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Crazy cousin

Crazy cousin

Cousin to my house today, New Year to my house into my room, under a white robe, sat down on my bed, to concentrate on playing I bought a new X-BOX.

Cousin, a lowered white robe, I froze, which wear down the shoulder of the loose body of a large collar sleeveless jacket, blue water of the thin material, exposing the waistline.

Pants waistband skirts wearing a color costume material is a thin wool, the length is just overshadowed her thigh, the skirt is a low-waist head and hair rope or two You You make a end up.
Her a pair of jade feet to wear a pair of white high-heeled boots.

When the cousin a sit down, I clearly see the spring under her skirt is a blue water through flower underwear, until my penis extremely pleased.

I sat on the bed playing video games to parents to go home New Year.

Playing when I do not secretly look at her breasts through her wide collar.

Cousin 36D breasts wearing the blue water, half a cup of milk bra, I see the case of whole-spent, and the tape is not with shoulder strap, but the knot in the back of the neck, causing me to accidentally When all had looked at cousin alone.

Hurdle cousin washed twice could not pass, it is necessary to teach her.

So I went to bed, in the back of her body over her words off, cousin also concentrate on playing.
I found her behind her pants in the waist and head exposed, turned out to be the T-BACK, or both sides with knot strap tie to wear. Think of the beauty of the glans of the belts by the shorts ran out of the.
Then cousin in trouble again, my body forward against her jade back, grabbed her control were barely avoided unharmed. When I returned to the control of the cousin, I realized that my penis close to her jacket, revealing the jade back. Cousin play tense, so is also not aware of the close contact between us.
I certainly blunt penis in her jade massage back and forth.

Cousin playing very excited, and I play very excited at this time a heat rushed to the glans, oh! I broke out!

My hot sperm not only jade jet to a cousin back, but also toward the coat reached her loose on the back of her jade direct to her neck.

Cousin screamed, looking back to see I knelt behind her long penis and Zhang Hong glans is exposed in the belts of the campaign, dripping thick white semen, I do not like watching cousin I do not know how to clean up the mess.
Suddenly, the cousin's expression changed from scared to the Jiao confusion, style action single-handedly pushed I fell on the bed.
And then asian escort ny was lying up, left hand holding my penis, one will contain the semen suck my penis in her Tsui, also tease my penis with her tongue, from time to time with her left hand up and down Taonong penis, the right hand playing with my testicles, and still his eyes Aung looked at me, the side of the sensuality of expression.

I soon broke out again, my cousin felt the jitter, more tightly the mouth of my penis, semen shines on her mouth, asian escort ny will swallow it all, but also eat very clean, teach me to shoot comfortably groaned.

Cousin side to meet the sat then at the foot of the behind Muddy's semen shirt, Kanliaoyikan the, and then take off the skirt look.

I looked at her through flower bra, cousin of the areola are exposed on the outside of the brassiere, flower bra faintly see the dark red nipples.

The T-BACK pants, front cloth of very small, can not hold cousin plump pussy.
Cloth is very small, but also through the flowers, but do not see a trace of pubic hair, and later asked the cousin, because asian escort ny is tomorrow going to the villa and colleagues gathering, where there is a heated swimming pool, and his colleagues made an appointment to open a swimsuit party , so she had previously off pubic hair.

I look intoxicated, the cousin said to me, clothes to wash to wash her body but also cleaning some, otherwise there will be the taste of semen.

I lived three-storey Spanish-style village huts, in order to save space, bathrooms and washing machines, dryers and so the design on the rooftop.

Cousin called me to take her to the rooftop, The cousin off her boots, bare legs, hands sticky with my semen dress, wearing only a bra and small pants style of thousands of holding my arm me with her on the roof.

Because all of the top housing provisions can be built only three-storey, so afraid to give people see the cousin's dress.

Cousin do not mind out of the roof, but also in front of me starts taking off from the bra to.

36D of Haoru crimson nipple, see I almost fainted.

Then, the cousin began to untie the knot of small pants with, but because the knot playing very dead, can not be untied.

Only by vigorously cousin to help her pull down strap off when I have a hard, small pants can not wear.
When I pull down the cousin's pants, close to a cousin, a beautiful pussy.

