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Gang, Rape, with the the Twins

Gang, Rape, with the the Twins

Miyamoto seen Showgirls, of which there are many young and beautiful creature, but like I called Kaori so beautiful, so Mei, so make him antsy to an erection, but it is the first time. Moreover, he also knew her true identity ...

Kaori Shiratori, 21-year-old police gifted graduates, leapfrog read all of the police academy course, and graduated early distribution, wavy black hair, height 171 cm, white skin smooth and fresh, the measurements are 34C, 23, 35, features gorgeous looks, because the grandmother was British, so Kaori a quarter of British descent. One pair of rounded strong slender, shapely white legs, a nine body beautiful long legs. Glamorous and charming, charming and moving with pride. Kaori really beautiful too Mei, plus new, it is sent to the Black Dragon Society undercover to seduce lust famous Possessed - Black Dragon Society, president of Miyamoto. Miyamoto Hall, a 60-year-old man, bald, though already 60 years old, but looks fierce, frightening. This is Miyamoto's mansion hall, the presence of his bodyguards - Aaron Runner, Aaron, 33-year-old, black and bald, tall and stout like the Eiffel Tower, the face Hengrou, very violent and ferocious appearance. Runner, 30-year-old scar brawny, medium height, very Jingzhuang. 3 people are with immorality insignificant in the eyes staring at Kaori.

Kaori upper body, worn over a navy blue small cute reveal the ecstasy of the navel and white attractive, slim soft water Sheban waist, from the exposed white tempting cleavage small can, you can clearly see the obvious shock chest bud the convex attractive shapes, small cute inside wearing any underwear, pants wearing revealing seductive thigh, short could not be a short navy blue next to the skin miniskirt, between dancing swing, you can see almost cover the butt miniskirt exposed navy blue lace low-waist thong with rounded, solid tight Gao Qiao, flexible soft white junk, attractive navy blue lace suspenders fishnet stockings wrapped in a pair of slender, rounded shapely white legs. Kaori writhing water Sheban waist, his hands leaning on the bar, Meiyanrusi Miyamoto really can not stand close to her soft Yu Wen Hong Jiaoqu immediately got up from behind, clasped her soft slender waist limb, they stir up sensational personal dance, the Kaori face flashed nausea and disgust expression. Miyamoto suddenly the hands of her leaning on the bar with handcuffs handcuffed behind, Kaori eat surprised, struggling to twist Jiaoqu Miyamoto has to shoot out the TV drama soft, slender waist, and the erection of the lower body close to her shares of friction between ah ... should not be so ...... ah ...... please stop ah ...... ah ...... do not ...... "Kaori trembling, whispered pleading.

"Hey, beautiful policewoman, like you are so beautiful, when J? C too throwaway," Miyamoto lifted her miniskirt, obscene touching her rounded solid tight the Gaoqiao the soft white Callipyge across the word Lei Siding pants stroking her matte finish trembling petals: "like you so owe dry in relation to obediently severely dry fun." his other hand from behind her across the small cute holding her fresh soft white breasts, rub violently.


"I beg you, let me ...... ah ...... ah ... I do not know ... ah ... what J? ......" Kaori pleaded not understand why her identity be detected. Her whine is very gentle ecstasy. Kaori Suzuki Yingfeng grinning appear will be clear that nyc asian escort was betrayed, and betrayed her disgust in a police station. Suzuki, Kaori serving police station the other department section chief, he is a fat bloated pig, like nausea and middle-aged. Body than with immorality wretched eyes always focused on the young crush of traffic class, the policewomen in the police stations are tired of the newly arrived Kaori, though it is distributed to the anti-drug group, but the beauty, temperament, excellent all the young crush of traffic class, Kaori reporting for duty, the first day of Suzuki to give up no insignificant in the eyes or body touch tricks on her sexual harassment, the most revulsion in the police station where nyc asian escort is finishing pigs nausea Suzuki.

