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[Under the lover]

[Under the lover]

Taken the materials used sophisticated, beautifully decorated bath station embedded in the sides of the wall in front of the mirror, Miss Annie watching her naked body. The passage of time was really fast! A dazzling ten years later, her 17-year-old married Walter Chan, now has over thirty years. However, her body is still perfect height of 1.65 m, 34,26,35 measurements, waist not see a trace of fat.

Large mirror covered with a layer of mist, her carcass greet them, Chao Chao about about to produce a dreamy America: curly hair shawl black wave, loose in her aquiline Yuru and round the Xiangjian, the two arms creamy and clean, like the two jade lotus root, spotlessly clean and soft without bone; a pair of almond-eyed dark, watery, always glow Erotic Akinami; two plump, bright red lips, like cooked through the peach, who see all bite; her white thighs, plump and elastic, belly, legs to uplift is a Heiyou, soft rain, the grass, sandwiched between the red red meat tenderizer , it seems now non-cash introduction of reveries.

To marry her husband Chen Yuehan expiration of the 40-year-old, when he is the leader of the "Golden Dragon Gang", men have 30 brothers and income "protection money" to a class of business without capital, specializing in Mong Kok Although no worries about food and clothing, but can hardly be that rich. Married Anne, with the assistance of her extraordinary business acumen, just a few years, Chen Yuehan made, not only sitting on billions of net worth, and the "Golden Dragon Gang," a change and become a listed company "Golden Dragon Group , its dozens of nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, models the company all over Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, throughout the year for him to bring the huge profits of tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars.

However, the day the weather, people have always happens. Two years ago, Chen Yuehan suddenly encountered a crash to Europe to do business, because he had no heirs, the huge family business will be a matter of course by Miss Anne inherited. Fortunately, Queens asian escort cope well, relying on the right-hand man, troubled water, soldiers to be blocked, and finally a smooth line through the difficulties.

Wu Anne sighed a breath, grabbed a large towel to dry the body quickly, wear bathrobes, out of the bathroom.

Where a person is waiting in the living room, he is the Golden Dragon Group is currently the general manager Lin Shihui, is Miss Anne weekdays the most popular men and lover. His 40-year-old, tall and burly, face clear lines at the moment see Kaplan out of the bathroom, his eyes staring at her license to as two fireball burn on her curvy body to burn.

Kaplan walked over to him, holding out a slim forefinger, rubbed he maintained excellent face, smile, black eyes, spread out in two of the style network, firmly covering the Johnson Man him. Shi Hui, give me a cigarette, please? "

Lin Shihui press to open an elegant opium tray on the coffee table and asked: "Winston or Marlboro?"


"Pop"! Soon as the metal of the Qing Xiang, like a small phrase, a lit cigarette skip Lin Shihui hands.

Wu Annie Ying rosy lips to provoke a cigarette, took a deep one, then two factors means sandwiched slowly spit out smoke rings. A rounded white smoke ring from her soft lips and ran out and threw herself on the cheek of Linshi Hui, the mass of hot smoke quite sultry. He first surprised, then hi, repressed desires quickly leapt up the advantage of the opportunity to embrace his favorite children's beauty into his arms, like peeling bamboo shoots her rounded shoulders and Alice very Yuru stripped out from the bathrobe and like a child will face and lips posted up. Miss Anne softly moaning, and obediently accepted his caress.

Lin Shihui is not too much, losing the gentleman in the possession of the meet. He drank had her two red cherry-like nipples will be tender full lips to her ear, gently biting her earlobe while murmured Road: "Anne, my queen, let I good for you! "

Kaplan was immersed in the ocean of love and desire, and nodded slightly. Lin Shihui the lips begins to slide down in her ear, across the clean white neck, passing Alice is very soft bimodal through Xicao grass plains, stay in a small stream of spring water flooding. Poke his fingers riverbank weeds, inside that red translucent meat tenderizer kept up huddled, the ass Yaner Pink powder to close pussy You Dong. He held out his long tongue in the anus side rotation, inquire into the cave with her tongue, gently, softly.

