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[With the table regardless of the days of car]

[With the table regardless of the days of car]

Once students a year, flying the arrival of the free days, I bought a train ticket to province A City, eager to return to raising where I grew up, where there is a paradise of free promiscuous.

Boarded the train a few minutes before I called my home phone is not my girlfriend's phone, but my table regardless of Liyun phone "beep" three times the call is connected, there came I table regardless of the sweet sound of "Hello, hello, calling?" heard the voice of the table regardless of the blood of my body about to flow on my cock, "up, well up the table regardless of," I replied, "small can!? "Table Regardless surprise the sound over the phone pass over. Table regardless, I am on the train, to 2:00 at night home, you want to come pick me up. "I said spoiled. "Oh, my little kiss, I have to come home dead aunt." On the train, I think my general relationship with the table regardless of non-thinking aunt huge breasts that grow close dense pubic triangle, oh, my aunt, me, and I came back, the air conditioning on the train down to no less than my desires.

Although I am only now juniors, but I regard to sex is definitely the authority of their peers, in junior high school when a prostitute killed my virginity, but prostitutes are not only the confiscation of my money back to me 3000 yuan called I often find her after she did not charge me money, you say who will not do this good thing? So sex with a prostitute when she taught me how to make his dick become more strong, more durable, I would like to thank the prostitute, she taught me how to please a woman with a man something, do not need money to support ......

Dear passengers, A City, soon to please get off at A City travelers with their luggage ready to get off, "" small can! ! ! Aunt's voice is always so sweet, in the sparse crowd aunt to see me, I Lin Zhaobao run the past, the aunt of the dress is absolutely not like a 28-year-old has a million net worth as a strong woman, like the name just out of college school girl, white dress set off by the snow-white skin, in my eyes, it is not the city's entrepreneurs, nor is it my elders, she is my god, my creature to live gave me the goddess, one I will never have the energy to sexual partners.

A luggage to the car after box, I can not wait to put into my aunt Mercedes-Benz, the windows closed, but with what brand of cellophane, which is very clear to see outside, outside to inside, inside the free very bright, although it is 2:00 in the morning, but the train station is brightly lit.

I looked at my aunt and found that big Busty chinese escort was looking at me with hungry eyes, Oh God, my cock bursting pants, I  to remove the cumbersome clothes of me, sprang to her aunt.

I am very hot to very hot lips come into contact with is not the aunt pants, hairy pussy, days, my aunt did not wear pants, I held out my tongue licking the vagina under her aunt pull pee, that taste, returning to the taste, the smell of Not a bit fishy. "Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ aunt was so comfortable a stick shouting the sentence" cool ~ it ~ "Festival Walk
Shares sexual secretion poured out from the aunt's vagina, why are beautiful water Lingling, perhaps from here, beautiful water! "Small can, my darling, your tongue is really powerful, aunt love you ~" "small can ~ you quickly touched me, Oh ~ acid ~ ~ days, the clitoris, rose died ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "I kept with their tongues
Blowing aunt the clitoris, leather cushion, there are a lot of water, my arms round her aunt to open his legs to prevent slipping. "Auntie, you are really Yin Wa it really much water it, I hum," bad guys, not all you, my aunt waited three months before I came back to the present, my water almost fit. Oh ~ ~ Come, my aunt tickling ~
Yes, three months, I also hold in three months, and aunt, the school how many girls with hot eyes look at me, I was in front all right. "Auntie, I want into the" half kneeling on the aunt said, "Well, come on, do not need to force the top of my huge cock into the vaginal opening of the aunt, a gently, that more than sexual secretion lubrication, my 17 cm cock into 3/4 "top to ~ ~ Mahogany ~ ~,, Hsiao Ke, my aunt love you
, Your baby nice ~ ~ aunt sheets with Yingtaoxiaokou of cried, "Oh, Hsiao Ke, fast, tickling, fast ~ ~" I saw my aunt leg Zhang opened, I know, So, I will cock slowly out to look too light, a butt force, not into the whole root, "Ah ~ ~ goodness ~ ~ too flavored, too flavored!, Hsiao Ke
Again ~ ~ Oh! "I am under the whole root, not into the top the aunt is Langjiao to again and again, that breasts are channeling a channeling, so red insert more than one hundred times, my aunt cried vent 3 times, oh, I aunt, you are too easily satisfied. "small can, I think you gave me, gave me your semen ~ ~ Oh ~ I die, I want you dry out and die, I have lost 5 times , quick, give me ~ give me your last few, I want to last a few ~ ~
Cited together with the aunt I each of the next sprint, yes, my aunt was too tired, I think.

So, I will control the energy, each under the top of the aunt yelled, closed a good car is good, and any of your car and how much sound, totally did not hear of the passing vehicle. "Oh ~ aunt caught ~ ~" I resorted to a body of fresh top out the strongest of several hit every time I have sex, "Ah ~ terrible aunt too ~ ~ love you ~ ~" aunt by my a few
Under the plug is to fly.

A strong save three months of sperm army rushed, like the aunt's efforts to reach, but also a hit, aunt
The body flick, big Busty chinese escort flew up into the vagina have been hit so long to play 1 hour and 25 minutes culmination.
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