"Showgirls? To paragraph three of dance ..." Suzuki issued nausea laughter, immediately take off only to put up a tall tent underwear, Kaori behind Miyamoto, side friction body taking off the rest of the underwear. Across the underwear, you can see Miyamoto erectile part of the very spectacular and frightening. Miyamoto Although 60 years old, physical Duanlian very strong, tall and burly, with Suzuki that obese and bloated and baggy muscle is completely different. Miyamoto and Suzuki Suzuki Kaori hands handcuffed behind the soft body, Miyamoto after clutching the Kaori ass, erection of the lower body across the two underwear close to her share of friction between them before and after clamped tight from the front of the close her hands around her bare white waist stroking, nausea, tongue licking her red dripping lips: "candid, tongue sticking out." "Do not ..." both before and after the attack. Kaori only weak to resist, her aversion to your lips delicately, bright red tongue Suzuki nausea the tongue Tiannong stir, Suzuki will also be her Xiangshe sucked into the mouth, tongue sucking, and then hypertrophy tongue entrainment of the fishiness the saliva penetrated her mouth Tiannong stirred her Xiangshe. Mandatory tongue kiss Suzuki Kaori disgust humiliation want to die, and the tip of her tongue to resist pushing the Suzuki nausea tongue, but tongue push intertwined but let the Suzuki more excited. Proud to Kaori, kissing is a very sacred and romantic, you should only kiss with lover, not to mention her most hated gentlemen Suzuki.

"Hey, I have to have a taste to see." Miyamoto and other Suzuki kissing finished side slipped out of the the Kaori navy blue lace thong, hanging in her left knee, side forced her turned around and kissed her strong tender lips, wanton Tiannong including sucking her soft Xiangshe, the tip of her tongue to resist pushing intertwined, but Miyamoto even more excited. Miyamoto and Suzuki fingers one after intense Cuonong her matte finish trembling petals, which makes her stop Honey DC "Woo Woo Do not ...... ah ...... ah ......" Kaori endure nausea tongue kiss and lower body came stimulate the humiliation, ecstasy whimper whine issued from the white throat.

"Hey, tongue skills very lewd Oh, a certain cool to eat large Bang Bang ..." the Miyamoto kissing finished, Yin Xiao immediately took off his underwear, exposing the giant roots of terror, 25 cm by leaps and bounds, the giant root covered with roots like terrible veins, there is a particularly huge umbrella glans. Suzuki excitedly took off his underwear, his cock already fully erect, about 19 cm, both according to Kaori's head and forced her to squat, "the policewoman Miss hurry trumpet." Miyamoto light with a large penis Kaori lips pat on the glans stench disgusting.

"No ... I will never yield." Kaori hard to resist. But when she saw from the outside coming in 2 men and 1 woman, three uniformed high school student, her line of defense is completely outburst. Two charge the same school male students came Kaori most loved sister, the Shiratori Sachiko. Shiratori Sachiko about 16 years old, a flowing long hair almost down to the soft, slender waist, and the skin white flawless, fresh and delicious. Measurements is about 33C, 22, 34,, look quite elegant and beautiful lovely, height 167cm, sailor skirt revealing a pair of slender, shapely white legs legs girl. A feminine and delicate, soft white of the young X, make a man want pity or torn America. Have seen two male students marched Sachiko came Kaori are Sachiko classmate on the rogue students. Akagawa, animal husbandry, long Kuiwu lean, looks odious ugly, wealthy young master and lord it over in the school when the boss is very shameless lust, who harass the school recognized as the first school beauty girl Sachiko, the fragrant ribbon male colleagues to the school lesson warned. Aoki ocean, the Akagawa valet is also Yukiko Akagawa students, short obesity, looks, nausea wretched.

Yin Xiao Miyamoto: "You'd better obediently did, or else your sister should be playing with a side of said side according to Kaori's head, forcing her to lick the big cock and Suzuki.

"Sister ... save me ah ...... ah ...... do not ...... ah ......" Shiratori Sachiko Aoki from the rear marched Akagawa from the front across the sailor rubbing her soft chest.

