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Min father rape

Min father rape

Min is a wave of its father-in-law Zhang Jinyong already branded her mind, the day he saw Min taking a bath, actually opened the door and came in and almost did not Min terrified, I saw him the door backhand to lock the door, the blissful silence of taking off their clothes, two peering naked body looked at Min.

Min scream: can not do this! But his father saw the the Min towering breasts, white and delicate skin, flat stomach, hips backward slightly tilt the mysterious Delta, hairy, close and shiny, and that looming life Zhidong, cross baby look hard.

Of his own fiddle Min breast in one hand and then walk the whole body up and down the important parts, and finally came to a mysterious source of a hole, ha! Xue Li points, has long been flooded, this water can drown a lot of good men, after a walk to explore hands.

Zhang Jinyong deeply feel how much new jersey virgin escort's hungry, and how much we need a robust like my men to meet her and comfort her, so he said: My penis is larger than your husband's thick and a plug to ensure Are you comfortable.
Min is a wave of her side of the twist of the body is full of heat, breast desperately friction with his father's arm, while the hand holding the father cross under baby ─ ─ cock, she was pleasant child.

Not only the upper and lower body with the father caress button to get more from time to time, send kisses to inspire, too soon, the lifeblood of father, her slender hands slightly Taonong, is the more inflation the greater, more hard.
new jersey virgin escort is a sinister Chuntao sweetly again and again the mouth from time to time Well, ah, oh, not a low whisper, the body is getting closer and closer, more paste and more tightly.

Zhang Jinyong almost impossible to resist Min that comes out of the cooked force, he seemed to know on her, put Min gently put Yang on the ground, legs spread, hand leaning on his big cock in her Yin pedicle of the up and down, back and forth rubbing with Mozhao, worn like mediums child-like chaos shaking hips and Xiaoxue always wanted to to Kendiao My dad cock like the good waves, good show ............

Suddenly, the father unexpectedly one back straight, send force cock then into the two-thirds, to enrich her cave to enrich her empty the long-life off-limits, he heard her barking ... good cock, forced the plug, good hard inside me good support, force it, big cock father. "

"Oh ...... Well ...... I'm so comfortable ... fast ... Oh ... vigorously dry ... Oh ... Oh ..." It's soon soon as the call of Langjiao, like love, encouragement, and his father, of course without reservations, began to come up with a unique technique to fuck her mother slowly pumping, adopted the occult devoured nine suction of the law, to cock a little bit out of the pubic region of the force, so that the glans puffed uterine wall, in the hole The Siegen straight up and down vibration, and then breathing out loud, gyrations and cock the top hole heart.

This unique skills, did Min whining to the United States, the whining is good, pro-father big cock, good love, good man, what words come out. "Well ... Well ... you are better than him too much ... Good for you ...... hum ...... hum .........

"Big Cock father ... Well ...... dry out and die Xiaoxue it ...... Xiaoxue comfortable ...... hum .........

Good Xiaoxue America do? I will dry out and die you I will let you into heaven. "

Zhang Jinyong about heavy dry, insert doom because Cock Cave sexual secretion of lubrication, cock felt particularly comfortable, more plug more dynamic, he did not place of residence, saying: "tart ............ waves hole ...... happy you ... cool it ... Any further vigorously point. "

Min action that her reaction and feelings, his hands fiercely clinging to the father in the ass, the hips upward and very stop peristalsis, even worse, mouth blowing father shoulder, arm, so father to speed up the action heavier and continued to kiss her mouth, her breasts to increase her pleasure and excitement. "Pro-father ... and a good father ... fast ...... oh ...... fast ... Oh ... I want to vent ......" "...... big cock hard ... fast ... Oh ... I want to Shuangsi ... Oh ... Oh ...... "

Suddenly, Zhang Jinyong back felt a chill, covered create a feeling there is an indescribable. "Oh ... Oh ...... euthanasia me ...... ah ... so comfortable ... thrilled ...... Well ........." Zhang Jinyong and his wife Min, both at the same time to vent the body, reaching the climax of life.

, Wang led the father out of the bathroom to the room prepared for her father-in-law, began the second round of the war, due to alcohol mischief's sake, Zhang Jinyong cock erection very quickly, a valiant gas The high-spirited, proudly arrogant.

Min see again and because soon the hard-up father's cock, his face can not help but reveal the mouth-watering, you want to retain the root big cock good, Zhang Jinyong's hands without any kind of touched her breasts, Wang Min also products with his father, Big Cock, mouth kept sucking, tongue licking his father to the eye of the horse, playing with his balls in her mouth and suck to get under attack from both sides, big cock feel really comfortable, Zhang Jinyong really endure not called: "a good mouth ... Oh ... Oh ... you will really suck ... so beautiful ... Oh ......"

