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Emperor and Princess

Emperor and Princess

Queens hot escort did not expect to participate in the student union cadres meeting might turn into such a painful thing. The student president elections in the fall of a, is now two semesters. Weekly looked after-school fixed to be held cadres regular meeting, usually there are some extraordinary counted almost every day to run a trip to Student Union, has long been cooked could not cooked. But today, Kurata really really do not want to participate, because that person will also attend.

"Do you want to consider and my contacts? I have confidence, we must be very Gechen." The man suddenly last Friday, so he said.

The first time face-to-face courtship, Kurata really troubled to the point of panic-stricken. He has this thing whole trouble three days, and have been thinking about simply first go to the Student Union, but today only Monday, said the short notice to open an interim meeting.

(He will not participate in ...? Will go, as the Student Union vice president, how could he absent.)
The thought here, I really could not help heavy sigh a sigh of relief.

"Kurata What happened to you? Today face has been very Well." Beside a river asked with concern.

The last one class meeting after Kawamoto worried went to the truth around, watching the original is very white, and now seemed to be somewhat pale.

"You look a little trance, is not comfortable? I send you to the health center to lie down, OK?"
"Never mind, I'm fine."


"Queens hot escort just want to do."

Only would be it? "Kawamoto not seem to believe him, has been staring at his eyes, trying to see what the problem.

Truth had to pretend nothing, like a smile: "Today, ad hoc meetings to be open ..."

Temporary meeting? What happens? "

Nothing ...... but school the next activities one by one will be very busy, think here feel a little headache. "

"Ha ha, it is in the first anniversary, and then our graduation trip, in the middle mixed with mock exams ... all the things bump into each other, I think also dizziness which Kawamoto laughed.

Seems to hide the truth later. The truth is secretly relieved, and began to pack their schoolbags.

Song Ying High School is a private further education elite, most of the students which is a nerd, Kawamoto to calculate the blood of one of the few action faction, his cheerful personality, do go all out, the truth is poured filled with hot friendship. Whether recess, lunch break or after school to the community just a few minutes interval, Kawamoto refused to leave and truth together.

The truth is introverted, not good at dealing with people.

Thanks to the the Kawamoto active close to, the truth is we have finally reached his first "friend".

However, the whole school could be so close to the truth, only Kawamoto, which provoke the dissatisfaction of other students. As well as every time I saw the piece, the students will half-jokingly teasing Kawamoto.

Kawamoto again, you want to go after him? But be honest, Kurata you simply beautiful beast with it! "

Advise you sensible point, be careful, president of adults you into pieces! "

This means that, "Emperor" ~ terror Oh! "

"You are the envy or jealousy ah cool to go next to nothing flash!"

Song Ying High School is a prestigious private schools of the threshold is high, there is nothing mediocre bad student, but like this did not nutrition gossip dialogue, after all, belong to a common social phenomenon, regardless of which corner of the world will figure it constantly breeding. Listening to the dialogue unpleasant truth quietly picked up the schoolbag.

They say "the emperor", refers to the power peak of the current student council president at Song Ying high school thousands of students, the Kurata Jun Zhang.

(Why every time they mentioned Chun Zhang ......)

Is perhaps an inferiority complex, may have been mocking sense of humiliation, whenever they hear someone mention twin brother Chun Zhang name of truth, will be uncomfortable to breathe.

Kurata? "

"Ah, nothing. Kawamoto, let us go."

Take a deep breath, and Kawamoto out of the classroom. The corridor outside classmates saw the truth, look on all focused on him, a classmate in the classroom who reluctantly watched him go. Whatever the truth is always the focus of attention on campus.

Group of bored guys every day downtown to downtown to go, really annoying, but they are just too fond of you, and no malicious. "

"I know."

Who are tightly glued to his body, from all over the obsession with the line of sight, and always let the truth is uncomfortable.

Perhaps because the school are men, too boring will be looking for some fun?

(I looks like a woman ...)

The world for the twins will inevitably report the curious glances of which many people are "true princess" smitten admirers. Really harmless sight of appreciation does not matter, but some people seem to penetrate the clothes obscene eyes wandering back and forth on the body, it is impossible not to make him feel sick.

Seventeen years ago, his father opened a large general hospital birth, the truth has been living in the curious sight of the others, but also always will be brought and Jun Zhang comparison. The two are fraternal twins, appearance has a number of different, grew up after the difference between body and personality is more and more obvious, so it will never be mistaken.
But outsiders still irresponsible desperately looked at them, and prefer to take them than to than to, or even their parents are no exception. Until the high school now, they both still had to bear these, the situation is still the same.

"My brother Chun Zhang smart and capable, while the brother is really quiet and elegant."

Out of the classroom along the corridor to the stairs, passing students keep returning 100%, Kawamoto'll probably envy and jealousy vision grilled dead.

The truth is forced to put on a naturally affected the way, asked softly around Kawamoto: "I, my face is not strange?"

He put his schoolbag tightly across their chests, this is a subconscious action when the truth into self-disgust.
See holding his schoolbag uneasy look up, Kawamoto also found that he did very wrong.
"You are not in trouble about the student union, right?"

"Is a bit ... but I do not want to worry on their faces, no one would like to see someone stink face?"

"Who says? Anyway, I'm not very painful stomach pain natural face in a bad mood naturally sullenly, this is a matter of course."


Kawamoto is wonderful, of truth, would not be able to frankly own emotions shown.

"Do not you know you sigh a day of gas? Do you want me to tell you total sighed a few times?"

"Do you count?"

Never late and leave early, the job must be paid on time in class is no sloppy, this model student turned out to be absent in the class, who would not notice? "

"Do not talk nonsense, will pay attention to only you, right?"

"You worry about what, tell me, I may help you out of ideas."

"I'm fine."

"Do not try to deceive me."

Really do not, I have no problem, you are suspicious. "

"Why do you put on askew face come from?"

"My face is natural, there are views to find my parents complain go."

"Come on, you grow into that also complain about, then we might as well die as the" river murmured.

The truth, mind, but refused to pour out to his best friend, which dealt a severe blow to the river's self-esteem, he clearly exposed the look of displeasure.

Secretly looked around Kawamoto, truth can only be a helpless smile.

As a man, it is under the same-sex affection, also called for further exchanges, this is not something to be proud, and said out simply throw the dead.

Down the stairs and corners, and found the door, where full of students home from school and rush to the office handing out of boiling anti Winteam (what?)
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