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[Cornfield busy planting, physical and mental TURF love

[Cornfield busy planting, physical and mental TURF love

I graduated from college has been ten months, ten months, so I can not forget, is a rural woman, her name is Xiao E, eight years older than I, I graduated prior to distribution, the decentralization of labor landlord, I sent to the countryside in those days, new york virgin girl has been asked for me but sorry warm, from time to time taking care of my work and life, in the the decentralization months time, I Xiaoe later developed into a kinds considerate type of relationship, which makes me miss her more. Today I received the letter new york virgin girl wrote me a peace of Xiaoe looked to my letter, he remembered the scene in the ten months ago, could not help but imagination state of mind is difficult to calm down.

Pro before graduation, the school allows us to experience the complexity of social life, organizational decentralization of activities in rural areas, so the provincial capital of our group of students come to Ann stick County, which is a remote and impoverished small counties, most of the local water and light are not. village arranged for me to a peasant households to help them labor, this family only two people of the middle-aged couples some stiff man of the house of the landlord, whose name called like his look like old stay, he is a semi-agricultural semi-hunting farmers, because the home ground is not too many, so often into the mountains to hunt. Old to stay on my arrival and no excessive performance, bow to their own interests in smoking a cigarette.

The landlord hostess Xiao E, she is cheerful, look handsome in rural areas sister. Rural women rarely have tall figure, she was six of one meter tall in the village is particularly outstanding, a woman with a black shiny hair, pretty face, plump smooth ass, a look was very trick people like it.

Xiaoe home on the eighth day, the old man of the house stay is now the hunting season, an ample supply of hunting equipment, and let Xiaoe to bring him a large bag of dry food in a hurry into the mountains to. May want two or three months will not be back, and to Xiaoe Do not worry, also asked me to be like a man to do some live, do not let his wife tired with the old to stay out.

Man of the house is old and stay away, the only work in the fields every day and I Xiaoe two people.

I especially like the sneak peek Xiaoe that fat round ass walking butt always some exaggeration on both sides of twisting an Alice Alice, baggy pants do not cover living man's fantasy woman flesh pants . Old to stay away, every day and I Xiaoe two people living in this small farm yard, which makes my peeping is more convenient to them, no longer have to Palao stay that vision as nails.

That day the temperature is high, the sky without a trace of wind, the heat of the whole earth like Block steamer, I Xiaoe go work in on the ground. End grass to corn to hoe, when we sit down and rest a while, next to the old cattle is about hungry moo always crying up, so Xiaoe stood up and said to me: "achievements, we were cutting off the grass, you see the cow is hungry ".

I am one with the Xiaoe stood up and nodded and did not speak, and be promised her.

Corn field next to block the grass does not grow crops, particularly lush growth of grass here, the shadow of the corn stalk sub is just covered our heads, two one after the other to cut the grass, seems to become entirely world Xiaoe cut too quickly, I am unwilling to let himself closely with behind her, and pretty soon effort, we cut down a lot of grass, and then two again grass together into a small haystack.

Xiaoe took off his hat violently the wind said: "It's so hot". Her head constantly emitting sweat, the clothes have been wet with a large, perspiration makes her clothes attached to the body, chest breast wet clothes tightly wrap quite there .

Not given birth to a child, Xiaoe breasts like a girl's breast, they are very plump and very flexible, rounded breasts back and forth up and down with the action of the Xiaoe arms to undress or tamper with, they like Health in the chest of a woman, two frisky meat ball, this scene I could not help but get confused, began to change my crotch and feel the original also Anfen cock throbbing less honest slow slow to bend up.

Xiaoe looked up to see I kept staring at her breasts look, and saw the drum became a big bag of change in my crotch, she was a little bit embarrassed, she subconsciously hand to cover it up under the chest breast, but do not want to arm in the chest blowing, making the breast beating is more active, and the arm simply could not block chest fullness of the breast, she no longer breast Guzhang jump to cover up any of them fully exposed in front of my men.

After a while, asthma equaled the gas Xiaoe turned and said to me: "I went to pee".

Xiaoe seems really did not think of me as an outsider, she did a few days ago, the kind of tweaking, the presence of this big man's face, very casually say they have to pee, and then she stood up and walked away from the places I have only a few steps away, there is no want to avoid my eyes, without regard to unlock the pants immediately squatted to urinate.

Xiao E is probably already in urine Biede a long time, she squatted down I will immediately heard a very pungent urine rushing sound, and I also saw yellow urine water in front of her mud Jida starting a urine flowers. Xiao E is back to me squatted to urinate, because she just took off his shirt, because urine and undid his pants, so I clearly see from behind a woman naked body is her fat white, round ass, ass groove inside the tuft of pubic hair, all glance to show in front of me to see these hidden woman, in the conditions of reflection, my dick immediately suddenly stiffness up.

Xiao E squatted there is no turning back I said: "The achievements of your writings to unbearable? You convenient, does not matter, sister-in-law will not see your baby. Xiaoe At this time the urine has been finished, rural women do not like the city a woman the urine finished to wipe ass, her ass Alice high hard to shake up and down, good water to get rid of urine dip in the pussy and ass.

