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Women pull sister had been raped actually also constantly asked me to do her

Women pull sister had been raped actually also constantly asked me to do her

11:30 in the evening, I am catching the last train ride to go to the Kwun Tong, I was sitting in the end, waiting for the subway

Train just getting moving soon, there is a girl from the other end to open the car doors come in, go straight into this first

Surprising that girl in school uniform, I thought to myself: "11:30 not to go home, it certainly is a bad school
Students, I do not know from what abysmal secondary schools. "

Unexpectedly, when hot asian escort girl     approached, I found that she was a woman pulling students ... she walked next to me

This woman pull the girl seems to 17,8 years old, tall and slim, with short hair pretty chestnut mouth, nose Xiuting
Frame of a thin-framed glasses, wearing a blue shirt, cut to fit perfectly, look to when hot asian escort girl     was slightly hung black eye
Beads, I remember a magazine called the three eyed, is said to be the flag of the lustful.

But this woman pull sister is very cold, his face has not been any expression, to sit down and bag
Take a book to read. I think hot asian escort girl looks like the kind of aloof, strike up a conversation with her is bound to be knocked my hand
He took a magazine, it also looks

Occasionally, I turn to Journal swimsuit paintings page the inevitably carefully to see two, but heard next to that woman pull sister
The issue of contempt nasal hum. I heard her discontent, deliberately and with relish the lift to lift, pull the woman's sister is no longer
Him to concentrate on reading the book.

I looked for a moment and feel tired, close your eyes to rest, did not take long actually asleep.

"I'm sorry sir, please sit in the past, please?" Someone pushed me in his sleep.

I opened my sleepy eyes, his head fell down in the next door that the woman pulling the girl's shoulders, she is disgusted face
Aim at him. Although I am sorry, but also angry, but not a big deal, why put such a stink face,
The school is really great you. I just sit still and the body, close your eyes again, too lazy to her.

I slept a back woke up, found the car has almost no passengers, is probably the road
On slowly get off to walk away. Next to that woman pull the girl covered with a coat in sleep.

I can not sleep, I'm bored and picked up the magazine, absently browsing.

I casually looked, and suddenly a heavy shoulder, turned out to be the woman pull the girl pour sleep on him. I was going to push
Wake her, fiercely revenge, looking at her sleeping quivering eyelashes, but it felt too harsh.

That women pull girl look peacefully in his sleep, I looked at her face, I thought: "This is not beautiful? Ho
Will always pout board? "

Woman pulling the girl's forehead rounded, Yuemei children thin curved, long eyelashes, detailed, smooth cheeks, and the
What fascinated me most was her seductive lips. Quite on this Xiangchun under thick upper lip edge of a curvy figure, bent a pair of
Shortbow, tilt the front end is also slightly bear a small bead, lower lip round, while the rich, like with dew cherry, which
Upper and lower lip, Bijin, or occur in the middle of a small depression.

Sometimes, that women pull sister gently spit the uvula moist lips, that tongue over the lips sewn, ambiguous and moving.
Chance, her slight frown Zuier the Chad Kai, the neat white front teeth nibbling lower lip, shell embedded in the same
In the red pulp. I see the obsession with the right hand close to the back of the chair to stretch to the right side of the woman pulling the girl to hug her from the heart
Head bouncing wildly, both alarmed and delighted, you want to act rashly, and not rash over the pages of struggle, after all
Not hold, bow affixed to kiss her lips.

This woman pulling the girl I do not know whether just also dream lover, when I and kissed her, she was crawling around in the mouth to sing respond
I ate her upper lip, her mouth also my lower lip, the two suck each other, feelingly. Slow sip move
Her mouth, each place carefully licking the over and over again, that women pull sister gentle tease confused, not self-
The Lord to open the lip, Xiangshe stuck around to look for opponents. I gently with his teeth to bite, and then dangling tongue
Children greeting it with his tongue, that pull the sister-disordered breathing up hastily tongue fully extended, I do not
Polite contribute to adsorption, the two close friction of the tongue, I do not even feel the taste buds to upload to the sweet bursts of mysterious meaning.

