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[Mad dry 90 non-mainstream】

[Mad dry 90 non-mainstream】

This story takes place in a half months ago, one Sunday afternoon, was when the deep summer, the weather is very hot. I lazy out the name of air-conditioning at home, smoking a cigarette. Hazy between sleepy.

The shrill ringing of the phone I pulled out from the confused. I picked it up and angry. Rude on the phone growled, Who, big afternoon.

Can be the voice came over the phone and allows me to eat was surprised, even company executives, I hastened to apologize. But before I finished, a series of CEOs of discourse was interrupted.

The original company headquarters in Beijing, came an e-mail, the company next month's scheduled CEOs to take a walk in the mountains, so do not have time to access e-mail, let me to take over.

Hung up the phone, I was angry himself:

"Damn, what happened to me. Company so many people, tired, let me suffer."

I readily open the computer, ready to accept mail, can a computer actually does not respond, the original power outage. I am even more angry.

What a property, downtown power outage of the large afternoon, really helpless.

But no way, I had to wear clothes and shoes out of the house. Neighborhood cafes, I have come a long way to find a the remoteness small cafes.

I can find a machine, sat down, a quick visit the company's mail, that e-mail copying the phone, the form of text messages to CEOs made.

Soon, cell phones came the reply. Is the boss.

Hard! And rest. Monday earlier work, we have to the meeting.

"Damn it, let me rest, toss such a long time, I'm not sleepy are you waiting for the mountain walk, do not take a good fall down from the hills. Mother.

I curse the boss. Can not stand is ready to leave cafes, but sat down again, after all, rare I go so far, go back again, such a hot day, better than playing the game on the network, the night of the eat rice in the vicinity, from whence it.

I make up their minds, go to the bar to pay the money, of six hours of sitting on the computer, readily open a racing game, casual play.

After about more than five hours, was nearly 8:00. I changed a game, they read a story. Just when I'm ready to see the movie when my next place to sit a person.

Sit down and pour a little strange, but her strong perfume smell, I can not help looking to the side ... turned out to be a girl, is accurate, it should be a Spice Girl.

new york japanese escort was about 17.8 years of age, the upper body, wearing a low cut black half sleeves, can clearly see the white cleavage, pants wearing a black miniskirt, two white, slender legs exposed, she has a gorgeous looks, charming eyes hanging on long false eyelashes, wearing a golden nose ring on the small size of the nose, attractive lips, wiped bright red lipstick on her ears, wearing a lot of small earrings, and about a dozen. Her hair is a typical explosive, hair twisted violently, together haunt. Her arms, wearing many small iron rings, bracelets, a red roses in her delicate neck.

This scantily clad body position of the sister, looking like the spokesperson of the non-mainstream.

new york japanese escort seemed to feel the red hot eyes, the very waves of throwing a flirtatious. That something which is simply flair to the bone. Been very sensitive to me, between my legs involuntarily become a hot stick, Flanagan soft disappointing hard.

I watched her sitting beside me. Her computer, open a game, the original Audition, her skilled hands on the keyboard pops tapped. Body followed Yichanyichan, her many small ring hanging issue crisp ding sound.

Looked at her seated, not honest small round hips, either side shaking, I really want right now new york japanese escort wrestled on the table, straining to plug her Saoxue. Her Saoxue must be cool, there must be a lot of sexual secretion. Must be very comfortable to dry up.

I was excited about the obscenity next to the non-mainstream babes.

Can not wait for my cranky long side of the Spice Girls actually had two boys, seemed to have the 20-year-old age, I take back the red hot eyes, looked at him with a corner of my eye, the two boys. The one wearing the white clothes of a Korean version of the tall, his hair dyed yellow. Another boy, ear wearing two big round earrings, long hair, still in the back of his head bar debate. The two boys, a look that is small fry.

Either side of lying on the ear of the girl did not know in what to say. Four hands is not honest wavering on the girl that delicate body, the girl contrived to dodge. But let the hand of the two boys met the tall chest, two boys either side of the hand across the clothes in the non-mainstream babes chest kneading. Non-mainstream babes, decided not to dodge. Accepted their caress.

This adulterous scene in the surging crowd Internet cafes, Flanagan big cock between my legs, already Yizhuqingtian the crotch up a tent.

Can not look down, look down, I will not stand. I watched the movie. But still use the corner of my eye sweep them.

Do not know how long the two boys to stop the caress of the Spice Girls in her ear saying something, babes look Mensao the shook his head, as if refusing to something. Finally, the boys seemed to have lost patience, and simply laid hold of the hands of the Spice Girls, half-hearted held her Wang Menwai go.

I do not know what kind of force in promoting me, and I actually stood up and far away behind them, because I know. Certainly something to happen, and it will be wonderful.

Out of the cafe, I am away from them about the distance of 20 meters, I slowly followed them. Go very far. Until the visual into the Building B (B, F, is an uncompleted flats, has been cessation of many years, because there is no money into it has been empty.

I like cats crept in behind them, came to the floor four B. To see them stopped, I was hidden in the thick pillars behind and watch them.

Hair the boys and braids boy rude Chezhu babes two hands, as if to her mouth stuffed hard what the Spice Girls did not resist the meek acceptance of their brutal act.

