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Sisters(Quuens korean escort)

Sisters(Quuens korean escort)

Why is that? How it will go up makes me uncomfortable it?

Watching sister bent over the back of the shoes, narrow red skirt, a pair of slender uniform legs extended, soft flesh-colored stockings and shiny, white-black high-heeled sandals, but also bring out its sexy. The position of the hips rounded the curve at the waist and more printed underwear lines, long hair fall slowly from the shoulders. Holding my Zhang Tong's cock, this is my first erection throbbing, the object was her sister.

Sister out the door, the heart that surge of excitement is not fair for a long time to cover, that men born with a reaction, never slumbering sexuality, I did not expect to be awakened in the morning.

Is his own imagination, just graduated from university, my sister knocked on my door, saying: "to get up and Luo, the first day of summer vacation and sleep so late." I remain silent in the room.

Said: "I want to find a job, whether you just listen to my sister to himself."

Then my sister did not take long, I was just the passion of driving, I thought: "I do not know my sister is not wearing a skirt." Hearts have the body of a woman's curiosity, then open the door and looked out a seam. I saw my sister sideways back to me, bent down to the shoes, hip white trousers were tight with visible underwear lines clear mission, the excitement in my heart even more, crotch even more Zhang Tong.

When my sister went out, I am swollen glans front-end surge of hot, slippery liquid outflow, I thought it was pee, and quickly ran to the bathroom, stood still the position to pull down the pants, took out his cock to align the toilet. such a long time, but not the flow of urine, I saw the glans is glossy and smooth, the horse out of a small number of transparent liquid in the eyes. Back then, I do not know that this is a positive fine, only when it is a small amount of urine, and hurried back into the house after the wipe to take the toilet paper.

After the kitchen, see the mother is preparing breakfast back to our eyes, a seat of white micro-transparent hanging shoulder coveralls Xieyi, the morning sunlight from the window inward projection in the body of her mother looming white underwear , slim figure but also to conceal. In fact, usually are used to seeing, just today I have an extraordinary, curious minds of the female body, the demand has been sister to arouse. Therefore, the mother in front of in my opinion just makes me feel sexy, unusual stuff.

To see more clearly the mother's body, I walked into the kitchen, eyes fixed straight to the mother behind. I did not expect the mother suddenly said: "Get up, go wash up for dinner."

I was shocked, that the guilty should say "Oh," like to do bad things are caught quickly left the scene and walked toward the bathroom. Just listen to the behind the mother's nagging: "your sister, my sister do not eat breakfast, hurry to go out, I had known casually Nongnong just fine."

Shot woke me with cool water, in the face of the bathroom mirror, I looked at his face, thinking: "how I? They are my family!" Poured some water on his face , they think: "I am how? could even their families reverie." I firmly shook head, you want to forget the things this morning, but so much the impact of a blessing is a moment of sober can forget , especially the feeling of cock erection, although there is little pain, but do not have some comfortable taste, just want to again.

Stepped out of the bathroom to the kitchen, the heart is thinking: "peek just once." I told myself, do not know "again" do not know how many people deep into the abyss of evil.

Back to the kitchen to see my mother has gone, and thoughtfully add a porridge, suddenly thought of the mother to dress, and the hearts of an impulse to want to peek, but did not dare, in the heart staggered at the same time, my mother change work clothes came into the kitchen.

I looked a mother, I saw my mother wearing a pink suit, pulls out a white shirt collar flower collar, knee-high skirt, long legs wrapped in a transparent and white stockings, slowly toward the table came the left hand pulled a chair to sit down.

The mother found out I stared at her, asked me one: "What? My face dirty things?"
I quickly look away, Zhiwu answer: "I did not ...... nothing." Guilty chops two porridge.
Asked her mother: "You do not think my mother parlor? Take advantage of all right, I can teach you."
I really wanted to go, after all, after that communication line is, but now is not in the mood to learn, the head is full of mother and sister the morning of the spring.

Is fantasy, the mother said: "I'm talking to you, you have to listen to it?" I was shocked, hand soft chopsticks fell to the ground, hastily bent down under the pick.

Head just got into the table greeted mother overlapping legs, and a good mother of the original skin, legs in transparent white stockings even more smooth. Will move to the legs and skirt the transfer of vision triangle, although the light is dim, but vaguely see deeper into the restricted area, is you want to see more clearly, my mother on the stack down the leg, and I also electro-optical flint between more clearly seen in white stockings underwear.

I do not know what my mother said, do not know the mother has got up to leave, I just stay local here but my mother will be down the leg that moment the image, do not know how long it was only phone ringtones pull back to reality. Chopsticks to pick it up, went to the living room ready to answer the phone, only to find her mother had gone away.

Picked up the phone "Hello", the other a girl clear voice said: "I find Chen Peiyi. Know my sister University buddies," Fang Jiaqi ", I replied:" She went out. "

Fang Jiaqi complain, said: "Aigo, with her appointment." Then Quuens korean escort adds: "She did not say where to go?"

I replied: "She seems to want to look for a job."

Fang Jiaqi did not give up and ask: "That Could you tell me her phone number?"

I said: "You do not want to please, and how even my sister's phone number?"
Fang Jiaqi the fractious said: "Oh, do not accidentally lost it."

I giggle to say: "Hey, I do not know."

The end of the line came Fang Jiaqi disappointed, "Ouch!" Sound, and then was silent for a moment, she says: "Can you help me to send my things?"

I was a little reluctant to answer: "Ah, to be sent where?"

She said: "sent to our school."

I said: "You do not have already graduated?"

She pleaded: "I beg you, sir, please, please."

Last Au but Quuens korean escort had promised.

It turned out that because the credits did not repair can not receive diplomas, she had summer break make up credits, while my sister promised to bring notes to school by she forgot and had to do it by my brother.

Sent to their school to find her classroom is just the class time, and asked her classmates know that Quuens korean escort was not in the classroom, the notes referred to can, but do not rest assured, asked a girl: "Fang Jiaqi where ? "would like to say" cross home.

The girl said: "She went to the toilet." Then, pointing to the corridor is done.

I said: "Then I go over there waiting for her." Turned and walked to the best of the corridor, go in the end turn right channel, turned the corner and did not walk a few steps to the toilet door.

Waited a while and did not see friends, making one feel strange when I heard the toilet inside came the voice of Fang Jiaqi: "...... ah ...... thrilled ...... ah ...... ah ...... Well Well ... Well ah ... ... ah ...... cries ...... Oh ...... cries ......

And then pure I know what happened inside, hesitated a moment and walked towards the sound source.
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