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Yun Chi story of the bus's Dreaming

Yun Chi story of the bus's Dreaming

Recently the company because of the expansion of business relations, almost every night, overtime, really busy; counted has been a long time with the boyfriend.

Although he kept saying that it does not matter, but I know it is cold he; even if his mouth did not say discontent, and there is no guarantee that his heart was not unhappy.

So, take advantage of today do not have to work overtime will be about him to the waterfront a mood is very good Western restaurants, good to enjoy a meal romantic candlelight dinner with him as compensation.

To date tonight, I am particularly careful to dress, I hope you can give him a surprise.

Arriving at the restaurant, her boyfriend just point to a good French white wine; wine tasting, he was considerate asked if I was asked to take off your coat? In fact, I know he would like to see my dress tonight! I'm wearing a long black coat; although it is thin, but not very transparent; wearing clothes inside from the outside a little, can not see.

But flushing asian escort want to keep the mystery, to be will give him a surprise.

We did a glass of white wine, began a la carte; to maintain the posture, I only ordered a salad for appetizer.

Eating salad before I waltz to take off the jacket. To see that dress tonight, the boyfriend of the pupil at once to enlarge. Tonight an exception to wear his favorite hot dress (her boyfriend often wants me to dress cool, and that good things should not be covered up and so on. Yet I am a conservative character, and have no confidence in his body; often not dare to wear too revealing clothes).

I was not tall, only about 165 cm; chest unlike cartridge builders level, only 33B of the; was most proud of waist circumference, but also because of the recent relationship did not have time to exercise, from 23 into 24 5, the full increase in the one inch! So for me this is a big breakthrough!
Tonight, I wore a black perspective of floral T-shirt; or flushing asian escort should say is stomachers more appropriate. Because the entire coat is only by the two young bands in the neck and waist tied. Out the door in front of the mirror left according to the right photo, and always feel that wearing a bra will destroy the beauty of the full set of clothes will last only a bra take off; anyway, her boyfriend often persuade me vacuum battle, it would shun him a strike. I believe that the person next to will be able to easily see that I reveal that nearly one-third of the chest; perspective of the material to make my chest look hazy and indistinct, more sexy!

Pants wearing a length with the jacket material of the low-waist miniskirts, a length of only 25 cm! The same series since a young rope from his waist; coupled with the location of the front of the thigh split almost straight split to the thigh, make my legs look more slender. If careful attention, and even see the pink bandage under my skirt thong; unless I have the whole overlap with the legs sit, will that even gradually due to Xiaoxue outflow Yinye have become to Shiru transparent underwear to see the light!

The reason I dare to wear such a hot addition to the compensation has recently been left out of her boyfriend; also knew where the lighting is very dark; looks although very sexy, but not too exaggerated; large during the day to I dress like this, I said, did not dare!

When I saw her boyfriend looked at me intently look, we know that tonight all ready, have not been in vain!

I saw him stammer like: "You ... you ... tonight ... really very ... very America ... very ... sexy!
"What do you like it or not?" flushing asian escort asked.

"The Joy ... joy, of course, like ... If you can ... can often be clothed, it is ... enough!"
"That depends on your performance." I replied.

Boyfriend a pair of burning eyes, as if to see through my clothes, which led to my heart beats faster but slower, even the waiter did not notice it at my side; until his menu, sent to the front of me was awakened; God knows him in my body. next has to be how long! I hastened to bow to read the menu to hide my embarrassment.

When I started the a la carte, The waiter appears to be particularly gracious to me about the course characteristics, and still bent over, pointing to the individual dishes, I strongly recommend!

While I wonder why he was so hard, I felt vaguely boyfriend sitting opposite me, there is a red-hot eyes from the fields watching my looming in the chest!

I am more and more rapid heartbeat, hastily ordered a smoked salmon, and he sent the waiter; When I looked up again boyfriend and saw that his eyes mixed with the slightest displeasure, but full of appreciation, it seems to me evening dress, and just move very much appreciate the like!

Boyfriend's encouragement and acquiescence, as under the magic-like, an anti-the weekdays conservative and shy character;
Graceful, without any hint of show I rarely sexy, let other people in the restaurant peep!
In particular, every time the waiter we add the wine, can be found by the table candle flickered faintly see my chest because of the excitement and rose up, was a pink two!

Numerous throughout the night as the rape, I never felt excited! The blazing eyes of a male from a different direction, like a fire will generally desire a little bit to burn! My face all night in the hair iron, coupled with the alcohol catalytic tiny thong has long been covered with their own sexual secretion.

Managed to finish the dessert, the second branch liquor has been drip-free deposit, take a look at the time only to find the blink of an eye has almost midnight! Are ready to check out to leave, her boyfriend's flashlight suddenly sounded; the original head office computer system suddenly comprehensive crash, you want as the head of computer department, he immediately returned to the rescue deal with!

Although we have a rare two of the world have dinner, but such a sudden thing, nor any one can predict; boyfriend to get my understanding, even if the resignation had reluctantly sent me to catch the ride of the last group of the bus.
Originally, I said no he sent, but her boyfriend saw me drunk tottering step, and they insisted on sending me to the station was assured!
I Yibubuxiang station embarked on his gentle cuddle!

