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[Mother's female assistant]

[Mother's female assistant]

After school, the mother is far away from my school, I often to go there, anyway, came home no one. Moreover, the mother work at sister and aunts, all of them wear very fashionable and exposure. My nine to quietly end of eye to aim to look them soft white leg, peeping between their low-cut collar exposed cleavage. A part of the avant-garde sisters, and even the bra did not wear it! Mothers, especially like the care of these beautiful sexy woman real estate broker, said the company's business development beneficial to the company, almost all of them female staff.

Mother's office was, which is also separated from a rest room, it is because I was young, my mother do not trust me to stay at home, specially built to make to her work will I hold inside. More than half of my childhood is spent inside it! This five-square-meter room has a desk, computer, TV, CD-ROM drive, a small refrigerator, and even single beds have even a private bathroom! Mother occasionally do the night shift, will sleep here to stay. These two, three years is my pubescent fantasies of the female body is inevitable, often borrowed from the students where porn and A film, it is often locked in the bathroom of the room inside, secretly appreciation is also a good place to vent my masturbation.

On this day, after school after they went to the mother company. midtown asian escort was not, like to meet with large customers from the mainland. Only, regardless of her blanket! Youxiang students this morning by one of four A-book, can not wait to be into my villa bathroom, come up with that porn pants off, sit on the toilet side enjoying, playing side of the pistol.

Being made a gorgeous, mother's personal assistant even open the door. Mother ah! I discovered that just did not lock the door, Beggar aunt to straying into the room! Take the aunt was shocked, "ah" a cry! She glanced me up and down glances, and then stay in my little baby.

I scared the spot immediately stood up and flash to the toilet next to the bathtub, took fierce uniforms in an attempt to cover that erectile Roubang, but it pestle in a thin cloth between the garment practically invisible suddenly significant, so I was embarrassed Want to commit suicide immediately. See, however, spend the aunt did not scream out loud, but turned to the door to shut.

I scared her move. Flower aunt softly smiled and said, "hee hee, A beneficial ... Zende doing here this pernicious thing? Grow up Lo!" Then midtown asian escort went to the toilet in front of, solution of the dress on buttons. Do not panic in such a way, do not be afraid to spend aunt urgency, a urine finished and left, will not tell Ann! "See spend aunt solution with buttons, I'm really going to stop breathing. Two eyes wide open staring at her rapid heartbeat sound seems to even be heard.

Spend aunt said, "devil laugh at me, why!? Have not seen the girls pee Oh!" midtown asian escort took off her skirt, revealing black lace panties in the thigh.

I turned shy, head buried in a corner shy afraid to look at. But the normal reaction of the boys led me to secretly turned his head from time to time want to aim glimpse forward.

"It does not matter! Childhood spent aunt watched you grow up, you also harm shame A? Come on! Come ah ... this is a rare sex education!" Take the aunt with a smile said.

I slowly turned around and went over the face of flowers aunt. I saw her clever little underpants slowly off down, exposing a large clump of black hair, and then smiled and sat on the toilet and began to pee. Although it is not the first time I saw the girls over there, but it is the first time see girls pee in the front, but also so close. Feeling, it seems that there are a few drops of pee in my body it! I was nervous sitting in the bathtub's edge above the palms cover with the second child to become more hard, attentively looking stupidly spent aunt pee.

Memory, the aunt of the flower is about 31,-year-old, who is his father's hands, now is the mother's personal assistant, the company is a Reds. Long sexy actor, exactly like Veronica Yip. Her a long black hot very volume, with white analysis analysis and reveals a red skin. Spend aunt's leg is very thin, long, very beautiful. Ass Alice, has two huge breasts. She could I often thugs grab one of the sexual fantasies! Spend the aunt looked at my face shy and nervous hands clutching the baby, they said ︰ joke provocative "what now? Not often secretly masturbating here ah? Your shy look really cute. Hee hee ... want aunt to help you, ah? "I do not know where the courage, impulsive and curious said," spend ... spend ... spend aunt, you really can help me jacking off? "spend aunt was my words to the Zheng Zhu, and her eyes to make a turn before slowly said, "Holy crap! you to really ah? hee hee ... Look at your namely, serious and shy like, it really is fun yeah ah ... well ... let aunt my solution for you heterosexual lust. you eat and the like, is really a bit pathetic Hey, but you do not tell your mother speaking!, or I will be her Masi, ah! "take the aunt to this time already in urine finished. She took a few sheets of toilet paper down the body wiped, and then stood up, pulled the toilet. She did not pull out the underwear on the ankle, directly to kneel in the bathtub in front of, and she told me to stand up, then in the hands of the baby in front of me together to distraction. I ready to make that has long been hard pain the second instant jumped out, ninety degrees toward the flower aunt from time to time shake jump.

