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[Wearing a miniskirt sister]

[Wearing a miniskirt sister]

I am 20 years old, live with my sister Betty. My parents, who do business with (suspected of smuggling), only know that a lot of money to send us what we Me and my sister had each other. Money makes the world go around, whatever the outcome, Betty has a good secondary school, on a good college.

16-year-old sister's birthday the day before, I was really thinking: parents certainly do not remember our birthday, only I gave her birthday, that I should send her a gift go? Should be given as a brother, sister entered the season of an unexpected surprise. Thus emerged out of my mind the image of Betty. Sister, Betty has an angel face, witch-like figure, but the parents all year round away from home, business, and neglect, plus I dress an awakened Huang? Sister own carelessness, like a boy, not the kind of fetish, the beautiful sister is not even one with her clothes every day wearing sportswear ran. I thought: Betty was a girl, and enjoy dressing up, but there is no one to teach her nothing, otherwise I would send her clothes.

So, I opened a fashion magazine - all models, wearing a red miniskirt chick most attracted me, so I called and told that red miniskirt suit.

The Xiaolan birthday night, new jersey hot escort girl and I sat in a white cake studded with burning birthday candles in front. The red candle mapping Wet, her sister's face red. The time has come, I took out my gift box. Betty "wow" loudly called out, very quickly took over the gift boxes, open the packaging.

Wow! -! "Is the cry long called" skirt "Yes!" To see my sister so happy.
I am also glad. "Like it or not?" Like you! "Betty said, picked up a red miniskirt in the body
On rough measurements, body writhing.

"Like to put on to try it, let me also take a look." I looked cute and innocent sister, and my heart satisfied, new jersey hot escort girl liked my gift.

Betty "Deng Dengdeng" run upstairs to downstairs, I shouted: "By the way beautiful point, do not let me lose
Look! "I know it! Betty crisp sound.

Alone in the downstairs drinking champagne, and so on for a long time, finally appeared the figure of Betty on the stairs. All the lights off, wait until Betty came up to me when I see her.

This look does not matter, I almost fainted - sister looks beautiful. A handsome extremely baby face, a pair of lovely small braids, red short-sleeved shirt covered with one pair slightly before very breast. And then looked down, is the most attractive place - red miniskirt, a pair of clip tight, white, Korea leg is for the body's natural swing of the rub to rub go. Its feet wearing white socks and red shoes, a lot of "flavor" added to my stunned even Betty very happy, "My brother, I look good what?" Sister
Then, subconsciously seize on both sides of the short skirt, pull on the pull side to side, so the skirt a little girl's Betty's entire right thigh presented my eyes (this is Betty ten the first time after the age of wearing a skirt, but also so that I first saw it in the thigh), I believe, just up a little, I can see her underwear. Never had the impulse struck me. I can not help but surprise: "No, can not think so, she is my sister and her innocent, I do not avoid arousing suspicion, only when I was a brother, I can not ..."

Xiaolan see my eyes stay on the skirt, that skirt a question: "My brother, skirt bad?" I have received the income God: "OK, OK, great, I look silly, you the most beautiful girl you do not move, let me take a look at your "I said, went to the sister behind. In fact, I was dodging her, because my second child has been tent. "Do not move!" I order the same as saying, Betty is pleased with the thought too, so with a smile, motionless.

I pretended to be looked at the clothes, the eyes are constantly described to Betty's big calf. The miniskirt child hid her bulging little ass. I could not help but think: "Now she was a motionless, if I suddenly off her skirt, will be able to see the underwear. If the speed is faster, and can even take off her panties before it reacts. As I have the opportunity to insert from the back ... "I kept thinking, bit could not.
"My brother, how?" Betty suddenly asked, his tone still so naive.

I wake up, new jersey hot escort girl is my sister! I want to: "Since it is a sister, not in order too much, and look for opportunities to touch her a few unimportant places, too dry addiction forget." I think here, I said: "The good sister, you wear appropriate your hands up, let me take a closer look. "Betty submissive held hands, so I pretend to infer behind her clothes, put his hands on her both sides of the chest. T-shirt, I felt her sister's bra, which makes me even more excited. My hands down her body to decline quickly to her waist. I want to feel the elastic of her underwear, so his hands would add a point, and sure enough, I feel, in Qunyao below a little bit, that is, it's underwear elastic band. My second child has been fully upward, I really want to force even a skirt with underwear gave her take off, enjoy the sister of the girl flesh.

Just thought of here, Betty suddenly smiled and turned to the accident threw herself into my arms and kissed my face: "My brother, very kind of you, thank you gift, I like it, I would later often wears it.
"I was very natural to say: very good, good ..." and my second child has been Betty belly bulge
Close to the squeeze on my belt.

Fortunately, the sister immersed in the infinite happiness, did not notice changes in my body, she soon turned away from my arms, pulling my hand toward the cake. I feel Betty's hand is so soft and delicate, and I had the feeling of it is completely different. I realized that she grew up with me is dangerous, I must not harm my sister.

