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One Century Resentment

One Century Resentment

After that night, I become calm and more, I began to get a sense of guilt for Linda, I did not go see her, did not dare to see her, new york chinese escort became an exclamation point in my life, I an ostrich mentality, this thing so keeping everything to the surface ... I received a month after graduation, military service, also received Mandy's phone, apologetic phone, I asked her out to dinner, this time I did not say new york chinese escort take the initiative to tell me, "Everything after the stable? later no matter where you go, I will keep in touch with you!" I said nothing, but my heart always understand, one day I will wait until her. In this way, I joined the army, new training and living a life of more dead than alive, every day, listening to those Gouguan piffle, sometimes really feel heard for a long time will not change an idiot?

Mandy in continued after I joined the army to communicate with me, from the letter that new york chinese escort rented a dormitory in Taipei, a person living. Pick up a pen to write in this prison-like place in the military, became a pillar of my life. One month after the holiday, I just like the release came out of the bird flew to the north to find Mandy to live with the same life as before, I feel like returning to the university when ... the sixth day of the afternoon I am going to back to his unit. reluctant mood wrap in my mind, the small Minla my hand clamored to give me something to look into her room, give me a piece of cloth called me blindfolded, she said she would be shy. I'd wonder, to what things shy? Pulling me to her bed sat a while, but I feel the pants zipper pulled down and brought my little brother dig out, I was surprised and would like to hand to patrol, Mandy, but replied: "Do not move Well, the first time I helped the boys oral sex

Shy, nor did the right thing? I hope you will be comfortable! "Said then licking my glans or two, put my little brother including inside, start with spit-containing spit action, I felt a surge of warm wet feeling wrapped around my little brother, although the action very strange but you can feel her very hard twitched back and forth, I was soon hard Mandy to see me hard from the action faster, I grabbed her head to my little brother a pressure, and to help her to do more fast twitch. After some time, I feel a tight little brother, tore Mandy's head and pull up, but still too late, some semen still shines on the face of Mandy, new york chinese escort is not busy wiping, and then bent down to lick clean my the filth of the younger brother on the ground, I pick up the tissue paper to wipe the semen of Mandy face, hearts mixed feelings, Mandy said: "My technique is not very good while back, just A piece of the side learn only how, but also you? "

"Well ..."

"A while back, hit you, I always feel bad, in fact, than do not like you, but I would like to wait for each other, there is work to talk about exchanges, I have not and the boys did today I want to help you solve the needs of the boys may be make up for something! "Then Mandy, blushing shyly lifted her skirt and asked:" pretty? know you want to come to my side I've come to buy ... "It is a low rise pink bud silk underwear, coupled with a nice pair of legs, which men have no impulse to the truth? "Well ... I ... look good ..." I really did not know what to say, "Today is the first patient okay? Where you want to feel all OK, but do not do, I just graduate, until we have stabilized before you engage in ? "I nodded, Mandy hold the bed, reached into his skirt stroking her pussy, Mandy teeth look nervous like me to hand to rub her chest, very soft, Mandy face flushed a while, I kissed her tongue into the go to the inside of her mouth mix, very warm, the original with the girls kissing is this feeling, I did not then further action, but do not listen little brother, after raising the flag, seeing Mandy again to help me oral sex once, and told me shone it does not matter, really swallowed the semen. After Mandy and I arrived at the station, reluctant to send me away, I had originally thought, this is the beginning of happiness, no one thought in the afternoon every move to see in someone's eyes, day after painful planted the seeds.

After a large drawing of lots, I was distributed to the east of a mountain, while still on the island, but it feels far, the armed forces unlike the new training is less stringent and Mandy into a phone call from a letter from home I pillar tube from a pen into a public phone! Unfortunately, because the relationship of forces, often kept the plot leave, holiday into the things I desire most. Do not know Since when Mandy and I talk, never talk about anything, had a good talk, become suddenly quiet, I had thought it was only temporary, but a long day, Mandy has become a little branch support Wuwu and even about less than two tense up! What is too awkward? I ask her, her evasive but said nothing, I repeat that what he took, but vaguely where the wrong. Heart even though hundreds of doubt, but still the same forces disgraceful operation stop Gouguan or a bunch of nonsense pack of lies, the camp looked out the same as the birds do not lay eggs, the dog is not shit, but Mandy has become increasingly less, I doubt more and more! Such as vacation, I miss her, I must go north to see her, I was thinking to myself shouting. "Abang, parlor!"

