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Means high enough to hit on me, teacher Zhang Limin show

Means high enough to hit on me, teacher Zhang Limin show

  Our school has just recently assigned to a female teacher called Zhang Limin, from her first day, the boys of our school of natural beauty, a flowing hair, pretty face, with her bump caused by the devil a pair of phase pure and pleasant, to find the heart to swing God relaxation. Plus her a charm like the look of the flight attendants, beautiful in reveals a clever, gentle, occasionally showing in naughty. See her eyes, I was determined to be a pro-Ze.

A Saturday, we all put my things ready to go home, I started to his beloved locomotive, ready to vent about the tension in the surging car in the river, Biao car, but my hobby, I like the kind of speed stimulus just out to see opposite the taxi stop, a familiar figure in the car, missed, I twist the throttle, the locomotive to draw a graceful arc, elegant parked in front of her. "Hello teacher, I can send you?" I take the initiative.

"Of course, if you do not keep you any longer."

   nyc queens escort said, looking down at my car said, "This car is very beautiful, I would have noticed." "Is it that you can experience." I looked at She painted a uniform foundation's face smiled and said to her. "That trouble you." She said on my car, she leaning on my shoulder on the train when I smell the incense of her hair, while my eyes from her shirt open at the collar to see snow the Bai Fengying the breast of the white carved bra holding half of "Where?", "Municipal North House know what?" "I know, you sit." Then I let go of the clutch, I felt her hand gently leaning on my waist, I am not in a hurry, driving onto the elevated road, no traffic lights, speed up, her hand on my waist tightened.

Viaduct is the paradise of the machine riders, from time to time a locomotive whistling this passing for everybody, without exception, with color color eyes looked back at us, "wow, the teacher you keep returning high!" "Do not joke. call me Limin our same age ... "" Yes, sir, that we and they Biao car Yeah ~! "I interrupted her. "Well, I test your driving skills! Oh! ......" Not waiting for her to finish, I suddenly mention speed, "cool!" She said in my ear, I like the subject to encourage motorcycle like a fish walking in the car in the river, sometimes rapidly overtaking, sometimes Jicha wagging tail ... you ride like handsome! "her soft lips attached to my ear and spit it out the breath I am blowing my ears My brother could not help but hold up the tent, then just move her hand down her body shocked when her hand to touch my artillery, and then her tightly around my waist. tightly attached to the two breasts on my back, my gun barrel about a lot of another impulse, actually the top of her arm, she was stroking across my pants, then a grasp, I The younger brother jump in the car such as a violent wolf out of the urban.

River down the yen, urban areas carrying Limin, I came to the Yellow River resort, parking at the Mangshan the "Kikunami Corner". Limin under the car and looked at me with big eyes of a pair of naughty, "You're not a good student!" I single-handedly gently embrace her waist, one hand touching her hip tilt, and then her belly pressure I put up the brother, "I'm sorry, Limin, because you're so beautiful, so I lost my way."

Her shy blinked big eyes looked at me and tease, two red clouds flew up into the face, than we have clouds in the sky more beautiful than I could bear bowed his head to suck her delicate lips ...... " En ...... the Limin soon Yingti, Dianqi the toes initiative Xiangshe send close to my mouth, our tongues stirred with an pear-like fragrance of her body fluid.

At this moment star hanging Hirano, wild wide, month Chung Jiang Liu, picturesque landscape, I do not revel in the landscape meaning, or revel in the gentle, pleasant Limin Limin breathing getting heavier and heavier, because I have extracted the magic hand of her suits and shirts into his playing with the bra in a creamy warm fragrant nephrite, Limin hand holding my brother, intoxicated, rubbing up and down, my hands holding Peugeot face, her touching Qinliaoyikou, press down on her head, her knowing kneeling at my feet, raised his beautiful eyes looked at me, then opened his mouth to bite my zipper. Limin fingers slender, massage up and down, my fingers embedded in her hair, she smiled, fingers speed up the friction velocity, the tuna came a burst of grow numb feeling my penis up anger, to explore her lips, suddenly, a warm feeling, the original Limin Fu, stooped over, open a bright red Yingtaoxiaokou, latch onto my penis ... I am greedy enjoy of Limin Qiaolian and mouth, her lips sweet to kiss, tongue sweet licking ... white skin exposed from the neckline and towering Rufeng lure my desire, this is an extremely eclectic scene.

