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[When those love]

[When those love]

Today is the third day I followed her from seeing her from the moment can not suppress his mind the kind of impulse. new york oreintal escort is called Lu Yuting teach literary appreciation. As elective courses, and know her not. This year is the year new york oreintal escort stayed on the campus shady things, I can attest, a woman like her already become the plaything of others, looking at her Xin long neck child, so I kind of want to kiss her impulses.

The dress of a blue color with white background, coupled with a pure blue shirt. The white jade-like legs suffused with flesh-colored light. Pair of semi-heeled sandals wrapped in crystal clear Yuzu, anklets, wearing a thin white foot bare, it is her legs long, slender tall. Looked at her figure disappeared in the corridor, I quickly ran up to the top floor.

There have prepared beforehand telescope.

Lu Yuting a door in a hurry to take off a small shirt, get rid of the shoes, hand to unlock the skirt of the zipper, and went into the bathroom. It all falls on my eyes, fantasies with her mildly Cheng Huan in my body looks like. I can not help looking for someone to vent. Called Liang Yan's phone, new york oreintal escort received my phone seems to be happy like a teacher, you find me? "

"Well, teacher living quarters five Building rooftop. Immediately, faster."

Liang Yan is my student, and just then this session of the graduate school conditions that a mentor can only bring four students to broaden enough to be with six. I had a second screening, see Liang Yan photos, I felt this girl I want. new york oreintal escort had just two years old, seemed so vibrant and energetic, the most important thing is that there are convex body, so I think she was more like a ripe peach. One on the bite.

Students in this session, I brought two men and four women, Liu Xin is the school to arrange my Liang Yan, Su Xiaoxiao and Ding Yuet House, I have personally selected. No other reason, because they will be the exclusive domain of in the next two years.

Was thinking, Liang Yan breathless climb up. I looked at her flushed little face, my heart is excited, she had to wear a sailor suit. Skirt is a white silk stockings. That exquisite figure, more a kind of possession of her satisfaction, so pretty chick I brought her the next day and gave his body to me, she is well aware of their way and know how to use their own talent.

On the teacher, you. "

Not so she said I sealed her lips. She is very skilled tongue out any time I taste shy grabbed me and was off to the right hand of her skirt. My left hand to touch her breasts, felt her sensitive little nipples stand up across the clothes. I am well aware that a sensitive place of her, let her tender lips, she panted, his hands and give up the resistance to any of my hand into her skirt across the underwear tease her Taoyuan.

"Teacher, Oh today is how such a rush."

Listen the her Jiaochuan, I bit her ear lobe gently blowing.

"Is not too tempting" to share between the touch to clutching her physique, her soft little hand touched my cock teacher trouserleg, could we change places? Oh here see how to do ? "

"Let them take a look at our sweet and lovely Liang Yan looks like there is another position of debauchery."

Then I put her skirt lift up to her trembling passed over, hold her little ass, tear wrapped her in Taoyuan lace panties, finger flick of her exposed head to the softness of the clitoris.

Her slight resistance, the lower body could not swing, friction was my desires boiling, hold her the one Fentui let her support in the roof-top armrest, tear her tight shirt, two Breasts jump the bomb out seize one can not grasp the breast, forced kneading two fingers grip the nipple and gently rub her maroon, her backhand for me to unlock the belt, and seize the cock gently Taonong I have starched , "Teacher, teacher Oh light point, one will also do the experiment.

What experiments to do, or do not go back I talk to Zhang said, the experimental course are free to listen to. "

Her tight body, soft slowly down, "hey not flow out."

So fast on emotion? You really is a small wave of goods. "

"Is not the only wave to the teacher you are a person. Come Come on now," she turned to look at her dim eyes look close to tears out of the charming look with a high hard action my heart desires to be added.

"The teacher, kiss me." Our tongues intertwined again, Liang Yan legs trembling, I know she will not last long, but can not just give her, we must allow her to give up all modesty, surrender completely.

Own cock aligned your the small Langxue. "

Resentment of looked at me, the real estate broker to hold my stick, pointed at her sexual secretion has been the proliferation of Xiaoxue. Live writhing ass look forward to I insert that is full of the feeling of expansion, "sounds nice to listen to."

"Good husband, pro-husband, I beg you come quickly, Xiaoyan love you. Ah" accompanied exclamation1, my cock to advance her Jinzhai Xiaoxue. Wetting, but that flexibility of the girl's vagina or tightly attached to the invaders, if the suction cup, like I am hot on the penis pleasure.

Gently point, pain

"No I would be cool? This also I say?" Her tender Xiaoxue stop sucking my cock, as if a strong suction, like me every Choucha had racked effort.

"Baby comfortable with it? You clip me tight."

"Oh, comfortable, very comfortable. A good husband is a bit deeper." Tightly around her waistline.

Hands grabbed her by the two burst milk, lower body quite moving fast emerging in mind is that pretty face of Lu Yuting. The lower body is more and more excited feeling that I feel are under my body the mildly Jiaoti that glamorous and proud Lu Yuting. Pumping for a while, feel the the Xiaoyan body spread on my arms.

