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men like bus,becuase they can do sth ..

men like bus,becuase they can do sth ..

   Before i talk about the story when i was young.i need to the state about me now,i open a massage store,our store support cheap escort service,but cheap escort service doesn't mean the escort is not good.you can check it out on our store.then let me talk about ...

  I like a pervert, my favor  is  touching woman's ass and breasts on the bus. Here, I'll give you a few of my friends on the bus about the real experience. 

That year I was in high school, once I have something to take a bus. The car is not crowded, I did not care about anything, just hand-holding bar to a firm. I feel a personal tightly close behind me. I did not care, but the car that supported the relationship. I feel there may be two of the hard things against my back. I vaguely feel that this may be a woman's breasts. I have never touched a woman's body, that year I was 17 years old, a very pure virgin.

My heart beats very fast, and I reflected through the window to see behind me is a similar age and my girl. I can only rely on her body tightly, she tightly close to me, with her some hard breast. My heart beat faster, and I almost stand up, I never touched a woman's breasts, breasts in my heart to feel close to my back feel, I do not know how long it took her station, and the next car, and I still immersed in the passions of. This is my first touch prostitution, since then, I love, and also understand you can take advantage on the bus.

I was in Beijing's university. Once, I took the subway back to school, many people, very crowded. I stood in front of a girl, I remember she was white, wearing an eye. She stuck my butt tight belly. At that time I do not know can withstand girls ass cock. I do not retreat, I do not want back. We tightly side by side. I do not behave in a hand touched her buttocks, she pretended not to know. new york asian escorts

I feel my cock getting hot. I only tightly with the rest of the neck has been played, very hard cock wore her ass. She also used the butt tightly crammed my cock. Suddenly, I had the desire to ejaculate, I wore hard for her, she is also very hard of wore me, ah, I hop a cock? Jump ejaculation. I think she felt. This is my first time to know a woman in the car can take advantage of the butt ejaculation.

Or in college, a ride to where the car Dashilan, I forgot trips, and nine o'clock at night, many people, very crowded. I stood behind the three, together, two men aged relatively large, a girl seems to have only 17.8 years old look, appearance did not see. The two men back to us, the girl lean on me. I tried to touch her breasts arm, she hid a little, but many people did not escape, and not hide.

I see nothing, so on the big bolder. I used his arm back and forth rubbing her breasts, she did not respond, I more daring, and the constant back and forth friction. Suddenly, I had a bolder idea, I want to touch her breasts. I pretend to hold the bladder, a hand stretched back from the armpit, with the back of the hand gently touch her breasts, she did not move, my heart beat fast class, I turn the handle, with the palm of your hand to touch her breasts, she did not move. My trembling hands rubbing her breasts, her little breasts, hard, may not be touched, I almost stand up, this is my first time touching the girl's breasts. Car to a stop, I jumped out about the heart is still racing, I can not continue to feel anymore, in fact, think later, if it continues to touch for a while, she would not resist, just timid, timid. This is the first time I touched the girl's breasts on the bus.

Or college, I was Sunday, almost all in the car, and only one purpose, touching woman's buttocks and breasts. Car woman all kinds, some of you touched her, her ferocious look on you, then this woman do not touch, or easy to trouble. And some women are very willing you touch her, she is with you, more than the top of your cock to her ass, she would slowly close to you, or you find a point of view is very easy to withstand her. A 103 bus ride, that I always take the bus, the route is popular because of it - the Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Beihai Park, Wangfujing and Beijing Railway Station.

A middle-aged women women, it is estimated there are 35,6 years old look, she took the initiative close to me. Opportunity came, I also welcome, once wore her ass with cock, probably because the relationship had a baby, her ass is soft, but very comfortable. Another slow stretch my hand to her chest, with the back of the hand gently touch her breasts, she did not respond, but also with the butt tightly close to that of my response. I am polite, I secretly look at what his hand touched her breast, not directly on the up, others easy to see. That pervert woman, the one down side to my thigh, I understand, she wanted to touch my cock, I moved the body, put her hands to cock the top. She slowly touched, but also rub, ah ... ... ah ... ... This is my first time being a woman touch cock. new york asian escort service

Then the summer I wear shorts, fertilizer. Her little hands stretched down into the Kujiao, once held my cock ... ah ... ah ... I can not stand, I will return to ejaculation, and get her hands are full. Beating of my heart jumping, man is this, after ejaculation, gall bladder to small, just to stop, I quickly get off a fear that she followed me. Now think about it, but nothing has been followed. new york asian escorts

This is my first time to write my experience, is completely true.

Don't leave any regreting,remember New york asian Escorts would always be with you.

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