men, only one girl. I simply ignored the man, watch the girls, 17-year-old high school, this school Intuit seems a bit late ... look at the location, XX, XX Road, rely on, almost to the other end of the city. Parents what mind you, I am back and forth time than counseling for a long time. While depressed, shut down, sleep.

The next day, there are four letters from all men. One in the vicinity, the third year, parents opened 50 per hour price. I pondered over and over again, and decided to give up.

The third day, seven letters from all men.

My day! MM? ? I want the new jersey oreintal escort! ! ! ! !

Why did not new jersey oreintal escort parents concerned about? Do Look at my resume will be able to see that I am very wretched? Not any posted photos ... I Peipei Pei, and even post pictures, I looked at is also a talented!

Strange strange, does MM are looking female teachers? Could this line in the tutor, there have been too many MM was beast male teachers WX, QB tragedy?

I day QJ guilty! ! Rely on, like you work with no way out to us the path of pure male teachers! !

The fourth day, four boys and a letter. I despair! Why? Me to write my GAY, why so many men to harass me? Received tutoring network management to the recommendations: It is recommended that as soon as possible participants letter. Real I want to go back to him: Back to your mother the B, you do not see these are all male prostitution? ! !
Seems to not go on like this, I can not wait for the MM sent home, I have to lend a hand, take the initiative to the job.

That day, the whole morning I Lieyan. Classification index: Gender: Female (Give me a MM! I do not require the best, not scary on the line); Grade: High School (too Chicks is not good, to criminal law, the MM 14 years of age, even if the initiative is willing to ML, you QJ crime drops ............); Region: XX area (in my area, back and forth to facilitate, and if it soon fell in love to one o'clock it is also easy to meet ......) salary requirements to: before the election "without limitation" (I want the MM! to waste all!), and later returned to his mind, after all, is to make money, so choose more than "30" (whatever the outcome, XX University of drops can not be below average ...)

Classification index. Well, if there is height, weight, the scope of the cup the better ...
Under the constraints of these conditions, I sieve out from the big crowd of over three hundred MM. Can be also three hundred endless Yeah, So I decided to see what MM's last name sounds better ... (The above information is not the full name, called X student, I is the X faculty.)

This saw half a day, the last lock 10 MM, 8 Middle School, a sophomore, and a high one. Live in the vicinity, the furthest also half an hour. Hourly rate ranging from 35 to 60, basic requirements are a weekend tutorial, but also some every night make up, I think of how a reasonable match, use the time to spend. Side of my column schedule to fill in the MM name (last name only) to the above, while kept in mind YY not know the last name White MM White White MM surnamed Gao Bugao ...... If I were able to open a class them whole to recruit them more than good, a class of MM are in unison called teacher, a class in turn up to serve the students and teachers X-uniform, multi-P ... Holy crap, Shuangsi even birds ...

Selected MM, I began a letter. Those out of the remuneration of trainees, generally N-teachers rushing to candidates, I might have come too late that it does not matter, even the brand is very yellow, very violent, a very powerful ability, blind, only not vote for I.

It turned out for the evening, 10 candidates have been sent out eight replies, there are three that have been identified candidate, have a say as long as the female teacher (I day), the other four are about I weekend go Shijiang the

Not bad, first shot there are four, it appears that the road of WX girl, the future is bright!
Shijiang have three arrangements on Saturday morning afternoon evening, there is a Sunday morning.
Saturday morning, a seven-point of my first time ever got up. The day was very good, sunny, I looked out the window, the sun actually hanging in the east, one can not help but moved: I haven 't seen the sun of the east ......

Wash finished, comb his head shaved, wearing a white shirt and jeans and a set of Lee's, mirror a photo, hey, pretty people die like a dog. Those MM met, but also not the heart beats faster but slower, the heart is dark Xu, hiahiahia ...
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