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[Small woman's sexual Road]

[Small woman's sexual Road]

Dim KTV room full of laughing tone deaf tone of the song, and between men and women, a 30-year-old man in one hand and a bottle of beer with one hand holding the microphone stand in the middle of the room yelling and screaming a northwest folk songs, not when Mengguan the one. On the coffee table in front of the sofa, placed a few empty bottles to 10 bottles of beer full-open lid, and a young man in the crooked sitting on the corner of the sofa, in front of the bottle of red wine has been overturned.

On a V-neck T-shirt, the following is a denim skirt, gray cotton socks with a pair of black sports shoes, like the dress is very youthful. The man single-handedly around my shoulder, one hand on the half of the thigh exposed to the outside skirt, my side of the body to rely on him, we kept saying with a smile, an ambiguous atmosphere between them.

The young man surnamed Ye, their unit is an old customer of our company, do not look his age was 25,6 years old, but very proficient, articulate, people look more handsome. Trip to Shanghai is the batch of equipment to purchase our company.

In the company is mainly engaged in the reception and coordination and is familiar and old customers in Shanghai two weeks, I almost daily accompanied him to eat and drink play a week after day, I take him to finish lunch to send him back to the room, half drunk and he goes beyond the business relationship. Since then, he was almost every day to look for opportunities to called me into his room, I strive to maintain modesty fallen completely replaced by a. (On this matter, I will also write out.)

The men are singing is the the lobular boss Xie total, to the final contract. After our morning in the company completed the contracted work, the size of the leadership of our company accompanied them had lunch together, to thank the sum of lobular declined the evening entertainment, the reason to rush to another place to work.

2,3 points when I received the lobular phone, he asked me out after dinner to accompany them to sing, so I do not want to tell anyone to pick him up phone I suddenly have an impulse to the heart to blame the speed up, because I know went to what will happen, or not go?

In the lobular bed, he and I said Xie total very much appreciate me, While recognizing that for some time, but has not had a chance to invited me alone, so specially lobular arrangement, and he invited me alone.

Lobular side enjoying nasty side to convince me to meet any requirements for Xie total, and to enlighten me to carpe diem, not to live up to the good age, he gives me the climax of pleasure, I stumbled agreed.

Leaflets on the phone said Hsieh like very much appreciate the words of my class, with a New jersey asain escort's vanity, I hesitated for a moment and agreed to the evening and thank meet.

Has now been three drinks, just to meet is a little nervous and ill at ease has been alcohol and time of immersion. The role of wine, maybe, I now have seemed a natural leaning lobules arms allow his arm around my hand on my inner thighs, back and forth stroke. His hand is so hot, my thigh muscles in a slight jitter, I gently separate the legs, his hand slid down between my legs, fingers separated by a thin cotton underwear up and down in full of genitals rowing.

'Well ...... do ...... thank total in ...'

I'm still trying to maintain only a little restrained, gently pushing the leaflets, he treated me clung closer, fingers easily pick open loose underwear, the whole hand into the room, the press in on my labia majora. My body conditioned reflex, trembling, legs together and clamped his hand. Finger in my Roufeng tough buckle to dig up ...

'Fifi sister, Xie is not always an outsider, you simply let go just fine. '
Firmly with your fingertip, press the clitoris, from one of the three people meet lobular natural arm around my waist and Xie always look at my eyes, I knew no longer deliberately to cover up anything, let go just a matter of time.

'Ah Ming ...'

I just mouth to call out loudly, lobular mouth kissed my tongue got into my mouth, flexible tongue licked my tongue, fingers into the vaginal opening skilled Roudong up the exploration of the two labia. My body there was a reaction immediately in alcohol fueled, vulva and breasts bulging sense of the nipple at the top and lower abdomen depths of the waves tickles the vagina moist.

'Woo woo ...'

My breath became heavy, can not help but groan from the lips tightly kiss with four forced squeezed out, and fullness in the chest due to the smooth breathing obvious ups and downs. The lobular scoundrel enough, fingers slowly inserted to the vagina.

'Oh come on ...... necrosis ...'

The lobular let my mouth, my mouth said no, but I open legs, his hands clinging to his waist. He turned to lick my ear lobe, side licking the side of said finger did not forget my wet vagina slightly stir: 'Fifi sister happy? Will have fun with Xie total, honey, I know you are very relaxed. '

'Well ...'

