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I let friends rape my sister

I let friends rape my sister

Since my sister Xiaojuan intercourse after her almost every day, multiply her sister does not come to me, each came to me all apart from anything else, want to be debagged, grabbed my big chicken bar to perform oral sex. Every time with my big thick helping of chicken free asian escort did a very tough battle, and she was like I put my semen shines on her lips.

I remember that Friday night, my three friends come to my house and I play cards, this is the first time they play cards with me, my cards are not playing well, my sister in the living room watching TV, but often come to see us play cards.

Her dress is very common, jeans, sneakers and a white T-shirt, but due to the natural beauty, free asian escort still looks beautiful, she usually looks like a girl next door, not only cute, full of affinity. Three of my friends old and I, almost, they are college students, usually to the gym, strong physique Duman.

We drink a lot of beer, but no one was drunk, and surprisingly, I did not lose too much money.

About one o'clock, I told the Board the end, we all agree that playing the last one, that one I think I took a good hand, so I will be all cash two thousand dollars are bet down dragons and Xiaofan with, but considerably apart to keep outside, he will have to raise three thousand dollars, I think I will not lose, so I called my sister-in-law's mistress over, tell her now. She considered a moment, I have always told her to win, and finally she agreed, so I told greatly, I do not have so much money, but if I lose, the Xiaojuan can help his trumpet, they shocked my sister is head down, blushing.
Greatly today I'm feeling lucky, and everyone is drunk, the mood is also more high-pitched, he thought for a moment, so I agreed.

I lost, I was just wondering what to do, much useful loyalty, you can play with the last one, if I win, you can put money back Xiaojuan do not help him oral sex; He won, and my sister the Xiaojuan on to do his "slaves" until Monday morning.

I did not ask the the Xiaojuan views, much of the agreed conditions. Needless to say, I was lost, and everybody to see the results, do the gloating booing, Xiaojuan then blushing at the floor.

Greatly pull back the chairs side sit sitting, he look at me, looking at Xiaojuan, and finally again looked at me and said: "I have to give you the opportunity, this wonder. Xiaojuan, come over you brother-in-law you lost me
Xiaojuan head down, went considerably in front of greatly stretched out both hands to hold the the Xiaojuan breasts, gently knead, "Wow! Her breast quite good, feels so comfortable! No wonder your brother-in-law often mentioned that you said that he almost daily with her big cock dry her little wave forced, she is so sexy, "he told the other two people.

Stood up greatly, hand chin lift Xiaojuan, Coushang mouth to kiss her, also tongue into her mouth. Xiaojuan increasingly heavy breathing, her nipples hard, although wearing a bra and T-shirts, but can already see the position of her nipple.

Greatly to take off his pants, the one I have never seen cock bounced out, Flanagan dick about nine inch half-length, three inches longer than mine and a half, but also more coarse than my dick. He grabbed the hand of Xiaojuan, let her hold Flanagan large helping of chicken, and then once again kissed her warmly, Xiaojuan moaning, small hand side rubbing Flanagan large helping of chicken.

Greatly pressing the to Xiaojuan shoulders lightly, let Xiaojuan knelt down, and then he sat down and said: "I want to try your mouth with a large helping of chicken. Your brother-in-law said that you are licking a man large helping of chicken, come lick my big helping of chicken, and compare the big cock in me and your brother-in-law of that delicious "

My lustful sister Xiaojuan not hesitate to head down, Flanagan large helping of chicken like licking lollipops wildly up and down to lick it, and then opened his mouth, latch onto the penis of a large helping of chicken, straining to my mouth , but containing only into the half a helping of chicken. She began to mouth up and down Taonong the mouth of a large helping of chicken, a hand and stroked greatly testicles in one hand while holding the roots of a large helping of chicken, and she was moaning, while also issued by the sucking sound of water.

Greatly eyes closed, hands rubbing his large helping of chicken feel the Xiaojuan wonderful lips touched the breast of Xiaojuan. Dragons and Xiaofan only sat and stared at it all, do not know what will happen next. Before long, the considerably large helping of chicken began to ejaculate a hot semen into the mouth of the Xiaojuan, Xiaojuan swallowed.

Greatly sits where, looked at us all a, said: "My God, my life has never touched the woman so including cock! Will I urge you to take a wonderful feeling her lick man cock taste "
Xiaojuan once again flushed bowed his head, like the one little girl of the wrong things.

Greatly hands again stripped Xiaojuan's T-shirt and bra, also took off her bra thrown at me, said Xiaojuan these days do not need to wear this stuff, so convenient for him to play Xiaojuan Mimi. Then he Xitian Xiaojuan pink nipple, her Mimi head increasingly to hard, more and more red, like the two red five-dollar coins, affixed to her chest, and I have never I did not see her Mimi head so hard! Xiaojuan also began to groan.
Dragons and Xiaofan face revealing a desire to look, they have already put their big helping of chicken dig out, much to watch them, and then looked at me and said: "Well come on! let her play the two of you a big helping of chicken. "

Greatly Xiaojuan help the dragons trumpet his big helping of chicken and about the same size, but longer than I that may be rough a little bit. His big helping of chicken in Xiaojuan mouth quickly Choucha, there is no support for how long a large helping of chicken ejaculation in his ejaculation so that Xiaojuan drink before he had been playing with the Xiaojuan plump breasts, he seems particularly like Xiaojuan breast.

