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[Traveling with a young woman having an affair]

[Traveling with a young woman having an affair]

The second year in May, is to go south the golden tourist season, have organized to play in Fujian in three tranches to go, do not want to go places give their relatives a bunch of young people are organized into group, nothing more than let us go to the trip road back to the elderly children who experience A sister in the same department has just given birth, they can not travel, put the places give her a cousin, her cousin's husband out to do business, often a walk is ten days and a half months, her cousin, but also no losers in a dry day, in addition to shopping or shopping, this time just by the opportunity to let her go out to play with children. Also told me that her cousin to the field is Luchi, let me take care of her. In fact, I know, not close to her in this cousin, but now hand tight, to make people money, this opportunity to slip to be, to suffer me to always take care of a unrelated woman, he was definitely playing bad mood.

Starting the day I saw, and the crowd greeted and introduced herself, Lina, a tacky name. Her know which I would come and I jokingly said: "I'm better than you, you call me Madonna, this time out to play, I should always follow you, you have to take good care of me ah, or I will get lost. "I looked at her at close range, the skin is very white, a touch of makeup, look fairly handsome, eyes not large, but the bridge of the nose pricey laudable is her one white and neat white teeth, I have a bit suspect that is not born, hair in the back rolled up, and do not see a long, good body, in 165 cm, wearing tight-fitting sportswear to carry a small backpack, highlighting the chest bimodal.

Destined for the airport car chat, know that five years my senior, brooklyn korean escort married three years, has no children, husband busy business every day, always say busy this period is necessary to a child, but several paragraphs are busy passed, the children did not want on it.

Play when I was ready to her care when the cumbersome, but I soon discovered, it is really not this U.S. woman cumbersome, people physically fine, just do not throw her on the line, the rest praise her physical strength, she assumed an expression of disdain, said: "When I go to school for many years when the Sports Commission, and now often go to the gym." too, thought I would like to play the hell it did not expect has become America the young woman to accompany me to play, I feel good to start from the heart to take care of her, she is also happy to enjoy. Seven-play, and Madonna a mix of the familiar.

Travel back back home, I thought the will not happen, but more than a month later, I am in front of a supermarket and met Madonna, brooklyn korean escort saw that I was very happy like she is walking out , accidentally bought a lot of things, asked me to help her carry her home, she and her pointing, said: "I'm not far in the Terrace." I know that district, and indeed far, take a few minutes.

Madonna I helped to carry her things into the house, she insisted in her home to rest for a while, accept their hospitality, I was sitting in her soft sofa, a cup of the beverage side and talk to her, that her husband went to field to talk business, and she left at home guarding a big empty house. I have just time to wash his hands to observe her family is Sishiliangting a kitchen and two baths, is indeed large enough, there are cut off and a large bathroom, which has a large bathtub, two people at the same time bubble which is no problem .

Chat, I listen to her dissatisfaction with her husband does not seem to just often not at home, I noticed her husband to stay home with her, brooklyn korean escort is still not satisfied, sinking lust heart about to put my ideas with distorted Is Madonna's husband not in bed ...

I was thinking about active hand points with the University, his girlfriend since after graduation, the number of f # # k cunt a lot less time or travel just came back, really writings to be finished, looking for a lady burst f # # k all night. Unknowingly, save for a month of ammunition. Think this uncontrollable brain side, along with Madonna to speak, while thinking about her hiking stick up in front of me, sexy plump ass, began to obscenity, and gradually, even Zuidou into the state, say words with provocative nature of the Madonna must listen out, showing the deep meaning laugh.

Dinner time, I proposed to go, Madonna did not leave me, to my mind some melancholy, it seems that today stand a chance.

A few days after, I think of Madonna, always felt that we should happen to something, the phone number left I dug out the travel information, sent her, she gets back, and sometimes, I bold hair some steamy text messages, she also react children as usual, never showed dissatisfaction.

I really want to f # # k her, but always could not find opportunity, until one day, a weekend morning, she suddenly called home, the toilet is broken, want to call to find a mechanic, but her husband was not at home, she they dare not let strangers into the house, want to help her looking at something. One should be under 15 minutes after the sweat appeared in the doorway of her home early July the weather is too hot, but also a large sunny. She opened the door to let me in and said let me start with rest, She was on call the repairman.

After a full half an hour, the mechanic only to quickly fix a toilet away. I was wondering how to do it when Madonna speak, to see you out of body sweat, the clothes are wet, I take baths here, way to wash clothes and threw the drum directly drying later put a little more comfortable. "is not my answer, Madonna go directly to the bathroom to put my bath.

