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Sexy young woman on the bus

Sexy young woman on the bus

The evening of the summer weather is hot and finally catch a bus, because it separated a long time to start, squeeze this car's too many people, my car only stood by the door. Someone try to get out a guy back to back and I stood in front of a woman about two thirty, there are still people up the Bay, the carriage has become a sardine array. The back of the front of the two women I know what to do, the two legs against the two women, twenties, and nervous and a little bit uneasy and excited. A woman trying to grab the handrails, immediately to the left, the crowd trying to put another woman completely squeezed in beside me, the distance between us is less than 1cm.

The car was already dark, plump woman with short hair, wearing a pink slightly transparent and shirt collar open, and lower body is a light blue chiffon dress, no socks , do not wear socks to the habits of the city. Her skin is very white, the jacket is very close, body curve glance, I secretly looked at the chest is full, breast, because the shirt is kind of tight, very clear outline of the breast, even able to distinguish the nipple. Could not help but stare at the outside part of the back of her neck and exposed, the white skin, even the hairs also as clear, light fragrance made me a little dizzy. Standing in the back, straight into her bra straps in the shoulder part of the eyelids, along the tape forward, cleavage is as clear. Appreciate in the near distance, and could feel the breathing Some shortness.

Her ass is fat, probably thin, transparent skirts, underwear outline is very clear, because of the crowded, it was short coat up filed, waist exposing part of the shaking when I saw her underwear pink. Shaking the car, do not touch is not possible, every time you met her, mahhatan vip escort     did not dodge, I am uneasy heart a little calm. Taking advantage of the flow is again shaking my right knee the top in her thigh, mahhatan vip escort    still did not dodge. Brake when I deliberately top forward, her body leaning back, we tightly close together, I was concerned that she would escape, I did not expect her depend on the magnitude is bigger than I imagined, but also rely on together after she did not remove the mean, hanging in the heart is completely down.

As crowded car, at the action below the waist is no one visible. Her ass tightly against me below my little brother has long been an erection, completely top in her ass, feeling like gods, as if to drink a cup of cents between the years of aging, preferring to never wake up to. Than a head shorter, the little brother is in fact only the top of the butt of the upper part of one foot forward exploration and touched her feet, mahhatan vip escort seemed to understand my intention, two feet apart a little distance, I can smoothly a foot into between her legs, wearing only shorts, knee and her right thigh tightly nestled together, it is the contact of the skin of her thighs hot I come into contact with her body shocked, I'm extremely excited, trembled a little, felt that she also trembled.

So rely on for a while, her T-shirt has a little sweat clearer outline of the breast, bra strap in the back of the part through the clothes one could distinguish very clearly, his face suffused with rosy. I will bend the left leg bend, the little brother was walking down along the ass, when the little brother to the top to her ass ditch, her fierce shocked, felt her body is soft, the right leg is almost by I support. The skirt is the kind of elastic band, I pull down the shorts exposing more than half. So crowded, I simply do not grasp the handrail, hands on her ass, her shock, I slowly touched her ass, she seems at ease, I left to ass tour come to the right ass, and then decline to go down the gully, suddenly softened hand to the junction of two of her ass and Gully, she suddenly stiff fixed along Gully had wanted to go directly to the legs people too crowded, good fell and had to put away the hand, continue to walk up, she was also relieved, looked back at me, but this time I really see her face, very sexy, lipstick It is red, his face flush cover up makeup. A brake, I seized the opportunity to close, licked her back.

Her ass hot very soft hand touched very comfortable, my hand and walk to her waist and touched her waist skin deliberately and also enhance her shirt, tightly close to the test from her underwear side to swim across, and then use a finger into the panties edge, perhaps the car squeeze the reason, she did not respond, I will simply shaking, and suddenly put his hand into her panties, the back of the hand touches the ass she was startled, and then the upper body shook, and that means do not agree with, I do not too much, and quickly handle out, she looked back at me, Resentment slightly dissatisfied.

