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[Repair air-conditioners apprentice]

[Repair air-conditioners apprentice]

Half past five p.m. Jingle. Jingle.

"Find the Who?"

Repair air-conditioning yeah. "

"Come in" male-headed open the door, a young man holding a toolbox into the house.

The guy is a repair air-conditioners apprentices, only 18 years old. Kept honest, no matter hidden name, only its flower name: Liang Yin Chong.

Male heads of Liang Yin Chong to the terrace, where he repairs air-conditioners. Began to work soon, he heard the door open. "My husband and I came back." Turned out to be female heads of households coming back from work. By the gentle and beautiful woman voice attracted by Liang Yin Chong secretly looking over toward the hall.

bronx asian escort girl is a young young woman older than him how much, it seems that in his early twenties, wearing a dress that is a typical office ladies dress. Female heads of households took off his coat, and talk with her husband, went to the terrace. bronx asian escort girl saw Liang Yin Chong obsessed with work, I thought: These days, young people, with good results, and went to further education, poor academic performance, idle, much work has very little in front of me, so at ease to learn skills.

The spirit of appreciation for the psychological, bronx asian escort girl took the initiative to tell him "Hi, hello", the mouth with a soft, sweet smile.

Liang Yin Chong back to her a greeting, the way up close to see her face. I saw her appearance Juan, his face thin, apply cosmetics, light bright exudes a sort of delicate, with an air of joy, but also a man attracted to.

His eyes hastily looked after her surface again to continue working hard. But pretended appearance. Terrace covered with debris, female-headed efforts to tidy up, did not see more of him. Those headed by men lying on the sofa in the dining room, lazily enjoying the newspaper gossip. No one pay attention to him, Liang Yin Chong would had enjoyed, the young woman from head to toe looked carefully again.

She was wearing a light pink short-sleeved silk shirt and narrow bodied skirt. A time when the summer, she did not wear underwear and bottom skirt. Slim shirts, sexy white lace bust is clearly visible, white underwear is also looming. Pink skirt covered only the thigh below the skirt, wrapped in white silk trousers round his knees and smooth calf, unabashedly presented in Yin Chong in front. The young woman was busy picking up, totally did not find their own youth with the eyes of indecent assault. Liang Yin Chong go over not met, anyway, no one knows, he kept peeking beautiful and touching the young woman.

Lordosis Rocker, full of the fullness of the stature of the eleven married women. The end of no wear skirts, plus skirt narrow, she bent down to clean up the ground product, the outline of underwear in the surface of the skirt taut surface. Skirt tightly wrapped around the lower body, stuck between the shares of the deep groove along both sides of the fullness of the stilts of the hips, all the way. Half of the thigh, pulled up the skirt of the high X-looming.

In the summer dusk, the sun shines into the flat terrace temperature rise many young women only worked hard for ten minutes, then covered with sweat. Wet shirt close to the body, Yin Chong Leung clearly see the outline of her breasts, breast Central also outstanding as if the two points. Kept moving Jiaoqu, occasionally falls in the dim light. Fully apparent the Jiaoqu under the translucent wet T-shirt goes as far as the sight of the strange man, the only young woman was ignorant, nothing to do the ⑩ rinse V husband only wife regardless of the hard work, read the newspaper to see tired, simply sleep on the sofa go, and only the young man before noticed such a rare spectacle.

Liang Yin Chong extremely lively, suddenly found that the lower body swelling has long been an erection, and propped up the crotch, embarrassing exception. It's no wonder the immediate scene is so tempting to fall on the eyes of the young men, more likely to cause dreams. Taking advantage of each other have not found their own ugly, he wants to lower body somehow, but was worried about this action but to attract her attention.

Toilet on the terrace, he Knack: "I'm sorry, you can borrow your toilet?"

"Well, please feel free to use it."

Liang Yin Chong hastily ran into the toilet, the young woman thought he was anxious so powerful, not knowing that he was anxious to conceal the ugly. Into the toilet, he immediately slipped out of their belts and trying to hard-up second place in somehow a little part of the lower abdomen to prevent pants too.


He happened to see some women in the laundry bag Xie Yi, Han Yi, bottom skirts, brassieres, panties, etc. inside. (She must be all right.) The introduction of reveries lingerie, make annual hot-blooded Liang Yin Chong had enjoyed masterpiece. He meow the locks one to determine a lock on the toilet door, then carefully open the laundry bag.

He has a little pick one will be selected from a pink lace panties. Women's sexy underwear, Liang Yin Chong in newspapers, television, shop windows cupboard to see much, but the beauty through the underwear, he did the first touch to get started. Can smell her body fragrance from the underwear of the female heads of households, especially lower body parts of the odor.

He the underwear Wanliaoyihui feel desires can not control. His big ventured friction penis underwear, I thought: rub, cool a cool, before putting underwear put it back, no one would find that he did. Liang Yin Chong eyes closed, dreaming of the second pierce the young woman's lower body, and then Kuangchou hurled itself upon. He seems to have forgot himself in other people's toilets is theft of personal belongings of others wife. His movements are more intense, until the moment of climax, he was awakened to the reality. (Oh bad) but it was too late, his body was tempting to convulsions, can not shut down the water pipes, to avoid semen scattered, he hurried in the hands of underwear clutching the tip of the glans. Anyway, have been inevitable, Liang Yin Chong simply tighten the lower body muscles, squeezing out all the semen, fantasy second child in the lower body of the young woman's mind at the same time the blanching liquid sprayed into the depths of the uterus, to enjoy masturbation pleasure.

