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Sex with the stewardess in the airplane

Sex with the stewardess in the airplane

New Year's Eve this year, others are in the home and family reunion, but I can not stay home with their parents because of their work, because today I want to do a night to fly to Haikou flights. And that do not want to go to work, really want to leave, but when I see happy the name of the crew members on the scheduling table, this unhappy mood swept away.

Happy my colleagues, both can not be said, anyway, is not love, but around half of us like each other, plus are young, so naturally get together, usually a rare rest can be met. eat dinner, then go to a hotel crazy about slightly. Happy is a flight attendant, she is very beautiful, 172CM height, tall stature of the fullness of slim, elegant temperament, handsome face. One pair of flirtatious stare scene in the chest with a pair of breasts towering, often trembled; rounded ass special Alice, as well as the slender white thighs. But seriously, particularly fond of and happy to have sex, feeling really Haobang

Preparatory work before six in the evening, we rode with the crew car to the airport ready room for normal flight, colleagues and more, I have a not a happy speaking a few words, I fly the same class, I am glad said: I just checked slightly, to process people, Haikou, the return on a few passengers, when you go to the rear stay with me bragging Oh. "

"Yes, certain to come." I replied.

Flights to Haikou, because many guests, the service program is complicated, I have not to harass her, I took out my PSP to do in the position of 3C see from the novel (see Bai Jie oh), to see heart itch and wanted to make love, not help the hearts of an crooked idea jumped out at the airline did for so long have not tried sex on the plane called Today is an opportunity, must be happy with try. To the sea, after a short stay, the captain informed the boarding back to fly. Sure enough, the return on a few people, I was not very pleased, I thought really is God help me, hey!

Aircraft in level flight, the crew came out to take the service program, soon to get, so I went to the cabin to look for fun. The rear of the other two flight attendants also with them, chatting, laughing and joking chatted for a while, happy to let the other two girls to the front cabin to find the crew a long chat, said she was tired and sleepy will. So, my colleagues have a very good grace to the front of the cabin to find crew long you go for fun, I pretend to patrol cabin.

Because it is night, the cabin lights will be dimmed. I went to the rear workplace, happy to see me, severely hit me what said: "Are you OK Oh, these days do not look for me, is taking a dip in which MM?

"How can there be, ah, you do not innocent man Well, not recently, not with the rest? Really want to die for you, my darling." I replied.

"Is it true? Not allowed to lie Oh." Happy Dia Dia said.

To see her more feminine look, my little DD flew to the feeling, really want to put her immediately wrestled to the chair to dry her.

"Oh, dear, when I fool you ah?" Then on one hug her to his arms casually touch her charming little ass one.

"Are you good or bad Oh, they account for people cheap, throw you a big goat."

Her flirtatious secretly double hook people Piaoxiang I see desires intolerable, her cheeks white reveals a flush, a pair of water Lingling winks at me fondly light hug her sitting on a chair. kiss her soft cheek, a kiss to her ears. Her shy dodge, helpless her soft body I clung to, and did not move.

While I kiss her lips, a the hand Moxiang her breasts ...

"Well ..." new york hot escort flushed face, is more charming.

I reached into her bra and pinch her soft and elastic breast, and wantonly playing with Nienong with her petite and tender nipples.

Soon, her nipples gradually harden up. new york hot escort is shy but nestled on my shoulder.

I tolerate the cock congestive uncomfortable, right hand quietly slid into the happy uniform skirt across the stockings, stroking her inner thigh, really soft really slippery! I slowly reached into her white panties.

"Ah ......" happy sound muffled groan.

"Ah ...... ah ...... do not ...... shame! ......

"Hee hee, shy?" I Yin Xiao, touch to the handle upward along the her Huanen thigh.
"My God! ...... Not in this, please? To colleagues to see how bad." Her shame Yin, clamping two plump thigh, dodge my molested.

Me pokes out of her peach-hole, gently rubbing the young clitoris: "Do not be too loud, will be found, I really want you to go the toilet."

Then I took her into the bathroom, reflexive and locking the door. In extremely tense situations at any time will be found, two of the human body are very sensitive. Side of the extrusion happy fullness of the hips, sucking full breast side took out his cock, with a happy hand to touch.

"You big ah ... so hot ah!" Happy, shy whisper.

The small bathroom, full of sharp intakes of breath and a deep spring of the two people.

"Help me Chuixiao to it."

She lifted her head lovingly tenderness looked at me, with the open mouth to my helping of chicken including in the mouth, tongue kept licking my glans head with the vertical and horizontal swing. Was already fast swelling cock burst, one lap plus the temperature of the mouth, I really almost unable to control himself, and I grabbed her hair down hard press, and want her to me the helping of chicken root to swallow, but my helping of chicken too long, her pharynx coughing.

I slowly separate her legs, her good thick pubic hair, dark outside, as well as crystal drops hanging on the top, the entrance was slightly open, the two labia have separated, there are a lot of water out of the clitoris also stimulated swelling up and red. I can not help but touched the tip of the tongue, she immediately got a strong reaction, mouth and groaned with the body nor residence trembling, and then I lick the second under the third under ...

I use the finger to separate her Na Liangpian the Feinen the labia, exposing her petite fresh little cunt hole! Small cunt hole red and tender, revealing her stacks of tender cunt child meat with your fingers, I pull the light into the inside tender and soft, small show cunt meat tightly clamped my fingers, my fingers gently pull to get her fat, tender small show cunt meat, her cunt child out of a lot of sticky hot Saoshui children, DC to her delicate ass.

Happy Taonong cock, while enjoying the nephrite temperature Hong, I finally could not resist: "happy, you put one foot in the toilet."

Hold on me from behind happy Xiangtun, her white panties pulled a calf at the slowly shaking his big cock into her peach-dong, soft and hot, young pussy nice. While I was speaking in the cunt, caressing the side with both hands fun breasts to happy Jiaochuan, and enjoy with my Choucha, not back when I kiss, and then I put her legs on his shoulders to a Laohantuiche , combined with nine shallow a depth of eight light two deep, then faster and faster and deeper and deeper each and destroy all efforts to reach each of the next will have a strong reaction.

More than 20 minutes, she suddenly hard to get hold of me, got a burst of trembling vagina feel regular contractions, I know her to a climax. My faster, her cry is already close to hysteria, fingers fast pinch into my flesh, it is so fast twitch. Probably had more than 10 minutes, her second orgasm again.

Ah ...... ah ...... "

Choucha the hundreds, I finally could not resist, and the eye of the horse loose, vas deferens bursts of twitching, burning semen, straight shot into the happy meat core, she felt at the same time reached a climax constant convulsions .
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