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[Play mahjong young woman one night stand]

[Play mahjong young woman one night stand]

I first saw her, uptown asian escort wore the lutetium in Phnom Penh, one just to do a good black dress, tall chest, walking steadily forward, a Zimingqinggao like to see her a pretentious look under I secretly made up his mind, what is so amazing to see how I started. Set the goals, we must take action long after, through careful observation and thorough investigation, and soon on her daily preferences whereabouts of the basic initial understanding and master.

Her husband and children are not around her every day, in addition to work spare time is spent at the mahjong table, but I do not know is limited licensing technology or bad luck, always, win lose less, they chatted, mostly to see her I gas sigh, yesterday lost a hundred the day before yesterday, lost 50, rarely saw her exultant, jubilant the, if there is, certainly she had won. Such spare time as she does not need to take care of the family and very few women every day to maintain the Board there are difficulties, observing facial expressions, match, nature is to please a woman has always been the usual means, not long after, I naturally became her hand on the poker buddies, when I was very young, but as a gambler, I do not "young", which can be described as "powerful" battle-hardened ", but as they are those small gamble, I simply have no interest in, but ulterior motives, in order to curry favor with her, playing cards when I deliberately sent her card to her, or deliberately put some "gun" to her, and the cards do some little tricks and shuffling, with some special "tricks" and "technology" to create favorable conditions for her winnings, and the key moment, intentionally or unintentionally, to give her some explicitly mentioned suggests, in short, with the introduction of co-ordination her "I'm Feeling Lucky" greatly improved, obviously win more than lose, the high spirits of the air gradually becomes multiplied, of course, for my special "attention", she is naturally to be aware of, because from the previous "old output in mind, "to the" old win long, I contributed. Over time, the special relationship between us, "My colleagues and poker buddies" so that we slowly close up, from when he first entered the cold and now a little brother comes up, it only took less than half the time I know that first step has been successful. Once a woman close to you, and the rest just need the opportunity and courage. Because of the excuse of playing cards, alone with her opportunities, but only individually and with her the opportunity is still far from enough, but also conditional, only the conditions and opportunities with the you have successfully possible, and this may be your deliberate intentions of the strategy may be you can become a reality.

Agreed place, as usual, is her home, remember that every day of drizzle in dreams, when on the road the occasion of the drizzle and women woman having an affair, it is what kind of stimulation and novelty. The table has been laid out to her house, her one in the house, anxious.

"?" I am my lips put on a concern the Board look, but inside was thinking, if the appointment can not come to much good.

Godsend, half an hour after the appointment of the first friends phone, said today her daughter a high fever, temporary hospital can not come, although she angry blame, but people really something, she can not have too many complain, and then call to ask the other, the other back, said from the country, husband father, is the contradiction of the brothers home in the mediation, and sometimes tied up, could not come. Although I have I pretended to watch TV, but the contents of the phone I hear it quite plainly, a rare opportunity, in the face of the coveted prey, the hearts of ecstasy, and I squint to see her secretly, I *, she was a good sexy, a fit the new black cheongsam, wrapped tightly around her slight tilt of the Buttocks, towering breasts ready to come under the curve, attractive and coveted.

Continuous after a few calls, uptown asian escort reluctantly "little brother out of the room not be played today, raining outside, they are reluctant to come."

"Forget it" I pretended indifference.

Rushing outside rain harder and harder, I got up and pretended like we should go out.

"Well, the rain so much, the play will go." Say this, her face slightly red, while recognizing the long, but uptown asian escort was alone in a room without an outsider, after all, is the first time, she stayed I also reasonable, the rain is such a big thing. But perhaps as a woman woman with so much rain and so a positive youth thrive juvenile mind like water probably can not call her. Blush perhaps because she thought of that reason, but her tiny face did not escape the eyes of my hunter, Oh, where to run, I can not help but burst of ecstasy ..........

VCDs do, look at the moment VCDs, TV is good and boring. "

A middle-aged couple's husband starts at home the yellow dispatch is not the reason I chose to watch VCDs, there is a purpose.

She hit open the drawer of the VCDs to let me choose their own turn to turn to are just out of the card, did not find what I want to see.

"There is not interesting?"

"What ah, what is interesting, those films boring?" She knows what I say, deliberately interrupt.

"When I was a child?" I deliberately teased her.

"Adult?" She was a little contrived put on an adult's look.

"I am very bad ........." I walked over close to her.

"Why do you ...?" She asked shortness of breath.

"Do bad things ..." I Yin Xiao to her approaching.