When I snuggle with her boyfriend walked a very quiet and almost dark street; he had his left hand on my waist, began disturbed Fendi me walk around, and gradually move my hips; at first only separated thin miniskirt stroking, but of course one would his hands have been invaded directly caressing my miniskirt. If we now can see I turn up the skirt, revealing a thong outside completely naked buttocks! In fact, before I really had not noticed behind us whether there are other people!

When I was about to protest, he should be my whole pressure to the corner of the roadside, deep kissing the lips of hot iron; side with the left hand side of the shirt, wear to go rub my breasts, the side with right hand and take my mini skirt, directly using the fingers to stimulate my wet shapeless Xiaoxue I Lost and Delirious, malaise, and let him do whatever they want!

Until his flashlight suddenly went off, the sound cut through the dark; I gently pushed him away! Turned out to be his company's staff, urging him to go back!

He gently told me to apologize, because I am too sexy tonight will be as just as rude to me, tidy clothes for me and sent me to the station! Last train drivers just put the car engine started, ready to drive! I am once again with her boyfriend deep kiss, to end a night of passion, but also to appease He said that matter, get down to business next time to compensate him, amused him, such as child-like knitted brows to make consumer before they set foot on the bus!

Their over boyfriend reluctantly, I dragged the half-drunk pace; bumpy carriages, a step by step by the stairs slowly climbed the top of the bus!

Than usual may be due to the relationship of the last train, the speed seems much faster; sudden shortness of turn when I was still half of the staircase, the body; I almost lost focus! Fortunately, with the people behind me shot to the arm, I do not to fall!

I felt a pair of the more powerful hand, right hand to lift up my waist near the hips position; left hand close to the bottom of the left breast of her arm around my waist, to help me balance the body.

Though; I am attached to the waist under my right hand, my miniskirt is intentionally or unintentionally, the more push more on, I'm afraid at this time, my small and have no small thong has unreservedly into his eyes it!

Original arms around my left flank hand, as I push up action, and gradually moved to the left breast of the vacuum with edge!

But the situation at that time, it is difficult to accuse him of a deliberate After all, people are at a critical juncture, to help their own one!

Therefore, when I arrived at the top security, had to thank him!

That well-meaning people have maintained the position just walked slowly, leaning on my compartment last row near the window seat; they only went to the front and from the location of the two lines, sit down!

Just some commotion, tipsy feeling has become more concentrated, at the moment I speak, confused; anyway, the drive almost 40 minutes how the bus terminal from my house, but fifteen minutes away; just to I take a break!

I picked up the coat draped on the naked shoulder, the inertia to remove the player, put on headphones; side listening to music, one side with both hands for pillow, lying on the back of a chair on the front seat, half-asleep, resting!

Walkman song is her boyfriend recorded for me, to me before dinner; Even I do not know what song. Prior to this, I just want him to help me pick some of the sounds comfortable track, so that I can in the car, or can not sleep when you listen to. At this juncture, the ear is heard Shu Qi album - "obscene wave of language.
Listens, hazy, as if someone sit in the seat beside me; is self wondering why there are so many vacancies, but had to sit next to me? ! Consciousness has become increasingly confused, of course for a heavy fall asleep and also launched Dreaming.

The dream has returned just in the dark corner, rudely to her boyfriend was playing with the picture of the body. Xiaoxue knew it, once again oozed out little by little Yinye; legs also began to overlap dawdle, wish to take this equatorial which empty.

But the pair of gentle hands, gently press on my thigh, and slowly they are separated to both sides of the dough back and forth caressing the inside of my thigh. If the boyfriend is just violent behavior, compensation in general.
I can not help with the legs more sheets more open, expect him to soothe my emptiness harder and harder to Xiaoxue
But he is only in the location of my thigh, four walk harassment; each time to reach the bear parts are glossed over, has also started with your other hand to tease I am sensitive to milk beans; make my breathing more and more rapid even could not help but whisper groaned.

He was like get to encourage the general, his hands constantly to strengthen the offensive, the first is my mini skirt on only a young rope untied, even just slightly cover up, declared lost, my wet transparent thong, has been completely exposed!

Chan wing fabric separated by thin, wet Yinxue is vigorously digging; milk ball on the right dig out in the air to the fondle Cuonong into different shapes. Confused I Jiaochuan to again and again, Yin Ye like out of control, the more flow the more the whole thong wet!

At the moment, I simply could not tell now whether it is in a dream or reality of being; only know how to really fast to ascend to heaven! Suddenly, a heat shock childhood Xue Li spray out in the climax being, collapsed in the past.
I do not know how much time, came a burst of brakes, I woke up, the original bus is allowed to enter the station.

I quickly sat up and ready to get off; Surprisingly, they discovered that their own disheveled, the right of the entire breast exposed, while the the miniskirt tape loose, thong ... with a dream exactly the same ...?

All of a sudden, shed some light; thought, Is the tape of their clothes tied instability, coupled with just the jolt that is why we made such a panic? Or is it ...! ?

But this time, has not let me reflect on the; because it has been allowed to enter the bus terminal will not be long, the driver will come to the top to check!

I hastily finishing his clothes, and hurried down the stairs layer to go; who knows still the pace of floating under exclaimed in one step to the lower level, loss of focus, but also sprained his left foot ankle the location of the pain I! "loudly exclaimed!

Driver heard this traveled quickly look at what happens: "Miss, you all right to strike!"

"Fortunately, just sprained a little, I believe that is all right, Thank you for your concern!" I looked up and said.
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