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[Sexually active young women]

[Sexually active young women]

I was still in Shenzhen, know a Shenyang users chat over a month, it is speculative, the topic of small to large, Youyuanerjin chatted about sexual topics. She said his strong desire, almost every day, had her husband are also considered strong, as long as the home to almost a day to pay operating, she can basically be met, but her husband travel frequently, and every year 3 month go out to work, it is difficult to suppress their desires, and have had two students short-term relationship, but then that the two married and had also cut off relations. Bored all day on the Internet bubble, use the network to eliminate the original desire to kill time, but have not seen friends, not to mention the strange man in a relationship.

Then I felt that I played, because I often have the opportunity to return to Shenyang (my household, friends, and customer base in that), so I cast the body stops, the radiance of her on the Internet to engage in the sexual secretion, then use the telephone upgrade to the intimate contact of the sound. One week, we just phone bills hit over 1000, she had been playing from 23:00 to 7:00 am, the phone, change during the three batteries, me phone stuck charger hot hand we have not lived. The intimate contact of the month's text and voice, we mentioned that to meet the problem, I really saw me to dry her day and night, she said to take my virgin Not a drop left. But did not set a specific time.

I did not expect the opportunity to come so soon Soon after, I got to travel to Shenyang-day mission, happy I did not tell her, but I was sick two days the Internet, listening to the lost sound of the phone, I know my conspiracy to succeed, and I lying in Guangzhou to Shenyang sleeper, psychological kept thinking of the scene after that meeting, looking across to steal covered with a beautiful girl carefully lifted the clothes to reveal white skin, psychological, where the United States ah, not to mention. "Hello, Good morning, I am." From Shenyang, an hour's time, I dialed her cell phone. "Ah, so early? You come? Two days no news of you and me." She was excited like, no sleep awakened unhappy. "You're dressed, a taxi to North Station, then e-mail to help me, I asked a friend to bring you a gift." I pretend to be calm. "What is it? How that earlier? I'm not up? Will it." She was very surprised look. "No, my friends still do, can not wait too long, hurry up, the car to the pits." (In fact, how can something can not wait too long friends but my little brother is anxious to drilling her Xiaoxue enjoy her warm :)) She said yes, hung up the phone.

Finally, the train stop, I am also the crowd of friends and relatives to see her photos, 163 height, very thin but very healthy and well-proportioned, his face a little of a little loaded, but could not conceal look forward to excited face, (I think, if she knew that my friend brought her to my hard little brother, I think she will be more excited and looking forward to :)).

"Miss, you and others?" I crept up behind her. "Yes, you ... ah? How are you? Necrosis you!" asian escort with big tits turned, at first surprised, and meal Jiaochen is, little fist, then in my chest on the hammering. "Well, you do not like this gift?" I homeopathic flocked to arms holding her hand, "hate, how can you say that earlier ah, you know you come back, I'll make a full preparation." Her red face, head down in my arms. "What? You are not on the ring? Not ready to cover it? Hey." I bad to make her smile. "You necrosis, and ignore you."

Tune with a smile as the crowd out of the site. "Where? Prepare what gift you give me?" Line after the embracing of this section of the underground passage, asian escort with big tits calmed down, head high, ask me. Old routines, first you see the movie and then eat and sleep. How? "Well, listen to you."

Sure enough, three days and three nights subsequent, asian escort with big tits really do listen to me, I let her get to meet never had, of course, I got what I wanted.

We hold into the the Beiling cinema, pick three movies, directly into the private room, the waitress while the coffee fruit after we pull up the door, I dimmed the lights, the movie began. (In this case, I need to tell you about our cinema facilities, private dining rooms about 10 meters, a large screen color TV, air conditioning, a large double backrest sofa with three cushions, the sofa in front of a coffee table. above a bottle of hot water, two cups of coffee, a fruit plate, had two films 50, I gave 100 to the three films and is scheduled allowed to Mengen before 15:00, so I have almost six hours The time to act, but I did not think the first time actually came so fast.) I rely on a dark sofa, lighting, hand her in my arms she is also very natural head on my shoulder. "I remember when we first say how?" Crooked smile asked. "Well." "That really met, to ah, drained me ah." I smiled to see her, she blushed, looking at my nasty look, I was convinced that she did not dare take the initiative, eyes turn, "you can do to escape with the sound rushed over and kissed my lips, my hands have taken advantage of arm around her waist, one hand then set off clothes, ask on her breasts. Expected, her breasts are small, only about a cup, but the nipple has been excited quite up, the hard against my palm.

