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[Unscrupulous landlord on my girlfriend

[Unscrupulous landlord on my girlfriend

Although the graduating class to do the paper was very nervous, but in fact after the New Year in a tense looking for work, I know that they are not a good material, coupled with the economic downturn, so are not as refined as other students to pick fine election results from the three admitted my company, select the job, is an electronic instrument manufacturer's marketing director, in fact, and the salesman did not much different, just need to look at some market data, to write a report at the end of only. This company is small, civilian only a dozen people in the Lunar New Year to agree with them to hire, they impatiently asked me first part-time work, formal graduation in July after a full-time work. I certainly agree, because this means that I have income, economic independence, and can do whatever they want, ha ha ha! Have some money around, I went to rent a house to live, not only can facilitate the work, but also to achieve desire to enter the era of cohabitation "and his girlfriend Joys of life in small families. Unexpected is that renting is not cheap, only to find a landlord living in my part-time salary, I would easily tear in the lamp post illegally pasted rental ads a few, call to ask usually respond very cold, because I have only a single boys to rent, they were afraid of me to rely on rent.

Just as I started a little frustrated, surnamed He, graciously, and said: "No problem, we are far away from you all, now up to look at it."

Afraid I do not come, and said: "We only have a couple, no children, you will not be noisy."

I see him so easy to talk, put conditional said: "I have a girlfriend, may also often come up, can you?"

He said: "Of course no problem, the weekend with some friends to open the Party no problem."

So I went to this place not far from the university, the original old buildings district, only a five-storey floor, no elevator, but fortunately only on the third floor. When I went to have dinner, stairs or secretly, each only a probably only 15-watt lamp, I'm not very fond, it seems that it is white tonight to take a trip. I rang the doorbell, a 40-to medium-sized figure, wearing a vest, the vest pulled the pot up the men busy to open the door, not waiting for me to introduce myself, it is open the door, warmly welcome I came in and said: "You come cold outside? "

I Cuocuo Shou said: "You are Mr. Ho?"

The man said: "Do not call me Mr. He called me Chunhui, this is my hand (ie wife) called rhyme grace."

His wife of thirty years old, wearing pajamas, although it is still spring, her pajamas did not thin, but the uplift in the chest, I see two small bump, which does not wear a bra, what a Saobao ! asian escort brooklyn put down the chopsticks you are to eat, said: "Have you eaten? Never too crude vegetable, eat together."

In this way, I am kind of a warm family atmosphere, I'm not too older, nor suspected of a house, two rooms with wooden intervals, it was decided to rent here.

Girlfriend heard the things I rented a fuss up: "What, you did not discuss in advance and I rent?

I thought she would get mad I, but Sunday asian escort brooklyn was a long time ago to my quarters, and to help my luggage, my girlfriend is so gentle and considerate, understanding, I really touched the brim out of tears. (Why so fast to move out? University dormitories have to charge customers a monthly fee that Sunday happens to be the end, so you want to move out as soon as possible.)

I can not imagine the "beggar across the river, turned out to be two large luggage can be loaded my things, my girlfriend and one of a box, asian escort brooklyn took the box of clothes, I take that box of books, but also the hands of take some of the offal of things, even the bus because it is not too crowded to us on the bus, taxi was not any met, the results of the two of us can only be embarrassed slowly luggage and go, have been only 20 minutes away, we go half an hour is still halfway. I regret not called swine Friends of Dogs in advance to help out this Sunday, they go home. We pass by a herbal tea shop, his girlfriend lay down their luggage, grumbles: "In Africa, our first cup of herbal tea and then go."

The weather is not hot, but her face has been red hot, fragrant perspiration from the forehead shed, and some sticky in her hair, and very lovable. Her drinking herbal tea, also refused to take deportment, unlock the chest button sweater collar open, his hands straight on the face, neck and flutter, and I for her Wind, but also for her to unlock the chest pieces of buttons, her pink and breast immediately reveal a little bit. Days of this early spring or general wear thick clothing, seems to be particularly sexy, her hand quickly in the chest, cover said: "is not difficult to see?"