Being drilled in the morning, it was so I cried the other brothers are also casting envious eyes, perspiring cheek of course, the middle of the day back operation half to death when suddenly a parlor, there is the world is a gift that fell, but I guess this time who would look at my blanket? Parents are not large pipe from the University, Mandy Institute for busy working, other students should not so busy went to the bird place, with a puzzled, I went into the parlor, but see Chen looked at me and tilted his legs grinning beside sat a tall man, it seems not a good thing. My face immediately sink down, mother and such a person's speech would be better to grab me back to parade half to death Well, I muttered, Chen does not think so, see me and see a good friend, hippie smile asked: "Bungle! Hello! Long time no see! body practice strong ..."

"What are you doing here?" I impatiently replied, "Oh ~ Why are you so sad? Of course, come to visit you? Shunpian Dai point of a good thing to give you as a gift, you mend ah Ha ha ha ... "" Bungle Please accept my gift, this is a good thing! "A Bangsai with a kraft paper bag wrapped things to me and told me to open it!" What the hell? "Oh ~ open look at do not understand, you will want to quickly open the view! "I put the kraft paper bags open, come up to see a girls underwear, underwear low-waist pink lace top soiled with blood on style just like Mandy was wearing exactly the same! My mood instantly ice to the highest point of the head flashed hundreds of ideas, I do not dare to guess the end is what happened, and looked at Chen the face of ridicule, and Mandy gradually lose the sound of laughter, I have been puzzled become a very horrible idea. "... Mandy? Mandy do? You rascal Mandy how? "My voice is growing, he still laughing said:" Do not worry! Mandy is now good, but also behaved, I called her including her on containing and told her to get on the ground get on the ground, told her to take off her off, oh on the better is still a virgin! You did not see that is a pity that Kaibao night, scream loud enough, but that's okay, underwear new york chinese escort wore that evening, I used to honor you, and also with bloodshot eyes? By the way, I have recorded, another day you can show it to you to watch ... ha ha ha ... "I could take it no longer angry, stand up collar seize Chen called out to shut him up, my behavior caused by the side of the measuring head of the non-commissioned officers, and Chen to my clutch to open and smiles: "Take it easy! Here barracks Yeah! Want to be arrested and off ah? "I sat down, angry front of him and said:" Do you miss Mandy, or I will make you look good! "Let me look good? Bungle love joking ah, you want to how I look good? Moreover, Mandy now but every day bar with me! How do you me, I how her? "I heard these words, and really feel helpless, I am still in the military, if angered Chen he was on Mandy will go back I really do not know? Think here can not help but sweat DC, replied: Chen, miss her! Are men you how unhappy, come to me, why should a woman start, really swallow, I went out to let you revenge is this thing quit Mandy! "Hear Lianyi Chen Chen, angrily:" Well ... revenge! Remember Linda that matter, which led me to the scandal reveals, withdrawal, but also to cope with a bunch of lawsuits, you know I grew up mostly no one would dare do this to me?

I tell you, I want a woman, woman should obediently take your pants off to lie down to let me on, can not help her, that one thing I lost, I suffered humiliation, I want to double your money back to you, you wait for optimistic it! Face was then revert back to look and said laughing: "Yes it is late, get back to playing the MA ... to how to engage it? Ha ha ha ha ..." Looking at the small Chan Chi-proud and full of face, I just felt her heart broken Xiaorendezhi sad, looking at the table Mandy's underwear, her shy face that day come to my mind, and now she flies what?

Finally heading for the holiday the day, I packed a simple luggage rushed north to Mandy quarters downstairs, I only feel extreme anxiety, trudged upstairs, heard the girl's obscene calls voice heard, loud, and the voice of Mandy's, Mandy's door, I stood listening to Mandy kept crying for mercy, along with the skin collision lovemaking ... ", as well as wooden bed because top issue too hard rocking sound, mixed with the bad language of a man occasionally came a few ... Mandy room was forced to engage in, almost frenzied howl for mercy seems to explain a man without Lianxiangxiyu, but I seems to be freeze-frame side, feet, weakness, was helpless listening to the voice inside. Soon, the men rapidly roaring, Mandy sounds more and more, and finally shouting, everything is quiet down, I looked at Mandy dormitory door, just hope all this all a dream, a nightmare. At this point, the door was open, Mandy, wearing a white one-piece dress, face, although they are still the same as pure, but the obvious weight loss in a circle, Mandy saw my tears would not listen constantly fell down and cried Road "Abang, really Abang, Abang ... I ... ooo, ooo ..." "Who?" inside man shouted, saw Chen wearing an underwear Da Lala went out, Mandy Abang to, his face suddenly tense up, and quickly wiped away her tears in front Abang Road: "Abang to ..." "Yo! Bungle You're here, I am sorry just doing my MA, fails to far to greet your generosity ah ha ha ha ... "turned to Mandy Road:" What are hair to stay? not Treat Bungle come sit? "ah ... Bungle You Come in!" I went into Mandy quarters furnishings so I was not changed, just more than a few pieces of men's clothing littered the ground. And Chen sat face to face, Chen called Mandy into the room, packed his things. Me straight to the point on the Chen Chen, let Mandy I am out, do you have any bad mood, any grievances are not flat, and now can come to me to how I will do, I just ask you adults have a lot of miss Mandy, Do not abuse her, okay? "I looked down and prayed to the Chen Chen has a look of laughing replied:" abuse? you made too strong? Mandy now but very happy with my piece of it! "do not believe you look, finish Chen took Mandy called out," you like it or not I say with Bungle? fast! "Mandy looked at me, and the answers said: "Like, I really like together with Chen Chen also rub the ass of Mandy said:" that fast talk about sex with my feeling with Bungle, cool is not it was great? "ah ... cool! great ... and thick, every time I have been made so cool! "