I concentrate all still little brother is close to her ass, she seems like most ass shaking in my little brother followed the car when the brakes when I move forward, her back, tightly the top together. The car is so many people, I can not pull out the little brother, it is difficult to the top of her labia. I can touch her ass, her thighs, but do not feel her labia. Car in the road, my right leg forced her right knee bent, right leg between her legs through, and then gradually raise my right knee, her thigh higher up, the more tender meat, and suddenly my thighs met Yin block in front of a bone withstood, followed by soft, I was an intrinsic touch aspire to the mons pubis and labia, and she shoved it shocked, and then almost the whole person soft to me, the entire perineum close in on my right leg. Heat waves hit my thigh, her underwear as if wet. My legs back and forth rubbing on the front is very obvious the pubic bone, the middle of the labia dough, wet, followed by two ass and Gully.

Wet feeling that makes my blood boil, my right leg back and forth friction, labia feel very pushed to squeeze her panties have been wet, wet to my lap, a woman shivering. Her two legs had been very open, seems to be trying to open my genitals touch my leg, when the brakes are still homeopathic closely before and after rubbing my leg. Her hand tightly clutching the handrail, head down, keep breathing, try to stick up ass in me, I helped her up pulled the skirt she is also unaware. Looked at other people in the car as crowded, no one will find us next to another Mei-Mei Kau few and a few fellow huddled together, do not know is not a more lively game.

I Hold the hand of a woman pinching her hand, full of sweat. Wanton walk on her back, touch the outside of her thigh, Nie Yinie. Thigh still kept rubbing on the labia, I have a bold idea, taking advantage of the car shaking, forced out of a little space around me, slowly her skirt opened, put down the right leg, left the woman's genitals, the woman turned his head, his mouth open, bewildered looked at me, my left hand flat on the right leg, palms up, suddenly the top to the woman genitals, she was startled, really a body stiff where a wet feeling spread throughout the body by the hand immediately.

She was still a little stiff, but did not leave, I was encouraged to squeeze in her underwear, immediately, my hands are all wet, and she seemed to understand my intention, the body sank two labia tightly pressure in my hands, her lips, I almost poke her two labia with the whole hand, the thumb touched the vagina, the vaginal opening of very large, Yin Ye flow to my hand on. I Lanzhu her waist with his right hand, left hand two fingers down to touch the clitoris, the clitoris on a pressure between the sewn labia, the woman's body strong shaking a bit, each pressure about her trembled. entire genitals twitch.

I was so excited, grabbed her panties down said something, so that underwear has faded to below the thigh, my hand can go smoothly. Left hand indiscriminately pinching two labia, sexual secretion soaked my hand, her prepuce long, I deliberately pull the long finger grip, and then returned to the labia between the two, suddenly The live clitoris, rubbing force, a woman head down, body almost completely paralyzed on my left hand, feeling her vagina has been very open and a large number of sexual secretion outflow. I have a bold idea, with his right hand to the right side of the shorts line and took out the little brother made up the top to a woman's genitals with his left hand leaning on the top of the little brother to the woman's vaginal opening, a woman may be too excited as if unaware of my actions, my hand slowly according to the little brother to enter, just a brake with his right hand, I hugged the woman's waist tightly back a pull to take advantage of the little brother all inserted into the woman issued Menheng body shocked, and body stiffness.

Car going to the station, I did not care so much force Choucha woman with both hands tightly grasp the handrail, lower body shaking with my Choucha semen hitting the woman's vagina. Set aside my little brother, to help the woman to pull the shorts, and found a woman's blouse has been soaked, and after a few minutes, a woman with one hand pulling a skirt and blouse, and then half turned, looked at me, maybe intentionally, her hand was attached to the thigh, and ran into my little brother, she turned and looked more crowded, I had no choice but to little brother touch her hand and found the woman's palm is actually spread so just hold my little brother, the woman smiled at me, taking advantage of the car shaking, I hugged the woman and kissed it, did not think the woman is completely turned to lamb, I hugged a woman in the dark and kissed her.

The car finally, the woman turned to get off, I want to go to ask her, but found under the car a man led a child waiting for her, they go forward, I followed her after a few meters, to see a woman walking some Huang, in a corner, the woman looked back at me, I never past.
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