I said: "Of course not, you want ugly or would like to heat death?"

After a child she had forgotten a thing of the collar, another hand to the face? Wind.

We have 20 minutes only then baggage onto the downstairs of that old building, we rest for a while, I said: "We're going to to go onto."

So we dropped the first box of books, move the boxes of clothes together. Us face to face to move, I stood in the following move, she stood above move, I lift the box, she began to recede to the flight of stairs, I stepped forward, her step back. Because the slope of the relationship, this position will be heavier, may I just take that box of heavy heavy books, so lift the boxes are a bit difficult sense, the girlfriend to see the look of heavy, Bayao bend down reduce the slope of the force of the box will not unload on me, but she was a little bent, her sweater collar immediately very large, from this angle, I saw her two round and white breast deep cleavage, but she did not notice, against my cock standing upright up, but did not force, the results have to rest to move to a half floors. Drink herbal tea, girlfriend sweat flow is more severe, her arm a touch to the forehead, go down to the neck and a touch of very natural toward the chest touch of sweater buttons on a hook, and unlock a button. She also worried that I can move move, totally do not know even the bra exposed, she was wearing the kind of half a cup type, but now can see from her sweater bra that can be imagined is exposed to a lot of the above two-fifths of the breast exposed, but she did not know it. Break we finished again to move, and move up as just now, posture, my girlfriend this bent when dry! Both breasts this time at a glance, move backward, two breast followed by a Move a Move my heart beating out bulge dick hard for me to re-move the feet.

The girlfriend thought I was too heavy, more bent low, and this time even the bra also isolated and her two large breasts, I could not even be able to see her two lovely nipples! This time my pants really pain, has been moved to the second floor of the box fling, and no effort. Girlfriend busy came up with a tissue for me Mohan, she did not know I did not force the real reason. At this time the landlord went downstairs, and very enthusiastically said: "Oh, I always open the door, you have moved to come, I move for you."

My girlfriend is embarrassed to say: "Excuse me, my boyfriend may be too tired, I'm with you to move, let him rest."

Landlord would have to be added, but his eyes quickly saw my girlfriend exposed white and tender breasts, turned to me and said: "Hu Xiaodi, you take a break, with your girlfriend and I go onto something."

Pose of them to move just my girlfriend and I like the posture is similar to the landlord just replaced my position, my girlfriend is embarrassed to let the landlord out too vigorously, it bent over to move to avoid dumping too much weight to give him. two round bulging breasts to show up, the landlord in his mouth to keep reminding my girlfriend said: "Be careful, be careful ...

Staring eyes toward my girlfriend's breasts, dry! I really do not know that he told her to be careful, accidentally exposed breast? I saw his pants uplift of a large, everything is self-evident. Move those boxes of clothes, but also to move the boxes of books, I took a small bag of offal behind followed them upstairs, I walked in the left-hand side of the landlord, girlfriend reddish brown nipple can be seen from this perspective bra exposed, I have also seen the nipple on the sweat was dissolved in bra, you can imagine the landlord that the center of the station point of view to see the situation not to mention. The stem of his mother, this landlord is cheaper to eat the meal spring ice Qilin.

