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[Gym passion]

[Gym passion]

Western development in full swing, western and international exchanges between more closely and frequently, the western part of the outside world know more comprehensive, open on the car, eat a pizza, of course, learned ** enjoyment is no longer sex alone as between husband and wife, it is revolutionary. I am in Chengdu, a quickly developing city, Chengdu, very beautiful girl, stopped a man in the street, packaged, and how to say than Japan's Empress Dowager, this is not a lie.

I am a small business, 27 years old, more uncomfortable height, 1 m 70, opened a gym, due to the love of fitness and swimming, so the body is pretty good, swarthy, endurance is also very good, nyc asian escort girl is not very high, because I was small Hou Zhongguo the milk too little time, not like now, my milk more frequently to the bathroom to dump, as if the U.S. economic crisis of the 1930s outbreak. I highly not, but makes me happy is my penis big bit out of proportion, 6 cm and more coarse, 23 cm long, many users certainly will not believe, that I was lying, in fact, really so big. I was very worried about it too much, so in a phone consultation with a doctor (radio), and nyc asian escort girl said I've played some kind of hormone drugs produce side effects, or is the male hormone hypersecretion, call me see a doctor, I was not to go.

Those who have had sex with a woman and I, and I have been to maintain this relationship, they will take the initiative to date I obviously they are very fond of my penis, each sex and I are invested, as if take part in an important gathering. But funny, every time crazy to enjoy my penis, and some of them also worried that my vagina was stretched very big back bad explain to a boyfriend or husband.

Last year, Shanghai's female friends, polite is a high-level white-collar workers, to put it blunt point is a super show to force, nyc asian escort girl and I shared a period of time after a business trip to Chengdu gap, to find my sex, in order to live up to her expectations of abstinence has been three days before I have sex with her, and ate a lot of seafood to increase the body zinc content, so that the body produces large amounts of semen. Sure enough, the day she came in Chengdu Bignoniaceae Hotel Room 1726, she and I do a lot of times as much in her admiration of my large penis body cast, she said she had tall, a U.S. MIAMI men did, did I do to cool, and put it down on my penis.

That night, I shot a lot of times, the last time before I shot her lying in bed, my hands holding the penis like fertilization her a shot of semen, called "jet water the flowers", she had reached a ** the peak has been laughing. I do not like at the same time and the two women have sex, but I have a girlfriend, 30-year-old husband is also a business, time I do her, she said again to stimulate the point, so he called her Ma Friends , is a full-time wife of 30 years old, come together, they both just like to eat a state banquet, as found the treasure to enjoy my penis.

Later, every time they are together contact me, think is really interesting. To be honest, my body engaging, robust body, and his good side from time to time some girls are active I, of course, and sometimes will inevitably, and my wife is not about me. Here, I have to say me and that beautiful girl of an interaction process, it is when chatting! Everything is accidental, began in the open gym. Then one afternoon in November last year, as usual, to the gym to look up the account and the date of individual circumstances, in the view after the business situation is very satisfactory, and FACTOTUM Explorer to open some joke, he ask me how a few days to audit, I said to open ** Tony. Checked, I changed clothes, and to the aerobics room to the activities of my office-cum-personal lounge (gym next door) and jump about one hour, followed by the lead dancer, I stood on the last row, found in front of me not far from a very good girl figure, tall and about, and I almost, the curve of the body is great, round butt, slender thighs, thin waist, her long hair, bundle up.

After the dance through the parade, I went to the equipment room equipment, and then went to practice boxing, when she came to do the rest in a chair next to the boxing bags, a cup of mineral water side staring at me, I am getting more and more powerful The sandbags played swing more than sandbags today, but when the back of a scapegoat, and I showed their issue Aoao sounds, very male. So I look at her like a little rut, her hairdo with a take down, also kept his hand geographical hair, two breast shake like a declaration of war to me. I was wearing tights, my helping of chicken and testicles are large, so the following is a little change was evident a short while, below, bulging big, I found that she stole a sly my crotch and cheeks a little bit rosy, I thought to myself: This woman really show! But after all, surrounded by a few people, I am very unnatural, so I went to sit down next to the rowing machine rowing, but still facing her. I saw her turned around, facing the window, his back to me twist in the ass! And twisting of the limbs potential show, side twist the edge from time to time forward a one! e God! I have never suffered such a blatant flirting in public, but I am not afraid, I am also a wolf.

I will be counted on the meter pretend tired, and thought of the tragic scene of the Eight-Power Allied Forces burned the Summer Palace to let down my dick soft, I stood up, walked to her chair and sat down, looking for a magazine turned up. I find an excuse to ask her reminiscences of a foreign star magazine spoke to her, as expected, she did hunger, fitness clothing she was wearing a light yellow, I saw her lower body a little wet , apparently nyc asian escort girl wanted me to do her. Really show ah! We talked for a long time, that she called Xiaoyun, unconsciously on the 21 o'clock, when we perceive the people around you basically go about, my gym is also the fight pretend the, I think she was in high spirits appearance, called the Explorer took two bottles of mineral water over, and then I Explorer turned away and told him to come back later Kandian and, in particular told me to give him a cell phone, he know what I mean, in identifying the men and women locker room and no one bathhouse grin on his face left the gym.