"That you love me? Willing to do anything for me" "Yes, I love you, you told me to do what I'm willing!" "Really?" "Really ..." Chen and sensitive a question and answer, Chen suddenly said: "That a smile take a look!" Mandy smile, "squat!" Mandy squat, stand up! "Mandy stood up" ass tilt, lift "Mandy again ass to tilt," twisting a few ass to let us see it! "Mandy face flushed from the bottom in front of our two twisted to Chen laughed," pee ... suspect? ... "Mandy got it wrong," urine in here, now! "Chen repeat it again, I saw the the Xiaomin face with tears in, bent down to lift up the skirt up ..." Enough! "I really could not stand the screaming, up and turned around and left, walk a few steps I looked back at Mandy, and then looked proud Chen said:" Chen, I beg you

Kind to Mandy ... "will leave this sad place.

Holiday the day after, I like just wandering soul is like wandering in the streets, I am sad to the extreme and hate their own ability to protect his beloved woman, hate Chen's cruel ... I do not know that the end does not eat, or even too Akira God hit by a car I feel insignificant! Others carp at me, do not care ... Until that day, my night walking down the street, Mandy calling my name from behind, "Well! ... Suspect? ... Mandy? Is Mandy?"

Mandy nod and smile, my tears fell down, a man adult since the first drops of tears, Mandy's tender hands rubbing dirt on my face, I said: "Abang, stop it please ? I see you I'm sorry, I sneak out tonight and I really can not be saved ... Chen medication to control the dose, my day did not touch the drug can not stand, I asked him to ! every day, asking him to give me drugs, I live on!

Do not hurt me, okay? I am now is the Land of the Dead, Chen play with me every day, and his brothers a lot of people have been engaged in, I do not clean, he is now more and more terror. Behind and a huge gang collusion, hard fought win him, listen to me, forget me, the better the farther away from me! Okay? "I can not be reconciled, said:" I do not, I will definitely get you out! You ... you wait for me! And then bear with me like, okay? "Abang listen to me, I'm alive, his own life, please? Future matter later, I will not be something ... I can not stay too long, you remember, listen to my words, please? "Mandy ... I ..." Mandy did not hear me speak, quickly turned around and left ... received fake back to his unit, and Mandy off the audio, after the holiday to her quarters, they are empty ask friends, ask the students have no news of her, Chen, too, seem to disappear in this world, my anger, helplessness, anxiety, resentment, unwilling to fast heartbroken that one day, become a painful memories, buried in my heart, think of the chest will be aching after being discharged into the northern part of a large company relying on their own strength and began to bite hard from the grassroots, I think the humiliation before, I had to be up climb, a few years later, in a place to inquire into Mandy's message, after the original Mandy unintentional academic forced to drop out, Chen tired of her after she had given the tools of a gangsters in when Xie Yu, as the fancy play has also been sold to a hotel when the hotel Miss, I only know this, but made no other news, there is still not found ...

Three years later, desperate I finally rose in the talented class long position at the time of speaking is very great, a 27-year-old by people actually risen to a class of long position In the coming days, because of the relationship between positions, I have often in contact with the bank, I encountered at this time, A Yin, the woman of my second love, although she was small I was seven, but when I first time really stunned to see her, her voice, face, height, and the action is simply a look with Mandy, I began to frantically pursue her even though her back a huge debt, I still insisted that with her and spent a short period of two months after we became the deep love of lovers, of course, I look forward to more than this is a make up, make up my crippled and sad period of memory and no one thought of God or kidding me, this is not to make up, just back pain!
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