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[Office of the passion

[Office of the passion

After graduation to enter a foreign trade company in Shanghai, the company's office environment, good for every two people there is a separate office, and in the same room of my female staff called Xiao Cai, my age, 26 years old
Height 167, the skin is very white and delicate, the body belongs to the kind of devil-shaped.

Her husband is in sales to travel frequently. And mahhatan escort in ny married for two years. It seems married life is good. I'm single, have a girlfriend.

I initially contact and her work, but a long time talking about the things in life, six months time we can talk about anything.

In the hands of living is low I will browse some of the health and hygiene site, she saw, and I talked about some similar topics. Time to work until nine at night, I did things in her a work. I browse
To  pages on weight loss, I asked her weight and measurements, mahhatan escort in ny said I weight 50kg, waist circumference is one foot nine, the other does not know.

Hips do not know but can understand, how may I do not know Bust? You buy a bra how to do? mahhatan escort in ny said that is attendant to take her, she has been in ancient and modern brand. I said how big the cup? She said that the 35C's, I can not tell you. Because she usually wore loose clothing, never to see her through the tight.

I put on the page body standard means to show her, caught her interest. I said, your chest up and down the difference between how much? She shook her head. I do not know how on the drawer to find out a tape measure that I can help take your. Her white oval face suddenly flushed and shook his head, and I say this have anything to do, are so familiar with. She said the fear of someone after see.

I said the whole company of us, it does not matter, I assured her deliberately go out to the main door to the locked. Return, she does not speak, just looked at the computer.

I listed on the page size, let her stand up straight to the navel, and then start the tape volume, shoulders, arms, upper body, lower body to the feet, size, leg length, hip circumference (76cm), these are not her The figure is really pretty standard.

The final amount to the chest, Let me take her bust is 77cm, the last bust, I felt her breathing and heartbeat, I felt she tried to stabilize the continuous ups and downs in the chest. That day she wore a pink short-sleeved loose T-shirt, white slacks, the hand I hold the tape measure and gently brushed her breasts, to feel the softness of her bra and chest elasticity. Her breathing more rapidly, and the big eyes staring at other places. I told her on the chest is 90cm. She whispered ah a bit.

I say you usually deliberately wear a smaller size bra? She said that is because I am sorry. What are the age, there is still such a woman. Xiao Cai usually people feel more introverted. I say bust you up and down the difference is 13cm, means that amount out of the cup is 35B, in order to unlock the true I say take her bra her stunned, I have her back before she had made to reflect unbutton clothes. Her hands immediately subconsciously cover your chest, I used the relatively mild tone of her not nervous, she has a better understanding of my personality, put down your hands.

I separated the clothes of her bra Tuishang Qu, and then teach her to hold on. With the tape volume, and my fingers fully feel the breasts of her plump, rounded, very flexible. Sure enough, by her smaller size bra to hide the visual.

One hand and pinch the tape in one hand and gently cupping her breasts, the dark heart was taken aback, actually the bust 94cm. When I told her, she did not express surprise, said her sister and her plump, with a 35D bra. She is embarrassed. I say to you plump your husband will like it, she said her husband has been saying she looks good every time he saw her change the bra will not help and love to her, she began to develop from the age of 16, to 20-year-old.

I showed her the dangers of online writing, with a small bra. Did not think I described actually let her from this with a 35D bra and also wear tight clothes. I put away the tape told her chest is very flexible, and she actually answered do not know what that means. I hold her little hands greasy lubrication and then press in her left breast, feeling it? Pinch down a strong rebound.

She is still shaking his head, I whispered to her stupid, naturally my hands from behind her, surrounded by the past to hold her breasts. Really like the ad is right, a man unable to grasp first-hand woman. I gently kneading her breasts and nipples, while her about my feelings. She said very sensitive nipples, every time her husband stroked for a while, the following will be convergence into a river, and at any time.

I asked her touch I feel, she said she wanted no distractions and I can exchange this privacy, or unable to control emotions. I know he has been a rather discuss the girls like boys. I let her talk about the physical sensations aside emotion. She said that the body can not be verbal comfortable, the following is moist, there is a body want to enrich the desire to be stroked and vaginal. When the penis is also full erection, on top of her buttocks friction for a while.

I asked her usual sexual intercourse, whether there is the climax, she actually said almost every time, but married a year before the case started her husband on the top, and often she just have the pleasure to vent, so the first she does not know what is the climax, and later her husband tried to get her to sit cherished above as well as each other, she was able to quickly reach orgasm.

I intercourse experience and his girlfriend to her, she is one of those * climax. I touched her Yin the Chubby higher, indicating that she was a sexually active woman. I said that if just touching the breast, she also reached a climax, she said, have not tried.

I then took out a piece of A put to her, I intentionally let her sit, I stood beside her, is a black and white woman, Xiao Cai said she have not seen before eyed when I'm damned only seen it once, I see her undulating, breathing, and knew she was not lying.

