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A lonely young woman's sexual experience

A lonely young woman's sexual experience

  When a woman is lonely,sometims "good" will happen,maybe she gonne be the one of high quality asian escort,maybe i have a chance to meet this  high quality asian escort,whatever,but lonely is Killer always.

Courage to write these experiences, is to make this world their own stories of men and women are Zilv some, all couples are cherished feelings, because in this materialistic world, in the debauchery of society, nothing is more important than the feelings of , and there is nothing more than the couple often spend the emotion of the increase. 

Where talking about my story? Just yesterday, I, a lonely young woman, just the night before on facebook and talk to the morning meeting of the four-year-old man, he is a boss car driver in the evening, I walked out of the factory gate, a black Audi car stopped at the door, I sat in the front door open. One looked at his clothes, I know he really is the driver, and crude language, hearty laughter, very self-righteous way.

But the car still uncomfortable, we rush to eat at a Restaurant a simple dinner, I deliberately did not point too many vegetables, may also leave a trace in the hearts of compassion, he is also a ordinary person. After dinner, thirty even a dollar he had the invoice, let me very shame, I let him send me back. Because, looking at his appearance, and I suddenly do not want him to continue any longer.

He drove slowly, did not say anything, there are thirty meters away from the factory gate, he stop and said it sit in it, we casually chatted, I say you go back earlier, so far away home . He said all right It's still early.

Reality is not such as to meet online to talk freely, really, the night before we think of voice, and I spoiled him, he talked to coax me very happy.

I added you back, my first while back, I'm tired, and so late last night chat. He suddenly grasped my hand, and perhaps drum up a lot of courage it, he kept stroking my hand, then began to kiss my hand. Said, no, we have to find a place.

He started the car and drove to a nearby secluded place, we sat in the car behind, he began to kiss me, kiss a little rude, more intense, I do not like that one, but the need for a kiss to a woman , in respect of assessment and to accept it, I thought so.

His hand quickly reached into my underwear, I live hand to ring his waist, feeling he opened my bra, a man warm big rough hands on my breasts back and forth by pressing, followed by his hand into my pants, in my little wet pussy back and forth to touch. Ah good squeeze the back seat, he put a cushion under my head, then began to take your pants off, I quickly took off his pants, although I do not like the way it such a place, but I need sex life ah! I consoled himself, put his hand to his lower body, that is a little dick, not even hard-up, really impotence ah, I think so.

I have been shouting: cold, cold. He will grasp the lie to me, the car is really crowded, but I sleep very comfortably, his dick came in, or not hard, my legs stretched out it will be caught, he began to twitch, and I also do not below stop to twisted. Not two minutes, I feel a heat, time really is short ah. From my orgasm was still early, he had thousands of miles on a vent. I thought to myself, really premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation is purely impotence plus! Hastily prepared with toilet paper to wipe the back lower body, I take your pants off faster than the speed of wearing pants. I was thinking is the biggest hurry to leave the vulgar man, but he even told me that he is still young peep others room joke, I did laugh! I just want to go home, go back to my nest.

Endured listening for a while, I say we return to it, so cold outside. He even said: After I send text messages, I always come to you. I said nothing, too lazy to care for him. He asked me why I do not answer, I say A What?

So, I went back to his dormitory belonging to a person. Slightly cool of late autumn cold, colder blew my mind, I ended this way but his one-time experience, not to mention comfortable, not to mention the good, and even some nausea.

I asked myself, you really will fall to the point where it? What kind of man you can accept, I think, because in the dark bar, if there is light, I really think this is a good man sick, disgraced and he did have sex. However, in actuality, I need love, need a man. No way, at home, I immediately phone his number will be deleted, I do not want to see him.

Write this, I had just seen a mention friends on Saturday. In fact, we chatted on the Internet only ten minutes, but he sounds great atmosphere is the kind of man, usually at night I asked him to do? He said the bars or coffee, I am very interested. Then said some of the friends and sincere views. Because, in my heart I still like sincere people. At work, I said free cup of coffee with me, and I like (in fact I've only been a coffee shop).

In this way, we leave each phone number. At work, I felt my heart is not in the class early, and I sent him a message: the afternoon is really coming? Him back: Yes, ah, I think you are a compassionate woman I stand by that kind of woman.

So, we made an appointment at the factory gate, I told him in detail how to go. Because our unit is very remote hard to find, most people have never been to. Half past five from work, I hurried home to wash, change clothes (I wear to work sucks, only twelve people can see the clothes), and the socks have holes also changed. Give him a message: not to do? He said arrived at the door.

I ran to the door, a white car, opened the door sitting in the back, the car stood a very fine purses, leather look is kind of the beginning I thought it was a girl, and later to see to the men's. His car seat cover is good to see the kind of red color, I looked at him with peripheral vision, but fortunately, I am rather to a fancy kind of type.