Miss Annie micro a trembling, stand straight, Zhiyin more close to his mouth, the Lin Shihui of tongue Da Zhezhuan children, gradually hole, such as a twist drill to penetrate the steel brick iron at the same time, he captured with his teeth to the slippery clitoris, gently scraping to get.

"Woo ... a bit deeper ...... then deep point ... good ... so comfortable ..."

Suddenly, the clitoris was the tip of the tongue to resist, licking a pick and a pick up, an indescribable pleasure, instant spread throughout the body. Annie Wu suddenly straightened leg one tiptoes, arms about grabbed Lin Shihui the head Pinmingdewang under the same time, mast ass up and down kept writhing.

Shi Hui, fast ... fast beeped ... inside me ... tickling ...... "

Lin Shihui feel your lower abdomen extremely hot and unbearable, he no longer hesitated, San Liangxia take off your pants, long been hard bulge hyperemia of Rouzhu of at Kaplan Yin Yumen, first gently from side to side, and then slowly advance to the hole, gradually speed up the frequency of strong attenuation.

Wu Anne it Hongyan, dripping clitoris, cock's into one, about ups and downs of Britain moving, the size of the labia with the advance of the cock back and opened a joint, as the two red small door. Lin Shihui feel more and more intense their own Rouzhu the pleasure of grow numb feeling in the glans has become increasingly evident, he desperate to Kuangchong the mad pressure, crazy beat, hurled itself upon dozens, and finally, under his pubic region heat a high degree of cohesion, a sense of Wu Anne Mahogany big vagina burst crunch, the surge of sex fluid running for the door, washed his penis Shuang Shuang, he followed from the the glans horse eyes injection of the concentrated heat of the sun fine.

Short-term pleasure. Kaplan slowly from the excitement to calm down. Queens asian escort stood up and finishing good and messy bathrobe, angular loud mouth and kissed it and said: "Shi-hui, a recent business how? Some of our competitors what trends?"

Lin Shihui put on pants, the confident tone of cheerful pride: "Do not worry, my boss! All operations of the company's normal operation on the next plan, I have called the program of the drafting of the Planning Division in preparation for submission to the Board discussion. As we competitors have not discovered the unusual action, the only caveat is pass and internationally, I heard that old guy in Shen Tony intends to launch a new fashion designed specifically for Oriental women in Hong Kong in conjunction with the Italian fashion To this end, they are scheduled to hold a fashion show tomorrow night at the Peninsula Hotel, invited a number of aristocratic ladies, celebrities to participate in, we also received invitations. boss there is no interest in showing up? "

Kaplan thought, nodded and said: "Well, I went to experience ..."

Light in the room is very dark, like an evening Lan lavender, misty gives expression and skin caused by the erotic atmosphere contains a little mystery, cigars and perfume mixing the turbid air, so that small and quiet space very excited and suffocation. This is the pass and international boss Shen Tony like environment and atmosphere, to seek sensory stimulation, he was always at the money a new guise.

Shen Tony tied at the waist thin gray towel, already fat body and some pickled fat, but still remains a man's charm. He smoking a big cigar of the United States, meet gilded white and thick smoke ring, sitting on the bed opposite the sofa, eyes never left the mother animal lying in bed like a lazy glamorous woman.

Just the burst of emotional storm, Xiaowei Wei plump bodies carved to create the embossed ups and downs, and a pair of soft white slippery thigh sleepy to float in the satin sheets, swaying shameless no shame for being strong Tun to play with her man show. Her skin, snow white as jade, so tender, if skinned white shoots.