Then I intrusion that woman pull the girl's mouth, and her lingering pitched battle, that woman kept pulling sister force eating my
Tongue, as to swallow the general, but also suck tongue sound, I am distracted, would like to further occupation of her
Other parts of the palm of your hand to hold she was not plump breasts.

That women pull sister suddenly woke up, looked at me blankly, after a while the child before, said: "What are you doing?"

At this time I hugged her and asked: "What do you think?"

She really do not know the situation, and shook his head and hope that sober, it struck me just sleeping beauty of
Hit me, and flushed with fever, evil whispered: "You ... you bully me!"

"I hurt you." I said, hippie smile, reach out and touch her breasts.

That pull the sister in a rage, and the backhand is a slap in the face, hit me in the face, there are several passenger carriages,
But they sat in the very front of the place, did not find this side of the peach disputes.

I was beaten cheek hot and spicy, his hands tight coupling of the woman pulling the girl's upper body, so that her hand is no longer
Tamper with.

Pull the female sister of fear, said: "You ... you do not touch me ..."

I kissed her face, grinding his face into her face, said: "encounter, how do?"

That pull the sister gonna cry quaver said: "Do not ... I want ... I called ..."

"You applauded!" I like her so proud of the women I know to pull students are afraid of losing face, the absolute
Not really noisy to let everyone know that it is multi-Xiuren things.

She really just struggling not dare scream, kiss me in her ear, said: "You Do not move, let me kiss."

That women pull sister where Ken, I see that she did not give in, and said: "pro-finished I will let you."

After she listened to, believed her, and slowly put the light strength to resist, and finally to stop.

I bit her ear lobe, said: "This good!"

Her ear came the man's breathing, ear lobe I licked palsy, could not help but from the quick-witted Ling's chill
Huddled shoulder to relax the arm, to to gentle Lanzhu she Yao Zhi, lips wander to her neck, but also Shenshe
Go to Tianshi Zhao.

Upward, she looked on my shoulder, could not help but "ah ..." sound, wrong feeling, quickly asked: "Are you pro-
Finished no? "

Re kiss me back her ears, her ears, said: "Not yet ..."

How could she subject to, and mouth "ah" sound, involuntarily grabbed my arm. I've eaten
Left ear, licking again left ear, her whole body fatigue, it all depends I hugged her, I light prop her chin and looked at
Her face, she was embarrassed already, I will be one closer to snout her lips again.

Her hands unable to push on my chest, I kissed a warm little hands to gradually climb on his shoulders, the most
After around my neck, take the initiative to suck up.

I take advantage of her reaction, the left hand to touch her right breast, she quickly scaled back to dial, I touch her left breast, she
Dial again, I go back to the left breast, her back and forth a few times could not escape the fate is no longer ignore his hand specifically
Heart and I kissed.

Finally I stopped to ventilation and hug my neck tightly, O panting asked: "pro-over did not
Yes ...? "

She was shoved to the back of the chair, bow and kiss her collar white meat, sobbing: "No!"

I lust blinded by the left hand is already in the solution of her shirt buttons, and her upper body is not convenient to move, twist in the legs anti-
Yee, I probably decided that the protest is invalid, still deep into her shirt.

This woman pull the girl because it does not plump breasts, wear thick coasters underwear, I touched do not touch, it is
Directly lifted bra, Tierou, holding the small meatballs. This woman pull sister chest thin, nipple, I used the palm
Heart grinding action, suddenly hard.

My mouth and down the chest down, and came to the nipple licking her nipple and areola color light, and light to almost
Can not be seen and the difference of the breast, smoked than have some rosy mouth, my hand and
The ravages of her breasts fill.

This woman pull sister upward, eyes half closed, his hands holding my head, she was not the slightest resistance.
However, as the expression of the girl's modesty sake, she asked: "pro-not finished?"

I suddenly looked up and said: "The pro-over!"

She was a great surprise, Leng Leng silly in there, looked at me and immorality, evil expression, a long while before awakening
I intentionally make fun of her, failing to twist the upper body, I smile and go back to licking her breasts, she finally "ah ..."
Meet the alarm call.