Open the legs a few paces in front of their own place the urine of a woman, her high tilt ass bobbing up and down position to get rid of the urine to the woman's genitals all I see clearly in the piece dark crevices of the ass, I see the anus of a woman purple and black hair surrounded by tender cunt, two of her labia open presents with attractive light red, labia, and pubic hair and ass stick with little urine, pale yellow urine in the woman constantly lashing, have to drop down as collections of shiny pearl. Looked at a woman's most secret places, so that my face becomes pure up late, when my eyes have become straight ahead, motionless dead STARE in the woman that called a "cunt" on something.

Standing Xiaoe behind, I have not turned away, callous, no expression mechanically pulled out his dick urine, although he also urinate, but no eyes has been closely watching Xiaoe the ass distracted, resulting in the final urine competition fell on his own trousers and shoes I did not notice.

When not hear the voice that I continue to urinate, Xiao E turned to me and looked over, and when she looked at me riveted her eyes and holding a cock, a change in just embarrassed look She softly, I gently asked: "achievements to see that you really like a fool, look at the woman to see the eyes are straight, sister-in-law then it is worth you looking? Do not you have not seen such a woman like a sister in law? you are so open to students, what woman does not seen it, you played in the recognition and female students in the school it "?

I blushed and quietly replied: "Well, no, I ...... I ...... also never touched a woman". I have forgotten the convenience that thing back into the pants to go inside, let it exposed.

"So, our contribution is a good student, or fails to grasp the child man, that sister in law today, I would give you your heart, let the achievements of past meridian.

Xiaoe turn the body to me over, straightened the body, so her leg pants as people stand up at once thoroughly slipped to the foot of, Xiaoe this village women, a way to make me a few days to crush a woman, this time naked women naked in front of me has become.

Their immediate Xiaoe original shyness, her heels to get rid of the pants fell to the foot of her pair of white thigh slightly open to me, holding out the front Guzhang the fullness of the breast, to lure a camel before and after writhing crotch, so that the most excited man's part in the naked body is the thigh that with part of the tuft of black pubic hair exposed to show off to men.

I Xiaoe move stunned. For the past two decades, in addition to the Aspect pornographic films, I have not really seen a naked adult woman looking at Xiaoe pubic hair hung little urine, watching the Na Liangpian like talking red labia. his thoughts, not to sigh, the original woman's bottom is so sultry. Lu's cock out of your pants fail to live up stiffness.

Xiaoe come to just cut off the haystack and sat down, she patted the soft weeds, and beckoned to me said: "The achievements, Come on over, very comfortable on this haystack, just to let us rest look. "

I just went to the front of the Xiaoe, she took my hands one and pulled me to sit down, I do not have the slightest preparation, the body hit her naked body, my hands and my face felt her skin warm and smooth, his thoughts, both happy and nervous.

Xiaoe writhing naked body like a baby, the demonstrators said to me: "Now, sister-in-law who all you see, the bottom of the breast and sister-in-law of the sister-in-law, sister-in-law ass baby inside, you see things clearly clear Chu, ". Xiaoe finished speaking these words, deliberately again his legs open, that is called a "cunt" thing is completely exposed in front of me, which makes my blood rush to his head, with the feeling of fainting. Then she a species Buyiburao tone I said: "But this is unfair, you only look at me No, I have to look at the achievements of the body, you have to take clothes off, let me look at you naked, look at your ass the following baby. "

After listening to Xiaoe say, I could not help but elated, her middle of my wants, this is just what you subconsciously want to do things she has unmistakably told me a message, this woman has the most open to their own mysterious door, she was not afraid, I am a big man, what can be concerns? Their original Xiaoe in front of the kind of psychological shy, vanished with her. I quickly took off his clothes, and in front of Xiao E, like naked the whole body.

Once the two naked bodies have been so close to the contact, language seems to have become superfluous things, me a hum to hand quickly grasped the Xiaoe breasts, rubbing my hands touch, mature woman body tremble Xiaoe in a man's love to help the body flaccid paralysis general fell on my chest. I feel the intimate contact of the two naked flesh, palm slightly kneading her firm breasts, Xiaoe her hand on my thigh, gently stroking looking, my cock immediately sprang up, Top in Xiaoe soft waist.

Xiaoe whole body shook, and I know that she felt his cock erection, she lifted her head, watery eyes looked at me and said: "achievements, I am a little nervous, we like this, no one will see us ". Then these words Xiaoe looked up and looked around, and then pull the grass around tinkering, like take her naked body hidden in the haystack, done these things a woman turn the head firmly leaning on my chest.

Sun shone on the I and Xiaoe naked men and women, although the weather is hot enough, but naked in a lot of fresh grass, coupled with feelings of excitement, I have a kind of total disregard for the feeling, the tube It has what sort of people, I now just want to and Xiaoe have the further development. When it is the farmers worked in the fields, I looked next boundless hope corn, distant and close do not see a figure, presumably the people of other farmers just as we, in hot weather Who would have thought that I and Xiaoe naked men and women in this piece next to the corn, but also for the corn weeding, labor fatigue.

My arms clinging Xiaoe two smooth body in the pile of grass intertwined with side of my lips to kiss the lips of the Xiaoe side of the chest kept friction Xiaoe chest fat breasts, which makes me kind of indescribable stimulate the crotch cock uncontrolled jumps between Xiaoe thighs, her belly, pubic hair on my belly bulge plan to plan to go I felt unable to stop the itch feeling.
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