The beginning of a man and woman to dry, then two men do a woman. Oral sex, Tit Fuck, anal, hand pay, etc., never knew she said, adding that the two men do a woman is sick, I know that she is pure intercourse. So I took the opportunity to again started to rub her breasts, I felt her breasts because of the excitement rose, heart beat can be felt.

I think may be good control and she made me trust in me to the smooth conduct of such a thing, I asked how she feels? Shy do not want to go to work, I point out that she is want to go home to do "power
Lesson "Her face was red. Film for an hour, while I stroked her breasts while secretly pull
The open own Kulian, release the penis in my mouth to explore the size and time of her husband and her, she said her husband full erection just enough for her hands to hold, I measured her hands, height of just 12cm, she said The hardness of her husband's good, but not too thick, and she likes hairy black man, because I felt sexy. I feel the time is good, do not look back, called her to let her feel my.

Her eyes staring at the computer screen, I slipped out of pants, penis already sky, I took her to a small hand moved to my crotch, her little hand is a bit cold, touched my poker subconscious want to snatch it from me, I firmly pulled. Ten seconds after she no longer move, I asked her to close your eyes, and then standing on her front. Her other hand to pull over and took my penis, and her hands hold my penis, the glans penis and out.

Her blush all over to Fenjing. I asked feeling her husband how? She tweaked for a long time only whispered your penis thick long Yeah, but the hardness, black hair is also connected to the navel, sexy it was exciting. I told her that penis length is 16cm, diameter 4cm. I Coronal particularly large particles, the friction of the female vagina is very effective.

She said the woman's physiological feeling of my penis size diameter allows more women like visual stimulation, as well as a woman to climax early penis deeper and more powerful impact. I pull her hand to touch my scrotum, and told her that a man of the most excitable parts.

Later, I stood back behind her, make her a hand to hold my penis continue to see A piece. She was surprised to ask why my black penis so grown up? I smiled and did not answer. This is natural, how to explain. In the last 20 minutes when I told her distended uncomfortable, ask her to help me Taonong She did not answer, but the hands before and after the move. At this time I have been sitting beside her, his hands still gently kneading her breasts, but has direct contact with in-depth clothing.

Her skin is very smooth and delicate, I quietly lifted her clothes, a pair of perfect breasts into the eye, very good shape, like a drop of water, light pink nipples upward tilt. No bra tied breasts are still closer to the center, not Asian women are common to both sides of the plug.

Quietly slide in my hand between her legs, her legs apart silently, my fingers felt the proliferation of the mouth of the labia, the middle finger tried to probe into Taoyuan, lubrication and grip, warm feeling very good. My hand to touch her nipples in one hand and stroked her clitoris, and she has also accelerated the speed of a small hand Taonong. Finally the end of the film at the same time to reach orgasm, and my hot semen direct shot between her breasts, I wipe the chest for her when she was very shy. She said that such a feeling more excited than she and her husband having sex more than just her to orgasm three times.

I said if it is not self-control I let her try my brother's bad. With such a start, later we can talk about anything. And regular exchange of sexual intercourse experience. Her husband a month more than 20 days out, and she is a woman libido strong, so I became her masturbation tools. But in a longer period of time, there is no direct sexual intercourse.

Since me and Xiao Cai talk about anything but each other masturbate, live ammunition, a natural corollary. Her husband's frequent business trips to make her sex life is no law, could not stand, let me help masturbation.

This day we work overtime, is 51 leave, the weather is very good, she wore a tight low-cut jumpsuit skirt V-neck, the devil is exposed. The entire office are only a handful of the company was working overtime. Xiao Cai and eating lunch in the office lunch break, I put the door lock before dinner.

We began to exchange sexual experience. I said the style of the back pay of favorite position, his hands can stimulate a woman's breasts and clitoris Xiao Cai favorite hold sitting face to face, you can direct friction to her clitoris and her husband stroked her sensitive breasts . His mouth I open the side of the page to find some sexy photos to her, and then I asked Xiaocai depends on A piece of it, she turned her eyes silent, flying out of flush cheeks.

I took out an integrated version of the film, which Europe and the United States, Korea, Japan, and many others and the human-animal war. Xiaocai automatically sat down in front of a computer, I took a chair to sit beside her. Just put her upright plump double-breasted downs, deep cleavage exposed in the low-cut collar to pull it out my eyes.

I chuckled that she's wearing today is to tempt me, her blush and say to all my advice to wear. I am very sincere compliment her figure, her shy smile. I pulled on the ring clinging to her breasts, I said that his own girlfriend cup only B, if there is so good to her, I would have let her help me Tit.

Xiao Cai said that she had helped her husband to do Tit but very tired, and her husband stood, her knees. I said that your position is wrong, should you lie on your back, your husband kneeling on your chest, as she breasts can grip the DD and fully stimulate the male eye. Then she said the job back to pay-if her knees is not comfortable, and only her tummy.