Xiaojuan in terms of the size of A Fan helping of chicken is no doubt make her satisfied with the very, although he did not greatly so, but enough to make me self-esteem to death. He sat on a chair, eyes closed, sometimes also issued a very satisfied groan, large helping of chicken enjoying the the Xiaojuan mouth supreme taste. And just Xiaojuan help greatly trumpet, Xiaojuan contain only into half a helping of chicken, because of his helping of chicken is far too long, even so, the Fan A large helping of chicken finally shoot the Xiaojuan mouthful of semen .

A Fan's semen is swallowed, Xiaojuan stand up, to greatly, and still licking his lips, her breasts dangle seductively in her chest.

Greatly out his hand, squeezed her Mimi head, said: "Well done, you let the three of us a big helping of chicken are cool too, in order to be fair, you allow yourself to cool a cool job. Come on, clothes off, climbed up the table, we would like to see your brother-in-law is dry with a large cock. We appreciate appreciate. "
I like this idea, and sister sex so many times, never seen so many people, and I now actually want to perform in front of three of my friends sex show!

Xiaojuan also listened to was shocked, she is really embarrassed, but she did not take off her jeans, and then take off the socks. She stood there, who only a small yellow underwear underwear bottom, has a large wet.

Her fingers, soft and graceful hooked underwear near the two ends of the waist and slowly pulled down, and down of the average piece of underwear out of her pussy until that wet the fabric of a large part. Then I stripped. Big people let me and her in a circle, so each of us can enjoy her beautiful carcass and my long hard big helping of chicken. Much smiles: You see your brother-in-law's urgent, large helping of chicken fast water.

After she took off her shoes, and I pick up the table, and a packed Xiaojuan will climb up the table and lie down, bent his legs, then legs open, so that we can carefully observe her private parts . Her lips have been swollen Aiye flow of the entire perineum of all looks very beautiful!

All the people around her pussy. Xiaojuan beginning also embarrassed a few of them to call my own first masturbation, and make her their own touch her vagina and pubic hair is not very long, so did not cover her peach hole.

In much of the request, Xiaojuan finally with both hands, poke her labia, so that they can take a good look at the final launch of her semen, I had never seen her so carefully Xiaoxue this feel great! Her pussy are totally pink, and from time to time, exudative Aiye.

Greatly added: "Well, now start the brother-in-law with a large helping of chicken to make a big sister. Continue, hurry up! We all want to see you make her climax like."

In this way, a big helping of chicken Xiaojuan hand holding, first licking my cock head. I started with the index finger and middle finger gently Mozhao clitoris, and her right hand touched his left breast, pinching the nipple, she also often the middle finger inserted into her pussy, made her fingers is the sexual secretion, sometimes greatly, but also her finger on the sexual secretion licked clean, I think this show is my cock more and more hard!

Xiaojuan in masturbation, they have not been idle, they sometimes fingers into her Xiaoxue years, and then a finger on the sexual secretion is licked clean, but sometimes greatly will he stick Aiye of hand Feng Let Xiaojuan own lick, this move really makes me crazy, my life has never been so excited.

At this point, I started a big dick rely on the waves of my sister-in-law to force, in her climax before the advent of the Xiaojuan first tightly closed eyes, then her most sexy and full of desire and looked at my three friends.
Large helping of chicken in a sample of 25 minutes she waves forced Xiaojuan reach a climax, her breathing rapid, and gently moan. Her eyes closed, body tight, jaws by the chest, in the peak of high tide, greatly let me pull out the big cock forced inside her, I am forbidden to ejaculate, then he will be three fingers inserted waves forced into Xiaojuan, Xiaojuan also issued a cry long and loud moaning ...

Greatly shocked, and said: "My God! The Roudong seems to take my hand sucked the same! Her climax, when this show is forced to become tight, no wonder your husband every day, rely on you, you must not believe tonight dry she will not let us down! "

Xiaojuan lying on the table, could not help panting, her cheeks crimson, she is like the climax, her nipples hard and stone. I put the big cock hanging out, a large helping of chicken a Move ...

Greatly Xiaojuan rest for ten minutes, said: "Come on, Miss, I would like to Dry with a large helping of chicken you that hot, tight Xiaoxue

Greatly, holding the the Xiaojuan hand under the table, leaning on her, and she walked into our bedroom. Xiaolong, A Fan and I followed behind them, like a hen with chicks, line up into the bedroom.

When I went into the bedroom, Xiaojuan has been lying on the bed central, legs spread, knees bent, ready to fucked up. Greatly are being stripped him the last piece of clothing, A Fan and dragons began to undress, waiting for adultery my sister.

