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【Send home the students]

【Send home the students]

I just read the freshman year, then be my luck is better. He first entered the herd was appointed teacher for the squad, so it has also been a favorite of many girls, I talk about this appeal is one of them, she can be said to be regarded as a brain a little rust tease a girl, there is a bit simple.

high class asian escort is sitting in my seat behind a girl into the school not long after the time of the first class received her pass me a note that read: "Lin, I like you, saw you from a classroom of love you tonight you have the time? I invite you to dinner. "So in just met soon, the feelings among the students to do a good job and I promised her.

Night in the KFC after eating, high class asian escort took me to accompany her shopping in a mall dressing room I heard her call me: "Lin, you come help me find this dress look good." I was perplexing obviously can see why you want to go see it, not to mention everywhere, and I listen to her, and went into the dressing room. Know which one go she did not put on just chose the clothes, but take off her coat on the inside waiting for me, I go hugged me, she goes on her sexy lips and kissed up, I push all the blame is not open. Then I felt a sense of kissing the kiss over and asked me how it feels, I would be very hit to her retorted: did not feel ah! Angry, she dressed and went out. Since then, she still likes me, but I know a girl more beautiful than her, she is also more plump, no rational her until after graduation.

After graduation, which know me and her work place not far away, almost every day could be seen. Encounter time in office to eat her, she took the initiative to contact said, old school or regular contact with ah.

One night a few months, she suddenly called me, said: "She and her parents only to tourism in Yunnan, she first came back, but forgot to bring home key, the key to her parents, not back home and asked where I live to live it? "her phone to the coincidence, a friend shared with me something just to return home to go. I said you are a woman, and I live with inconvenient it on a cold day, next to my friend's bed clean up and go home, I was the only bedroom with air conditioning and a bed, do you want to I sleep with? She smiling said: "Well ... Well ... Well ... we all so familiar, you and I do not know? (I thought you learned in school is my other side, in fact, I was a wolf. ) Do not you dare eat I is not, dare to do what is not for me? wear clothes, sleep all I think she may also find a place to go, say, you make a car over it. I went to the cell door to pick you up.

Soon she went to the car I saw she was dressed very strange thing, down jacket inside wearing a see a low-cut T-shirt, so just get off at all times to see her plump cleavage . The smell of her charming, I have never seen her so beautiful and charming. Hey! Are you doing? Why do not you help me get my package? I just came to just really stared!

Returned to the house, and I continue on my network, and to her said she was tired to go take a bath, I took her to the bathroom and arrange all continue back to the bedroom to play. She said the bedrooms have air conditioning, on the inside for pajamas to wash, so I turned my head Do not look, I naturally evade slightly. Waiting for her for a good turn, I turned to see her see the translucent pajamas inside a vacuum, two fuzzy ass can see, when a heat ran up the forehead. After a few minutes before Huanguo Lai.

Her bath, or wear it to see transparent pajamas, door faintly see her breast (even the nipple can see) and the following black mere mass of pubic hair Jianting. She leaned over to see I do, which is that Jianting breast full show in front of me, see my blood surging. I can not continue in front of the computer. She said she was tired and wanted to sleep, I said, I play for a while went to bed, you sleep for. After a while She turned up, how to stay up ah, opened on your computer, I can not sleep, go take a bath to bed. I would like also, so I went to take a bath while washing the side of fantasy just seen, my cock could not help on the very up, hard, really hard, I thought to stay will have the opportunity to give her to fucked! Once she want then let me fuck her, I think today should not refuse me, I carried my wish to enter the bedroom, turn off the lights to sleep, waiting for the opportunity!

Lying in bed, high class asian escort suddenly asked me: "when you read so I like you, how can you not tempted? You were there like me?" I thought to myself: this evening to seize the opportunity you have to coax her happy, down her answer is quite good! I answered her: "I do like you, because you're cute, but ultimately did not choose you because the girlfriend said that, if I make friends with you, she will be as people to deal with you, to to embarrass you, so I do not want to hurt you and her together. "

After listening to actually believe that I lie said: "Why when you do not give me an explanation, would have kept it for you the first time to others, you really necrosis," I said: " many the first time, you and I have not the first time, tonight you are willing for the first time and I? "(At this time, my hands round her waist) She said:" Do you want the United States. once you how right now and I do not want to do you coax me? (actually edge smart, a little bit aware of) I must have told her: I promise not to you and your boyfriend break up, I'll be with you Come on, we come once I am a bit with the rape of nature and grabbed her breast, a good soft, good Jianting ah, she was a little rejected my hand went to get open stop and shouted: "No, you can not, do not ah! But she did not, after all, my neck, I still do not listen to her cry, my two hands in her non-stop chaos touched, said: "Never mind, I will be gentle, now you do not later Are you comfortable with the Council has to stop! "

After some agonizing, she seems no strength, pulling did not previously so much advantage of the opportunity of taking off her pajamas, and then opened the bedside lamp, wow, think of and reading do not like to see her body, her skin white, slippery, and that breast Jianting flexible nipple was pink, especially pleasant. See her mysterious triangle, not a lot of pubic hair, I separate her legs open met together tight and hypertrophy of the labia, to see my cock was soon hard.

