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[I did my sister]

[I did my sister]

I was an only child in the home, a sister and a younger sister. Sister big I am hurt to hurt me. I grew up loved adhesion sister, and I was a kid very cute and sister also love to play around with my. In my mind, my sister is very strong, it may be to take care of two younger siblings, straightforward personality, but also very popular, I grew very admire her. But when I grew up, more and more a friend of her sister, and I began to change naughty, best nyc asian escort begins to hurt me, I even do not listen to her words. Little sister, a lovely baby face, we all hurt her, made her love like a baby's personality. But best nyc asian escort listen to me, probably because I was her only brother, I grew up very love her, best nyc asian escort used to rely on me.

My father was the manager of the company-level staff, I was ten years due to our family moved to live in Japan, I am also the Japanese school. Mother nothing better to do while in a restaurant waiters.
Was originally home to have the woman's living environment, I am not interested in women, but in the period of residence in Japan, I also comic books, movies and friends learned something of pornography.

Chance, I found my habit of women's legs and stockings. One day the school holidays, his father called me to the company helper, because I am not familiar with his environment, find the photocopy room of course I went to a house, now in retrospect is the General Manager's Office. I saw a female staff wear company uniforms and upper body lying on a full two beds, large desk, feet standing on the table. There is a bald man standing next to her, revealing a cock, a hand in Taonong the other hand, knead the buttocks of the female staff. And saw that the female skirt Xiandao the waist, the entire bottom exposed. In my point of view, you can see the whole right leg under the action of a man skilled, dirty crawling around. It was then that I noticed the woman's legs, flashed in the lights under the dark light. That she was wearing flesh-colored stockings, I could hear the voice of the man in the above caress.
My cock suddenly an erection, that I have seen the most beautiful environment as. It was lunch time, no one, I look around the shadows, they continue to be there peeping. The young man suddenly grabbed a female hair, her head pressed to his cock. The woman was a little reluctant, but the mouth open, it contains inside. Male first-hand according to the woman head in one hand began stretching her stockings inside, spun her genitals. Female thigh clamping microseismic, and in order to meet the man posture, feet, high heels off half just standing on tiptoe, I could clearly see her stockings wrapped round the ankle. Side to side across the pants rubbing his own dick. Soon, I saw a water shed from the female genitals, and flows along her legs in silk stockings to go to high heels. Water marks shiny, as if I can smell the taste of it.

Then came the distant footsteps of someone over, I a hastily Fuseshita, at the window, walked to the other room, travel time and felt the head curtain was rapidly closed.

Home that day, that shimmering stockings foot in the territory of peristalsis, as in my mind kept emerging. That night, I found in the washroom of the laundry basket mother at work in the restaurant wearing flesh-colored stockings.

The taste of the first time stockings

Home that day, that shimmering stockings foot in the territory of peristalsis, as in my mind kept emerging. That night, I found in the washroom of the laundry basket mother at work in the restaurant wearing flesh-colored stockings.

I looked at my mother every day wear in the feet of stockings, feel silky, shimmering, translucent in the anti-crystal, crystal clear cleft slip slip hand as light as no type ... I have never so serious a closer look over the construct of the stockings.

"Really beautiful ..."

That was my mother's stockings! My heart strongly feel dirty ... but ... I do not know by today's scenario impact, I can not wait immediately in the mother that wearing a pair of stockings feet frantically caressing.

I use only the remaining one hand stockings high lift, in the other hand, has been unconsciously took out my dick.
I put my face gently toward high hanging stockings, feeling its softness. Then ...... I smell the familiar with but little to the assassination of the acid smell of ... is the mother's sweat! But mixed up with the scent ... ... I felt my cock has been hard to the culmination of my life ... ah ...... ah ...... I thought I possessed in the flesh-colored stockings sucking it from the mother through the work distributed fragrance, began masturbation.

Slowly, I like crazy like in stockings tongues, I want it put into the mouth ...... I think taking that residues of the smell. I can not help but stockings sets in their own hands, like oral sex female staff of the company today, to the boss, the action containing get obscene stockings wrapped each finger, lick begin arm stockings. Soon, the stockings have been my saliva wet, anti-light, like the legs of today's female staff Yinye.
Wet stockings tightly adhesive my hand, I never felt pleasure. I know that pleasure comes from my mother's fantasy ... I imagine the scene of the mother, his legs were wet pairs of stockings tight adhesion. Her expression of pain ...

I suddenly wanted my Yinye injection into the stockings of the day wrapped her body, indirect painted on her legs ... I immediately stockings open set with my cock. Wet stockings soft to pack my Cock, feel the expression of the female staff like a mother to give me oral sex ...... ah ...... ah ...... ah ...... moist texture and the illusion of my mother, my semen soon burst obscene in the mother's stockings ...

Stockings like a net across my semen sticky semen shed along the sock body, part of the leakage in the toes, dripping in the toilet. ... I watched this scene, can not help but swallow swallow.

Since the day after, I habitually every day looking for the mother through the stockings from the ditch. Slowly my mother also became interested. I found that she is very young, may be due to her early marriage, early birth and sisters.
And her work every day to the uniforms worn for me it is very charm ... pleated skirt with transparent stockings ... I imagine the scene of her guests daily harassment.

Sometimes the mother returned home, no time so wearing uniforms to work to cook, and I take the initiative to help her hand, excuse things alone touch her stockings legs peeping under her skirt spring or an excuse to pick up ground. Sometimes I will deliberately installed careless inversion of water to her uniform and stockings. Uniforms to be washed anyway so my mother did not scold me how.
I saw the water in the mother's legs high, and leave water marks on the stockings, the thrill of suddenly increasing the force of one hundred training. Once really do not care, breakfast milk down to the mother's lap. Milk aura of sticky, so that the mother should stockings replaced, I was scolded. But I saw such a scenario, hearts secretly Lotto. And I was not on the school class, a person at home secretly back just stockings, sucking milk left in the stockings on, all day in masturbation.

This kind of life to maintain Soon, I received another even greater impact.

One day I got up and saw a stranger dressed in the entrance, I found my interest in the deeper. I saw the dark blue sailor dress, black tights wrap the legs, energy gently stepping. Wrapped lines near perfect legs black tights, reflected in the lively action with the outside the sun shone, I can vaguely see the flesh thigh tights under hazy look flawless texture. I would like to speed it up further seen clearly saw that the woman with black tights encased feet, round with vitality refers to the shoes, pull up the past, put it on like a Cinderella-like elegance action , and then say goodbye to light the go.

That is a sister. Think it must be a high school winter uniform, because earlier I also seasonal. However, the sister's voice how it sounds so tender and beautiful? Why, I've never aware of that, my sister actually have a pair, can be described as perfect and flawless legs?

...... ...... How ......? ...... Sister early development than I am ...
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