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Rent sex (new hot asian)

Rent sex (new hot asian)

After graduating from college, I first went to Hangzhou, while his girlfriend belated one year, because a lower age than I would like to find a liking work, but not liking the residence, so we have the Internet to find information on renting, looking for a lot of to find a more suitable place, and finally, a neighborhood in the north of the city, although the agricultural settlements, but the conditions are very good, a three-floor house, a girl living alone, because the girl moved away to live with her. the insecurity of a person becomes more expensive, one month 800. My girlfriend and I contact him after 20:00 Qukan Fang, by the way with a district as well as a boys and we had, by the way, take a look. However, I do not think so, man, we all understand, who do not want a little Yan Fu ah.

We traveled to that cell into the cell, we call contact girl, new hot asian is just passing in front of us, just our same car, too clever, right, I was secretly pleased. new hot asian identified a relatively high figure looks good, but cold weather, a bit dark to see clearly, so we meet, she took us to her place to live inside a living room, living room attached to the balcony, getting bigger. Kitchen & toilet in one direction, two bedroom next door, door to door round. I visited the place to live, just put a bed & a computer desk, the windows facing north, is relatively small, I'd prefer a secluded house, of course, all the imagination of the arrangement are to Zenmeyangzuo love the taste of the premise of yo .

I continue to visit the kitchen, the kitchen is more modern, but look at this woman nor how diligent, dead A toilet is also a bit messy, underwear bowl stood, I think she wear sexy underwear, color are more provocative, black pants, pink, red. The bra also appears to be a D cup A. I went to the balcony looked to see the places of cool clothes, the balcony is very wide, but also south, more comfortable, I am glad that she step introduced me to leave. I see her eyes very much like me to stay. In the room, I look at her. Body face is good, is that men saw there the idea of a woman, our mutual shabby a few, knowing that her 28-year-old, of course, did not ask him, do not have a boyfriend, I also saw her room, Zhang relatively simple Simmons on the floor by the window, the other side of the TV & desk, bed top tune with a large pink mosquito net, it seems that this woman's very interesting conversation can also see she was very cheerful, she saw We visited her room, so we say, I lived this room anyway, a little big, you want to live large on the exchange, rent in half, because my year a person to live, so I asked him, after the rent, utilities, how to count, she was quite a large party, said the half, I said, according to the head, can not let you lose ah. She said it does not matter, anyway, to live together are a number friends, it appears that she is sincerely think we stay A.

Half, in line with my evil heart, on the one hand and consistent with our requirement of having lived. So I said to his girlfriend live here, Zhou moved on to the time to call her.

We saw a boy's room downstairs, she & her wife to live together, he is not fixed, I want to come do not worry, the floor, to see the look of his Se Mimi, I do not worry me wife in this house ah. We set the house back on the road, his girlfriend asked me, Well, how that woman, I am no longer here, you can not & have sex with her ah, I said to my wife, and where you want to go, my heart although It took the point. But generally not actionable A. Not to mention the woman also Qiaobu Shang.

In this way, three days later moved to where we live in a small room, have to rely on the kitchen & toilet direction. Immediately clean up the living room & kitchen, toilet, unwanted furniture in the living room, new hot asian needs her. Our house so warm A. We are very happy that night went to the supermarket to prepare rice and vegetables I personally to cook Louliaoyishou, and dry lentils angle, braised ribs. Also drank a bottle of red wine to celebrate. While eating, chatting, and has been the island 0:00, we have to prepare their own sleep.

Stained with the feminine bathroom for the first time in a bath, I & my wife are excited, of course, is Yuanyang Yu ah, we toss in there for a long time, of course, is mutual caressing, kissing My wife with oral sex the way I wash my Cock. Thinking outside the living room there is a woman of the lonely days, my heart is very exciting, and always want to give her a point of bait to her on the point of nerve stimulation, ah. I wanted to dry in the bathroom, my wife once said to My wife to forget or to the room, people on the outside for the first time this is not very good, I promise.

After washing wife wearing transparent underwear, I bold out of the bathroom wearing my briefs, I just mean to let her see me, see we out, new hot asian smiled and said: "You wash my A, I almost asleep, you sleep at night, be careful of cold yo wife straight into the room I stayed in the living room, saying: "You can also take to wash it, go to bed earlier, too late, and new hot asian is looking my body, especially following the drum with a large bag, there could not cover the pubic hair, definitely hook to guide her, see her face, embarrassed, I did not go on back to my room , shut the door, she wants out of the toilet has to go through my door.

That night I & my wife is very excited and feel good and warm, proudly A sex drive. Type 69, Laohantuiche, oral sex, refers to pay almost more than 20 minutes, my wife has ruddy, the vagina is also very moist, urgent I wrestled on the bed, ass sitting on top of my little brother, hand one to help me cock, click on the slid into that hot after lubrication of the vagina, a wife, one after twisting the waistline, which makes the I cock an Energizer hard, I also hard online top, the impact of the body makes a loud pops, the more excited when I began to think outside the bathroom there is a woman fondle that attractive body, I became more exciting. Hard dry my wife, one would have been ringing the sound of water stopped, and then slippers sound, I am a bit worried that our voice is not it a small point to go, but My wife did not want me to stop, under the stables afraid in bed curled full round ass, I have taken advantage of the upturned cock down one click, align the sexual secretion overflowing the hole a whole hurled itself upon the sound this addition to the impact ass crunching sound of spring bed I want the deaf can hear at the door, the wife no fear, A ah sound from the sub-hook aroused her desire. And she has been in the living room watching TV, until I shot my hot semen, stop the music. She entered the room lights. This sort of thing I am sure you take the hint, unless she is not.

