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[Close neighbor Mature]

[Close neighbor Mature]

She is my neighbor's wife, her excellent teens than I, although our family and neighbors to their home do not usually contact, but I liked her from high school, perhaps because she really is very beautiful, maybe I often hear sometimes the middle of the night from their house groaning.

Always thought downtown asian escort was just a fantasy, but she really came into my life.

She is indeed a beautiful woman, although downtown asian escort is already 33, but her body radiates out to call me to bite her temptation.

I usually only met with her to say hello, although after I have a lot of fantasy, but this lasted until I graduated from college.

I work at an investment company, often at 78 o'clock before they can work, so often in the company near a Japanese restaurant called a Omurice as dinner.

Course meal tube is what I often took friends to dinner places, here, I can not remember already said how much sweet. I have a particular affection for this restaurant.

However, APEC traffic control a long vacation the night before last Tuesday, that is, I even met her, downtown asian escort curls her body, even in so moving.

I even forgot to greet her!

She also saw me straight with her fans that my six smile walking towards me.

She is to buy clothes, we ate, chatted, she kept asking my clothes look good, because she said the woman's clothes always wear for men. To be honest I do not know her clothes are good or bad, because her clothes are exposed, not a few pieces of cloth, I even can see the red in her bra nipple in her bow eat, though not clearly see Though they have not dare to see such a familiar, but it does stimulate my longing for her. Very strange 30-year-old woman still has red nipples!

I have something hard!

The first time we talk so much, said talk so much because for the first time talk talk homely mundane things outside so much, I found that far from her favorite things of our older people, she also like the class to go pop, but I like to go to the "true love", she likes to go "Roger"

I was driving a joke, saying that today we go dancing well, your husband will not you. She actually said that line, said tonight, because her husband went to Hong Kong for a week before I came back today just left, she had just been sent back to her husband airports to Huaihai Road, to buy clothes.

We sit down at half past ten in the new world of open-air bar has been, she said, want to go to the "true love" to see. That already half past eleven.

Just most people, very crowded, I told her to have a drink, she said to drink beer, in fact, I do not drink, but she said to drink beer, I drink, be justified, when he had called four bottles.

I already feel that I blushed, because my face was hot, and finally she could not help going to jump, she said she can not stand, regardless of the people running, so pull me get a look the first time I was pull the hand and touched her arm, very soft and warm. I am very desire.

To be honest, I really like this place of "true love", because the women here are really very beautiful, very long time I was here a woman's. She's wearing today is really suitable for the atmosphere, tight, low cut, very plump, but she has always been a plump woman.

She began to jump in front of me shaking his head dancing, eyes closed, rhythmically swing her long hair. I am surprised that even as her age like dancing shaking his head dance, I always thought it was a lively girl of the patent, the more surprised when she shake her head, her breasts shake more rhythm than her hair. I not only close to her step, do not know why, perhaps inadvertently met her a very tempting thing about it.

She was really shaking perfect crazy, almost crazy, sometimes I dance this dance, but I jump up to five minutes, I really can not stand the feeling of vertigo, but she actually jumped a half, suddenly laugh about clinging to me, I really was shocked by her, her mad laughed and said she jump does not move, call me a she. I hugged her a little pet if the frightened feeling, I did not hold over a woman, but she was very special for me not to love her, is another kind of feeling, in high school, I even think she regarded as my elders a class, but on such occasions, I was able to so fully embrace her, her taste is let me vertigo, fully squeezed my shoulder to her left chest, a large softly. Warmer, really want to bite the feel of it, but she was my neighbor, not my online sister, sister!

So I hugged her in the bar in to find a place to sit down.

She rely on my shoulder will feel awake, so laugh at me so young and not as good as her, while also known as two bottles of jazz, that is thirsty, maybe I think too much of her sexual fantasies sake. I even sometimes do not know what to say! Just to see a figure class1 early twenties girl in bargaining with foreigners, and one said to be two thousand, a custom that is said about China up to fifteen hundred. They said very loudly, about the girl that said in English, the other Chinese people did not understand, and the other think can prove that he is to his companions heard.

To her, I could not help laughing at since those two guys, that chicken is chicken, no matter how beautiful, no matter how high grade or chickens. She said with a smile, say that you guys like as long as two thousand, you can play this general man only to see two girls walking down the street, I said, no matter how lust, do not touch the chicken not to say that she was dirty, nor is the water that she was cheap, but said he would look down on myself, I do not believe that I have to fall to the point where women want to look for chicken. She could feel me on that very idea, and asked that I want a woman how to do, maybe we drink a few glasses of sake, me and my neighbor went so far as to talk of this topic. I said I want a woman I will engage in a night, the situation will not go to the chicken, I wonder if she is some perception still feel not appropriate to discuss this topic and neighbors little brother, she startled a bit, and no further on this topic deepen.

So we squeezed into the crowd jumped up.

Good music is one of my favorite high, I jump very excited, she is perhaps not enjoyed this dance, a bit behind the rhythm, do not know where the impulse to me and hugged her. hand on her butt, my chest against her chest, jump the first rhythm is slow and too heavy dance with her, I am surprised to see a glimmer in her eyes retreat, but immediately she replaced is to cater to, so I posted a tighter, more rhythm, to see her jump very fun, because she uses her hand on my ass, then I even feel that we The lower abdomen is friction, and her finger in my ass to the rhythm gently kneading my belly on fire!

