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The beauties Graduate Fuck

The beauties Graduate Fuck

I am a graduate of the Zhejiang University, met in the graduate phase of a very lewd woman. ny hottest asain escort is a laboratory school and my sister, and of study 2, called Liu Jia, 25 years old, tall, but very well-proportioned body sexy, her hips can be said that the sexiest parts of her body, it is rounded sturdy and abnormal Alice In addition, her legs very slender waist is very thin, and she also likes to comb the ponytail, it is particularly young beautiful, matched with her a very pure and lovely baby face let any man read all dreams. She is very good, feeling very lovely, we can say is the flower of our laboratory. He also has a love of her boyfriend. His boyfriend in the next laboratory.

Our laboratory a large, very many rows of computers, everyone get cut off every other up. And laboratory many people, especially at noon when fewer people. The laboratory door electronic doors, not from outside the laboratory will not open.

ny hottest asain escort sat in a row, but she in this row we rely on the door of a position, every time out or the door to go through her. Peeping on her chest from the ramp after the top of the beginning every time after when behind her the opportunity to concentrate on her staring at the screen without the knowledge of the case, especially when the summer transfer thin, and sometimes can see from the above to half of the breast there is cleavage. Such a pure beauty, actually I saw so Yinmi picture. Always made me JJ is not hard. Really want to use her cleavage to Tit, and then reached her pure face.

Later, I gradually came to not meet this excitement, I began to pay attention to some of her personal belongings. Her drawer as if often does not lock, the encounter does not lock when I was able to glimpse into the inside exactly. In fact, she was something few, are some books, the print paper A, but each always found the pouch of instant coffee, it seems that she is fond of coffee. Although each can not find anything, but this voyeuristic feeling very stimulated, each heart beat faster. Later, I also found a drawer in her menstrual period, sometimes a large bag of sanitary napkins or small, which makes me feel abnormal stimulation of the girls so the privacy of what actually was a stranger to look. Later, I stole one and get the male toilets, opened it, while imagining her beautiful face and smile of pure, while the sanitary napkin middle position at the mouth of her vagina wrapped around my penis began to masturbate have imagined that his penis is inserted into her vagina, and finally could not help but shoot in the above, shoot a lot.

Once I was online laboratory, found that ny hottest asain escort opened the drawer and began to rummage things, and then opened the door and took a group of white stuff. Listening to the sound of her high heels walked away, I immediately Lumbar Spinal her position to open the drawer to see inside a pack of sanitary napkins was opened. I know that her menstrual period, at the moment I am afraid that want to change sanitary napkins. So I immediately opened the door and run to the toilet, I am male toilet squatting waiting.

Soon heard the sound of the flush, then the sound of high heels, and finally getting away. I would flash out, lingered for a while in the female toilet door.

Laboratory of our graduate students in the 5th floor, people do not often come, and the structure of our school building and complex, you stand in the doorway of the female toilets, only from the up and down stairs to see you do not see the other direction, just make sure no hear the footsteps down the stairs no problem.

Waited a while and did not hear the sound of some, just in case, I was normal pace into the female toilets, extreme pressure the psychological tension has come to the innermost and found no one cut off all the doors are displayed heart ecstasy. And then they just heard her off a length of toilet partition doors and footsteps out of the toilet, to judge that she just is squatting by the inside. I partition a partition of the find and go to look inside the dustbin, and finally found in a partition where a few toilet paper to cover the used sanitary napkins. Hand it actually can feel the temperature.

I am the door plugged in, and began to carefully scrutinize this baby. Her flow seems very middle of a group feel very black blood coagulation. I get the nose smell the smell, share the scent show smell, there are girls body fragrance mixed with the taste of my penis look very hard.

Liu Jia, you did not expect it, usually pure and lovely of you, following outflows such a dirty thing actually I saw. Later, I also found that the sanitary napkins, the two wings of the paste at a few of her pubic hair, they pull down on the lips and kissed it feels like to kiss her lower body, like. Then will they put it in your pocket, a hand holding a sanitary napkin in one hand masturbation, concentrated essence shines in her blood. Take the time, I did not put sanitary napkins thrown back into the trash, but to spread it out in a the squatting positive place any of the girls came in to relieve themselves can see it, and can clearly see the face of the blood covered with my semen, but I want her I can see the sanitary napkin. After that, I look for opportunities to stroll out of the female toilets back to the lab.

Saw his boyfriend is standing next to her seat, said what she was on the seat poly refined Meeting God looked at the screen. I returned to my seat, took out her pubic hair in the pocket, side lips stroked the side of stole looked at her pure face listening to her melodious voice, his boyfriend, but without the pubic hair of his girlfriend is grip in the hands of a stranger, feel particularly meet.

Later, I started her cup interest in her general not in the laboratory, so I started looking for the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee with her masturbation, semen hitting the cup and semen hand to touch the full cup, especially in the position that she wants to drink more than touch a lot of times. Then the excess drained. In this way, there is a thin layer of semen in the cup. The next day, she and her boyfriend came to the laboratory, his boyfriend in the next reading, her thin Su instant coffee taste coffee, still laughing, and her boyfriend. Looked at her thin lips are in contact with the touch the parts of semen, watching her boyfriend in front of residual semen drink you'll feel cool not immediately get up to the male toilet masturbation go.

