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Train sex with female colleagues

Train sex with female colleagues

Before the National Day, our office received the notice, to participate in overseas trade activities, with two nights
Between the material ready, early in the morning, the mayor will arrange and Organization Department, Wu Min to the field before the station, because to do
The public rooms of the vehicle is tight, so we decided to take the train. As a busy night, tired and do not live! We
They bought a two-berth, leaving Mayor Jiang told to: "Xiaojian, the Wu Min to take care not to let her suffer
Oh! A problem only you asked! "

In this the Mandy introduce to you. Wu Min is the number one beauty, where the Organization Department of the audit of the Secretary's daughter.

81 born, height 171CM, the girl of extremely pure, vivid colors can not square things, he's a
Oval face, two Liu Yemei children, one pair of eyes, and to clarify and Wink is not high, not low on the nose, as if
The Yuzhuo into, Yingtaoxiaokou, not one inch, the face skin, rosy, red, White and Run tired of extremely
Simply blowing shells broken, his forehead covered a few sparse fringe, the more we show that infinitely lovely, a black slip pretty
Short hair, giving her a tiny flap sub-braid the root circle wreath, wearing a light blue folded skirt, dress parting to reveal a pair of exquisite small
Feet, crystal clear, very good-looking, wearing white socks and red slippers, walking, waist, graceful step
Lu to demon Johnson, plus ornaments, elegant, cosmetics are not applied, really be called a pretty sweet net four words, the words of my colleagues in terms of:
The lordosis After knocking the legs long. Usually in the courtyard of one who is not willing to take care of the look, do not talk about the boyfriend, I
Have a bunch of young people are envious of death! Ha ha!

10:00 minutes when the two of us on the train to his place to look pretty good, is a
Small box, very clean bunk beds, sitting next to a man and a woman, as if the couple look like very
Close. Friendly say hello, I said: "Mandy, you sleep on upper berth, above light static point," Pure asian Escort
Nodded and put her bags up to put the edge, and then go out into the upper berth to climb, just her tight ass stretched in front
My face, did not think her ass is so plump! I was to see the trance, I heard Pure asian Escort said: "help me.
Did not see me so that does not pull its weight on you? Annoying! "I quickly hand leaning on her big ass to push up the rump! Good soft!

Instant helping of chicken is hard! Really want to immediately fork into it.

Unfortunately, time is too short, Pure asian Escort quickly climb out, stood up and sat Zhang Hung servant servant's mouth a
Gas, I noticed her blush, probably no man touched her ass! I watched her put things in order
After a good, said: "I did not sleep last night, sleepy look, you have something to call me, okay?" Then I sat down
Her below the beds, the car's air conditioner is too big, I decided to take off their clothes to sleep, free of
Got off a cold. I take a look around, with no one noticed, the two opposite each other holding began to snooze. Hey!

Damn happy!

I took off his jacket, wearing only a vest and boxer shorts and a cover began to sleep with the quilt! Forget a capped with a
Without the personnel MM (feel eyes strafe), the train forward, thinking and Wu Min's fart
Shares, I soon fell asleep.

(Dreaming of a trace, and also very interesting in terms of ideology rape Mandy)

"Hey! Xiaojian, get up, eat it!" I shoved it hesitated to starting a ride, incense and mouth, the original
To Mandy she called me a few times, I did not hear, so went for my ear shouting, who knows exactly I accounted for
Cheap! I could not suppress lust pulled her to the arms of a pull, plump body look down on me.
Severely hard Bang Bang helping of chicken arrived in her ass, she exclaimed: "how do you do?" I do not know how
What answer, anyway, so, they stare into her eyes, said: "I want you I want you for a long time you know
It! , "She shy arrived nod said:" You're a bold, bad enough, never to me. You really want to
Me? Have you ever how wrong I say? "I see that she did not oppose it bluntly she pulled my quilt,
Her nervous trembling, said: "In the car was seen." I take a look around, the two opposite long to eat
, Will coax: "No one, nothing. Just me and your time." Sensitive to bow their heads to look at me from time to time,
She noticed changes in my penis, face more red.

Mandy lying restless in my arms, and looked to was some panic the reflexive Gently press in her, her significant
Very afraid, I was gently stroking Mandy's hair, said to her: "Mandy, you relax, I will Hello!"

Mandy slowly calmed down, her arms around me tightly, she looked up, I looked at her clear eyes, I
Kiss her. "Well," she gently made, this soon for me is not an "encouraging"?

I gently held her in his arms, two people face-to-face stickers with her exquisite undulating posture, lordosis
After Alice's body Haoru close to my chest, shortness of breath up in her ear, I said "hello
Hong Oh! Good and tender skin. "I started to kiss her lips, and soft. Natural hands to sweep her back and her Feng
Surplus of the Bottom. And then started kissing her earlobe, my tongue a step by step to move down, her shortness of breath
Response, fire and enthusiasm almost I melt, the two tongues live entangled in each other mouth to explore.

The tip of my tongue in her mouth, scratching and confused and vacantly in between the teeth as a small loach stubborn drill pry with.
Random scratches on top, in between the teeth like a small loach stubborn drill pry with. Soon be difficult to curb the surge
Interest separated from a small crack in her teeth, the tone of the heat of incense at once enveloped the tip of my tongue, I almost savage
To get a look. Tightly across her upper and lower teeth in force and summarized the round on the tongue, belly. I immediately
Feel that they are lying on her soft slippery hot cloves valve, a high degree of tension in her tongue at a loss
Shrink, the tip of my tongue in the wrapping of her body fluid, drilling her tight sublingual cotton on the breath of pure taste
Soft fragrant hot let me greedy then on the turn, instinctively want to dwell as one with fresh flesh.