"Health and development in the kingdom now so good! Your small penis big Oh! Aunt like it ..." to spend, aunt the caressing Rounong my baby said.

I am a little embarrassed, but proud hearts unspeakable excitement.

Spend aunt has slapped the name of my cock, my waist, shaking nervously flick. Spend aunt Oh says with a laugh to ︰ "hello nervous Oh ... hee hee, do not be afraid!, Aunts, and will not bite off it!" Then, spend aunt my dick began her slender fingers Taonong the eyes kept of staring at me. She may want to see my awkward face it! The more she pumped the faster time to time with her tongue licking my glans. I did not expect less than two minutes, butt a shake, I actually shoot the vent, will semen shot in the flower-aunt's face and the chest of clothes.

Spend aunt rape rape smiled and said, "Hee hee ... how so fast out Hey, is usually too much for broken body, right?" I did not expect so soon ended, presumably too much tension, excitement, and fear, the first time in the flower aunt to help me jacking off on the lost face. I have two doubts looking at the flowers Aunt, what to say and want solutions identified.

︰ spend aunt smiled and added "It does not matter! First woman tangible too cool, right? Hee hee hee ... so quickly, it is normal!" Hey, I'm not the novices in the blanket! Even the schools of the school beauty I did it! I might spend aunt was older, and because the mother the right-hand man, will be temporary "stumbles." However, looking at flowers aunt thoughtful smile, I do not say anything.

The spend aunt do not clean themselves, but left my baby obscene to slow lick their heads. Or a mature woman is considerate enough to my school beauty for their own interests cool. Thinking, thinking, I have the urge to go again.

Humph! Well, this time I'm going to spend aunt to see my real skill. I of prostitution y_i_k the title not use the money to buy will come! I then do not say, suddenly squatted down to the touch spend aunt belly black hair. Touch the palm of my hand to a mass of meat tenderizer, wet clam middle seems to have a deep seam of my middle finger slipped and inserted into the wet yo Xue Li.

Spend aunt slapped my hand back about a little angry. "Do you ... A beneficial? Be so rude to not fumble to get Aunt yeah ..." she Duzhuoxiaozui said.

I was shocked and immediately hand shrink back, revealing a fear of guilt tone, "I ... I ... I really want to Feel I want to feel the female ... girls ... is ... is how. Aunt, really very sorry, "I pretend anxious cry out.

"Oh, aunt, and did not really angry, but you usually honest and straightforward and honest little devil impulse taken aback and I said Ayi Yi, you should still virgin? I know you are very sexy to curiosity impulse and looks at you, really makes also pity Youteng the aunt love you! Hee hee hee ... so good, spend aunt promised you an opportunity to let you go nuts on what kind of good? The aunt later have to go to the customer where the documents to your mother ... "spend aunt softly to comfort me.

Spend aunt clean up its own burst, and put the divided skirts, also helped me to put on underwear and school pants, kissed my lips look, and then gently open the bathroom door. To see the room after no one would go door there, go back to send me a kiss, open the door out ... I sat down on the toilet, and two empty atheism back to thinking just one episode, every picture, my mind is full of sex and spend aunt fantasy, hearts look forward to this day "advent.

Second have passed about two weeks and spent aunt said nothing. Touched the surface in the company, she only friendly to me playing hello, seems to forget that day things, forget once my commitment. I dared not forcing her too tight, afraid that she will not be happy.

That evening, my mom came home from work unexpectedly see the flowers aunt at her side. The original, they have official business to discuss, but my mother had promised to come back to dine with me. Because today, but my 15-year-old's birthday yeah! Mother so he simply Beggar aunt into the house.

The mother specifically for cooking a sumptuous feast. Wow, long time without food to the mother and delicious craft, since she took over the management of my father's affairs, every day I seem to eat take-away, and only in the special day mothers will cook. Well, this dinner to eat Zhenshuang ah! "Mom, the dishes you cook a good eat! Causing me to almost bursting belly so busy also specifically back to personally cook for me to celebrate the promise people things never go back, unlike some people, that they shameless! "I intentionally or unintentionally, the mom, in fact implies a person.

These six dishes can prescribe you spend aunt specifically do for you or your favorite clear Braised fresh abalone and eel ah! You have to thank you people! "Mamma Mia with a smile face said.