My brother was shaking, expanding, spit transparent saliva mixed with her saliva and out of her lips, painted my gun barrel. Her soft white fingers like playing, like a flute, or fast or slow, light or heavy squeeze, the surge of warm, wet and confusion felt pass into my veins anger rose brother and I spontaneously born to a wave of sympathy and affection the heart clinging to her Fenjing ... and the Limin affectionate to contain sucking my helping of chicken and tongue gently sow discord with my deep Coronal ... I have felt the surge of excitement, from his back conduction to the forehead, side of the law to move side to hold up her chin, she seemed to know my mind, from the mouth to feel the sense of change, lean forward, slightly parted lips, look at me including into the entire root-containing feed , his hands are also active in my crotch, "Oh, Limin! suck me!" I looked at the glans in her rose petals like small mouth and out of her angel face and excited to seize her long hair, such as pouring like a waterfall glans explore deep into her throat the Limin more hard throughput with, I struggled to vanquish. changed, thicker, hardened ... her lips, hot , hot ... her tongue fast, flexible ... my waist more and move more quickly, the tip of her tongue in my most sensitive to the top of wavering, I know that soon surging, "I want", she nodded, I The roaring sound, the first and second launch in her mouth. Third pumping when I shot Limin marked the foundation of meticulous face again after jacking in her mouth, her thoughtfulness wrapped my penis until I shot the last drop of semen was cleaning my gun spit lips .

"You are bad" white thick semen from her cheeks and mouth slipped chest, my heart racing does not have, looking under the stars Limin, more of a hazy, I love and affection nyc queens escort once again hold into the pregnant "Limin, You're great!" I am rubbing her breasts side of the paper to wipe her face semen Limin shy hot face against my chest, lovingly silent do not speak. My hand slid into her skirt, "wow, a small fox hair waves ... I Shen Zhaoshou to her, the Limin one hugged me, took me with her cold semen flavor of lip seal my mouth ... Her fingers were still stroking my exposed brother "Little Yi, brother, I want you!", "Limin, I have you!" I retreated to her underwear, and ride motorcycle, nyc queens escort did not understand how is it, I put her up on the front of my hand on her buttocks, penis poke her two labia, nyc queens escort squinted eyes are dim I suddenly end of the whole root into her tight narrow the vagina, "Oh! Yi brother ......" rejection of her hair, chin, looked up high, when I powered vehicles maneuvering, the evening wind her hair blowing my mouth, setting off her skirt ... Limin like a beautiful plate of octopus in my body, the mouth of her following a swallow spit playing with my big helping of chicken, "Oh ... "With the mountain road bumps deep and shallow intercourse, the Limin side licking my strong chest, side of his humming, thick glans savor her tender vagina and she has rhythm contraction.

Connected to the majestic Yellow River Guest House located in the outskirts of Zhengzhou, the green leaves, and rolling the north Mang, a great yard views, Mao Zedong inspection of the Yellow River, lived, the moon in the sky, Peninsula over the floor, I on the steps, hold Limin Limin, we spend the night here okay? "Well, Yi brother and I, love in the human environment, without traveling noise ..." Oh, I laughed at her ear and whispered: "That moment, I would binge eating small Kinds, relative to ask depth comfortable do not!" "Pooh, ruined civilization!"

Into the door Limin against my arms, chest, two dramatic ups and downs of the hills up and down, hold her hand and I still endure the magnificent penis, I put her on the bed skirt lifted up, hand searching into garden openings. She's thick pubic hair already glistening one, then glans friction to her clitoris directly, she bit his lip, like a comfortable and intolerable, I was going to drive straight, "Yi, brother, you do not want to appreciate the Limin sister?" while moving, sitting cross the Limin body, took off her shirt, take off her bra, revealing two white rounded breasts, delicate pink nipples erect. I hold her breasts, "Tut! Mimi great oh!" And then they get down to lick her breasts, "Oh ......" the Limin body like an electric shock-like thrill, I used the tip of the tongue tease Korea sensitive nipples, slowly circle around the painting from around the lick to the center pink nipples, the other hand, slowly untied Limin the mini skirt, stroking her smooth buttocks, in a few minutes time, Limin naked exposing her creamy snow Bai Guangjie body. .

My tongue licking on her ears, brushed aside her hair, just I already know there is a sensitive point in Limin, her body slightly shaking softly shouted: "Do not! Do not get there." But the body but gradually get hold of me, we both body tightly coherent picture, my solid chest firmly pressing her breast, my hand to fiddle with her sensitive nipples to stimulate the sexual desire of Limin.
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