In order to prevent revealed the secret, I quickly sat down behind the desk, I found amazing, my second child has been the top to the table along. In order to divert attention, I quickly said: "Betty, make a wish." Betty nodded, less bowed, straighten the waist and closed his eyes, his hands on his chest, began to make a wish. I looked at her ups and downs of the breast, and thought: "this posture, the legs a certain folder tightly. Not see its underwear from the front, but can see the whole her thighs, her eyes closed, as the leaves for quickly a load of chaos parameters rely on hasty Sapporo sprouts dysentery "So I Fuxia Shen suddenly go from under the table and look at the past, only half a second, his head came up. As the candle light irradiation is less than under the table, I can only vaguely see Betty legs together to one side, and I want to not the same. I only see one side of her thigh, as well as the root of the half hip.

Betty opened her eyes: "My brother, began to blow out the candles!" I nodded, and blew out the candle and Betty, suddenly the room was dark. Darkness let me produce a myriad of Lenovo, I tried to restrain himself and turn on the light until his sister called me and said: "My brother and I cut the cake!" I agreed, went before the cake, Betty right hand knife, and nodded at me, I stretched my right hand in the past, the grip in her right hand with the knife. I left very natural to help in her waist, gently took her to live. My dick is about to stir up her super short skirt to the top of her little ass. I pretended to cut the cake, and Xiaolan face stickers with a straight face, eyes down, but described her Fenjing, hope to be able to see her underwear through her collar. But still a little shy, her coat to cover too dead. So I held on to Betty, pretending to force cut the cake, her body pushed forward, driving down a bit. The front of the neckline finally left chest a little distance, iridium tip key lip tablets

Fame. Cute pair of breasts, wore a white bra, medium, and the flesh of the innocent girl off, and the Virgin breath, my patience once again reached the limit.

"My brother, your hands how shaking? Cake cutting crooked." Sister complained at this time. I recovered busy babbling: "I ... I'm so happy, you go to the flowering season, to become a great girl, no longer a little girl ..." Betty looked up and saw my flushed cheeks think I am really very excited.
She looked at my eyes, affectionately said: "My brother, thank you, I am glad you are kind to me, I will repay you, I will definitely be a good sister." I can not stand her eyes and her breathing, such as blue mouth and had to go Pianguo Tou, said one: "eat cake!" always cranky in my mind, plus Betty's pure and innocent smile I let them go, I eat two piece of cake, after eating, my sister offered to clear the table. I quickly agreed, and ran upstairs bedroom to go - I want to Masturbation, I can not stand to go on like this, I am afraid that his sister should be destroyed in my hands tonight.

I was over a pistol with the fastest speed (in fact, according to where I was also slow and not on the radio, only a few splash), the object of sexual fantasies turned out to be my sister, although it is expected, but I still There is a feeling of guilt. I cleaned up the crime scene, they ran downstairs.

Betty has been opened the TV, sitting on the sofa, to see me down, and shouted: "My brother, you do here down fast, I bought the Disney cartoon you optimistic about the poor." I promised , sitting by her side, and to maintain some distance. Not cranky, I am dedicated to watching cartoons. Plus I just got off the pistol, and finally there is no unusual idea (maybe it is normal). After two hours of cartoons put over, we had to look to boring the Salim try acupuncture? After a while, I'm a little sleepy, I said one: "I am sleepy ... not finished, I discovered, Betty had fallen asleep. Her head leaning crooked on the back of the couch, mouth hanging sweet smile. The usual kind of thing, I gently hold her upstairs.
But as usual I regarded her as a little girl, and she wore long pants, and today she's a sexy girl equipment has burn too horny, and has been the precedent and act cranky, let me hold her, I'm afraid I have to stand.

Think of here, I pushed her: "Betty bed upstairs. I'm tired, hold not move you.
"Who knows, she was frowned, and did not open your eyes, hum and said:" Do not hold me ...... "I am a cruel ruthless, can not let her see what, you should hold her up as usual. So I rely on to her side one by her right arm resting on my shoulder, left arm on her back the next action is hard not to cranky to complete and I must put my right hand out into her a pair of thigh to hold her up. I looked at her exposed thigh miniskirt outside, smooth and full of sensuality and flexibility, coupled with her Sleeping Beauty, the same position, let alone touch, is to see an I once again support from the tent. I think of it from the Masturbation has been more than three hours, but also excited.

Anyway, I picked her up, this is inescapable. I will certainly pulled himself together, and quickly reached under her thigh, arm around her sexy thighs. "My God, my heart Anjiao hands want to touch, extreme and not hold up. Betty sleep is dead, I think what she did not see it, but sweet sleep. So I had a horrible idea: take a look at her underwear. Just about finished, I shook his head no, not another deep, I have to restrain themselves. Think of crop-full? I make a force, and took her up.

Who knows Oh, incredible, because I hold the position so that the natural sinking of her hips, her thighs miniskirt even slid down the thigh, and peeped out a little bit of her underwear - white. My dick call - "look at stand up, almost to the top to the back of the Betty. I am shocked, and quickly ran upstairs, rushed to her bedroom.

I tried to calm with my dirty mind, and her flat on her single bed. A beautiful picture before my eyes - orange sheets, a red miniskirt suit, beautiful girls, two little mistake, the slightly bent legs, red boots, white socks, the most attractive thing that barely cover live underwear skirt child, Qunjiao, volume, and gives unlimited imagination.

The Sleeping Beauty either my sister, she certainly can not escape tonight, but she was just my sister. I must not be made about incest. But the desire of the heart can not quell. I thought: I touched her thigh, she should not find, touch under.

I reached out and touched her knee, and see her reaction, but also handle gradually slip up to go.
My hand began to tremble ...
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