"Let my sister and I obey ... Woo" Miyamoto forced Kaori with her tongue in the glans and cock on the back to the roots at the Tianshi Zhao, and let the cock into her mouth Choucha, "Oh ... too cool ... awesome tongue skills ... Oh ... Oh ... too cool ... "Miyamoto excited groaning grabbed her head and brushed aside the hair loose on her face, watching the thick giant love in the glamorous and beautiful virgin Interpol mouth Choucha Kaori forced oral sex in the circumstances of his hands handcuffed behind the white throat pain twitching tongue to resist pushing the oversized glans wound Miyamoto nausea, but Miyamoto is more excited.

Miyamoto oral sex for a while, to open her handcuffs and took her hand and came to the giant's blood boil root, forcing her side of the oral side to rub cock and balls, right hand holding a big cock masturbation Suzuki, Miyamoto and Suzuki in turn forced the Kaori oral sex, and sometimes forced her two big cock into his mouth with Tiannong suck.

Miyamoto when Suzuki intense dry her throat according to Kaori's head, came behind her, she had very Alice raise soft white Nice Bottom, particularly hideous oversized penis from behind the intense friction between her tender lips trembling , made her flower trembling wet, Miyamoto to shoot out the TV drama soft slender waist, ready for insertion.

"Do not ah ... I beg you ... do not ...... hum ...... Kaori release oral sex lips, the howl of fear and trembling struggling, constantly cried out for mercy. Her whine delicate and charming, the voice of gentle ecstasy, the men listened to will be more excited erection sound. "You still a virgin ..." Miyamoto excited Yin Xiao: "I'm a man Oh, I want you to always remember me ..." Miyamoto pop AIDS soon-line into the room from behind, Roubi tight soft fresh tight sandwiched and wrapped his giant love, "Ah ... it hurts ...... ah ...... ah ...... will die ... ah ..." Kaori screams, crying, slim and white on the back like an electric shock-like intense arch, tear split the pain that she almost died ... it really was a virgin, really tight, "Miyamoto to opposite Suzuki Yin Xiao, began intense shaking Kaori slender waist, and firmly shaking and puff the AIDS puff AIDS Meng Gan. Red broken at the blood shed mixed sexual secretion from white thigh, Miyamoto excited, saying: "good and tight ... my favorite dry virgin ... less people dry ... dry out and die you ... like you are so young and beautiful J? C owed to look dry, we will severely dry out and die ... "Miyamoto side puff the AIDS puff AIDS Meng Gan, side force, she turned around, and wanton Tiannong including sucking her soft Xiangshe.

"Do Woo hurts ...... ah ...... ah ...... will die ... you ... ask ... beg you ... do not do it again I ... hum ... ah ... ah ... would be dead ... hum ... let me ... hum ... ah ... ah ... "the Kaori cry whine for a while, lips have been blocked by Miyamoto's mouth full of betel nut taste, nausea, stirred her into her mouth with the tongue of a large number of saliva soft tongue.

Miyamoto Suzuki kissing finished, re-erection extreme cock inserted into the mouth of Kaori, with the fierce rhythm of of Miyamoto violent Choucha severely doing Kaori throat. Although we are forced to perform oral sex, but Kaori Miyamoto giant root crazy Meng Gan, from time to time release the oral lips, delicate and charming whine moan, Jiaochuan mercy. Poor Kaori, for the first time not only by the 25-cm giant root Kaibao ravaged, before and after the attack from both sides has also been doing a very tough battle.

"Dry! Really Shuangsi the ... long ago wanted to tell you to help me trumpet ...... woo ... see you dry Zhenshuang. Tongue to be efforts to lick ...... Suzuki grabbed her head and moans of excitement, with the Palace Meng Gan, of the before and after watching dreaming of Kaori grabbed the look of the best bottom Meng Gan, very excited.