Driving a car, we casually chatted. UBC to a city hall, he had to the private rooms, just go lady, sir rooms fee is 50, he nodded: Yes. I am a bit shocked: there is what to do with the fifty is not good, have to take it to. But still did not speak, he asked what kind of coffee I drink, my God, in addition to drinking instant coffee at home, but I did not drink.

I said it casually, he seems to see my embarrassment, for his point of charcoal, but also give me a (I do not remember the specific name, because I do not know so many sub-types of coffee), there are ice cream, and then to a chicken wing.

Let's drinking white water, watching TV. Still free to chat, I said, his life, he smiled and listened, there are two hours, and I think this feeling that life nice. In fact, I like this feeling, I have been all men like the feeling of acquaintance.

He said, you sit here watching TV bar, where you also tilted his head, I said nothing, anyway, I do not see anything. He will not push it, after a while, I came back from the bathroom, saw the headlights off, with only a television light, he said to sit here and see. I seem to collect myself why he called me over, I got up and walked over to sit down. He naturally will hand on my shoulder. I really do not know how to do, had just finished rubbing his hands back and forth.

He took my hand and said, how so cold, then I know everything have to happen, but I desire.

Because this man is like a man, I feel very natural and appropriate just right. My arms around his shoulders, he gently kissed my face until the lips, a kiss that he is a meticulous man, first his lips, then on both sides, but I was impatient to find his tongue. Then we kissed deeply, do not know how long kiss, I felt my body are soft Debu dynamic, and he began kissing my breasts, then his hand into my pants, my day just a little over the period, scared I said no, I really feel unsafe here. Mouth bass he said my breasts, then we go to take a bath.

Then rang the checkout lights, I sat up, showing an as-is. Ride, we went to a bath industry, I've never been here, and it seemed a bit hesitant, he said he has never been. Go see it.

Opened the room, the room can not even take a bath, I had to wash down the hall, the hall Azeri really more intrafamilial transmission has been waiting for to earn my money, have been screaming. I thought, anyway, long time no Chopping enjoy a better service it. Then rub a little, some people do sell bath, the bath is actually applied to the body only, I used a bottle thirty-five yuan's. Back to the room, I am ready to brush your teeth, he said, are you doing ah? I said, brushing teeth, painted when he said to sleep Well, I thought now would not sleep? Asked him, why do you say I am, he said to me I want you to sleep.

   So, I go to bed to sleep in his arms, we began to kiss, he gently to take off his pajamas, and then took off his clothes, we have been drilling in the white house, he began gently to gently earth with my lower body, in his lead, I feel he has been a flowing stream, and then he bent over, kissed his mouth for me, from the chest to the thighs, stay in the clitoris, I was comfortable not to describe him as I licked every inch of genital areas, I groaned, and then to find his penis, we sixty-nine style oral sex with, this is my first time in this way, and her husband have not even been , we might not do it to this study. At that time I thought, So this is what sixty-nine style ah.

We quickly wound in together, but he was soon shot, he said, could you just wait too long. I told him I had him spending some money I hope he does not care. He said how can that be? I thought the money was good! We cleaned the blood I found a piece of paper, but I really like his look, and he likes the feeling of love. Then he took out much of the phone, holding the phone with me in terms of film, in fact, have no meaning, sex scenes are foreigners. Two days before, I am just at night on a computer in their own careful study of several department, it is not her husband is not in the days when men comfort their own way I am. We slowly have the feeling, the second done a good job, not my memory of it, I think perhaps too enjoyed it, I sat in his lap, and we sat holding, he said I want to be with you.

I know that in fact he wanted me to re-shoot the climax.

    But that day I really was not, and always afraid of bloody red sheets, but also not very deep. Because it is so cool, he shot a very comfortable look. Anyway, I think it was a night, to rest then. Unexpectedly, he immediately put on his clothes, said to be home. I was stunned, how do you have to return it? He said my daughter at home alone, she is too small. Then again kissed my face and lips, I was really reluctant to leave him, still pretending to be strong to say: you go.

He described the day contact us text messages and phone, I actually said: all right. You busy your right! Now I really regret it if I said ah! Watched him pack up and leave the moment, I am alone in unparalleled. He was gone, my legs tired pain, blood has been flowing intermittently. Oh, really long night, ah, out of the fights I could not sleep the human voice to a little more went to bed woke up at five, morning and check to see documents on their spending last night, I really regret ah. If the money saved I can no longer maintain a period of life too!

The next day, I am pondering his all, I am a bit reluctant to him. Information is not sent back to his call is not connected, and later in the week do not know how they are spent, I think he, like every episode with him, I looked at QQ, have left their tears then sent him a long message, but did not respond.

Nothing. In fact, this is a family of wealthy people looking for one-night stand nothing, really, how will they do?

I hate myself, so I decided to forget him, to forget everything, which is two days after I met the driver of the reason. Because my heart is too painful, and I numb myself. However, the night of joy is easy to find, but how to heal wounded hearts?