I know she has no strength. Lifted her to let her sit face to face in my arms. The lower body is also closely intertwined with her arms around my neck, legs firmly attached to my waist, so hanging began a frenzied very moving. This position is her favorite, she said, kind of like a father to hold the feeling, I looked at the rooms of the opposite building, perhaps as long as Lu Yuting went to the window you can see and Xiaoyan passion site hope she can see how I was to give a woman happy.

Liang Yan, after all, a girl, and limited physical strength only very moving for a while again and again on tired Jiaochuan the "to die, her husband, no effort."

"To turn around, two feet on the armrest." Again, I think a the more Yinmi posture, his hands holding the the Xiaoyan ass propped up her body, her beautiful moist private parts completely expose in the air which I expressed in a show her attitude to others, from her behind her throughout. Feel the shiver in her flower, worn my Rouguan very comfortable, like a mouth sucking, I let her legs assigned to the maximum can be inserted more deeply, Rouguan through a confining meat ring after entering a more warm space. The Xiaoyan Then close to madness. Her hand tightly clutching the handrail. Backward bulging waist efforts, two full round breasts perfect show.

Ah go. Husband inserted into the uterus to go to come to a burst of rapid contraction, after a Unit burning warm greet me Rouguan pouring down. Convulsions, trembling of the the Xiaoyan body in my arms could not that intense pleasure even let her have some shock. I put her to pull out the stick, to hear the crisp sound waves like pull out the lid of the thermos flask. Creamy liquid to flow down her soft white thighs, her limp sitting on the ground, and I still do not ejaculate, she saw my still high-spirited Roubang above reflection creamy and oily sheen, she Mei smile is holding my scrotum and the tip of the tongue the the frivolous Rouguan, lips parted will entire root Roubang completely swallowed the top to the roots of her throat.

That warm feeling just a little lost cock once again the expansion of Xiaoyan hands clasped the Roubang roots, fast Taonong the cheeks Jinguo me that this should not be so fast jet essence to suck out the thick semen could not spray in her throat, swallowing Xiaoyan fast down but still can not prevent the semen from her lips overflow, got out of hand sprayed on her pretty face on. Smile she Yinmi, put out his tongue to have added into the mouth of the semen in his mouth willingly swallowed.

"Today, how so much I almost could not bear."

"Well, you see." I picked her up that room looked at the opposite building.

"How is not very pretty."

"Little Miss teacher?"

"Do you know her?"

"She is my sister school. But I heard that she does not like men, I am afraid that this time the teacher to be disappointed slightly.

"Do not like men, you see her delicate skin is not a man to warm water as mature charm."

Who knows how to get her started?

"It would have to swallow you what means."

"Ah, necrosis. My hand once again attached to her private parts.

Die, get another really bad, go on, I want to take a bath. "

Locked the rooftop door, I hold Liang Yan into the school teacher living quarters arranged for me, In fact, this hostel really little, but here is a site and students were having an affair. Take advantage of Liang Yan a bath when I called the Ding Yuet House phone, "the teacher?" Side of the phone's voice is a little nervous.

"Well, my teacher living quarters, you hurried over it."

"Oh, good." She timidly answered.

Ding Yuet House, I just start the new darling soon. Her the green is unmatched by Liang Yan. I like to destroy her self-esteem gradually indulge in sensual pleasures which.

Xiaoyan not come out, the small building to Yi Miqi height plus a pair of small strap sandals, Ding Yuet House looked so tall, who is a small harness with a white pant, lovely navel exposed, flat belly, is also visible.

"Teacher," she was the askew timid look. I could not help but think that ravaged her. I patted the thigh.

"Come sit here, how today's lesson?"

Sit down at my arms, plump buttocks just rubs up against my cock, her face turned red and has been flush to the ears. The matte finish to the neck seems to bloom, I put out his tongue and Tim kissed her neck.

Her body began to tremble slightly. Frivolous her jaw and looked at her moist lips, passionate kiss up haunted her Xiangshe, sucking her thin sexy lips. Her breathing became rapid.

I took the opportunity to set off her sling, and two is not great but very delicate breasts jump out. White skin, a light cyan vascular, it looks fine. The pale pink nipples have been eagerly erect.

Kneading with two cherries, and any small building struggling in my arms, her soft body writhing flirting with my desires.

I untied her pants to see a stains in the middle of her white lace panties. It seems the little girl has emotional, I reached into her waist, she Qingtai ass submissive I took off her pants, I let her hands to support the edge of the bed, the legs spread apart. Separated by a thin underwear rubbing her attractive private parts. She was very nervous breathing.

"Teacher Teacher." Soft voice made me more excited, poke underwear to make her a matte finish Xiaoxue fully demonstrated in front of me, gently poke her tender labia Huachun divided into red bloom open . Intermediate glow gloss Yinmi, I put out his tongue to lick up the waist of the small building back to dodge Xiaoxue the reaction has betrayed her, the small building Xiaoxue warm moist, pearly clitoris strong convex. I know that as long as gently with his teeth dawdle her clitoris will soon have one wonders to make her more shy, I asked her "small building, the hard Peas What is?"
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