"Humph! I really want to eat fresh abalone, hope is containing sucking my long eel. I did not want her cooking, to make love to her ... "I whispered softly spoke since.

Qing, how so rude, that grunt, grunt, I do not know what to say thank you people fast ah! "Mom began to pout.

"Do not say that A benefits, the children are so today, but his birthday, he is the emperor, wanted to do anything by him ..." with a smile interrupt.

The mother smiled, and the atmosphere has changed for the better, but I still Duzhuoxiaozui, muttering.

After dinner, I drove my mother to buy a new spy game consoles to my SONY optical spend aunt bought a game light spy her with quite a good thing! Finished the game, spend aunt and mother to pack in good to talk about official business on the table.

Nearly one o'clock, they both stopped to talk about. Late at night, the mother will stay spend aunt in our family room length of stay of one night ︰ flowers, you live so far away, anyway, tomorrow is Sunday, and I also have some petty official account of you, you live in this night! "spend aunt readily agreed down. Soon, she will enter the room to rest. My mother and I returned to their rooms and went to bed.

"When ... when ... the quiet living room when the ring came twice grandfather clock.

Two in the morning. I have yet to sleep, my mind is full of flowers aunt shadows will not be able to quell the ripples of my heart. Inspiration, suddenly remembered the flower aunt said to me that sentence "there is an opportunity to let you go nuts on".

I suddenly heart of excitement, as if from the mouth to jump out like a sudden feel that I feel like I like ecstasy of two million up. I quickly and quietly out of the room, first mother's room, the ear side on the door. Well, just to hear her mother sleeping snoring. My music, immediate ran spend aunt living room, gently knocked on the door of the flowers Aunt.

"... Eh? ... Who ... Who?" Knock for quite a while to hear her feeble response sound.

Spend aunt Sao bone sound listening to my legs, almost soft, psychological head bumper stop dancing. I softly said, "Hey ... the flowers Aunt ... I ... I A beneficial ..." It took a while to spend aunt opened the door slowly, puzzled said, "Oh? How you Eqing? late still here to knock the door of Aunt? "I looked wearing the aunt of the mother pajamas flowers, lace set off by white skin. I saw her hair is disorderly, eyes half closed half, it seems that woke me up. I am a shy smile said, "My mother had fallen asleep!" "A little earlier to bed!" The smile of her snappily said.

"Now no one ... spend ... spend aunt you ... Do you remember ... remember you said?" Ah yo! Lecherous devil ... how for no reason to mention something that ah! Hee hee ... spend aunt with your joke! ambiguous looked at me laughing said.

Hear, spend aunt so I was a bit angry! Inexplicable sense of anger instigation flung forcibly promote the rooms inside, shut the door locked. Which lit only a dull window headlights, spend aunt me onto the bed. I saw her sitting to lying in bed, eyes straight aim at my messy hair make her showing a sad sense of beauty.

Third if A benefits, you just how!? My first time I saw you so rude ... "" ...... "spend aunt say this lonely expression on my face totally born, so treat her She must hate me! "Hey, you just sexy, good man mettle! A Qing ... up! Rude to Aunt ... Aunt feel good and excited, it was exciting ..." spend aunt actually did not blame me, also exposed promiscuous expression to tease me.

"......" Eh? I am a little confused.

Aunt promised to let you know the bliss of the opposite sex, but this should never be filed with your mother. ... Hee hee hee ... I see you this little Yin Wa is not to say to ... come ah ... "spend aunt lying in bed, slowly Da legs, lewd talking.

Take the aunt to sleep lying in bed, eyes half closed, looked at me lazily. I was nervous and excited heart just about stopped. Each pumping spend aunt laughed my cock more well connected. Spend aunt climbs very body, took my hand and sat on the bed and take the initiative to take off the clothes of me.

I then left with an underwear. Spent aunt ambiguous smiled and said "ah! What you harm shame Well ... do not be afraid ... the people at home is not never seen! Fast ... let aunt stripped off your underwear!" I watched the flowers Aunt slow pull down my underwear, long hard hot curling the second fast paste it into the navel, flowers aunt surprised smile, also used tongue go Tiannong to it a few times, which led me straight to fight trembling.

"Only a few weeks, how you up from the toilet as big a lot!? Really scary ... hee hee ... but the lady like ... love!" So ambiguous laughter to hear the flowers Aunt It was always faster shot. But I will not like the last one back as shame, dies, insert made her cries for help.
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