The latter period of time I have used this way to meet their own. But what happened in the first lunch break changed all that. Was lunch time, Liu Jia washed the coffee began to climb after a rest on the table, face first not moving in my direction, I did not care, then I do not know when the direction of her face to crawl to sleep on pillows, pillow. Beautiful face looked at her long eyelashes, I was hard, suddenly, I saw in front of her head that she had just washed good coffee, so ... I was the evil.

The first I pretended to relieve themselves come from behind her two times, each time as much as possible next to her is too quietly, carefully observe her reactions, listen to her breathing. Later, I found her breathing sound very big, it should be asleep. I quietly went and knelt beside her, his own observations to determine that she had fallen asleep, he carefully opened his zipper, took out the penis as hard as steel bars, the height of her head just on the in my lower body position.
My penis is less than a foot away from her face away so carefully in front of her masturbation, this stimulus is simply not words to describe.

She dressed very pure sexy, white shirt, pants, denim skirts. White thighs and calves are exposed.

Today she will be hair tie became a pony tail matched her pure and beautiful face, I feel very cool. And she did not know before an ugly penis is a beautiful face. While I imagine her mouth to help me to suck what it feels like the penis in her beautiful face friction should be very smooth. I soon felt, could not.

Feeling quick shot, I would penis at the front of her coffee cup, thick and the addition of semen shot into it, looked at semen slowly cemented deep in the coffee group.

First I was very worried that later on, I stirred with a finger, semen sank, I was careful to leave. Later she woke up, I was nervous. Her out first solution of a hand, and then the minute things to pack in the table. When her hand to pick up the coffee cup, my heart jump out to see her without thinking, will mouth began to drink the coffee cup. I almost stopped breathing, and thought "You know you're drinking my semen?"
But, suddenly, ny hottest asain escort seems to be something to choke on, and shoved the cup down. I scared one. Then she wrapped a bag of water in your mouth and then she lifted her head, put his hand to his lips at the two with your fingers to get what, and then you see her hand slowly moved out from her fingers and lips, I see to the thread attached to a milky white. I was shocked, that's not what my semen? This is how Yinmi picture ah.

Suddenly, the thread off, generally fall on her finger, and half fell on her chin. She was immediately drawn sheets of toilet paper, check out the hands of the semen, and then rub on the lips and chin. During this period, she always mouth wrapped around a coffee does not swallow. Semen touch on toilet paper, observed holding toilet paper. Just then, she suddenly turned his head to look to me, and is squint peek at her eyes meet. I am surprised, immediately withdrew the line of sight.

I used the corner she looked at me a moment, turned away, and toilet paper thrown into the waste basket. I thought she drained the cup of coffee, but she moves and I was shocked, she picked up that cup of coffee, continue to drink up, and finally actually drained. I turned my head surprised to see this scene, after she finished, suddenly turned his head pointing towards my side, I immediately turn on the line of sight, but looking away from her face the moment I saw her face a hint of smile ... back to the bedroom at night, I toss and turn, have been thinking about the meaning of her smile. The next day I went to the laboratory, she has been sitting on, I passed beside her, she looked up at me, eyes the sea, I could feel her eyes peace is strange.

In the lab one morning I can not concentrate. Wait until noon dined, I went back to the laboratory, also saw her boyfriend, and she see I came up from the seat of her boyfriend saying, "I take a nap Oh, you also get some sleep Well "walking towards me, I see her hands holding coffee cup.

I was very nervous, did not dare look at her, and buried beside her walked back to the position, with his boyfriend greeted. For a while, she washed the coffee back, and her boyfriend left. Her coffee down and looked at me, put the cushion to get to start taking a nap on the table, and face toward my side, the coffee cup is still on the front of her.

This is not the same as yesterday? ? I feel very surprised. This is not to imply that I what? But what if she wanted to tempt me and grabbed me tell on me? So time passed quickly, I do not know how to do it. She woke up, looked at me began to drink coffee, drank and looked at me. Later, a few days are like this. What I did not dare as. Day at noon, two weeks later, I dined stealing on the yellow network, she suddenly came back, still red coffee began to crawl to bed. I looked at her face, because only saw yellow net sperm on the brain, decided to explore what happens.

I was the same way like the day after her first walked up and down, then gently walked up to her and found she did not have any reaction, I quietly opened the zipper, and released from the penis, or in front of her like yesterday masturbation. I stared at her face. Suddenly, her eyelids move, I was surprised, the hand stopped the action, so to keep the penis in front her face posture still. Later, I could see her eyes the eyelids rotation.
Do I masturbate too loud she woke up? If she is to wake up should not be so early, she usually want to sleep more than 40 minutes.

Woke up, I hide is also the escape of her eyes you can see in front of a man's penis.
Stationary for about 2 minutes, I felt her breathing and smooth, I carefully began to masturbate, semen shot into a coffee cup, this time I intend to test her, so that group of semen floating in the adhesive rim of the glass surface, the final will also be part of the glans residual semen to get her drink mouth must have access to the location. Then back to the tension on the seat waiting for her to wake up half an hour later, she woke up.
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