That Sunday, a busy day, while his girlfriend back to the university dormitory, I lived in that house down.
11:00 was about to sleep, I heard the landlord's room came the sound of the waves lingering, that this partition is the sound is poor, could hear next door's movement, and even voice could hear. But soon enough, the next door has been made tut sound landlord Mrs. Menheng, depriving my cock at the pajama Alice was a little chaotic, dry! The girlfriend went back to the dorm tonight how to do it? I turn off the lights, would like to play Masturbation resolved, he suddenly saw the partition wall surface vaguely revealing a little bit of light, the original wood paneling here is very simple, that light is the gap of the wood, although the gap is small, but there can actually see the landlord's room movement. A glance, I am more excited landlord couple making love, the bedside lamp was still on, so I can at a glance. Landlady stripped bare, like only the dog was lying in bed, although she is 31 years old, but smooth skin, but little weight; landlord stripped bare, leaning on her big ass stopped bulging big cock pressed against her landlady did systemic random chatter, two huge milk ball looked out on the sheets roll over roll over, the landlord both hands outstretched wildly rubbing her breasts, rubbing out of shape. I am so watching them, my hands rubbing his own cock.

This partition is too thin, I can hear their conversation, the landlord under a storm, his wife has been issued can not help but sound waves, she was embarrassed muzzled want to pressure voice, said: husband, not too vigorously, will today moved that guest heard. "

Landlord laughing, said: "heard it does not matter Well, the future we can listen to each other next door groans, and increase our fun Well."

His wife hasty voice, said: "He is only one person, how would groan?"

The landlord said: "Hey, you play mahjong, so do not know this guy has a rather beautiful girlfriend, said sometimes spend a few days, when we can hear their moans it. ha ha! his girlfriend really to small Saobao, luggage lift buttons open, Wow, her two breasts you so much. "

Then his wife was upside down front, Choucha more than a dozen times, his wife suddenly weep not a sound, his hands upon her bed sheets. The storm is over, his wife was panting, said: "how can you see other people's breast?"

Landlord proudly said: "when his girlfriend to move luggage Fu Xiashen collar full I look into the collar, two white big breasts fully to me to see, even nipple visible, I really wanted to pounce suck her, bite her! "

Then he rushed to adsorption on the breast of his wife, bit. The jiao his wife said: "No wonder you tonight, in particular, energetically, the original still think people's breast! People have a boyfriend, you accidentally dig up your right Seyan Oh!"

The landlord side of the stem with his wife, while laughingly said: "her boyfriend is not enough effort, but also to help him any to see his girlfriend's breast with me, how dare he say anything, ha ha ha do not know if he is not enough strength, to do him Ma will also ask me for help? "

Dry fuck, the original landlord couple surely good to have fun, even my girlfriend and I as the protagonist of the fun of them in bed! But listening to him say so, I'd excited cock even shake a few.

In this way, I like on here every night to see the landlord couple in the Housing Li Duilun (their energy is really strong!) Another reason is that here there are some home prostitutes, regarded as a sort of pretty, two, three-year-old has, sometimes downstairs around hooked up to me, although I did not go to the donations, but Mei-Mei Kau called small guy, "feeling pretty good. In addition to these are shortcomings, shop around child is the vehicle's repair workers covered in grease, good color, like the molested girl, after my girlfriend, they sometimes whistle. There are here the old buildings without administrator anyone can easily access, law and order is not very good. The girlfriend did not moved to live with me, she said, for fear others would gossip, I do not care too much, because the university discipline of the thesis that I got lost in a fog, often in the library to find information. Company over there, not sparing me a pay rise in April, and two colleagues left, the manager of one of my colleagues arrange to me, my time every afternoon will visit these customers, by the way introduced the company's new products. Although the landlord let me eat with them (of course, to separate count of money), but his girlfriend will be every few days came to me to buy food to cook me something to eat (she cooked together my mouth stomach), but not me her own meal 7:00 will go back to the hostel, I'm going to 8:00 before I came back, many of us can meet only by telephone.

That night I was 8:30 before I came back, and devoured his girlfriend cooked meals landlord while watching the TV side and I speak: "Hu Xiaodi, I think you call your girlfriend to come here to live with, I do not your rent will be overcharged. "

I eat a mouthful of rice, said: "She said the fear of family gossip."

The landlord said: "What are you afraid? Anyway, after all couples advance the honeymoon there is no big deal?
Now cohabitation is very common. "
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