Xiaowei Wei Chin-tung and the international 17-year-old is a very pure girl, looks delicate and tender and beautiful, a black eye like the beating of black rabbit kind of uneasy, sometimes hidden in the eyelid, sometimes flashing long eyelashes. Lieyan nature Shen owner of such tender baby naturally will not miss. The work of the day, He Xiaowei Wei called his office to come up with the one she was dreaming want to insert a burial silver evening dress, smiled and said: "Vicki, you are so beautiful, beautiful and expensive evening dress should be belong to you. Take it on me a little gift!

My God! The value of the set a burial silver evening dress is almost equal to two full years wage!

Shen East Nila light touched her hand, and released a pair of the Shining thermal light eyes wandering towards her just mature body to and fro, eloquently said: "Vicki, I'd like to talk to you, at 8 Nathan Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.

I booked a room there, the third floor of room No. 321. You must come ... "That night in the magnificent hotel room, Xiaowei Wei became Shen Tony woman.

"Vicki, get up, I still have things to talk to you." Shen Tony has seen enough of her mature enough to drop water juice body, in his eyes, this woman is always a gentle and compassionate small sheep, just remarks farming clouds and rain to make his entire body and mind have been met.

Xiaowei Wei stretch body hold up to the fluffy recklessly is a style riot Qiaolian, jade-like breasts slightly upturned, all showing her life is in the bustling youth on the occasion. She gently spit breath, the feminine: "the boss, you just really me ..."

"Haha, my little cat, Tipper?" Shen Tony emitting a smoke ring, appreciated by looking at her, laughingly, "You are a smart and beautiful woman, of course, know that I need you now, not just to accompany me to sleep , but also to work for me, is not it? "

"I am very willing to work for you, but do you want me to do?"

"Come on over, I tell you."

Xiaowei Wei crashed out of bed, curl Tingting came, matte, tall plump Jiaoru, a pair of her steps support Leng Leng back and forth bouncing, like a pair of lively little rabbit. She went to the sink Tony in front of the fascinating and charming kissed his fat lips, then straddled his knee, a pair of Haowan resting on his shoulder, gently pinching.

Shen Tony felt her creamy thighs gently on his knees trembling shake, semi-soft's avatar in a large towel around the corner. He skim one of her pink hips, adjusting smiles: "Look, the water, you really show!

However, men like the tone of such children. Xiaowei Wei Jiao Chen askance at him: "not harmful, and made people want! "

Tony Shen laugh, twist off the cigarette butts, teasing Xiaowei Wei raised pink nipple, said: "Vicki, you and me for three years, of course, know the hype of our stores, we in Hong Kong's largest competitors are the Golden Dragon Group.

Golden Dragon Group? Glamorous Kaplan's listed companies?

"Golden Dragon Group is not only a glamorous Chairman of the Board, and has a handsome general manager in order to defeat the opponent, we plan to cooperate with the Italian fashion giant, landing in Hong Kong and mainland China market. To this end, we have tomorrow in Peninsula hotel to arrange a fashion show and invited a number of aristocratic lady, celebrities to participate, with the rally. Kaplan, Golden Dragon Group, and her general manager Lin Shihui estimate will be present. I want you to do is to use this opportunity to display their femininity to get close and get to know Lin Shihui, he sat down at your feet, from the theft of business intelligence, and ultimately bring down the Golden Dragon Group. understand? "

Xiaowei Wei Organisation frown head: "Do you think I am fascinated by him?"

Shen Tony on her white Fentun rounded hard Ning Leyi to. "With the beauty of your youth and intelligent mind, absolutely no problem."

"But people do not want to leave you!"

"Forget it then but Lin Shihui genuine diamond bachelor yo!"

Xiaowei Wei silent. She hesitated a moment, finally looked up: "Boss, if you made it, you will give me the reward?"

Shen Tony patted her rounded shoulders. "Well, brother of accounts, I know you are not good at hand, Hong Kong is a one hundred price Ngong, this amount of money that you first take it, It 's over, I'll give you two hundred thousand. In addition, I intend to set up a public relations firm, you're the head of this company, I'll give you 30% of the shares. how satisfied you? "
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