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[Friend's beautiful older sister]

[Friend's beautiful older sister]

I A 26-year-old met with my friend A minister has been 10 years can be said that had grown up with a good friend ~ ~ A minister-bit 4-year-old big sister, I have to call him as a big sister.

The older sister has been married for three years, and her husband also familiar with me, because I often go out with her husband fooling around. The first time to the half sets of hydraulic is also the brother-in-law took me to the.

Although they have a child but her husband still change the playful nature, in fact, I was very envious of her husband a wife like a big sister. Feeling ferocious, but the figure beautifully with the taste. Since our eldest sister has been the object of my sexual fantasies. Sometimes to their home to play, to see the bathroom has a big sister has just replaced the underwear, I impulse of the smell from the clothes that covered the Sister appreciate.

I remember one time brother-in-law of a friend's birthday, and everyone went to the KTV to celebrate, I seems a bit late to go to work. When I went to almost the end of the rise of the brother-in-law to play with them a large group of buddies is preparing a continued share of the results to escort the others returned home becomes my task.

Sister because of dizziness, so click on the fell asleep in my car the front seat, I sent the others back after the rest of Sister. Sister wearing a gray windbreaker, under a set of opening a high turnout of black low-cut dress, the bump has caused the body so that I can not help but freak.

I fee a great effort finally Sister help to them room. Sister lying in bed, because of numerous liquor has long been sleeping, bored I opened the wardrobe, "wow!" There are a lot of his older sister's clothes, each set is so beautiful. These clothes can wear in the big sister who I want, then I take off a piece, that I do not know how good!

Sister that skin lying in bed, watching the delicate white, her bump exquisite figure to draw the line on a high turnout of black low-cut dress, exposing most of the breasts, round and full breasts out of a cleavage chest, I kissed the top of her breasts.

Slender narrow waist, skirts, one pair dressed in long black stockings, charming, well-proportioned and slender legs exposed from the skirt of the open fork out, thigh, according to the clarity can be seen wearing a nice pair of high heels, Korea white rounded Fenbi, mature, bright, full of the charm of the charming young woman, than I expected but also the hundreds of times! I can see it stay.

This time I can not think, I use a very hot lips Shunwen her powder face, the Hong neck, make her feel bursts of tickles, then snout her O gas, such as blue mouth drunk sucking the Xiangshe, his hands stroking her plump round body. virgin asian embraced me, twisting the body and rubbed her body parts.

With one hand clutching his older sister's neck, and kissed his older sister's Xiangchun a hand across the soft silk dress Rounong her large breasts. Big sister's big breasts and elastic, is really fantastic, and pretty soon the sense of nipple hard. I use two fingers gently squeezed.

A ...... A positive and do not ...... Do not, I ... you ... you big sister, we do not ... Do not! "Sister side of the pant side said.

Then? Burnt body how can I also control of these, plus Sister mouth to say, the hand still holding me tightly, this is only the older sister's lie. How can I keep things to heart and for this nothing?

I do not care sister said anything, just kept kissing the TV drama red with lipstick light and fragrant little mouth, encircling walls of her mouth, let her say anything, one hand off her dress across the stockings gently touch his older sister's thighs. Sister slightly shocked, and immediately hand holding my hand to stop my stroke.

"Sister! A will really Hello, A do not lie, Sister!" I said gently, the same time, I remove my Flanagan and thick, long, hard cock, the older sister's hand on the cock on.

His older sister's hands come into contact with my cock, virgin asian hurriedly shrink, but help to put back, hand grasp the cock. At this time my dick has congestive fundamental grip, however, but his older sister's hand can be really gentle, this grip, and let I had an indescribable pleasure, I do not know the cock into a Sister the Xiaoxue what it is, will not only go on one? Trinidad Sister disappointed?

"Sister, you like do not like?" I further tease.

Sister shame your head down, did not speak. Once again, I will hug Sister petite body into his arms, touched his older sister's breast, his older sister's hand still firmly holding my dick.

"Ah ... are we ... we stop doing ... to do so, ... just like that all right?"

"Sister, you like Which?" I pretended not to know the way asked.

"So, you do amuse me." Sister childish as if angry to say the same.

"Sister do not get angry, I really do not know like what kind of big sister you tell me, OK?" I seize the opportunity to once again ask the Sister

Of course, this is the first time she betrayed her husband and another man - her brother's friends do such a thing, her heart is definitely very nervous.

"Ah ... like this ...... hold ... me, kiss ...... I stroke ...... I!" Sister shame to the whole body hid in my arms, accept my kiss her hand and began to set playing with my dick. And my hand continues to Monie older sister's breast, a hand into his sister's Secretariat, and rubbing his older sister's Xiaoxue across the silk briefs.