She heard called the father feel as comfortable, and more to show off her mouth effort. Call AIDS "call AIDS ... call AIDS ..." After a few minutes, Zhang Jinyong see Min's pussy is already wet, like a tide-like flood one of a two labia, as if trying to root cock eaten Under such circumstances, how can he stood dick do not let it idle.

Zhang Jinyong called Min turn around, back to their own, looking at their own root redness big cock, it is also good to destroy Huanglong her hole in front of their own surrender, dry, insert must be good to kill her without any explanation, big dick spiked straight into the daughter-in-law pussy fiercely with both hands and grabbed her breasts.
Zhang Jinyong more ass called Min, move back and forth, increasing the friction of her pussy large cock head Mausoleum ditch because the Min cavity of the sexual secretion too, entered a Shunpian Dai a lot of sexual secretion out, making Zhang Jinyong and her thighs covered with a sexual secretion, but also because of this, a lot of fun.

"... Split shot, split shot ...... split shot ...... hum ...... hum ...... Well ..." mixed one kind of symphony, the sound of the impact of meat and meat cock and points of Choucha sound, more lustful moans fun and mood of this affair, the first time my dad life experience, and indeed no words can describe.

"Well ...... hum ...... pro-father ... good cock ... Well ... You're OK ...... hum ...... hum .........
"Swift death Xiaoxue ...... hum ...... thrilled ... good ... Well ..." Wang Min so loud Langjiao the, Zhang Jinyong really afraid of waking his wife, afraid Min of this sound Langjiao, thus ending their years of husband and wife, but saw Min so hang around, as if she's Xiaoxue never feed, regardless thirty-seven of twenty, at the moment not care so much, in order to let Min satiation meal Zhang Jinyong more to sell the fresh stem, the stem of the blasted desperate.

This Choucha lasts over half an hour, Zhang Jinyong a little tired, it is proposed Min from another position to play, he sit on the bed above, Wang Min, he knew that this position most likely to make a woman reach climax, easy to make a woman feel satisfied, he can be the way to rest.

Min one hand holding the father wet shower big cock in one hand and poke their labia, two things aligned better, his legs slightly open, ass sit, suddenly all the chicken Barcelona into the vagina, she sent a hush to meet the sound, she sat in the rotation about the father who is very paced up and down Taonong with, too soon her body Ren slightly forward bending.

"Touch ...... Well ...... my breasts ... Well ..." "Oh ... Oh ... hoo ... hoo ... Oh ........." Zhang Jinyong can feel her ease, her, the pleasure, in the following my dad can see her face close to the mad and enjoy, occasionally, his hips up very, cater to her rotation, to her Taonong, sexual secretion flow non-stop, sweat is the next stop.

"Well ... Well ... Well ... Well ... Oh ...... Oh ......"

Big cock forced the move ... force quite ...... ah ...... ah .........

Looked at her eyes half blind, a thrilled comfortable expression, between Min's body suddenly get on the ground, clinging to his father's body, breasts rapid friction father's chest, hips light turn Taonong the speed has also come to accelerate, Zhang Jinyong her orgasm fast, to the pinnacle of euthanasia comfortable, fast pumping his cock with his hands tightly clasped her ass. "Oh ... Oh ... Oh ...... fast ... Oh ........." ah ...... ah ...... I am thrilled ... ah ... I'm so comfortable ...... ah ...... "

Wang Min, the vent, but how do I do, my cock still hard and also because of her sex fluid stimulation, the large cock like Yizhuqingtian the stands, Wang saw ... " "My hole is enough to satisfy your good I used to suck? "She took out a towel, the whole father's cock, pubic hair, balls to wipe clean, looked down Coushang mouth, re-start her tongue function.

"Oh ... your mouth really OK ... is such ... lick a few more ... ... fast degrees a little faster ... a good sister ... fast ...... chill stimulate the back of the head of the Zhang Jinyong, an comfortable cool feeling of immediate invasion of the body, Zhang Jinyong forced to hold her head, cock quickly up to send. A Unit is thick and the addition of the yang essence, without reservation, all launched into the mouth of Min.

She is absolutely through, not only eating the semen of the father-in-law all go more tongue licking big cock on the sexual secretion, to see that she is so careful attendant, Zhang Jinyong reported a long kiss, as they dry too long, a full nearly three hours, so hastily pack up finished, they went to sleep.

After waking up, Wang slowly near the father, sent her a kiss, the passion and frenzy of hungry and helpless, waves of meaty, provocative again and again, Min seems to be less, and opened a quilt, hand-made grotto-like, on the Taonong, while balls, while Cock by her one so get one to engage in Zhang Jinyong interest to reach out to touch her breasts and vagina, and behold I was surprised that empty, naked did not wear, it seems that he is for some for whom, already plans to prepare waiting.
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