Back and forth touching her genitals several times after, she began to slowly pull my pajama pants belts, and then a soft little hand into his underwear, her fingertips before while wandering in the pubic hair of a rigid , and then the palm contains the TV drama full of folds of flesh capsule Gao pill, gently playing with them last when the fingers of creamy hot genital touch the moment, I felt unconsciously playing a chills, body the blood in the body indiscriminately churn beating. Time, I can not help but see the outflow of the sexual secretion of her genitals are already wet a bed sheet, I put out his tongue to lick this piece of moist Grass, into the mouth of brackish, funny sexual. My mouth to eat her pubic hair, gently pulling teeth. I think she groans to her clitoris up greater.

A latch on the small particles of meat beads, titillate, tease tongue, spit it out, and then gently suck. Repeated several times, her clitoris above will be covered with my saliva. I use the upper and lower teeth gently on bite grain meat beads back and forth swaying, every movement, there is an Yinye spewing out from the Fairy Cave of the following spray to my face. Soon, my hair, eyebrows were covered from her kinky pussy kinky pulp, and even their mouths and nostrils are.

My mouth suddenly blocked the mysterious incense hole, desperately sucking, a Unit of blanching, aromatic honey continue to flow into my mouth, flowing into my body. I think they are sweet, like wine, intoxicating. So my hands and live in her round hips, immersed in her Kuajian sucking her body brewed nectar. My nose might be just the top in her clitoris, it may not, I do not know, because my whole face buried deep in a warm, moist meat-ri. She clamped his legs. Her moaning more and more intense, the lower part of the body is unable to twist.

My cock already hard, and quite too high, like the spears of the soldiers. Now, my mouth away from her fragrant hole, pink cunt hole opening and closing still continue Yinye flow out from the inside, like a never dry wells. Her hands tightly grasping my shoulder. She just excited when I scratch the skin. I touched her breasts, a hard grip, making them more firm. I run your fingers through her reddish erect nipples, lower body began to hug close to her thigh. Her legs again just right to separate the labia to reveal both sides of kinky cunt full of wonderful kinky pulp, waiting for the guests to taste. Large penis encounter kinky pussy strange quiver. It first friction on the labia several times, and the labia is very soft place touched by the glans will be slightly concave. On the glans soon covered with pornographic pulp gently fiddled with her clitoris. I feel the grain of the small meat beads almost the same strong and my dick. I use the friction of the glans in the above, tease, she moaned to pay close attention to my shoulder again, and pouring from cunt large shares of the sexual secretion. Nectar flow has not been exhausted, the glans had already blocked the spring.

My body slightly forward, glowing red turtle in Taoyuan hole tap or two, then going against the honey flow on ado, into the mouth Koizumi eye. The glans penis to enter that mouth tightly to its bite, and began a slight contraction. I feel as if his tongue licking the inside of my penis, cock become more hard, as if countless insects creeping inside, wait to crawl out. My hand give up Nienong her nipples, along the curve of her body touching down. I patted her buttocks, then gently lift it, so easier to cock insertion.

As my body could not provocative, I am strong cock has been inserted more than half of her cunt. The her Roudong tightly wrapped I insert that part of peristalsis, contraction, which is kind of tender, tender, almost melting my dick which. Each insert that would feel the heat wave from facing the glans. There have been some red and white kinky tuck down my cock overflow, which exudes a pleasant fragrance. Although there is no plug in the end, but I do not worry, I would shrink the body cock out of two silver. Her that the pink petals of fine meat with the withdrawal of Cock bloom, sweet mouth still dripping Yulu.

I saw this scene: her white breast violent expansion, could not ups and downs, and the nipple like a purple grape, pleasant, and her pubic hair black and glossy, stained Yinye and shiny, and entangled into a ball. The bottom of the hill is two generous juicy labia, slightly dark edge of the open part of the eyes full of pink flesh. Her gully Miye, the mouth of spring my Black and Purple and thick cock blocked, Nenxue the edge of the pink meat so delicate Xianrun and Tang Chu down cock dense juice of red and white blending.

Move her lower body up and down Britain, combined with the insertion of my cock. My big cock in the lubrication of the vagina leisurely advance, when it throws the root into the room, sister issued a ecstasy moan. Yinye very hot the quiver in the cavity could not make my penis, the mouth of the uterus mouth again, one will bite it and start licking. The entire root of the cock now have been fully inserted into the kinky cunt, as if immersed in a pan of hot water, as soft and comfortable, but her kinky cunt contraction, Roubi squeeze the chicken Pakistan, like a gentle hand and gently grasp it. The we pubic hair is now intertwined with the top covered her Yinye. Her kinky cunt tightly bite the root of my cock, I am not premature ejaculation, but also to make dick stronger inside.

Her legs tightly around my waist, below the clip tightly, so that I inserted in Roudong in cock very comfortable. I have just violently pumping plug was Yuxianyusi, then I inserted a motionless rest on the inside. I think the fact she is the real expert in sex, she would not easily meet. Now I need a break and then a good clean up her.
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