Substantially longer a waste of time above the foreplay, he climbed between the open legs of my sister-in-law hold Flanagan large helping of chicken, plug aboard the Xiaojuan The small forced his force forward a Flanagan will be a large helping of chicken root inserted into the the Xiaojuan hot and tight Mixue where. Xiaojuan body startled waves, saying: "Oh ... my day ... good ... a big helping of chicken, brother-in-law, your big cock his big helping of chicken! Ah ah! Big Cock nice Yeah, I like a large helping of chicken, the two of you cock leaned over, I want you three at the same time to dry my brother first to play a big helping of chicken, with a large helping of chicken I test fun, with a big cock dry I please "
Then greatly hugged Xiaojuan leg, forward pressure, Xiaojuan knees against her Xiangjian this position and angle can make considerably Flanagan Big Cock Xiaojuan Xue Li inserted Excitement! And their two big cock out into the front of my sister, my sister-in-law with one hand and a big cock look in his mouth plug.

Then began to greatly faster than I can describe the speed of pumping a large helping of chicken Xiaojuan only kept the waves, saying: "Ah ...! ......! ...... Large helping of chicken fast forced to rely on my small waves I forced itches can not stand large helping of chicken brother!! rough cock husband!! large helping of chicken forced to plug me! "

After a few minutes, Xiaojuan reached a climax, but this time the climax of an intense, her Jiaochuang the sound is also growing, almost used to shout! Large helping of chicken! Coarse helping of chicken!! Fast ejaculation! A helping of chicken fast to reach all parts of my little mouth! I like to eat a man's big cock ejaculate

Greatly followed shouted: "wow parade! The small waves forced the woman to her? My big helping of chicken sucked!"
Greatly to head back footwall forced forward a large cock a full plug in the end, a large helping of chicken began to ejaculate ...

Greatly the large helping of chicken shot fine after he let go Xiaojuan legs V Xiaojuan who gently kissed her and said: "little beauty, you hole dry Zhenshuang the large helping of chicken in this life for the first time so cool. "
My sister just to smile.

About one minute, greatly to pull out his big helping of chicken to climb out of bed, he looked at dragons, said: "Big Cock anxious, on."

Dragons from the mouth of my sister-in-law pulled out a large helping of chicken to climb up the bed, a large helping of chicken the same position and speed dry Xiaojuan However, because of his big helping of chicken did not greatly so huge, so there is no Xiaojuan get just earth-shattering climax, even so, Xiaojuan or get a climax.

A Fan is the last one, he would like to play in different ways, so he the Xiaojuan tummy, his big helping of chicken from the back insert. Greatly and dragons just finished shooting a large helping of chicken semen for the semen on the Xiaojuan licked Big Cock.
Xiaojuan will butt against the air, his head resting on the arm, this posture can clearly look at A Fan hips hold the Xiaojuan his big helping of chicken inserted into the the Xiaojuan wet small forced. Greatly intercourse and before Xiaojuan get a very intense climax, her first stop moaning: "Oh ... oh ... oh ... a large helping of chicken! Thick and long and hard helping of chicken ... done I thrilled!! "and then the climax becomes a scream loudly" large helping of chicken rely on dead to me for help! we Come!! Big Cock rely on my ass, ah ! big helping of chicken pro-helping of chicken by death of me! "Really, I do not think she can only meet four times a climax.

A Fan, a large helping of chicken more later inserted the more fierce, the more we plug the sooner, and then once inserted in the end began to ejaculate. When he pulled out his big helping of chicken, we are very clearly heard the the Xiaojuan pussy big cock inserted issued a "pop ... pop ..." the voice.

Finally A Fan's large helping of chicken began to ejaculate, I saw A Fan worked with a large helping of chicken, the Xiaojuan turned to lie down and paralysis in the middle of the bed, I opened her legs to see her pussy, her pussy was Cock dry becomes a mess the entire perineum red labia also swelled up three big dick shot semen like small rivers continue to flow from her Yin account ...

"My God," I can only say: "you people's congresses helping of chicken such a good Xiaoxue broke!"

Much laughter, he wanted me to do not worry, "Xiaojuan still young enough, tomorrow this? Will become like new, with a large helping of chicken dry up or will be very interesting!"

Room everyone heard laughing.

My sister after my three friends gang with a large helping of chicken, greatly to bring Xiaojuan out. Xiaojuan to wear T-shirts and underwear before she wants to wear jeans, much to her enchant a skirt, the Xiaojuan that skirt is wide and short length only to her knees two inches of it, she just turned around, you can let others see the scenery under her skirt; her T-shirt material is very thin, thin enough to see her pink nipples directly.

Others are in clothes, greatly standing behind the Xiaomei, fondle her breasts, Xiaojuan only stand to let him touch, head hanging low, a very shy way. Her nipples hard, her shy look up as if out, I stood in the place, that exposed a large helping of chicken in the crotch hard, my pants in front of a large wet, I miss and Xiaojuan marked the one shot.

Dragons and Xiaofan Thank you, I gave them such a wonderful evening, and thanks to the Xiaojuan give them life, succulent first sexual intercourse.

Greatly Before I left, Saturday at noon, he may be with Xiaojuan return to our home quickly, they all left. For the next hour, I have been revisit with my sister is my good friend, with three large helping of chicken gang rape pictures, my hands to play with my long hard big helping of chicken playing a pistol ...
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