Yes, I have forgotten introduce myself: I am a young woman in his early thirties, with children to the elderly, gentle husband, intimate, formal, is the most assured lover. But he in the field, we often gather in January last, of course, sex is also very high quality. For two highly educated people has still not rushing to spend the struggle of life, really big irony ah.

Around to see his girlfriend, the University had only a two hundred multisection parents spend money and send them in, and graduation and the relationship with her father into the business units, and now a good boyfriend drove Every day, non-clothes brand is not the upper body, do not want to wear $ 200. What this all into a troubled world, ah! I remember when I was a beauty, now thirty very beautiful young woman that if put on clothes, but also turn heads high. The Internet a video will often encounter presumptuous man's praise, however, this is my fault? University, studying hard, but complex social relations than not the top back nothing!

My husband and I met in the late nineties, he was married to learn step by step, until now still studying, much in the field. I suffer alone and so lonely. Bored online chat, online only to find there are so many men and women to meet each other with mutual comfort. It may well be the way to his momentary joy ah.

So, I began my life. I, who live should make yourself happy and enjoy it, why Si Shouzhao lonely?

However, her husband's love, I whole-hearted, and every day we sent a video message was, give him a few hours on the phone I will cry a messy, he would say I am self-willed unpromising. I'll miss him a month's wages are spent on fares, and then held hostage leave pay.

I do not care, like a freewheeling woman, mood is everything, women, hopeless women. All about heart and who says? No money, no friends, no embracing middle of the night can be, accompanied by people day and my day is a day where the end? new york asian escort service

And how many men go out too, I remember not clear up. I remember a few million, he had to spend big bucks to play, but just to play it, or even playing "Evening" is two women and one man was my severe tongue-lashing, and I hope to keep her body dedicated to a person of, like the joy of two people. I can not make love as a game, I just for the physiological needs. Once on television and in newspapers I saw his name, I suddenly feel like vomiting. Really hypocritical ah!

Occasionally there is the Internet met the man, he did know to meet the value of money, can not bear to spend one minute in the simple small hostel, the sound effects very poor can not take a bath, can be thought of sex can have a good effect? I only have hastily concluded, from do not meet. There are hateful man, you can appreciate that he did not get in when the share of your body to get hungry but satisfied after such a man to spend my principle is to spend his money.

Of course, the lady was charging, I'm just spending their money, anyway, they are developing an invoice to be reimbursed, after say goodbye, let me see that I do not want to see the. There are many, many, and some can occasionally see on the Internet, but have less communication. This world, man is to get a woman's body, a woman is to fill the empty time. Too much on my side so women and men, the Internet, in a hotel, in the consumer sites, you can even see a lot of female students, the people ruining this community into what looks like ah?

I hate this society, I hate this life!

I first met friends killed also remember that I was a big year-old boy, I was a monthly salary of only five hundred, but he said he could help me, but need to invest, so I will own all the deposits of two thousand yuan to him. But since the phone off, there is no news. I thought about the police, but only swallow their tears night. Since then, though, I do not believe in love and truth, and not too sure man. It was a man named Qi Rui, he lied to a lot of people. So far I can remember his appearance, that was my first time people outside the bed and her husband, is my most humiliating time. I do not want to mention that process.

I have had unforgettable love, is in high school, but he was in college to Changchun was killed on his way to report me the most pain is that he died before I know one of my closest girlfriend and his is in love with his foot with two ships, this girl than I love him, tears. Since then, my eyes suddenly no tears, and I do not know what the truth.

A friend asked, how do you deal with these men and her husband in it? In fact, her husband together, and I received the phone, I have cleverly disguise. No way it would shut down. But more of a one-night stands, men do not want to call you again, So the danger is not great. In addition, I find married men, safe and will not bear any responsibility, we have at home, will be capable of distinguishing between light and heavy. But I love what her husband can not match, and with him I will give up all the people and things, threw himself into crazy sex with us, until tired not almost every time I would separate after a serious illness field, is both physically and mentally tired, plus got the idea of ??pain and miss, my mood tends to dull a long time. So, I will not affect the family, will not affect our feelings. Perhaps it is our strong desire some, his hand to solve, I can not, I really need something. So, I want to find.

I think one day I will win their hearts and come back, I need a complete home, need warmth, you need real life, I was the mother or the wife.

Dragon in the absence of friends, I still went on with his life: a monthly salary of less than 1000 yuan a day, dressed in ordinary clothes, and cried, calling her husband at night to use their own network of nerve anesthesia, I protect themselves online, but also indulgence of their own, in a bad mood will go one-night stand, and then heal your broken heart, a normal work and life. A friend asked, why do not you learn? Yes ah, I learn English, exam title, but this has top it? I earn a little money, have to endure the loneliness, or a single person alone to go. This society, this world, we can not dominate, only masters of their own.

Friends, if you can, you cherish your own home, you will receive his wife and her husband's heart is good, you spend your life, long-term separation of the two to affect the feelings, the mind may not be derailed, however, the body will be derailed of.

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