Then, the yellow hair boy could not help but babes upper body exposed Slim tore two cyclic meat ball bounced out.

I can not help but swallow saliva, non-mainstream babes body is really good, the chest is so big, as did breast augmentation.

Boy with yellow hair with both hands to rub the chest of the Spice Girls, Spice Girls have been not refrain from loudly issued Yinjiao that sound again Johnson and soft. The Sao almost makes the bones of the.

The defense sub-boy kneeling on the ground, put your head in the Spice Girls black miniskirt, like licking the Spice Girls Saoxue.

Babes excited clamping legs, arched's that on the white breast into the mouth of the boy's yellow hair.

Boys and defense sub-boy one last look at the yellow hair doing it that sexy body of the Spice Girls, I hide the location is really excellent, just by the light of Building B next to the department store, to clearly see the front of this piece of Flesh speak erotic Figure.

Spice Girls this time has been two boys engage the Langjiao of repeatedly.

"Ah ... A nine strong, the people you are engaged in a pain ... I really want to ... want you to plug my good ah ... ah ..." The two boys looked at the Spice Girls position of Yinjiao of, and have word within.

They quickly took off his pants, the hair and the boy to his helping of chicken into the mouth of babes. Fast twitch and defense sub-boy lifted the Spice Girls black miniskirt, helping of chicken inserted into the Spice Girls Saoxue depths, the Spice Girls break off the her full round hips, one after the other to meet the boys chicken it.

"Woo ... woo ... woo ... ah ..." distant hidden, watching babes boys parade Yinjiao bursts, state the full show. Twisted her round Bottom, with the defense sub-boy again and again a violent insertion, the head of the Spice Girls back and forth. Hair boy helping of chicken can all be inserted.

Her white and lustful body, spots lights in the distance, seemed so full of temptation.

This stimulates the scenes I see helping of chicken waves vibrate. Secrete a little mucus on my penis. Really want to join their team ah.

"Ah ... ah ... ah ..." yellow boy cry out a few times, fast twitch, although less clear, but I also know that his semen have all been launched into the mouth of babes.

Defense sub-boy violently to Choucha with, using both hands to seize the Spice Girls plump Tun, hard to beat the excitement, the body shiver. He pulled out a helping of chicken. Semen shot babes white Tun.

Spice Girls suddenly limp down on the dirty ground, the two boys sitting on the ground panting meet. Their mouths, as if muttering:

"It's a tart, too fucking show. Shuangsi me." "Ah, confused and emotionally wounded in the online non-mainstream women like I did not expect was so lewd." "Hey ... this girl flavor next to the boats, Big Moe, thinking called all on together to engage her. "" Ha ha ha ... good idea! "I was listening to in the distance, the original non-mainstream babes a thousand riding a million people to pressure the bitch ah. But cheap, so taste. Really the best tart. "

After a while the boy in the Spice Girls ear to what has been said, and then sped away.

Spice Girls sat up from the ground, it seems very angry beat a few of the ground, Subsequently, the rickety went out, I followed up.

The Spice Girls did not return to the cafe, but in another direction went over, I've been busy so much, anyway, far from home. Followed her, watching her going.

About ten minutes away to a secluded road, the Spice Girls suddenly slipped and fell down. I quickly ran over. Propped up the Spice Girls. Said to her:

"Miss, are you okay?"

Spice Girls sweep I looked up at this time I noticed her eyes clear confusion, as if to drink a lot of wine. Her number one pushed me. Mouth and said:

"I'm fine, you ... you ... step aside ..."

I listened to my heart could not help burst of anger, newly others parade finished, pretend to be serious.

I have a hold on her waist, and said to her:

"Miss, I think you're drunk is very powerful, are you okay? I take you home."

Also resist the Spice Girls, but I hold her tightly, her strength gradually become weak. Then, simply leaning on my shoulders, that soft breast, also posted on my arm, really good dumb feeling.

I asked the Spice Girls: "Miss, your home in which ah I'll take you back."

Spice Girls creak I I said:

"I ... I ... no ... no ... go home ..."

That you want to go ah? I send you back to it. Almost late at night. "

The Spice Girls have the whole body are leaning on my arms. Her body is really soft tender, hold the helping of chicken hard to tie tied.

"I ... I want to go ... shaking his head ... head ... shop ... I eat ... well not fresh ... shake ... ecstasy ..."

I suddenly shocked, turned out just the two boys for her to eat ecstasy, no wonder so unconscious. "Well ... I'll show you ..." I looked at my watch, only nine, and now shaking his head shop did not open the door, how to do it or go to good KTV bay private rooms, I made up note, stopped vehicles taxi, open to a very secluded KTV, a medium-sized package is opened, I sat down leaning on the Spice Girls, and handy to 100 yuan tip the waiter, told him, one would not come.

Attendant hint of smile on my arms and the Spice Girls, they looked at me, turned out, I closed the door, open the flashing lights and sound, and put up some sense of rhythm, quick dance, I saw the Spice Girls just heard The song, stand up, twist the body of the sexy, crazy swinging head. I have a few sips of wine, swing in the Spice Girls around the body.
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