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My cousin is Promiscuous Escort girl to me

My cousin  is Promiscuous Escort girl to me

 To me,My cousin  is Promiscuous Escort girl to me,becuse.. ,you know. continue reading,you gotta firgue out.

The summer of the year, our school a holiday.

I have nothing to do at home, watching those TV shows have no meaning. My mother saw I was bored and said to me: "Your cousin back home during summer vacations this year, if you are right, you can go to your aunt play, Province of you bored at home, by the way you can learn how to read."

I also feel all right, so I had to take the afternoon bus to the aunt's house.

My aunt lived on the second floor, less than 5 minutes I went to the door. I clicked on the doorbell and soon someone to open the door. She opened the door, I saw was what I Long time no see cousin. I go in, you sit straight on the sofa, his cousin asked me to eat fruit.

Then my cousin asked, "how do you play this game free to me? Not learn so nervous?" I said: "Yes ah! I good at home bored, my mom wants me to come to you play." Cousin also it did not say anything.

Cousin said: "Now the weather is so hot, I take a shower, you watch TV here. I will come." Finish, the cousin went to the bathroom.

Then I heard the rushing sound of water, my whole thoughts are not watching TV, I think, cousin of the body must be very tempting now! Because the cousin is now 23 years old girls than boys develop normally.
To early and more. I kept thinking I have the following expansion up to second child, thinking that the tall cousin of the breast, and that upright breasts, my second child even more join in the Lao Gao. At this time, the cousin came out from the bathroom came over to my side. I'm really scared of not breathing. Then my cousin also noted lower body, cousin a bit embarrassed, so Promiscuous Escort girl pretending not to. I know cousin is now in this age of the most desired time.

So I pretend not to know how it is asked is how my cousin. Cousin looked at me and said: "I do not know how it is!" I said: "Sister, I am following it hurts ah! Seems to die like, how can I do ah?" I really see the cousin The expression seemed to be very painful, very anxious. She asked how I was not hurt, I said to my hand on top of that, holding constant the force shaking up and down so as not painful.

Cousin a letter of non-letter look like, deep down I secretly laugh. Then put a hand inside my underwear, gently held my dick up and down shaking, I felt a burst of feeling dumb, when really is cool to the extreme. Soon semen shot out, many shot in the cousin's hands.

After I saw the cousin blushed, and I know that certainly this is very shy cousin, this does not work, a good tutor who told aunt's strict too!

I tried to touch hands in a bit below the cousin, cousin does not reflect that, I severely pulled a bit hard. Cousin an expression of pain, but mixed with the excitement of feeling.

I know that the opportunity came, so I quickly took off the underwear, cousin saw exclaimed loudly, I quickly put off his cousin's underwear down and see the venues tend sparse pubic hair, my hand touched the . Cousin said: "You little goat, I get a pain ah!!"

I touched it with her second child after a while plugged into it, wow, I'm out, it really very comfortable.

I heard the cousin also told: "Oh ... oh ... oh ... ah ... oh ... it hurts ... do not go ... ah ..." I know cousin is a virgin, for the first time is painful, so I stopped the twitch, In this way there stopped at 2 minutes. Cousin is not painful to see, I've been forced Choucha up. The calls of cousin time has changed, "ah ... ah ... ah ... ... ... ... This is how ah ... ah ... how good comfortable" My cousin's sounds more exciting insertion force, a sudden burst of dumb, so pleasure come. Cousin and I then also reached a climax, we both Jinyong together.

So my cousin every holiday time will play together.

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