No, no, no, no, I'm your big sister, "she drew back, no retreat behind, sofa, stand in front.

"Like the big sister does not work ah?" I faint smile, pulling her hand, she was frightened back about sitting on the sofa, I flutter momentum in the past, to find her lips. She dodged, and blushed.
"Do not Do not..." Although the shouting, there is air weakness.

The woman at this time has been unable to guard against this evasive woman, and sometimes more people horny. Firewood and fire, as long as the point, will be burning mad.

Rushing rain the next, huge sound could not conceal her heavy breathing, the tip of our tongue in each other mouth crazy twist action for the first time with the woman wearing a cheongsam, who cheated but not entry, only up and down in cheongsam exploration, she reached out a hand and gently pull the side of the zipper slowly recede, wow, well maintained beautiful skin, smooth and delicate, soft and elastic, greed from her neck since the last down all the way to kiss her Jiao blow, and paralysis, lying on top of the sofa, I gently undid her bra, beautiful breasts, Jianting and very flexible, I gently bite with their teeth, she could not help but oh a cry, and may use force, it could be she can not help.

My hands around her breasts, kept tongue lick and suck while tooth light bite, a mouth throughput, I skilled movements, made it rip rip "sound.

"Oh, lighter, lighter." She murmured. Head deeply buried in the depths of the sofa.

The cheongsam has receded, the bra has been untied her only piece of black the Narrow briefs, I did not rush to fade, but slowly stroked along the outer edge of the briefs, from the bottom, along the punch at friction rub, briefs from the edge of the probe with your fingers to go, Oh, the grass has long been wet, I slowly inside it into, so tempting at the wet, sticky, with a warm, two petals already slightly Zhang Qi, unrest among the flowers deep desire is to enter, do not need to hesitate any longer, I fight rope finger to flower depths, stirring fast, and faster and faster, "Oh, ah ..." Her light light, groaning, the body with the I pairs refers to the rhythm rhythm rhythm, the mouth had not been to leave her the Jianting the Rujian tooth tip Cuonie twist the pressure, two simultaneously, in a strong stimulation her original passion was quickly activated, body stretch, gone twist on the sofa, at the edge of the harassment, she is not satisfied with one hand out from my pressing her body, bypassing the I on the back from the waist straight inserted between my legs, tight hold tight as hard as iron stick, slowly Taonong, but does not accelerate, but with a guide and provocative set of pinch, when I got up and receded body of underwear, watching the Gao Qiao Roubang, she trained, trained, smile long.
By hand bombs the bomb Roubang deliberately hold high, Yin Xiao asked "Are you ready?" Little rascal, "she scolded the sentence on his head buried in the sofa as a child-like, this action is a strong temptation and stimulation, I was almost a tear of her briefs, climbed on her back, separated from her dual retreat from behind her accurately imported, already soaked to spend hole, do not need any guide unimpeded, given birth to a children already to spend hole relaxation, coupled with the warm-up prelude to Although stout Roubang, but running is still easing ease and relaxation to spend hole of its own relaxation wonderful, because direct stimulation of the relaxation of meat, root relative reduction, not least savings the magma instantaneous eruption, Choucha as she bursts of happiness Yin called more accelerated, more and more violent, more depth, she turned supine hold high the legs hole with a continuous Yinye big, as if a need to fill the deep hole in order to meet huge, unfathomable.

Choucha, Choucha Choucha, in-depth, in-depth in-depth, hands grip a hold high legs, like a tireless old man's cart, push fast "Laohantuiche like, although rain is great, but of meat root and Roudong of in the Choucha under "Puchi Puchi" is still clearly audible, long product of desire and lust in the strong pumping huge stimulus finally culminated in the 1000 round , a little heat from on top, straight down, spewing out, "wow.." I can not help but loudly, with Grilled Kuangxie weak she had this sweat soaked chest, buried in her between the breasts, breathing gasped, her hands tightly hold me before she has breasts, long, long time refused to release.

"Little rascal, and finally succeeded.," She pleasant.

She my conspiracy has long been aware of it, reflect on one of the tigers of the women, the perennial is not her husband, without hesitation law - abiding have been the reason?

At this point, the young woman seduce plan is successfully completed, the color of Friends of the relish could not bear to stop, still questioning the later things, but then I told her that since succeeded Board report paragraph, almost every day, late night, always to her crazy in those days I always bent, Tuozhuo Bei, sentimentalist all know that it is the kidney. This adultery has been maintained to her husband returned from the field. "There are ties? Now.?
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