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Menarche & first night

Menarche & first night

Day, I went misty school to find her. ny hot escort is busy with a blackboard newspaper. Preoccupied with the idea of ??a blackboard newspaper is issued.
See me, hello, it continued. I sat bored, nothing to do, I buy two cans of soft drinks, iced, drink up and very comfortable. A can, drinking, and ny hot escort began to think of the manuscript.
I looked for a moment the magazine, feel the abdomen well up, and went to the toilet. I squatted on the toilet above, urine injection, sparking a "buzzing" sound of water. Urine over, I take toilet paper from his pocket, heard the door ring, next door was entered. Is the men's room next door, I could not help the next door, misty school did not expect the old school building, the walls are wood lime to get on the wall actually a small hole! I can not hold back any longer curious, lying on a small glance.

A boy standing there, opened the zipper of the pants in front, and took out a black thing, began to turn on the water facing the wall. Fun Oh, the original boys pee and girls have such a big difference! I looked attentively at both nervous and excited. His urine impact on the wall, I felt suddenly felt hot, actually want the water column is washed in me, but then by the idea, I blushed.

His urine over, with the hands, firmly shook there, pull the zipper, and went out. I told myself, out, good girl should not do so. However, it Maibu Kai pace. Just then, the next door and footsteps, I tummy looked.

A boys sandwiched basketball came in, carrying a basin on the shoulders draped a towel. Basketball on the windowsill, took off his vest, white skin a little bit of black, very shiny, it is estimated that in sweat. Him to screw the faucet to the maximum, and then head into the faucet below, flush with. Red for a while, he lifted his head, forced tossed with the swing of the head, drops of water splash. Good Shuaio Then he put his shorts off, covered only a small briefs, underwear central slightly elevated, well, charming! I swallowed a mouthful of saliva, even shamelessly hope his underwear also took off.

His fingers hooked the edge of the underwear, pull down, and then one leg casually lift, and then the other. God, my heart stopped, at that moment! I almost fainted! You know, from small to large, I first saw the boys naked! ! ! His body is so symmetrical, I can not help but envy since he came! Although there is no full breasts, but it was generous chest is charming, that I could rely on in the above ... his thighs are so slender, full of energy! Slightly diverge between the legs, is a symbol of that male, not like I thought, as ugly, hanging in there, but it gives a feeling of constriction I am a little out of breath, the heartbeat was amazing, as if to jump out.

He then set the basin full of water, held to the head, down pour water down stream down his body, and my vision, flow through him every. Part of the water running down his piece of symbol dripping, dripping, as if the drop in my body, otherwise, I have the following how the ticking flow of things? I reach out to touch the sticky, can not help but want to shower with him ...

He also washed the pots. Hand and then hold there. In the rub, I'm curious, do not understand what he was doing. After about one minute, he let go his hand, saw the original hanging in the crotch that things changed a look to get rough and large, sprang up, and red, the color deeper. Afraid of people, as if the murderous look. I am waiting to see but also how to do, waiting, my hands unconsciously actually began to stroke my own pants ...

... He hit a pot of water, all poured over a resurgence. The basin under the tap, right hand holding there began a stroking action, his face is very complex, like a very painful way (really strange, anyway, then I do not understand ).

This went on for nearly five or six minutes, see suddenly his body Bengzhi there in front of a sudden injection of a lot of white (and some pale yellow) thing, injection, far away look on his face along with relax a. He stood in the table above, waited for a pee, urine over basin red to red, where carefully hand wash to wash. Then called the Cold War, whistling, dressed to go ...

I was shocked for a while, I realized that to go. Just think of here. Someone knocking at my cubicle: "Xu Er, are you there?"

Days! Is misty!

"Yes I am I, how?" I'm so nervous.

"Oh, you in it, thought out your toilet too! Finished yet? Hurry up!"

"Well, well, come out!" Busy pocket and took out a tissue and wiped his lower body, sticky, disgusting.

Hate on the toilet you also a reminder, "I pretended not spoiled like to hide his anxiety.
"Yo, how, and how your face so red?" Misty asked.

? May be a hot day. "

Mist into the toilet and did not ask.

"I finished the blackboard newspaper, you have not come back, think you lose!"

"Hate it! People upset stomach it!

We went to the misty home, play in her home one afternoon.

"You that have not come?" Misty asked.

"No, do not know how it is. Maybe you really want to see a doctor, are 16!"

Of the same age girls almost to that, but only quiet, a bit worried. And misty and chatted for a while, then go home.

At night, tossing and turning can not sleep. Think of the afternoon in the toilet ... feeling pants wet, can not help but put his hand on where to touch. Feeling touched, gratuitous burst of discomfort, it is difficult to describe that feeling. Then I went to the toilet, he fell asleep. Dreams dreamed that boys ...

Woke up to feel the lower body cold, and a look. It! ! ! Blood! Fear, but immediately understand! I am an adult! This is said to them, I hope - "bad luck". Quickly with a paper towel rub, but not go away, then ran to the bathroom, with warm water, a underwear, and only ran to her mother's room.

Listened to my mother, laughing: "girl, you grow up. Well, my mother is old ..." and then I will should pay attention to things, another drawer and took out a sanitary napkin, taught me how to use ...

Way to school, ran to the roadside shops, blushing, small voice with the aunt to buy a pack of sanitary napkins, into the the bottom of school bags, and then go to school.

On this day, I'm late.

Clerking, I went to the misty home to her to see things in my bag.

Her a look of excitement: "You finally ......

"Come on, people will be sorry!"

Her tongue, a little voice: "people you glad about it! You finally come, congratulations! Today! Our day!" Then she told me a bunch of Notes.

Home, morning, tucked in bed following panties out, put them in a small carton box, locked in a drawer, I want to keep living that this is a Memorial. Then I spread out the diary, Gonggongzhengzheng wrote a diary today, at the end of the diary I wrote: this day I am very happy because I finally bid farewell to the era of the child, I grew up! ! ! ......
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