Half past one, we decided to go home, but I clearly felt that the atmosphere in our midst and just arrived here, because since we dance through the dance, she then significantly less. I would like to say something, but could not say anything. We called a taxi at the door, the driver even passion for ** Hotel. I am not surprised that the enthusiasm of the drivers here, but for me and my neighbors say that these can not help but feel a little awkward, I say go the Hongkou wide Hope Road will be silent, she did not say anything, but all the way no how to speak I think the atmosphere is not very good. Coming home, I told the driver to stop, I paid the money, told her that I feel just a little stuffy in there, get some fresh air, she smiled and nodded, but she really know, the fear of being acquaintances to see is not good .

Went to the door, her lights lit, her family's support is very cute orange wall lamp lighting I find very attractive. I not only fantasy. But how can I do?

Softly opened the door into the living room, afraid to wake their parents open the wall lamp, found a note on the table, a look at the parents to stay, they said the holiday go to Huangshan travel.

Think of my parents really want to just like a child, child temperament, likes to play, like the interim decision.

I think I am these days why.

Washing the early photos, turn on the TV, put the cable TV station, "The Bridges of Madison County, happens to be the hero and heroine are kissing in the kitchen, then down on the bed, I've seen this television, the book also read. Always felt that mean nothing, do not take the world with my life, but I actually looked very excited than usual sneak look at a piece of excitement, I not only handle pull pants, take a look at my unconscious brother, red to stand, unruly look.

I heard a voice next to her wearing slippers, I find it difficult subject, I suddenly sprouted to play ** and talk to her the idea.

Looked for ages, facing ** always feel is absurd, really it is unable to courage to carry ** TV that old men and women is still a kiss, it is put into the look of her slippers sound vaguely It can be heard, lights that fell, in the crotch that guy or angry the look.

I was from ** dialed her home number, because I always think that men want to do something, to think of going to do, to think the contrary is not good. She received my ** did not feel very surprised, just ask me how to stay up? I just finished washing the photos, I feel very awake. I asked her how to stay up, she said she felt a little hungry, get something to eat, I unhesitatingly connected to say, I starve to death, and that Mom and Dad are not at home, home, nothing to eat. She comes to my house to eat, but the finish seems to feel wrong. I was shocked, to say yeah.

I was really hungry seven o'clock to eat an egg board, where pranced support to get two o'clock midnight.

When her family at the door, I arbitrarily set the bar trousers, passed out of my house, I always think tonight may occur, she opened the door, smiling, I think as thieves flashed into is her home, a few decibels to speak is also less than normal, fear of being who heard, in fact, on this floor, tonight only our two people. Her family, I am not the first time to go, she also raised a gold bar dog, I hate that thing, but the dog is actually very good to me, every time I come back, if it sees it in her home doorframe Lane shook his head to shake tail to greet me, is also pleased to see her husband, and sometimes even jump out to lick my feet, but I hate the dog, and whenever this time, it is always kicked away. The dog is probably tired, lying on the ground semi-sleep with his eyes open.

As she smiled and called the first sit down, saying it will be OK, and asked me if I liked to eat this or that side back to me at the Lane. I appreciate very much looked at her sitting behind her, she just wash my shower, hair wet, Liangliang to look good, but also exudes Sassoon and the taste of her flesh mixed, she wore a piece of the wide greatly Men's T-shirt, very casual look, probably she is ready to wear it to bed, the following sets of a just exposing a length of the thigh of the white veil, which you can see the remaining half of the thigh, but could not see her briefs, because they were the side of her big T-shirt covered, which makes me very impulse of her T-shirt pulled up to. Her legs look great, and simply, the calf is full, I think there because of the very flexible, thighs faintly see the traces of the thigh muscle, but not revealed, foot wear can be worn more popular recently on access heel slippers, I used to hate the woman to wear such shoes, because I think the shoes are to lazy to wear, but she wears look good, because her feet are white, slippers, followed by very high her eyes, nice feet, presented in my eyes when she walked, heel and upper with a co very excited, I turned to her feet and would like that thing stuffed in her feet let she with a co step, so I thought, my thin trousers inflated.

She turned to when I realized this, which makes me a little embarrassed, and reminds me of junior high school play in the water park, I saw a lot of swimsuits girl, actually only squatted in the water can not out.

Fortunately, I was sitting, pay no attention to the words do not quite see where the strange. She helped me to fry a few pieces of pumpkin pie, washed with milk, some cereals handed it to me, she ate some apples, I say to you how hungry when eating next Apple, she said, get used to was the evening is not able to eat, it is hungry.

I asked how she play, she said, very happy to go after. Said turn on the TV, TV was not or that affair, she said she liked to see this film, read a lot of times, she felt very happy woman, perhaps she followed by taking pictures to go but not how would like? I said why? She said the woman has been that for a week, that her whole life centers that Sunday can be very happy to think of, if you follow that old man dreads to go you think will be a lifetime together as they worship happy? Her idea, I find it very strange, maybe a woman's brain structure and men not.

Looked when she said, feel a little strange in her eyes, think she speaks is not immediate emotions of mind which long ago with these words, strange eyes, I clearly see the desire, of course, she The desire may simply not be me. Because I think I can not do like that dead old man in the TV less attractive. Perhaps due to the encouragement of her eyes, I should no longer embarrassed to muster the following, the heart actually produce an apparent idea, I stood up and pretend to wash eating pumpkin pie stick the hand of the oil I saw her a slightly surprised look, because my little brother is very brave against my crotch. The light of her kitchen is secretly, because she finished her pumpkin pie off the headlights, and secretly lighting very nice, but I think we can hide out a lot of things in my hands, but no soap, so I asked her to be soap .
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