I began to wanton violation of every corner of her mouth. Tension and confusion seems to have entered the
Hypnotic state, her clumsy implementation. Squeeze in my entire Zuidou inside. The lips of her hot and humid almost to
My nose, teeth, scratch my people, my mouth and tongue completely enveloped in the fragrant heat, humidity, stick-slip among.

My mouth summarized took her soft delicate tongue with his teeth and gently bite his tongue in the above
Intimacy of friction. Fierce, irresistible encroachment desire, she will enter a two-thirds of the tongue sucked into the
The mouth of the roots with his teeth firmly clenched. My tongue and her close attachment with her Hanhan
The moaning stirring sucking. Her voice is so issued, is now in my mouth, enjoy your
With the soft flesh, her telescopic lift down, the sound of each note will command my soul.

My tongue is rampant in her white neck, and invasion of the territory she never developed. My hand
Bold on the prominent parts, I wanted to, perhaps, has always been the tradition that she would not let me succeed.
Mandy even Jiaoheng to cry, happiness and closed his eyes. Her shortness of breath the waves of body heat flutter in my
Face. We revel ......

Wu Min-chest is great, the two groups meatballs out of the deep cleavage through the thin silk, I Ching
Xi felt the outline of her bra, as well as that which wrapped plump firm flesh. People want to explore a
Actually. Empty half-cup of lace thread peeped out the attractive points of smooth skin bulging cup cylindrical song
Line. I found her bra is open in the front, buttons on the bottom of the cleavage. I had loosened the clasp of her bra.
Full of plump bimodal can not wait to jump out suddenly makes my head spin to - Jianting the nipple with
The coveted pink areola medium size, round breasts are not supported because of the lost bra
Change the shape, the most I can not help the skin of the breast is full of flexibility, finger touch in the above
It felt very comfortable!

Can not help but hold my hand huge breasts, at least the size of the above ⒊ ⒌ D, a palm
Law grasped. Slightly so that the point force rub Mandy on the issue of prostitution swing thrilling sounds. Monie a long pause,
Rujian two small grape-like in my hands gradually stiff, I feel faint erect cock inside hop
Jump, palm Monie her tender breasts, nose sniffing her chest comes out of the bursts of frankincense, enjoy the eye
Delightful expression of her face is full of ...

I use my fingers to sow discord, picked up her nipples, down bow mouth one containing them into his mouth with the tongue
The head licking, Mandy "ah" sound, hands Pengzhu my head, Saonong my hair. Wu Min-right breast
Areola long pieces mole, but also pull from the sensitive areola muscle when I pick up the root mole lips containing
Skin, making her Saonong the hand of my hair grabbed my scalp due to the thrill of leaving the force.

My hands are not idle, slide down along her shoulder, and then caressed her firm breasts. Then, I am hard
Pull down her pants, a white health underwear exposed, her underwear is silk, feels very
Smooth, separated by a thin cloth, but also feel full of mons pubis. Rub summarized in the top of her underwear, girls
, Yinsheng really attractive, especially Mandy mouth calling out, I am more into the crazy situation! In order to
She called more loudly, and I constantly Cuonong sensitive, such as the clitoris, while rubbing side to marvel and enjoy this finished
America's all.

Feel pussy smooth across the underwear, the clitoris is also full of flexibility, even the secreted the Aiye also scattered
Hair with fragrance and pleasant taste. This scent and sticky fingers feel my emotions more confusion, so I
More crazy twist crowded the Mandy's clitoris. Kept rubbing up and down the cracks of Nenxue.

The whole hand is fastened, adding to the force of the kneading, strongly driven by her desires, and my hands like
Wavering between Sheban in her back hip. My hands had to sneak into the clothing barrier, directly in her
Wander, wreak havoc on the smooth white analysis of the skin and kneading of her buttocks. The two body or close to, my sexuality, has long been
Majestic upright withstand her, let her body more hot and hot.

A sense of impulse, her hands tightly in between his legs. "Ah, no ..."

She had no mental preparation, gently screaming, hands instinctively want to retract go, but I am firmly in the original

We recognize that since the first time she touched my lower body. "No ... I do not want ..." she whispered.
Whispering, "Feel it ..., you'll like it ..." I gently grabbed her waist, her face
Cheek and gently kissed her face very hot hot.

Tweaking, her fingers or a clumsy fondle my penis unstoppable stand up,
Separated shorts ups and downs in her movements.

"Come on, directly touch ..." The touch of my hand on her chest firm fullness of uplift. Down my back
Heart, her sharp fingertips child hesitated across my abdomen, the current like a tingling sense of almost let my body spasm. She
The hand of a little cold, slowly stretching, real touch, across my underwear, her hand covering
In a hard erection.

"Good hard ah? Like iron ..." she gently screaming, "No ... not ... me, I do not want ...".

The desire to be lifted, so that I can not be patient. I grabbed her hand, put aside the edge of her underwear, her
Pressed into it. Bare glans immediately friction to the damp heat of her palm.

Her hand to explore hold my hot cylindrical erection. I can not use words to describe my moment
Feelings, it seems that my soul She grabs. Slim fingers, soft palm, carrying wrapped in hot and humid and warm,
Together around filled with desire for invasive female body Rouzhu. I have more than once excited for her.
Her a shy smile as her body on a curve. I feel that it is lewd, profane.

Now, everything is real and beautiful.

"Well ..." began to wrap a surrounded by gently shaking them. Some confusion of her index finger sticking out
The glans tie position, gently rubbing. In an instant, the pleasure straight into my temples. Sharp almost pleasure
I feel the lines of her fingerprints. I adjusted each of her fingers, and defenseless fall
Into the pleasure of inclusion body, the cock in her hands, playing with ...
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