After the ejaculation, orgasm is waning. (Qiu got a mess, how to run?) The young woman's underwear, covered with a sticky, thick foul liquid. )

He did not dare to put the panties back in place, because the white liquid in pink clothing will be particularly conspicuous. Want it stuffed in his hip pocket and not work because of his pocket and share them would be interesting. Thought for a moment, his underwear into the laundry bag in the depths. If her clothes in the laundry bag all poured into the washing machine, not a one out, then maybe she will not find anything abnormal.

Even if she is a one out, but that may have been a few days after, when the semen may have already dried into lumps, she may think it was just her own secretions. Can only hope so. Vent after Liang Yin Chong no longer cranky, quickly air-conditioner repair.

"Miss, air-conditioner repair.

Well, you've worked hard. "

"You're welcome." Liang Yin Chong stepped out the door after waiting in the lobby elevator.

Done a good conscience, his fear of the scandal was revealed, and the anxious early and went downstairs to leave. The elevator, it seems intended to put him one as a snail to climb slowly.

Suddenly, just that the door of the house open, I saw the male heads of household hurriedly ran out, it seems that even the body of the dress did not make things right.

Guilty of Liang Yin Chong surprise. Male heads of household to stop at his side, was kind enough to set eyes looked at his Liang Yin Chong nod.

Then while sorting clothes, while explaining his Langbei Xiang.

"Hush! Asleep, almost forgot to go to work."

Liang Yin Chong secretly loose a Kids in the gas. (Thought you were saved came for me.)

"Sir, so late to go to work?"

"My job is to shift, unlike my wife as office clerks, nine to five. You? Done my single should be able to work it?"

Mention of his wife, Liang Yin Chong to think of a beautiful young woman, the heart of little tingly feeling. (Loaded with semen shines on her panties, really Shuangsi.)

He began pondering just pleasure. "Only" goes back to the company repairs sent to the factory air-conditioners yeah. "

"Well, the economic downturn, the boss took the opportunity to increase working hours, a prescription of young people I see you are a hard working hands and feet, a good stay here, the future should be good yeah. Hear the encouragement of men mess, Liang Yin Chong felt funny: hard working hands and feet? I work when you are asleep and I peek at your wife and you do not know.

However, he felt that the true "diligent hands and feet. Will steal other people's underwear, and then fire a gun, spit the semen go to underwear, underwear stuffed back, failed to find, if not diligent hands and feet, how can do? Liang Yin Chong mouth and I saw the Yin Xiao.

Man is still going on: "I am not better than it was eight hours a day working to add two hours to five in the morning when the work as early as two weeks I told my wife to marry before they only apply to one weeks holiday , not to mention going to honeymoon even moved in, also can not cope with it. "

Liang Yin Chong (hey, before they got married two weeks will have to jealously guarding its availability, your wife really lonely, why not let me give her comfort to silence it.) The Wainian of the heart, has no interest to listen to the words of men, and my heart just thinking of how his new wife married back dry.

The two men stepped out of the elevator, men go to the bus station, Liang Yin Chong first go, go almost step towards another direction, but secretly hiding in the corner and steal glances at the men take the bus to leave.

Then he returned to the front of the man's home, pressing the door bell.

Jingle. Jingle. "Find the Who?"

Repair air-conditioning yeah. "

"Huh?? You are not air-conditioner repair Well what?" Female-headed asked, surprised, and black and white big eyes wide open, bright, attractive.

"I forgot to install a safety device, just did not remember, really sorry yeah, have to bother you."

"Never mind, Come on in iron gates open moment, Liang Yin Chong quietly, her body looked again. Female heads of households still wearing just the dress, he was secretly delighted.

Female clerks in the company always bully his young job, look down on him. Today he have to take this proud office ladies learned what can not be. But he did not immediately launch an attack. Enter the terrace, he opened the toolbox, and pretend to look for the East West, female heads of households continue to tidy up the terrace, no special notice of him.

Taking advantage of her back to their own moment, Liang Yin Chong rushed to remove the large screwdriver from the toolbox, the trot caught up with the young woman behind. His hand over her from behind Kids in the other hand, with a screwdriver to threaten her. The young woman felt the waist up against the hard object, although the heart a sense of bad, but they dare not resist.

Obediently to be silent, otherwise Xiuguai I ruthless, you know. "

She reluctantly nodded. Liang Yin Chong release he covered his Kids in hand, grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into the bedroom. Weak and kind-hearted young woman, youth gas rough intimidation, has long been to petrified. She was completely at a loss, malaise, legs weak, is still not a conscious effort to follow each other's pace, into the bedroom.

Her onto the bed, Liang Yin Chong ordered to her: "undress" the young woman lying down, but she even begged the courage. She was afraid of a little does not, it will angered the Yinzei of.

Her poor tears, slowly untie shirt buttons. "Little crush, do not cry, I know you before they got married two weeks, jealously guarding its availability, must feel very lonely, so I am particularly to give you comfort lonely."

You. How do you know I got married. Liang Yin Chong grinning with a screwdriver against the her Fenjing, gently caress her chin: ".. This, of course, you a good husband told me he said I am sorry that your wife left out, so told me to feed your hungry woman.....

"No, you lie! He was not such a person."

"Hey, smart, know that I lie. In fact is I really like you, so non-keep you dry time can not. You I obey, then, on extramarital affairs, to enjoy what do men of taste, you I resisted, then I want you raped your own choice. "
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