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A little lustful girl

A little lustful girl

I am naturally a little lustful girls, the 13-year-old when he began to masturbate, almost every day to once, sometimes could not help solve school. Very bold, right? Oh, people can not help but can not it!

This habit has been to high did not find because I have been sitting in the last row, Who I am tall! Class when masturbation is really cool, imagine others are seriously listen or take notes, but I do so lustful, every thought I will be a little shy, a little proud, a little afraid of these feelings mixed together is very easy for me to climax.

High - about half of the semester, one afternoon, the teacher or on the podium long-winded, and I began to continue their secrets. I watched the front, hee hee, are copied subject, teachers start to question, a good opportunity to write on the blackboard, I slowly reached into the skirts, underwear a little apart from human upper body V to the table to prevent The teacher suddenly turned around.

After a few seconds, underwear finally take off smoothly, sticky mucus in the front of the tension and inner turmoil, underwear, my head buried under the table, excited to smell their own flavor, and then underwear Tibet in the bag, the lower body is finally liberated.

The afternoon breeze blowing view of the legs, so comfortable it! Add my pussy like a flexible tongue.
"Oh ..." I can not help but send a trace of moaning, but fortunately, no one heard. Then I began the liberation of my upper body, because I'm wearing a dress, so to unlock the bra a little difficult, I slowly skirt the first fade to the waist, so convenient for my hands to unlock the clasp of the bra.

Suddenly, the teacher turned back, but fortunately he looking at me before I put the skirt down. The teacher began to explain he just left the subject, I pretended to listen carefully, I always hope that he turned around to go.

After a while, he really on the blackboard, the subject of a skirt lifted me again to this very well, deftly bra solution down, but also into the bag. Hu two small breasts to breathe the fresh air, excitement, shaking the two, this time sitting in front of me boys come back to, you can vaguely see my pink nipples through the thin veil shy!

Next, I began to caress my clitoris, the left hand with his right hand to gently rub my breasts. My breast in my years of care, has been very type, pinch in the hands of the dough, Bouncing, very comfortable.

Clitoris can not stand my fiddle, and soon above the strawberry particles on the drum, they also begin to moist feeling in the vagina, and my left hand, release the breast, took out a pen from the bag and placed in the vagina Kouqing The scuffing move my labia, really good to enjoy it! At this time, if a penis can meet my nice, I do not know, and soon this lucky is coming to my head.

In the classroom, I can only scratch the surface and take a look at the fast class, I reluctantly left the pen away, and put on a bra. At this time, the bell rang, the teacher actually did not drag class put, damn it! Underwear too late to wear, no way, had to wait for school to say. Anyway, this is not the first time, again skirts the lower half darker, no one will find.

Next is the time for extracurricular activities, do not know who rules, but also extra-curricular activities after class, no way, I had seated not move, wait for the school.

Xu Yan suddenly a shot in my shoulder, said: "Go, go play will you!"

ny escort agency is my sister, when in school is always inseparable.

I said: "uncomfortable, not to go."

Go! Go! "ny escort agency cried excitedly:" Today's basketball game, your idol Oh! "
"What? Fred game?" One is Fred, excitedly called up: "I want to see I want to watch! To brisk walking, brisk walking."

"Hee hee, look at your virtue, just said uncomfortable," ny escort agency laughs a dig at me one.

Fred's game to see, I have refused to frolic with her, and took her downstairs Ben. The band had a burst of wind to get my Xiaoxue, I think of her underwear naked, but not so much to see Fred bear.

To the basketball court, has been around four or five laps, the two of us had that attract my Xiaoxue mill boys around the body like an electric shock, hemp, like hemp, very comfortable, it seems to touch others and his touch the feeling is not the same!

Finally pushed to the top Yeah! Just in time for Fred is a very pretty extraordinary layup.
Handsome! Really worthy of my idols. Of course, he is the idol of many girls in our school, on the sidelines 95% of the girls are his.

Fred to see so many girls are rooting for him, is also very excited to play very hard, one by one and all exposed gas and charm of a king.

I just have to stifle, only followed the sidelines of the girls shout slogans: "Ma Hui, I love you! Ma Hui, I love you!"

About I call the sound very loud or very close to me, he actually smiled at me, I am pleased to really want to die for his pants unconscious outflow of juice.

Suddenly, his teammates a bad pass, the ball coming to me, "Ah," the called out, at this moment, Fred sprint two steps before I hook the ball, the ball hits hook back into the sector, but the momentum is too Meng, he fell towards me, I would like to hand on him, but his momentum is too large, the touch of my hand and then bounced off, he just fell on my legs between.

"Finished!" I think my secret he knows really die of shame! Do not know that he saw no? He will not say it? My mind a blank.

He quickly stood up, still smiling at me, Youxiang field of the central walk, to continue the game. However, this laugh some strange Is he found?

Later in the game I did not wish to read, excuses by saying that comfortable returning to the classroom, waiting for school.

After half an hour, the teacher came in to say a few words about the summary of the class discipline will be after school, I am blushing, quickly finishing bags, ready to go home.

Went to the stairs, I heard someone call me, I look back, is Fred!

I blushed, I thought: "He will not have to ask the things I do not wear underwear?"

I had to bite the bullet and said: "how do you know my name?"

He said: "the school beauty, who does not know it!"

I quietly asked: "What can I do?"

And weird smile: "I think Shortly after you come out to play, can you?"

My heart and delight, do not know him in the end Why do I, but because of the very favorable impression on him, so I agreed. We made an appointment to see at 7:30 in the school gate.
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