Miyamoto fiercely puff the AIDS puff Zi Meng Gan, Flanagan 25 cm of a giant root fiercely Choucha, each insertion will be pink and tender lips to squeeze into the vagina, pull out when it is tender lips and pulls out the vagina around the sexual secretion have been dry as a white thick mucus the Kaori high tilt of the rounded white ass knocked noisy fluttering, Miyamoto side of the dry side of the Yin Xiao: "It's fucking cool, the folder is really tight ... the waist is also very will shake ... Runner came together dry ... Aaron you are responsible for 28 cm big cock to help her sister owe dry Kaibao it ... ... "" Do not ... woo ...... is not promised ... let go ... let my sister do ...... ah ...... ah ...... "Kaori was dry, tough battle ate surprised, side moan side begging each other to let go of the most loved sister.

"Damn! You bitch ... Your sister is so beautiful, born less human stem ..." Miyamoto suddenly stop Choucha giant root off to stop the mouth of the uterus Kaori Kaori face the direction of Sachiko see: you want a good look at your sister is black big cock Kaibao the case, claimed the Virgin. "" Do not ah ...... sister ...... save me ah ...... ah ...... do not ...... do not ...... ah ...... "Shiratori Sachiko looked at Aaron off his clothes and the way, desperately shaking his head to cry in horror, she watched in horror Aaron nudity, like a tower-like black tyrannical muscle and Flanagan high erectile black terror weapon. Aaron's giant love is indeed the thick length of black only, 28 cm above the giant roots covered with protruding roots as terrible veins, there is a particularly hideous huge umbrella glans.

"I beg you ... let Sachiko ...... I beg you ah ..." Kaori tears, desperately pleaded.

"Hey, young X high school girl, or half-breed, looks good to eat." Aaron pure Japanese Yin Xiao, raised his tender and lovely Qiaolian Sachiko elegant, nausea smile: "Such a beautiful pure long is really owed to dry, we will severely dry out and die ...... tongue sticking out ... "Sachiko sobbed, Qingtu red tongue, and Aaron with Akagawa take turns kissing her disgust nausea and fear of trembling. After marched Aoki, close to her, lifted her plaid skirt, obscene touching her rounded solid tight the Gaoqiao the soft white Nice Bottom, across the white lace panties stroking her matte finish trembling petals . "Ah ... no ... stop ... I beg you ... do not so ... woo ...... I beg you ......" Sachiko sobbing moan, flawless white slender legs trembled. Akagawa Yin Xiao: "Shiratori Sachiko, you have today ..." He won the Sachiko tragically moving Qiaolian of again kissing her tender lips, nausea tongue into her mouth to suck her soft Xiangshe and kept stir her soft tongue, Sachiko look of disgust nausea, tongue to resist to push Akagawa disgusting tongue, but tongue pushed entwined the contrary, let Akagawa more excited, Akagawa strongly feel Sachiko in particular disgust with him kissing, which allow him more excited to use the tongue with her tongue stir intertwined his hand to tear her uniform, ripped off her white lace bra and took her white and tender breasts enjoy rub, Rounong, her fresh and delicious because of the feeling nausea and trembling pink nipple. Along Qing wood two fingers one after the underwear into his Sachiko intense Cuonong that fresh flower, made her flower wet, non-stop Mei sound of moaning. "Come on, just seen your sister to eat cock, Aaron forced to the Sachiko squat:" obediently to eat, big cock comfortable until enough power to dry up. "Aaron and Akagawa Aoki's pants apart from human contact, three murderous big cock already waiting in front of her. The Akagawa Roubang also very thick, about 20 cm and 17 cm in Aoki.

"Do not ...... hum ... do ...... hum ......" Aaron with her tongue licking at their roots, large penis and the glans and the giant love-containing into his mouth to suck, took her hand and forced Sachiko came blood boil the root of the giant, forced her side of the oral side to rub cock and balls, "Oh ... too cool ... Oh ... Oh ... too cool ..." Aaron grabbed her head and moans of excitement, poke loose in her face hair, to see the king size cock in small mouth Choucha her elegant angelic face still lingered tears, attractive white throat twitching in pain, soft tongue to resist pushing Aaron nausea glans, but let Aaron even more excited.
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