I saw this attitude that the things I would like to finally come ...

I was wondering later how to engage the Madonna cool, I heard Madonna told me to go take a bath, I pretend somewhat reluctant to move into the bathroom and saw the bathtub, put away more than half of the water, stood next to bath. Madonna chuckle on the side: "ashamed na? Clothes off put in the washing machine, while I wash." Then she went out. I Pie Piezui few stripped naked, thrown into the washing machine, lying in a bathtub, a little hot water, soak in the inside so comfortable, I closed my eyes enjoying.

I do not know when Madonna came in, I hear the sound of the drum washing machine closed, opened his eyes, I saw Madonna hair pulled high, bare white slender neck, wearing an ultra-short purple Silk quality nightgowns, back I was press the button on the washing machine, a pair of sexy legs slightly deviates from, white underpants looming, see my libido big play. I quietly stood up and taken the bathtub bare feet went to the Madonna behind Madonna tinkering just finished the washing machine, half turned to go out and suddenly found I was standing behind her, could not help but exclaim, "you startled me, you how to stand here ...... "the latter half of the sentence did not say it, eyes peering at the bottom, reddish face, I feel this, the Cock congestion, although not yet fully cocked, but the size is no longer small.

I cling to a Madonna single-handedly Jinlou that probably less than two feet of the wasp waist, single-handedly by after her neck, began to frantically kissing her lips, cheeks, nose, forehead, ears, neck, Madonna just struggling a little bit, not adhering to. I kissed a few minutes later, Madonna began to respond, her hands wrapped around the back of my neck, slightly open mouth open back to kiss me, and soon, two hungry mouth handover with soft lips, sweet saliva, so I am excited, the cock has long heads held high, squeezed in between our bodies, I am slightly a move, you can feel the friction of the cock in her silk nightgown, I can not be satisfied with this slight friction, his hands Douzhu Madonna full of strong and very flexible ass, and her very well and hold me, so I lifted her easily into the next one-bedroom. The bedroom was decorated in pink tones, not the master bedroom, you may want to have a daughter, lived this. A double bed placed in the bedroom, the central holding Madonna homeopathic flutter on the bed, pressed tightly together her bed very flexible, I pulled out a clutch Madonna erect chest, inside her wearing a bra , but does not prevent the strong kneading, I moved his body, cock inserted between her legs, glans across the top of her panties in her genitals, the underwear has been damp, it seems just crazy kiss to let her show seizures.

While I was rubbing Madonna's breasts over clothing and hoisting a few of her genitals, while the cock across the underwear, she began to softly moan, the sound is full of fascinating temptation, I got up and knelt on the bed, and soon the stripped of her pitiful clothes from the shackles of the breasts like a rabbit out of the same, a little drooping, the nipple and areola are not, color is a pleasant deep red roses. Looked down, her belly flat, wide pelvis, and she begins arched throughout the same black pubic hair and hair is my favorite type.

Lying on the side of our face to face each other gently stroking each other's body, from the cheek, neck, chest to the waist, lower abdomen, later concentrated on their respective parts are most interested in, my right hand rubbing her breast, his left hand index finger and ring finger to separate her uplift of the mons pubis, labia, the middle finger in the hole at the wavering, very slippery feeling. She stroked my face with his right hand, left hand Taonong my cock. With the acceleration of the finger movements, she has also accelerated the movement frequency moans constantly issued from her mouth, pass into my ears like the sound of nature. I have been wandering into the hole in the middle of the hole edge of the hole suddenly shrank, like pick up baby tightly suck. I began to slow most of the root after the middle finger inserted Choucha, pussy mouth Choucha a loose and a tight groans began to entrainment "ah ...... ah ......" the voice of temptation.

I tease the sexual secretion of the Madonna cunt more and more, she cried side tickling, while fast Taonong my cock, I finally could not resist a poke of her hand, sitting , lifted her top leg to allow the knee to the top of her chest, riding on her lower thigh, cock top pussy mouth, forced a back straight, thick cock deep into dripping with sexual secretion The gentle Roudong. The inside is very tight, unlike the young woman married a few years, but rather just Broken girl soon.

After several test run, we soon mastered with the rhythm when I quit, Madonna is on towering body, and I pediment, she quickly went up to our action is not large, but received into full effect, the crash of the flesh with the acceleration of our movement and become more intensive, Madonna sweetly moaning like a very enjoy.
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