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Memories of sexual intercourse Queen Guo Ying En

Memories of sexual intercourse Queen Guo Ying En

When I promised the adult film director Bowen sounds very absurd suggestion, I feel it is very wonderful. I immediately realized that I will make history! Although there will be a lot of people despise me, but I decided to do so! Whatever the outcome is.

I stayed up all night, the eve of the advent of the important day of January 9, 1995, recall in my mind is that part of unforgettable pain.

That is my 1991 arrived in King's College London matriculation happened. One night, I was in the London subway station platform waiting for the bus, this time, I heard a lot of noisy sound, I turned around to see five or six drunken white guy in the loud clamor, I was very frightened but was worried when hiding their attention, so tried to calm down, not to see their hearts eagerly looking forward to the subway Come.

However, I heard a terrible voice, "Look, there is an Asian girl, and you dare her?" When I looked up, both alcohol white smoke blackening the sky has gone to the front of me. Yin Xiao grabbed me before I cry, a person has been knocked out of me ...

When I woke up again, I've been naked lying in a basement, and that whites are all naked, in laughter! mahhatan japanese escort felt an unprecedented despair.

This time, a white man came up to me, and a lifted me, in that moment, I saw his ugly things are stiffly erect at me, I closed her eyes in shame.

Another person to go over took me by both arms, so that mahhatan japanese escort can not struggle, the third person and fourth person to separate the two legs to this time, the one talent came to my lower body Bankai easily with two fingers, and the things that endure quite put my below, I felt indescribable state of humiliation in that moment, is not quite the tears flow out of the silent cry.

The men of that in front of me grinning with a back straight, my dry body feel a deep-seated pain, that thing came in! I have numerous fantasy, my first is a wonderful process, did not think it has relied on in such a way to come!

My lower body burning under him again and again the impact of the original thrill of making the liquid slowly oozing from the body, below is not pain, but that got to the men began to cheer, I heard him shouting: "this bitch of water!" my tears once again poured out.

That several men frantically grasping to get my breasts and elsewhere in the body. My body also accepted in front of that beast once instead of passing the collision! Not the slightest pleasure, only nausea! Long time! I am finally coming to him like a bug convulsions.

But I know this has just begun, the second person impatient to fill his place, my lower body once again be enriched, and the inside filled with the semen of the former, I feel like an around the world the dirtiest woman! Perhaps that is to occupy the pigs is the first time to experience this feeling, and soon he was shot. Then the third, fourth ... God, I was surprised to be eight people raped!

But this is the nightmare began, I do not know now, day or night, and I do not know just in the end how long it took, anyway, a few son of a bitch, and that several had just shot the horse, there is now a risen up those hateful things.

A man walked behind me, pressed me kneeling on the ground, pinch to open my mouth I do not know put something in my mouth, as if made of rubber cap, and then he grabbed my hair, let me raised on the wrists.
I understand they want to do, and sure enough, one guy, a hand grabbed his things and went to the front of me, that the above as well as semen and pubic hair and can not tell the smell of things inserted in my mouth where!

I tried to close your eyes, however, the hair has to clench the skin of my face, I watched that beast of a dark pubic hair away from me for a while, while they come into contact with my face.

My throat felt bursts of retching. But the guy he deliberately tried to glans kept inside probe
Suddenly, he hastily thing took, I think is relieved when his semen, such as the fountain the same shot in my face! Kind of fishy taste, until now can feel it. At the same time, Yin Xiao and masturbation in the side has been that they have stepped forward to shoot semen all in my face and body ... and mouth!

When they release, I kept decumbent vomiting, they kept to the side grinning. I am anxious degree of shame, the blood rushed to his head, stand up like mad toward them, want them to tear up, but they are mad smile running around, I am unable to chase this chasing that, but one also catch up last only no choice but to do the ground burst into tears!

They approached me again ...

I fainted when they again came. Because of the shock, because of hunger. I feel cold and hungry when I woke up again, the body was uncomfortable tight, it is the result after the semen dry. The house has been a person. I tried to sit up, but then he felt a the nakedness severe pain.

(And later to the hospital I know that my labia life and life to tear and the anus is also shameful go by a serious injury!)

I do not know why, I Renzhaojutong stand up, walk around, no one, this time I found this house, the door opened. I hold the psychological survival, quickly ran out, outside stairs, I ran up hastily.

Know where one out of the outside, the bright sun suddenly launched into my eyes, shout of London past coax into my mind, more terrible, I do what did not wear, and full The head is covered with semen of the woman suddenly exposed in this world city in front of millions of people looked at me with strange eyes monster!

This is the second time I suffered humiliation attained during the just suffered the humiliation of even more unbearable.

Fortunately, good-hearted people immediately called the police, and brought me a blanket, quickly (for me, it is long) an ambulance, accompanied by police vehicles to the car heard a word on first aid unforgettable:
"This bitch really do the body are man things! Fucking owe parade!"

This first encounter is a shame I'll never forget, post soon a few scum to justice has been France, but it gives me pain will never be able to eliminate, I have no way to go to school in that school, because it always was intentionally walked to ask me, "You that are 8 individual operation bitch?"
Well, let me turn to a ruthless, I asked 300 men to fuck me! You secular but also how to say me? !

January 9, 1995, I will never borne in mind that the day has finally arrived.

I punctual to the appointed place, reporters, cameras, and the audience that packed the men.

Great moment ...

Scenes of the day I simply could not calm language description, although I have had the experience to shoot adult programs, but I was still very nervous, looking at the audience so many men Se Mimi's eyes and around the coquettish female staff, in that moment hesitate, but the encouragement of the staff around, I stripped the clothes went to the front and the following people waving!
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