I am eating her milk, hand groping in her legs, her thighs thin, there is no
Meat, in spite of, after all, sensitive, and she shook the hip to express her feelings. I'm across the skirt
Palpable discomfort, but not a sense of achievement, went to write her skirt.

This time that women pull sister would not really dead pull the living to pull every possible means to that pull the sister retaining responsibility, it serves him right
Not from. I want her to obediently do not struggle, and threatened her, said: "Otherwise they would not hear or see, and more shame ah!"

She listened to me, was not willing to let me write high her skirt, I am alert to visit four weeks, and then look
The pair of long, thin legs, said: "You're beautiful!"

This woman pull sister was very pleased, but very worried, not only worried about being seen more worried about this man
To do so will security kindly? She wore a little white briefs, scarce materials, just a waist edge
String, with her slim figure, which is very charming, and her hips and strong, round and bulging quite attractive.
In front of the mons pubis at her hand to cover and do not see what they were.

I kiss her lips, forced to hand in her pants, the bottom part of the exploration that pull the sister afraid of death, his hands a
Directly protect important confidential, I force-invasive touch a damp cloth, I deliberately use the finger there circled,
Also occasionally forward thrusting.

Pull the female girl overwhelmed grunting, I'm afraid to wake the others, his mouth sealed with her lips and not a moment to
Dare let go of the finger has been put aside the end of the briefs, wiping her on the vagina to expand the street fighting. This woman pull sister even here
The same slim, stubby hair children, seems to be an acre of barren fields, but these acres of land, but water
Sufficient, ready for planting. I know how to handle the force, he did not light not heavy outline in her Xueer mouth.
That women pull sister has been "" stop, then I will force her a ho, let her back to their own
Cross knelt to him, the woman pulling the girl leaning on the front of the back of the chair back afraid to look at me. To me her head
Turn to the past, would not let her, embrace the hand to her pussy again non-stop to dig deduction, that pull the sister sitting in his body trembling,
Spine tension, inevitably tilt butt, my back and forth feeling the love and sympathy, she was to get the comfortable, soft to lie in reliance on
Back, undoing your pants zippers, come up with long die-hard cock and her panties again to the bottom tear,
Glans grinding her labia.

Women pull sister glans top, of course, know what it is thought not want to do is finally also
Is going to happen, but calm down, quiet feelings and wait for men to aggression.

I think she bent in front of the back of a chair does not move, ass sticking in their own Kuajian wonderful gesture, it is according to her
Hip side press down on the cock gradually be swallowed by the Xueer.

Pull the female girl mouth open, very light sound, I go slowly, she has been "ah"
Later, she found that I actually endless, do not know exactly how long, the only doubts turned to look at, then
I just happened to the whole root is not doing her efforts to reach packed with flavor that woman pull sister panic, interrupted to say:
You long ah ...... "

I laughed and said: "I did not tried? To move Oh ... mouth clutching."

That women pull sister do not know why clutching but still obedient to cover the mouth with the back of his hand, I won her buttocks
Department, one last look at shaking up, she knew the reason you want to Wuzui, else that Shuangsi the the beauty of the human fear of
Fear already loudly called out.

Light pull sister body of that woman, I throw a very labor-saving, so the plug was deep and fast, women pull sister naturally
Comfortable soul-stirring, Yet still he can not be called children of hole heart death, he bit his hand and the poor
Back, the issue of the urgent sound of the breath.

I bow to you will see the way out of the cock in pussy, red labia because the Choucha while frequently turning
Bring out the waves in water of a Unit, the reaction of the girl's nice, not long after I discovered that his hands do not have to contribute,
Completely that woman pull the girl shaking ass very moving.

Pull the girl intoxicated female up and down ride, the more the faster Pentium, suddenly and sat in the end, trembling good
Like crying, I quickly will also cock jerk, the former her to orgasm.

I do not want to let her rest, and immediately her hands will be holding a set up.

"Oh, that woman pull sister finally called out loud.
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