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15-year-old, and cousins have sex in the living room

15-year-old, and cousins have sex in the living room

15-year-old, and cousins in the living room, for the first time.

My cousin hugged me, kissed my earlobe and said softly: "Mary, you grow more and more Peugeot, bust how much ah?" Said his hand down my clothes after I waist, and then pocket the bra tight tied breasts.

15-year-old new jersey sexy escort, just developing breasts feel ashamed, try to choose a small size bra, so as to avoid students laughed at me milk strange. This more and more obvious female characteristics, I also can not accept ...

Just came back from school, cold and red wearing trumpet bra, sets a loose T-shirt, wearing a short sports pants, paralyzed on the sofa watching TV. TV stations are some of the junk programs, gradually, my eyes confused, and actually fell asleep.

Sleep, I dream to hug new jersey sexy escort and a man in a deep kiss, caress, his hand through my body every inch of skin, like there is a current, it is greedy to want more. Explore his hand slowly into my skirt, stroked my thigh, so that much weaker ...

"Mary ... your legs quite the delicious ... Nice ..." a familiar voice sounded in my ear, his hand on my thigh from the knee slipped my shorts side , stroked back and forth. And then his tongue licking my earlobe and whisper out of the hot gas sprayed in my sideburns, Ma Ma itch ... so comfortable ... this feeling of how real, just like the real thing ...

Me "ah" sound, holding his back, hands to fasten his shoulders, looked to one side to also put out his tongue licking his lips, his tongue immediately on the tip of my tongue We warmly kissing, wanton touching each other's body.

His hand on my skin, almost touching over the clothes have not been sheltered skin began to pull my clothes, my clothes off, finger travel to my breasts ... fingertips to bring me another kinds of gentle ...
"Well ..." I'm shy twist waist, slowly open your legs wrapped around his waist, I looked out my pants, can feel his strong erection against my inner thigh ... he hand, cast my chest ... I think this dream is too real ... and the dreams are not the same as in the past, as if someone is really in love and I
I slowly opened my eyes, I saw a familiar face in front of me, my 23-year-old cousin, as monarch.
"Ah!" I tried hard to push him.

"Why are you here, how did you get?" I cried, saying I stood up, finishing his Xiandao the clothes on my underwear.

"Ha ha ha ... afraid of what shame you just kiss my face saliva, and now on the curse?" He struck the face, smiling to me. I die of shame, I jumped over to hammer him, cursed: "You bully me, I told my mom you Sibu Si!"

Continue to beat him, he did not avoid any I hit Suddenly he grabbed my hands, I pressed on the sofa across my thigh, I hid, and then looked at me.

"Do not want to try the taste of a man caressing, better than your own touch, as long as your eyes closed to enjoy the package you comfortable!"

Then I fixed vigorously, and I looked at vigorously struggling, then the mouth, covered my lips, his hot and humid tongue licking my closed lips, then slide down my chin, my neck, his tongue through the local feeling chilly. I continue to tighten the head, you want to get rid of his tongue, but without success. He was tough to add to my ear lobe, tongue Tiaonong my earlobe, and then travel to my chest.

I'm so nervous, but do not feel afraid, I just feel very stimulated, he bite my clothes, up lift, until exposing the bra that was tightly tied to my flat stomach and bra completely exposed to my cousin the eyes.
"Wow ...... Mary, how do you tie so hurt?" He found the secret of my efforts at concealment.
I suddenly felt very exciting, but not so rebel.

Me alone, let me say that my mouth, but I do not think so. I began to feel the excitement, I've never had my heart jump gone then, his face began to heat.

"I let you go, but you can not beat me." My cousin and I talked about the conditions!

"Opening up again, you grasp it really hurts me ..." I did not just start then rebel. He looked out of my exposed underwear, and white matte finish to the skin ...

"Why do not we give it a try, OK?"

I heard him say so, and my heart beat faster, what he wants to try ...? Sex? Sex word in my tutor tough, 15-year-old girls in terms of how the shock! What is that taste? So what is your feeling? I never thought it will happen to me ...

"Trial ......" I'm not finished, my cousin's mouth on the pressure I was tightly tied breasts, across the underwear, he tried to open my underwear chin, but tight underwear would not let him to succeed. He squeezed my breast, I feel the body weak, and completely so that does not focus, I need more oxygen, so my loud breathing. My face hot.

"Comfortable? Young girl, I can kiss your chest you?" He whispered in my ear.

Brother, you are my cousin ... we can not ... "I was always under pressure, if he is my friend or I open can accept, but he is my cousin, we are closely related by blood, how You can ......
"Do not worry, I kiss it, touch feelings about it ......" he blushing, breathing, slowly release your hands, Pengzhu my face, soft lips cover my lips. I feel his tongue lingered on my lips, looking for the gap to drill into my mouth. I pressed her lips tightly, with closed eyes, he served his license, his tongue is constantly trying to break through my lips. Finally, the delicately lips, his tongue to the Raptors like a rushed, unbridled search for my tongue in my mouth, hot and humid soft tongue out of my mouth, I am stricken by the tongue out, and he tongue contact. Spark the outbreak at this time, I feel the body floating, and enjoy close contact with his tongue, with each other's saliva in our mouth, my arms around his head and neck, looked up to seek him, mouth, we are constantly kissing can not seem to let go a moment, I will be his tongue sucked into my mouth, tongue, overlapping with his tongue, surrounded by all kinds of contact, so I was extremely happy ... my nose sucked into the atmosphere, it makes me more confusion ... I squint, stroking his neck, face, shoulders ... and slowly, he seems satisfied with exploring my mouth, his kiss toward my face, until my ear lobe.
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