I say a different position to deal with different people, not all postures can be applied.

Masturbation before I found Xiaocai A film to see, touch her breasts can make her reach the climax of the level, or high-level to stimulate her clitoris while her little hand is also very natural to opened my Kulian Taonong to my penis, she said, since touched my penis and saw A piece after the man size difference so big. She said if I had not control over, that she had. My heart secretly proud of the personal charm.

This piece of irritating super soon Xiaocai to reach a climax. And then letting her second orgasm with your fingers. I have her skirt lift up to the waist, upper body pull-down to the waist, has long been put off the bra. My shirt and pants are also matte. This is the time we release the most.

Now she dares to look at me naked, but still a little shy, afraid to have been stared at. My skin is kind of malt color, healthy and strong feeling, so she was prone to passion. She single-handedly Taonong my penis in one hand and rub my scrotum. We one issued a low moan. I also let her help Tit, oral sex, she silently accepted, clamped breasts felt so good. Her mouth soft tongue makes me excited.

I began to kiss her nipples with his lips, she slowly close your eyes and enjoy the wonderful feeling. I've seen Asian plump woman in the Atlas of the total not quite believe that their fidelity, but now I really believe there will be such a plump female. My big mouth and taking Xiao Cai's breasts, touching her smooth skin, I gently raised her and let her sit on my lap, the penis has been like a poker on the move, so that she can not sit comfortable.

I suddenly in her ear: I want to go, she was stunned for a moment, silently nod. I know her sensitive body has been unable to resist the intrusion of. I held onto her waist, her little hands to hold my stick, and slowly sat down, her vagina is very hot and humid, grip, lubrication. My penis is large, but well into her body. She only uttered a crooning. Then start her up and down movement. I asked her and her husband feel more. She shyly whispered: Of course, your big cock feel more comfortable. To the top to the mouth of her womb, the feeling is not the same. Before her husband not feel this way.

I am very pleased to hard to cater to her computer, A piece of the stimulus with us the first direct contact, so that she has reached two orgasm in front of my ejaculation. And her transform four, five each other that the most likely to reach the climax of the position, this afternoon we did a total of five, she was seven climax. Finally, both tired lying on a chair do not want to move.

I asked her to feel like? Her hard with a small hand twist my little brother, you really bad.

Since and Xiaocai With this layer of the intimate relationship, we work was, QQ chat, when no one sitting in a chat. Of course, this does not affect the work or their jobs are not insured to talk about what sex drive. You say is not it?

I do not know the feeling of betrayal and more exciting, or because of my penis than her husband's thick, long, hard, make it easier for her to achieve multiple orgasm. About we have done seven or eight times after Xiaocai quietly and I said, she and her husband have sex has been difficult to achieve orgasm, unless the mind thinking about my job. My underground passage: sin is too important to go on like this my responsibility.

But I am a live for today people, not Guannameduo. Xiao Cai and I are doing the sales management and can often leave behind some reasons to work overtime, and her husband travel often, and my girlfriend went to Beijing to pursue further studies to be one year. Can be said that this time is our prime time. We both feel a can not imagine the joy of sex in the office.

Each room of our company are in favor of closed doors, I like to take no one and often tease about Xiaocai, such as pinched her breasts plump, her bra is cotton, unlike some airport The type of girls like to wear a sponge pad, so that feels more real, or slap her Buttocks pinch one of her waistline. There are times, I saw the outside, no one, quietly went behind her, took out his penis and then pull her hand Taonong scared her little face crimson. Every time he saw her shy look, I would be excited.

Since she started wearing a 35D bra and tights, men as a whole are the envy of my shed saliva. Something all right to have come to our office to cotton. My day start with the opportunity to almost.

All stories can only occur in the night, this night things to do nearly the end. We drank a cup of coffee, rest a while. Will go to the theme. Usual, I went to shut the door, then back to the office. Xiao Cai tenderness Feelings waiting for me. I quickly faded pants, huge penis has an erection, I put on her bra unlock, let her help Tit, Xiao Cai originally introverted, so she took the initiative to holding the breast to squeeze my penis, her excitement and shy expression, more magnificent.

, Etc. I feel more up, I would take off her pants, her front sitting on my lap, her little hands to hold on to my penis, pointing to her Midong slowly set to sit down. Every time this position allows her to reach orgasm in less than ten minutes. In affectionate, we do not exchange the experiences she and her husband, my girlfriend and sex. She said my penis really brought her unprecedented sexual feelings, she really love me, I said to her breasts and hip to give me a lot of stimulation and encouragement. Every time I pinch her breast do not want to wash its hands that feel too comfortable.

We enjoy, a wonderful moment, I shot two and a half hours, and Xiao Cai is three to orgasm!
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