At this point, a cousin leg, step forward before the child, her pants hit the front of my nose with her jade foot gently tucked my head, my mouth was just posted on her pussy cousin pussy like some water to my lips.

At this point cousin from the ringing laugh sweetly of rose rear vertical surface good? Small dead wolf!

Then told me her dress into the washing machine, but do not wash too long, the bra and pants do not wash, they went into the bathroom.

I take the dress to wash cousin small Kuku saw the already wet.

I complete the task back to, but saw the bathroom door failed to close the small bathroom, and her sister are shower painted soap, cousin hands are rubbed her right Haoru. Rubbed rubbed also bent down to her legs rubbed soap, cousin of the legs greatly open toward the outside of her pussy, pussy her to clean with soap, then with your fingers to open her The labia cleaning.

Wash for a while, cousin to use the fingers of one hand into her vagina and then slowly in and out, I do not know cousin in clean, or masturbation, taught me to see can not help but come up with expansion to large penis out Taonong.

Cousin moaning for a while, suddenly exclaimed loudly lying down, but one is still inserted in her vagina.
Cousin himself paused and got up, rinse for a while, wipe himself naked out of the bathroom and came toward the the still Taonong penis I.

Nudge in my side, and sweetly said: you have to wash it!

And then began to pull my T-shirt and take off my shorts, also softly say: Do not wash too long, medium in the room you!

Then cousin naked to wash my dress into the dryer, my clothes into the laundry in the washing, and then took the unwashed bra and can not wear pants to on the following room.
I obediently wiped the soap, washing a bath easily to wash my clothes into the dryers, then naked back to the room.

Into the door to see a cousin's naked body coming toward me, arms to gently Gouzhuo my neck, cousin sent a deep wet kiss her clove of uvula in a warm and tease.

Cousin's Haoru tightly close to chamber bore is self Cuonong, and her pants tightly urgent pressing my penis.

Ming Hao cousin very erotic very high, so I ho blunt one hand and rub cousin of Haoru play with her nipples in one hand and stroked her the best bottom, and slowly moved to her pussy stroked, the cousin with her The hand Qingwo my penis, and up and down Taonong.

Then we both fell on my bed.

Pressing my cousin's body, constantly in her ear, kissed hands still playing with her breasts and inserted a good vagina, makes cousin constantly moaning, between dead cousin For cents, she groaned. said: help me suck ......! It!

I will of course be happy to fight in, my hands holding a pair of Fentui cousin, and then vigorously pull a push, we see already Enlight beautiful vents are greeted me.

Cousin single-handedly in Cuonong of Haoru in one hand and out into the vents, she used two pairs of Yu Zhi doubled, the vents open, the spring constant outflow, I found Izumiguchi long a granule Pearl of glittering cousin also Qingyin out: fast! Help I suck!

I first full drink cousin delicious the spring, but also enjoying the vents real beads a depth of exploration research the source of spring water, until cousin the Quan mouth outbreak of the first shaking of the call, skyrocketing spring-Park to play in my face on.
The cousin had calmed down, and I gave the spring play heart hard evil, decided to take the march.

Failed to protect my husband a long penis, pointing cousin Izumiguchi. The glans of the blood red break open a cousin Izumiguchi breath destroy Huanglong, so cousin panic constantly, narrow waist, billowing in the wind up and down about, to meet the waves of conquering. Cousin the Quan heart in response to the close of a warm and lovely moan, not when coupled with cousin thirst for passion and my ability to praise.

The cousin is now the desire of lust is like riding in a Mustang, the more displaced the road, the more she loves to go.

The grievances of the road, make her a pair of Haoru constantly down on the seven-eight, she's a heart clasped hands nervous, fear turn over by the girth.

Cousin again went the highest and most bumps happiest trip, I with to speed up the pace to send her to this process.

The cousin has gone through this process plateau, just about breathing in the cavity arms, but? I pressure in the body, Kuanggong too hard, poor groan issued cousin in bed a while, a while but loudly for mercy, burst swing language such as prostitutes Yinsheng, a burst of exaggerated flattery .
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