"Ah ...... ah ......" the sensitive zone of the big sister I caress Rounong, virgin asian suddenly felt the whole body bursts of dumb, Xiaoxue be caressed out of some sexual secretion was very hot, uncomfortable, wet briefs.

Sister was so fiddle the Jiaoqu constantly Liu moving mouth frequently issued some slight groan: "Well ... um ..." I put two fingers? With With Sister outflow sexual secretion of Xuekou dug in. .

"Ah ... Oh ......" his older sister's body really soft, my hands up and down toggle big sister's womb, and continue to dig deep to the uterus.

"Oh ... ah ......" powder face crimson Sister instinctive struggle to clamp slender legs to prevent buckle digging my hand further into her Xiaoxue. She used both hands to hold the hand of my digging, I then took her hand and rubbing clit together.

"Well ... Well ... Oh ...... Oh ......" from the sound of little voices out her Yingying small mouth shows that she is still a strong desire to conceal the heart throb of passion. With me three flirting techniques, and pretty soon Sister was rubbing my body trembled. Repeated teasing, lifted her original sensuality? Fire, the older sister's eyes filled with love? Imitation? To tell her sexual? Has been on? To the extreme.

I turn around to go to bed lying on his older sister's belly, two Type 69, large cock on one's own into her cherry mouth! Also mouth kissed his older sister's clitoris and labia, kiss her show? Fierce pretty crazy rocking the sticky sexual secretion Bobo show? Outflow, my mouth breathe mouth swallow!

Blowing horn big sister to be outdone, I saw Da with Yingtaoxiaokou of his mouth half big cock, blowing constantly sucking licking! Hands one to hold the exposed half cock up and down Taonong hand across his descendants bags, like playing Palm Thunder like!

I was sucking was covered with a pleasant, especially in the eye of the horse to be big sister with her tongue?, It is sheer delight! I can not help but tongue fierce licking the clitoris, labia, mouth harder adsorption show? ...

Sister was finally lick the spit out the big stick, with burnt cried: "Oh ... can not stand it! Come dry me!"

I deliberately full Sister, reminds the videotape foreigners Tit! Then rolled over and knelt in Sister chest, thick long big cock in the fullness of the Twin Peaks, and hands to the breast to a crowded, wrap big cock began to twitch up ...

Sister well aware of my enemy is not made itches can not stand big cock will not go in, get the picture to show? Where to send each twitch prominent glans to mouth inhalation ...

"Well ...... wonderful ... Sister ... this show? The same purpose. Breast was soft and slippery. Mouth suction better ... ah ... wonderful ......" I am very interesting to cry out , speed faster and faster.

Sister spit glans, cried: "younger brother show? Itches can not stand ... the breasts you did ... Hey show? It ...... I really need ..."

Sister watching tears, distressed and said: "I'll plug you ..." Then get up out of bed, clinging to the thigh caught around the waist, the glans facing harassment? Grinding two hips sank, "muttered AIDS ..." sound inserted.

Big sister again duck eggs as big as the glans braved fickleness show? Within the swell enrich breathe a sigh of relief, said: "coarse good big cock stuffed show? Full ... Mangjiang legs tight Gouzhuo my waist, like afraid to run, and waves of "Goo AIDS", "Goo AIDS" sound, the plug was Sister sound of the waves moaned.

"Oh ... Well ... womb ... the top of the Ma Ma ...... Whew ...... ah ...... Ma ... itchy hemp ...... ah ...... Do not be too hard ah ... a little pain ...... oh Oh ......

I dry dry put the big sister's hand to catch his neck with both hands to lift up her ass, and an older sister picked up: "Big Sister ... we change posture, called" donkey bridge "to hold fast to the neck, foot circle around my waist, do not fall down. "Then, stroll up the arms Sister in the room. With the move, the older sister's body about throwing big cock also show? One into one of the strong attenuation

As the body floating, show? Tightly sandwiched the big stick, penis wore Mahogany! Say can not be drastic dry glans and efforts to reach has been rubbing! Sister was grinding is another crisp linen! Mouth repeating that: "Well ... acid killing me ...... Mahogany ...... big penis to masticate ...... mashed ... too cool ... small ancestors ... you quickly zoom ... Sister down ... ... I did not force ... let me down ... ......

I walked Ji Shibu, listen to big sister shouting power, sat on the bed, her ass with both hands on throwing. Sister legs hooked the waist down, his hands to hold fast to my neck, feet focus on throwing hips? Take proactive.

Sister hands grabbed my chest, and I was lying in bed, and then her ass like a windmill-like rotation. In this way, to my support live, just feel the glans came waves of dumb? Soft feel Choucha own show? Pleasure is completely different, happy mouth, whining: "Oh ... Yo ... thrilled ah ... good show? great ...... Oh ...... "

What we have to get a lot of time, the older sister's "Hot Wheels" offensive, and pretty soon we were at the same time climbing the sexual peak of bliss ...
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