I groan to answer him, be regarded as acquiescence. At this time, although I am also a little nervous, but also be let go, say there are individuals at the edge of looking at, but also feel I can not tell the exciting and excited, after all, this is the first to be looked at to do so hidden things. I indulge in lobular tease, Xie total has been sitting on the edge of ridicule: 'yo, you play quite happy Well, not me when people ah. '

Me let go of the lobule, from his arms and sat up, embarrassed his head, my face was too hot to not, intertwined hands embarrassed. Lobular release the hand around my other hand between my legs pumping, pick up the paper towel on the table, rubbing his hands if nothing had happened. Xie always said: 'boss, Fifi sister are really good people good and very relaxed, very enjoyable. '

'This do not you say, I know Fifi saw it, New jersey asain escort was generous and temperament, but we no contact today a rare opportunity, we should be good communication, you say? Miss Wu. '

The last sentence Xie was always telling me the one hand it is natural to catch my waist, slightly pinch force a lay. I have a feeling of power, just a finger stuck in the vagina of the water slowly seeped out of the cotton underwear stick in pussy uncomfortable, I gently touch of ass: 'thank joking , how can you say so Well ...... thank the total how to see people like me? '

'Where, then, we know not less, in fact, I had good to get together and Miss Wu, but I've been busy today Miss Wu is to ask your pardon. '

Said, Xie total hand force Lan Jin my waist, I have taken advantage of by the past, the two legs stick together. I am the one hand a very natural on his lap.

'Xie always so kind, we are old acquaintances, so I am very embarrassed. '

'Boss, Fifi sister, I went out to have something personal to do, probably have a while. '

Lobular seize the opportunity to go, out of modesty I would also symbolic to keep him: 'lobular sit for a while, you go to thank the Federation unhappy. '

'All right, sister Fifi, the boss you like to accompany me go first. '

'Go and do it, lobular, we are here waiting for you, you need not worry. '

Since Xie total speaker, and I no longer reluctant, in fact, I also hope to the lobular hurry to leave, after all, face to face intimacy and his boss, although in his temptation is willing, but psychologically, or can not be fully accepted. Lobular got up and smiled at me: 'Miss Fifi, take good care of my boss! '

Lobular door away with a dubious smile. So calm look around the room, but their hearts are in the bounce, I was not worried that someone will come to disturb us, this place waiter know the rules, unless the room was called, otherwise it will never come.

The room has no windows, the glass on the door has also been printing Chuangzhi paste was tightly nobody points karaoke, also casually sing. The atmosphere appeared short-term stagnation, Xie total hand is still my waist there is a not a pinching, I head down to silence. He broke the silence: 'Miss Wu was thinking what? '

'Oh, the thought of what, Xie always be kind enough to call me Fifi good. '

'Well, Fifi, the lobule, right? To cooperate with you good? Satisfied with him? '

'Xie total, you say what? We are all old customers has always been cooperation is very good. '

'Oh, I was asking how your cooperation? '

He asked, empty hand hold me on the hand of his legs. I face a hot, I know Xie the total Hualiyouhua of embarrassed to answer, had raised his head and white will be the one: 'Xie total ... you know also asked ah? '

', Fifi is very satisfied with myself. Hey, that guy blessing nice, cheap all he accounted for. '

'Well ...... thank total how do you say ah? The embarrassed died. '
I spoiled leaning on his arms, his head buried in his chest.
'Oh, Fifi, lobular told me that you are a very lovely woman, and do things very relaxed. '

The woman likes to listen to other people praise themselves, I am no exception, this commendable meaning is very obscure, but it still makes me a little proud.

'Lobular good or bad, you know to utter, he said what? '
'Really want to know? '

'Well ...'

Position in the dialogue of two people unconsciously change my upper body sideways, lying in his arms, his hand holding my back in one hand and rubbed my stomach.

'He said you water ... everything you do special contribution ...'
'How are you guys so bad behind someone says. After the others do not. '

I ton of bricks with his fist lightly the name of his chest.
'Fifi do not be angry, you are such a woman is most pleasing. I am a little regret as early did not pay attention to you. '

'Xie total really amusing people, you are the big boss, which will pay attention to me a little! '

I on the side of the trunk lying on his legs, his arms around his waist and lower body parts of more than the leg flat on the sofa, legs bent elbow on the ground, this attitude implying that he fully open. He single-handedly hold up my upper body, I hold him tightly, and stared at him.
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