The next morning, late wake up, get there at noon, we wake up, my wife saw my straight cock mouth to latch onto it, give me, I see My wife so hungry from the points of lubrication excitement took her to the foot of the bed, move away the legs, cock inserted into My wife Deva kings Deva kings, shortness of breath. And then I heard the sound of pots and pans in the kitchen, because she is in the cooking, we finish, we went to the bathroom to wash up. She is very pleased to greet us and told us to eat, we are also very grateful to her for us to do breakfast, she said Do not mention it, we live together like a family, not so fine points. We also responded said yes. The afternoon we go out to the supermarket, purchasing some household items & decorations, she soon & my wife playing with, if they are a pair, and I do odd jobs, fuck.

This is the last night my wife & I together, and tomorrow morning she will go back to school to complete the final year of study.

Home our cooking, then eating, playing poker, is pleased to play, sleep, nature & My wife continue for the job, My wife is crazy, because we all know to be separated a long time to enjoy nature, moisture, The wife said to me, I will not have sentenced her, I said, I certainly would not, I need Masturbation, and truthfully report I have also requested that the wife shall be subjected to temptation, masturbation with my approval.

The next day my wife to get up early in the morning, pack up finished things, I personally delivered to the train, and watched My wife leave that taste really when uncomfortable A, I think we also had pain?

Sent away after the return home, his eyes sleepy, and she is still home, laundry, look at my decadent look, and asked: "how My wife left could not bear the A., It seems that some people want to bachelor for some time, eh, how do you, is not this two-day overdraft excess A "I heard her say so, it appears that she is not perverse, down she said the words: ah, these two days than the Red Army, tired, walking instability, the good accomplishment accomplishment. eh, you have what supplements did not, I eat, ah let me restore the glory of men. "she listen to ha with a laugh: "Yes, just do not give you, Did not you collected from your wife what ah? also make up?" I said: "eh, not enough man, well, only to sleep" She immediately said, "Do not go, come help me cool clothes to help me get my coat hanger in my closet." I said: "ah,  my wife is not authorized you Ah, you ordered me up. "I went to her room, open the cupboard, took out hanger, the eyes look to the bottom, I test, his eyes suddenly lit up, a ricochet & a flesh-colored false electric penis on the inside, I immediately excited, it seems that this woman is also pool stunner. Me and a. Out to help her cool clothes, suspenders, underwear, underwear ah, she made no secret that I saw looked very fashionable woman, his mother wearing sexy stuff. I must speed up to get her.

She asked me what clothes drug wash? Brought "I was surprised, not such a good thing, take the initiative near me, I could wish for, of course, immediately said, but a bit dirty.

So come up with two underwear, the top covered with semen, but my body odor is very fragrant, which is has been praised by My wife. I should be able to hook to guide her. She said: "babble, really dirty ah, next to the remuneration." I said we should reward A?

She said: "I thought to ask you first owed." So I sleep.

Suddenly I felt someone pinch my nipples, I woke up, she was standing in front of me, laughed and said, 7:00, eat ah, pig. I saw the windows are dark outside, but the long hair she falls in front of my caresses, a fragrance ah, still on my belly over the itch, that this woman is so love the initiative, I deliberately not up, she said do not eat I eat, I say you dare, and she said you must also fierce ah? So his hands in respect of each pinch my nipple, I said, is killing me, A I am afraid of you, as soon struggling up this time, she has been sitting on my bed, I grabbed her arms, face & she so close contact, and feel each other breathing so rapid, and she'll quiet down like frightened eyes looked at me, I looked at her, I immediately said: "how, pinching pain you ? "she immediately restored smile:" yes ah, so do not care of the girls, really, do not give you a meal. "Then on up to the kitchen, I could see that we have already flashed a spark, I immediately get up, light wear underwear, and went into the kitchen you want to eat, she said that you are shy, men wearing panties came out, I said, not an outsider, not afraid of it but also how ah? She said no, I said I was hungry, you eat to power, I pray you eat. She said that the phase to eat you have to admit, be obedient, I said that can Du A, eat, and conditions for it to open. She rice to me when we eat, and she deliberately can not just eat vegetables, to eat she agreed, I said OK. Fun! After dinner.

She said that the little guy, do the dishes. I said no problem, then, after washing. We were watching TV, did not look good, we started the Internet, I went to his room Internet access, an open web actually a collection of several yellow forum, I think this is a woman, Tipper. So I did not hesitate to open, she would come in, said: "Well, to my computer point of view, the yellow thing A." I said there was there Ah, but really good, she said, this is my a friend introduced me to, the content is very rich, but not often see, and immediately I recommend a look at the self-timer candid, I 11 looked open. We also discussed the different foreign & Chinese view of oral sex anal sex, no shy feeling completely academic study, I test, I was dressed only in underwear, ah, upon stimulation immediately revealed a urinary urgency, since toilet body, her laugh, you're not so impulsive, pants up violence, I heard her say, just sitting relatively short, the mouth just to the location of my cock, I deliberately the cock into her mouth touched, she cried, catching me, let me pee, I beg for mercy useless, correct my ears and hold, I am full of fine words, and finally said that I to her feet, only let me. Lao Gao rushed to the toilet cock jumped urine Caesar out of the mind calm oil production to urinate, and threw a long time, I would like too happy, My wife had left not a few hour, is not this woman as early as premeditated ah, than I am seasoned, I want to fuck really excited, or cook it tonight.

Back to her room, she has changed pajamas, black, transparent, low cut, she did my position began to master the computer, she opened a number of forums pages, one by one told me to watch, & I commented, She said that these people are real courageous, even face exposed to the A. I said we should like him to learn from them she said you die.
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