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[Lewd husband and wife in the hospital]

[Lewd husband and wife in the hospital]

Guo-Liang and Song Ying is a pair of happy young couple, two medical school students to the same hospital to go to work after graduation, the Guo-Liang engaged in the study of male infertility, and achieved good results, but also by the hospital, some people jealous, and he reluctantly left it by the name of the hospital, and laboratory engaged in Song Ying, opened a hospital specialized in treating infertility, Guo-Liang own president, and personally treatment of patients, Song served as the Director of the Laboratory Division. Superb medical skills, business tactics, the two hospitals was booming, the country followed the patient.

This day, something for other people, Laboratory Division Song Ying during testing, because not many people to the laboratory, so new york sexy escort stay in the laboratory inside the suites. These days, Guo-Liang few cases to the critical moment, his day in hospital admissions and treatment in the evening is also the hospital research and find information, flash days did not go home, let alone had sex with Song Ying living.

Other day for one night, Song Ying at home accidentally found a porn site, there are a lot of erotic novels, pictures and movies, out of curiosity, she looked into, new york sexy escort never thought the original is so wonderful. looking at the that picture Xuemaibizhang, very passionate read that novel, Song Ying deeply intoxicated, so these days, her home every day on this website, and slowly she found herself in particular, Zhong love group sex scene, and a female more than male group sex, one can see the contents of her "sex" Fen endless.

Two days before new york sexy escort shot the film in an inside to start the download last night, finally, the download is complete, opened only for a while, Song to die - the film is a man and a woman have sex on the sofa, two people over and over again using the a variety of styles, Finally, the man shot in the semen inside the cunt. Song Ying had never seen
Over the screen, because the pornographic images are generally semen shot in the face (probably because the shot can not express in cunt sake).

When she looked at the man cock inside cavernous drum of a drum beating, the man howling soon as soon as she knew an surge of semen is shot into the woman's cunt, when the men out of cock turning milky white semen from flowing out of the cunt - Song Ying fingers into his tender cunt and gyrate, she could no longer stand it anymore ...

Today, my mind flashed when she sits alone in the laboratory suites are that beat the cock, the outflow of semen, she could not set off the tender green of nursing uniforms and blue skirt, poke underwear, fingers into the tender cunt.

"Despair, despair." Someone is knocking on the laboratory glass, and then came a man's voice: "Doctor do?" Song Ying hurried out of the fingers, tidy clothes, took a deep breath, out of the suite, came outside pick-like window.

Out of the window stood a 30-year-old man of handsome face, he saw some trance Song Ying, Song Ying extremely beautiful coupled with a tailored fit nurse, set off with a pair of 36D's breast upright handsome .

Song Ying have been accustomed to a man of such eyes, she was facing the man smiled and nodded: "Hello, You do laboratory tests do?"

The man recovered, and his face is a little redness, hurriedly hands of a single laboratory and gave Song Ying. Song Ying took looked at a single laboratory, is the conventional laboratory tests of semen in their hospital, which is the most common.

Song Ying picked up a semen cup from the containers inside the box, and then opened the door to come to the men's side: "Please come with me."

She led the men came to the laboratory the next room, push the door. This is "sperm retrieval room, very clean, inside the house in a quiet corner, a chair, a sink, the wall is a three-point girl hot picture.

Song Ying in the hands of the semen cup and handed the man said: you sacrificing semen samples, be sure to stay in this cup. The door plug from the inside, outside, open, take a good trouble this cup just sent to that window. you have any questions? "

Some distress man replied: "No problem."

Song Ying said with a smile: "Well, I tried to get back, You call me" the man promised, and she turned and left sperm retrieval room and closed the door behind. She did not return to the laboratory inside the suites, but waiting for the man sitting next to the pick-like window.

Sperm retrieval time difference, ten minutes of some men get away with some men more than one hour to take no kind, Song, and laboratory and sisters laugh on the matter, and finally they agreed that: Sampling must often masturbation, sampling the slow certain impotence, only time is not long nor short is the strong performance.

After about 20 minutes, the man came back and took the cup to the window, his face red, and handed the cup to the Song Ying. Song Ying know that most men will be a little shy at this time, because his own semen to another woman, because people know just masturbation, because men tend to do the inspection, so will inevitably embarrassed.

Song Ying took the cup, still with a smile which men left.

The past Song Ying do semen testing, always wear a mask, she did not want to smell the taste of semen of other men, but somehow, she did not notice that they actually did not wear masks. She skillfully with a straw to remove some of the semen into a test tube from the cup, then the test tube into the electronic laboratory machine, then on the keyboard input options, the test machine began the laboratory work. About seven or eight minutes, the test results came out, Song Ying looked at the data: lack of sperm count. Results through the hospital's clinic system to send to the doctor on the computer of the man.

As a general rule, once the test results came out, analysts believe that there is no problem, the sample can be disposed of, Song Ying, but mysteriously did not deal with, but see no one else, pick up that semen Cup back to the inside of the suite .

Song Ying sitting at a computer chair, pick up the semen cup and looked inside semen shot out of more than 10 minutes has been liquefied semen, emitting a unique touch of flavor of the semen. Song Ying cup conspire nose edge smell the smell, my mind flashed last night scene in the movie, her body suddenly soft.

Song Ying cup on the table, the body Yang in the computer chair, to unlock the clasp of the bra, off nursing uniforms and skirts, poke a small underwear, fingers into his tender cunt. Little by little, remembering the scene in the film: the tongue of the man in the woman clitoris Shangtian to licking, cock in the woman cunt inserted out ... her left middle finger in the tender cunt Choucha rotation the right-hand rotation Monie with two nipples, body writhing, she felt the fingers inserted in the tender cunt too small and too short.

Slowly, her memories to the ejaculation scene, recalled the man's penis inserted in cunt cavernous chug beating ejaculation, Song Ying, almost eager, she felt his fingers too disappointing and fails to convince met, the moment she really want to be around a big cock inserted into their own tender pussy hard f # # k some. Song Ying painful sigh.

Suddenly, her eyes fell on the semen cup on the table inside the milky white semen all of a sudden her eyes light up. Right, dick, but there is semen!

Song Ying took off his leg, pink underwear, a nurse, and her skirt Xiandao waist, bare white pants, try to sit at the computer chair to the back, she once again single-handedly into the tender cunt in one hand and touch pinching the nipple, and reminiscing with the sex scenes in the movie side of masturbation.

When recalled to the scene of ejaculation, Song Ying right hand took the semen cup and deeply smell the smell the taste of semen, and then the middle finger of his left hand into his semen cup and slowly touches the semen. The semen has been cold, but that feeling of excitement is still Song Ying feel myself hot. Semen in the cup just a few millimeters deep, the only wet fingers a little bit, she had to tilt the cup over, and then the middle finger inside rotation, so that the entire middle finger is stained with semen.

Semen cup down, two legs, respectively, take the arm of the chair the entire tender cunt greatly exposed. Her with his right hand to stimulate the clitoris and labia, my mind recalled the men ejaculation scene in the film, and then slowly covered with semen left hand middle finger inserted into the tender cunt.

"Ah," which refers to all inserted into the tender cunt, Song Ying could not help but issued a loud call, feeling fantastic, the stimulation of the semen tender cunt any other things can not be compared!

Song Ying slowly rotating, Choucha fingers, heart felt the pleasure of semen, each vaginal wall in a stained with semen will be shaking about. Finally cunt every place, every corner of the stained semen, semen with her love liquid with a layer of lubricant to the vaginal wall and between the fingers, so that the fingers extremely flexible activities.
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