Explorer go I went to the the Xiaoyun side, she asked: Do you like me? Side asked the side I put her hand on the uplift helping of chicken, she shyly lowered his head, did not utter a sound, which under all that, so I was bold hands, gym anti-lock, and then inside all the lights turned off, the lights of the streets, shot in, or be able to see. When I finished, she sat in there, I went over, found her chest ups and downs of non-stop, I knelt down to kiss her, kiss for a long time, and then gently took her to practice the supine lying down, sitting on a bench with both hands to massage her whole body, then obviously feeling her shortness of breath, that she wants. I naked stood before her, the penis is very thick, so it was indeed high straightened, I went to her head side to penile erection in her face, she grabbed my penis with his right hand to I squatted down into her mouth, I motioned her to sit up, she sat up and latch onto my penis, my right hand gently to her breast rub again and again.

I laid her down, then we use the Type 69 mutual licking each other's genitals, my penis is fairly thick, so I had to stoop this way, I play her a long time, she wanted me to go. I picked her up and let her riding on me, I hugged her and inserted the plug side and shaking while walking a few laps to go in the equipment room, and sometimes went to a device to stop in the vicinity, she put inserted in the ground or equipment dry. She is very committed. I still feel unsatisfied, I thought this woman to be inserted is necessary to insert fill, so I let her hands were clasped me to practice boxing with the sandbags, his legs kicking in the two brackets on the sandbags * open, she obediently do a good job in this position, my hands wrist with a leather cord hold her live sandbags tied, tied to the top of the sandbags bracket, so her upper body can not move. Then I took her legs * open the Department of the two stents, she held so tight with sandbags, legs open big, very attractive.

At this time I am ever more wild and asked why she was so obedient? She said: "I heard one of my friends say that your penis ..." I'm more wild, and asked her: "I find two people to do the Hello is not good?" She quickly shook his head to say no, she was afraid. I explained to her that two is one of my fitness coach, a mains are very open person, would not this seriously, and they are very powerful, and I deliberately put "severe" and two The word is right heavy. She then muttered a sound: Okay. I had a fit of ecstasy, because such a beauty, give me two working dry meal, the equivalent of a few hundred dollars in prize money, their future will be very hard work! Hey! Nasty capitalists. So a while the phone's bombing in less than ten minutes, the two usually slow guy standing in front of my uniform, I was carefully stroked her ass. See the two of them, I said: I do this tart, you first warm up.

So I put the already hard helping of chicken into the Xiaoyun body, I hugged her and also holding the sandbags, desperately Choucha her sensuality is kept shouting. I have been completely wild attack, I like boxing so mad, very very hard to move the waist, and each time the plug was shouting once, due to the sandbags shaking too much to her feet to write pain, my name is Explorer pointed at the opposite side of the sandbags, so I can plug Xiaoyun harder Actually, my penis is rough, this scene, I think the penis as my arm strong, as if following a fist fight Her show is forced. My belly to combat Xiaoyun ass, and some sexual secretion, issued by the crisp sound of "lovemaking" side plug side to Xiaoyun thundered: "Xiaoyun, to sing a song!" Small Yun So sing up, specifically, what songs I do not remember. The Explorer also wild, yell:, stay I Chasi Sao forced I reflect this over, not too long so that the two brothers, so choked fresh round Xiaoyun waist, jump Sijin plug a few times, side shot side cursed: "Here you are! You show forced I give you all I let you come here especially rewarding experience I to Chasi you a show to force! harassment forced her to stop crazy shaking his head side to side shouting "ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ good ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ En ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "I'm just out to immediately thundered Explorer: Explorer on me ready, a cleaners, and it's inserted, Xiaoyun again starting to be inserted, they began to shake, I suddenly remembered Xiaoyun to maintain this position has been a long time, quickly called the Explorer to dismount, the three of us the Xiaoyun put down to, then we are all from the wolf to become the Buddha, Xiaoyun delivery of water, and some to wipe Hsiao Yun (indoor air-conditioned).

Xiaoyun hold to the aerobics room, put all the cushions piled in the middle, and then Xiaoyun the same as the bitch on top, Zhang legs Explorer immediately pounced to continue operating dry, and fitness coach put the helping of chicken put in Xiaoyun mouth, dog paddle, Explorer in the back is very hard, is not vague. Then I called to: Xulao three, your kid when not so hard to find you afterwards! Explorer replied: Be sure! Must! Then the four of us laughed, Xiaoyun laughed so much that she's helping of chicken mouth spit it out the true sensuality. After a while, then the Explorer radio, fitness coach to continue the fight, he is ingenious, to the Xiaoyun hold to the edge of the aerobics room, the mirror operation Xiaoyun.
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