We deep kissed each other, two greedy tongue poor desperately sucking palm friction with her breasts, fingers clamped nipple pulling, each time pulling her throat issued a moan, "Well, ah, death of me. "

I reclined on the sofa, any of her petite body down on me, her clothes have been the Lu to head, she shook her head, help me to take off your clothes, shirtless and shaking in my hair because untied loose, and the dim light, especially to look sexy. I kissed her neck, a hand slide down from the waist into her pants, touched her buttocks, compared to her breast, her ass is very large, Qiaoqi round, was the world best (this is not an exaggeration so many years, her ass on my favorite, simply put it down). She took off my jacket, groping hand on my chest and into his pants Zhuanie my penis, hold not stop until a hard upper and lower sets of move. I picked her up, she straightened up and kneel on my thigh, and retreated to below the knee to the cattle seed pants, and my mouth went over and kissed her smooth belly, tongue rolled up and licked her navel, she excited, "Well," moans, firmly grabbed my shoulder, body straining back, then you can really feel her body's flexibility, the entire body back is about a level, the hair around shaking.

I held her slender waist (about 2 feet), tongue licking along the navel down, licking her belly across the underwear, and then licked the pants on the middle of the ditch to sew, she also shed the sexual secretion, sexual secretion and the dual role of saliva under her panties quickly soaked close between the legs appear labia particularly prominent, the middle of a crack suddenly out.

Suddenly, she heads off of body sway quite break free from my body, mouth conspire my ear, "Quick, I die, fast operation, one will be playing, I can not stand." I also want to quickly inserted, so he stood up, took off my pants, flat on the coffee table, she can stop so many, pants and underwear flung on the ground, kneeling on the sofa, holding the cushion of the backrest . The rise of the ass, I hold my strong brother went to the sofa edge conspire to rub the edge of her ass several times, and friction along the labia around a few times, dip her sexual secretion glans, loaded with penis inserted into a little bit of her hard in the ass the next one, the entire penis is inserted into, "ah," she called out, I also grace about her husband go out to fast for two months, her following has changed very tight, very wet, wrapped me warm. I am very satisfied.

I stood on the ground, inserted from the back to get her in one hand and held out from the waist to touch her breasts, fingers Nienong nipple in one hand and walk in the butt, I really find her beautiful ass, feel good, so she had touched the hand of the breast to free up empty, with two hands groping her ass to the top of the thumb from time to time to touch her ass, she would have because I am top of her asshole while the issue more moans. I makes me more certain that the ass is her sexiest sensitive zone, causing us anal sex after frequent reasons.

Looking back, over 30 of the young woman really is bed stunner, not only because of her sexual experience and know how to cooperate with you and how to master the fast, the faster the time, the slow time to slow down, but also very considerate tell you tired of the rest of the class, then, and she is one of the most typical.

First time we did very quickly and very fierce, just fine, she could not shouting "hard, fuck me hard" kind of thing, and finally in her continuous shouting "I'm dying, you parade death of me!" Today I The first fire shot into the penis spasm the Xue Li of all semen shot into her, she has been with the spasms of my ejaculation orgasm for the first time in today's hand firmly clutching the sofa cushion. I have one leg kneeling on the sofa body half to climb in her ass with both hands out into the front, one hand stroking her breasts, and fiddle with her nipple, a hands in between his legs, help her Roudong clitoris, labia, to help her ease the excitement are muscle twitching, she also met the head turn and kissed my face, help me sucking his forehead of sweat.

Hug for a while, I stood up, took out a towel and she wiped away the sexual secretion between his legs, and then lying on the sofa, she was satisfied with the climb up my body, scratching my chest and kissed me neck, and then the body down along the body all the way to lick with his tongue, licking hard nipples, hand itching to my armpits, and finally reached her ultimate goal of

She was kneeling on the sofa, put his head out between my legs, rubbing my penis naughty nose, put out his tongue licking the residue of semen on the glans sexual secretion mixture, and I looked down at her slender tongue poke foreskin , revealing the purple glans, the entire penis in your mouth, forced sucking, tongue and penis stir together.

Our first wave, I lay on the sofa, she gave me oral sex is indeed experienced young woman, her oral sex good and her very long tongue, lips wrapped the penis at the same time, the tongue will not live stirring the Tiannong and sucking penis, and she was very hot at this, that we almost each sex should be oral sex, sometimes swallow my semen.
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